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  1. Do you need to have drawn up a house before you are able to get these details?? You may be able to do all your modeling in CA for everything else and then pop out your details in your other program, then import the details page to a CA layout?? Just a thought
  2. It would help if you provided an example of what you would like to achieve. In CA you build a 3D model, start by setting the various defaults, eg ceiling heights and joist sizes. you can then cut sections at any location you like. you then have to manually annotate the sections by adding text and lines/boxes etc. or use a seperate scale detail drawn with cad. I am not aware of any modern program that will do this all automatically, thats why we are drafting professionals.
  3. IMO if a space is not used it is less clearly defined at a quick glance but still correct.
  4. Joe it is all based on the ISO std. no seperators are used. ie 1.2m would be 1200, however with larger numbers a space between the whole m is sometimes used for clarity ie 15 200.
  5. It was a bundle for very little more, so I went that way. I am having to provide more in dwg format now so Acad LT lets me check and adjust things. I found the free or cheap alternatives did not really do it for me. I dont think you need it as Revit is stand alone.
  6. We are expected to provide colour plans which are much easier for tradies to follow. I use green for roofs, brown for sewer lines, blue for sw lines as examples. Then when consented by the Territorial Authority they place a green stamp, which must be green on the prints on site.
  7. Rod I just purchased Revit lite bundled with Acad lite last week. It seems like this is an actual comparable programme with CA, except CA has more automated tools eg framing. However Revit seems to have much more control of every item. There are heaps of you tube training videos available, I have watched about 20 hours so far. Also plenty of country specific fixtures etc ( families) available for free. My plan was to get Revit LT to evaluate and learn, while still working in CA for the time being, until my SSA expires in July. This was done before the announcement by CA as like you our exchange rate is similar( really bad). Then if I find lt insufficient I can go to full Revit or stick with CA. This also gets me trained on the industry std for this country.
  8. at $1995 per year that makes CA dearer than Revit LT bundled with acad LT. I just yesterday paid US$424 for a yearly licence of the above. I am yet to make a judgement as to which is better.
  9. The SSD is too small, 2Tb would be better. I am not familiar with AMD cards so no comment. The system in my signature is a month old and works well.
  10. I think it is overkill, I just got the system in my signature. this works fine. As yet I haven't done full render but that will be next week. However in saying this I don't know the type of work you do, only you can decide that. FYI my system should be around $2000 for you based on exchange rates.
  11. Found this same problem on Friday. However it was only on half of the walls. My fix was to select don't go through ceiling in the wall framing dialog box, or something like that not got CA open at the moment. It seems like the framing has changed in X14, however as I didn't usually frame the buildings due to a slow computer until last week this maybe didn't matter.
  12. Mick I also purged materials, not sure how that would effect anything thou.
  13. I did a purge of the blocks and it is gone.
  14. I find it works the majority of the times, but not always. And sometimes reverts back to an older version plan file. This appears much more less consistent in X14 but not getting to the bottom of it yet.
  15. Mick I get that also, but have not been able to work out where it is. possibly in a block or something .