X7 Availability For Ssa Users


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Ok Thanks for the explanation P. much appreciated , didn't realise the X6 download would no longer be in there too.


Time for that GTX970 upgrade I am guessing....the old 470 is getting a bit tired :)


Edit : it is finally there......

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Okay,  I'm on,  nobody said I had to follow directions to get on.  I wonder if they get tired of us nitwits out here.

I was talking to a couple of the CA people at IBS/KBIS in Las Vegas this morning.  I can assure you that there were som choice words used about you.  :D

I refuse to tell you who I was talking to or anything about Chief's development plans for the coming year. :P

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Rosco (and others) - I am having the same problem.  I have not done it 8 times though, only 3 so far.

Looks like this is the first BUG in X7.  ;o(  PITA!!!



Part II - I have found the enemy and it is ME!  copied an S as a 5. 

             I am going to the flogging room and will wear a hair shirt for

             the rest of the day!  What a dummy..........

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SSA is active to Feb 1


I should be able to get the beta now

and if I don't renew SSA then it should cease to work


I plan to renew SSA - just as I have always done


been busy with a dog having seizures and my own surgeries etc :(


if X7 goes live before Feb 1 I should get it as part of SSA



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Lew I don't think you will get it since the official release is not til sometime in march I think, mine was do feb 1 and I didn't get it until I upgraded my SSA and was told that it was my ssa was not up to date for the official release I will have to try and find the post about that

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If that is the case - I am NOT happy


I have been a STRONG supporter of SSA since it was introduced


I fully planned to renew before Feb 1


If CA is taking this stance then I will NOT renew


I'm barely using Chief as it is

I have plans to continue using it for my preservation projects


but I can do so just as easy with X6


When SSA came out just about everyone had a Feb 1 date

so this applies to many, many users



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