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  1. Kiwideziner


    Once you have opened and saved a file in a later version you cannot open that file in previous versions, only the backup that is created somewhere.
  2. Kiwideziner

    Windows showing on plan view

    Investigate window levels as I remember you can change which levels show with different window levels
  3. Kiwideziner

    Cross Section Title Text

    Just select any text and maually change its size, font, colour or whatever
  4. why not make use of the auto functions and save time in the long run. This enables you to get quick dimensions straight away.
  5. I had an issue the other day where when imported the dwg symbols they were sized 1mmx1mmx1mm so I could not see them. Just had to locate them and resize.
  6. Have you tried a re install of CA? c/w all the libraries. It could be as simple as a corrupt library item. It is hard to guess but a total reinstall would be a good starting point.
  7. How large is the file?? Does it only happen with the one file? or all files?
  8. Kiwideziner

    What is your Plan File Size?

    Just had a look at a bunch of files,mine go up to about 35Mb. (400 sqm duplex, 2 story ) However I don't put cars in, I try and use minimal very simple furniture and had recently done a series of purges. Also I don't use cad details, I do these in separate files.
  9. If it is fire rated I would assume it requires stopping.
  10. Kiwideziner

    Corrupted Elevations

    Does the refresh button work?
  11. Kiwideziner

    Precast Concrete Wall Panels?

    No, but it is really easy to make them in the wall definition.
  12. Kiwideziner

    loosing libs with upgrades

    You should not lose any library's with an upgrade, it should not affect the previous installation. But sometimes not all library's migrate. open the previous version and see if you have it there, just in-case you have deleted it by accident
  13. Kiwideziner


    I made a separate drive labeled F: all library's and files go in this drive using exactly the same directory structure. this way the plan file or layout does not know which computer it is being worked on as on all three computers . I work alone but use different computers at different times, so slightly different from you. But essentially you need each link in the layout file to be constant. As for different designers as long as they follow strict naming protocols it should be no problem. As a CAD manager in a previous life I was responsible for offices in 3 countries and we adopted a similar system, just so we could all find the files quickly, our files had a code for office and date so we would open and save as then start working. I hope this provokes some thoughts.
  14. Kiwideziner

    Construction Documentation

    Richard remember standard building practice varies greatly around the world. I looked at a couple of the details and at a quick glance they could be used in New Zealand, but I think they would need substantial changes to meet codes as I understand them for you guys.
  15. You cannot open a file in a previous version full stop. I would completely ditch the 10.08a version you are wasting your time if you have X12. 10.08a was a good version but even the simple features in that version work better in X12, I am not even sure that 10.08a even runs properly in win10.