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  1. Kiwideziner

    Construction Set Sequence

    Plan revisions is the way I have always gone. It gives you the history, a place to go back to if you have a disaster, or the client changes their mind back to plan 1. Just had that happen this week, did a major redesign then got a call "we want to go back to the original brief". It just cost them the extra redesign time, as all I did was open the last original design did a save as and kept working from where I was.
  2. Kiwideziner

    Snapping problem

    You do have the snaps on?? they haven't inadvertently been turned off ?
  3. Kiwideziner


    YES !! you can open files back to about X2
  4. Kiwideziner

    Post footing on the foundation plan

    Joey I think the OP may be talking about a post not a deck pile. the auto frame deck pile footings show up on level 0, but now place a post and footing manually. BOTH the post and the footing show on level 1.
  5. Kiwideziner

    Foundation/Wall Fill Missing?

    at a guess a different wall type ??
  6. Kiwideziner

    Disappearing Toolbars ! H E L P !

    Great we have established it happens regularly on the mac platform. therefore the 'bug' as that is what it is needs to be lodged in the bug reporting app on the website with all the relevant info. then it can at least be investigated properly. And Maybe fixed at some time.
  7. Kiwideziner

    Disappearing Toolbars ! H E L P !

    Is this a Mac thing? I dont ever recall seeing the problem in 20 years. You have done all the things I would have done to get them back.
  8. Kiwideziner

    Chief Website Problem?

    I dont see this problem use ff82.0 exclusively
  9. Kiwideziner

    Spiral Stair Design

    It only took around 20 minutes
  10. Kiwideziner

    Spiral Stair Design

    I recently had to manually model a set using slabs, took no time at all.
  11. Kiwideziner

    numbering different plan check response revisions

    I would make changes with consecutive numbers in the triangle. the highest number would be my drawing revision. But if I am answering all of the building dept questions at the same time this would all be one number and my revision schedule would reflect this. my revisions do not differentiate who initiated them. just r1 , r2 etc.
  12. Kiwideziner


    Post your file for others to try. That will either find the problem or eliminate CA so you will know it is a local problem. I have no problem printing when I send the correct information.
  13. Kiwideziner

    How Many Users Ray Trace With Chief?

    pretty pictures not reqd for con docs
  14. Kiwideziner

    Real Time Ray Tracing in X13

    I thought the whole purpose of the changes was to make it compatible with fruit machines
  15. Kiwideziner

    Cantilevered trusses

    why not just adjust the baseline height, you know top of plate you should know the vertical depth of framing (tells you in the db) Add whatever extra heel height reqd. Then when you draw a truss it will extend the bottom chord to form the soffit on top of the plate. Or am I imagining something else. we only use trusses here. no pitching of roofs except when using rafters.