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  1. I use a separate schd for each floor. I believe you can set each schedule to use say door1 to 14, 15 to 25 two create separate scheds but have not needed to try that. You can change the door numbers to start from.
  2. Maybe that is CA's terminology, I get the same result as everyone else. I notice that for angles that join up when mitred ends selected if that is not selected they dont even join.
  3. Have you made sure CA is set to use that card and not the onboard graphics
  4. In X13 it shows auto matically when layer window openings is on. In x12 manual arrows drawn on the elevation.
  5. X8 was the last version that will open the PL1 etc files. I keep a version of this on my machine for that purpose. You should have access to that download file in you digital locker?
  6. Maybe adjust lineweights in the elevation view
  7. That would be a good idea, but currently with Foxit editor version 11 I can not even print . I have to use the CA to PDF. The problem appears to be Foxit not CA.
  8. David just wondering what was the size of the .layout file? in X13
  9. It would depend on your individual situation. If it is a large part of your business, Get the latest. If it is to use occasionally anything from x10 onward would do the job. remember if you want the new functions and features the later the better.
  10. Please supply a plan file so others can reproduce the problem or not. It appears that with the new graphics engine CA x13 is really pedantic about hardware.