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  1. I don't use that wall framing material. so it must be related to the material definition I guess. I use a plain material and then at the bottom of the wall framing panel I set the framing spacings.
  2. In metric plan I get the correct spacings. Have you set the spacings in both framing defaults and wall settings dbx?.
  3. You must have another roof plane somewhere??
  4. Depends how you intend to frame it. But probably a wall with no locate set.
  5. I was trying to infer that with the one you already have use transform/replicate and scale it back to 1 to 1 scale.
  6. Should draw to 1: 1 scale. to fix scale what you have so it is back to 1 to 1 then dimensions all work. scale when sending to lauyout
  7. Once you have opened and saved a file in a later version you cannot open that file in previous versions, only the backup that is created somewhere.
  8. Investigate window levels as I remember you can change which levels show with different window levels
  9. Just select any text and maually change its size, font, colour or whatever
  10. why not make use of the auto functions and save time in the long run. This enables you to get quick dimensions straight away.
  11. I had an issue the other day where when imported the dwg symbols they were sized 1mmx1mmx1mm so I could not see them. Just had to locate them and resize.
  12. Have you tried a re install of CA? c/w all the libraries. It could be as simple as a corrupt library item. It is hard to guess but a total reinstall would be a good starting point.
  13. How large is the file?? Does it only happen with the one file? or all files?
  14. Just had a look at a bunch of files,mine go up to about 35Mb. (400 sqm duplex, 2 story ) However I don't put cars in, I try and use minimal very simple furniture and had recently done a series of purges. Also I don't use cad details, I do these in separate files.