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  1. Kiwideziner

    Best Practices for Light Commercial

    Bob for a start CA is primarily aimed at stand alone timber framed residential projects. However I have done many light commercial projects over the years, I find they tend to require work arounds to achieve what I wanted. If you were not having to do multistory structural ( just show a 'box' )and then 3D fit-outs it would be great . There a quite a few examples on this forum by others of shopping malls etc, mostly by experienced users. I would start by trying to reproduce a relatively simple project you have already done. when you get stuck the F1 key will give you information on the operation in hand. or you can search by key word. a search of the forum is the next step then a question on the forum then a call to CA helpdesk they are usually very good. Best of luck with the learning curve
  2. Kiwideziner


    It is a requirement for us to show complete before and after. I model the as built then do a save as and start working on the alteration.
  3. Kiwideziner

    Copy and Paste in Place X12

    never even noticed the change I just use cntrl-c and cntrl-alt-v. all done
  4. Kiwideziner

    Where did the walls go

    In version 9 you had PL0, pl1, pl2 etc files not just 1 plan file. do you have all of the files reqd?. Otherwise you will have to redraw. possibly trace over.
  5. Kiwideziner

    New computer transfer CA program woes

    Larry if you have the older installation files on your computer ( I keep all of mine ) you can just re run them to save the downloading. There seems to be a few differences in running programs on win10 compared to win7 as some settings are not turned on by defalt like they used to be.
  6. Kiwideziner

    Window Trim

    hi excuse my ignorance but what are side jamb extensions ? a quick sketch may get a quicker answer. regional terms can be a pain. Also a note as to what software and version would be heplful
  7. Kiwideziner

    Sending details and notes to a layout page

    I have each detail in its own plan file suitably named and then located in a separate directory with i.e. foundations, soffits etc sub-directories to easier locate them. My details in my finished layout are then a series of plan and pdf's. the only downside to this is if I alter a detail without changing the name it gets changed in all other projects where that detail has been used. this has worked well for me over the last 14 versions.
  8. Kiwideziner

    footing detail

    set the brick ledge depth to 8 inches should do that.
  9. Kiwideziner

    Interior door labels showing in elevation

    reported this problem a while ago and tech support blamed hardware. I have not seen it lately but I think i have just turned the labels off in elevations, which was what i had to do when i found the problem. dont think i have actually turned them back on. will have to check.
  10. Kiwideziner

    Computer upgrade feedback and suggestions

    I would not go for the first one although it would probably meet min spec for CA it is just that MINIMUM. My system is fairly similar to the second on, see my signature it is a month old and runs CA reasonably well.
  11. Kiwideziner

    Text Macro's for layout

    Steve as for part 1 if you have your pages data put into each page using the page layout information dbx and have checked show in index it should all work. the cross sections when sent to layout will auto show where they have been sent ie page number. need to be set up in the defaults as auto. the connectivity is nowhere as good as most other programmes thou.
  12. Kiwideziner

    Bonus & Manufacturer Catalogs

  13. Kiwideziner

    Dashed Line Mystery

    LEW you have a coved ceiling, raise your roof planes or drop the room ceiling height
  14. Kiwideziner

    X9 copy and paste between different plan elevations

    yes X9 latest update
  15. Kiwideziner

    X9 copy and paste between different plan elevations

    Adam I just copied a door from wall elev to wall elev was not much else in the current plan I am working on