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  1. We see it , if you don't you may not have Show Signatures on in your Account settings. M.
  2. I am also finding a number of Issues with plans brought forward from X12 and X13 , so you should report this to TS so they can look at it. Mick.
  3. NVIDIA Game Ready WHQL driver 512.95 / Studio Driver 512.96 version. These are Modern Drivers (DCH) for newer systems and support Win 11 as well. GEFORCE GAME READY DRIVER Version: 512.95/96 WHQL Release Date: 2022.5.26 Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11 Language: English (US) ALL Drivers Listed BELOW are of the DCH Type , if you need the Standard Driver Type..... Please visit : https://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us DCH Desktop GR 512.95 version https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/187602/en-us DCH Desktop Studio (SD) 512.96 version https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/189617/en-us DCH Desktop Studio (SD) 512.95 version https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/189681/en-us DCH Laptop/Notebook GR: 512.95 version https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/189682/en-us DCH Laptop Studio (SD) 512.96 version https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/189618/en-us ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Security Driver Update for unsupported 600+700 Series Cards released May 17th 2022 See several posts above. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mick.
  4. I've had Permissions Errors before when installing Chief ( more than once ) , this is my thread on that.....
  5. If you open multiple instance of edge or even worst Chrome , they can eat a lot of Ram , I average 7-10 GB , though I do have 32GB on my Desktop I only have 16GB on my Laptop and don't notice a difference but if the budget is there go 32GB , I went 16GB n the laptop after seeing some of MarkMc comments on his test with Chief , knowing I could get more later if needed ( and likely cheaper than some companies charge for the upgrade ) M. @MarkMc PM sent Alastair
  6. Have you tried the 3080ti in another Box, eg your son's? same issue? M.
  7. You haven't missed anything Joe, Chief just doesn't do it unfortunately ( would make a good suggestion ) You can double up the Rim Joists and paint them the correct color/material or just use P.Solids in elevation too. M.
  8. Chief runs well on 16gb ram and most modern computers use dual channel ddr4 ram , so you would be looking at 16 or 32 gb, 24gb is from the triple channel ddr3 days about 7-10yrs ago. M.
  9. That model number does not lead me to those Specs online......... but the specs are fine..... perhaps link directly to model page......... M.
  10. Personally I don't think trades should be scaling off pages with a tape measure anyway and I also use Snapshots ( Images) of the PDFs so Chief doesn't slow down too much and put a Note right on the page that it is not to be scaled from it. Mick.
  11. Don't drag them full width of the lot ....... copy in place and drag one copy each way to the sides and lower/raise ONE as needed to slope across ...Chief will smooth the terrain between the two. M.
  12. You need to place ALL the points not just the ones on the 4 Corners of the Lot .... In the Terrain Spec. you can turn off the auto labels ( numbers ) or un-display the contours entirely or just space them at 1m instead of 1 ft too. and it may still be a little "pillowy" as Chief's Terrain is like a BIG Waterbed push down in one area and it will pop up in another.... and vica versa.... most don't use points in Chief it at all possible as they are much harder to work with and control the Terrain. It seems Chief has removed this PDF from the KB for some reason but it may help you understand the "Waterbed" a bit better........ PDF : Terrain_how-chief-architect-interprets-terrain-lines.pdf Mick.
  13. Placing some of these Corner Points in Meters seems to work fine for me ...... you will need to play with Distance from subfloor to Grade mentioned above as Chief Uses the Center of the Building . and you can't set a Datum such as 60.68m to reference. I didn't place them all but it seems fine..... ( may need manual Labels/text boxes to display elevations for the Points....)
  14. That is what I did above too..... but in this case you just need to place those Points and and enter their Elevation as Meters.
  15. Yes , look for the Black and White Drawing Order Icon on the Edit Toolbar , or you can also do it in the Symbol's DBX and move it to the Back ---layer 39 or at least one display layer under the Tall Cabinet. M.
  16. I believe the Sheet Index only Show Pages with something on them ... anything .... so even a CAD Line draw over the Title Block lines, so hidden, should work. You would then need to exclude those pages when you Print to PDF which I don't think effects the Sheet Index. (you could just Import the Civil Sheet PDFs to those pages and supply them that way too - it's how I do it) M.
  17. Your OP Pic shows a Foundation, so I am not sure why the DBX would be greyed out unless you had deleted the Foundation at this point? as that pic doesn't show a Foundation in the preview either , but the foundation won't rebuild with Automatically Rebuild turned off (2nd pic , 2nd post) at the Top. M.
  18. Typically the 1st time they build they use the Foundation Default Settings , which you can preset in the Plan Defaults and then you can use Build>Floor>Build Foundation or just set it up there the 1st time, if heights are different in different areas you can also edit the Foundation level (0) as Chopsaw mentioned via the Stem Wall setting or from the 1st level but in a house with all the interior walls in already that may not be the best option. * warning -- letting the Auto foundation build automatically will delete all previous work manual or auto....which may not be an issue but could wipe out a fully developed basement for example.... M.
  19. Best to Contact Tech Support as only they can have any Idea what the errors are in the Report mean. SEH Error are pretty generic error messages...... this KB Article has more info..... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00802/troubleshooting-exception-and-assertion-error-messages.html M.
  20. I am beginning to think you might have a grounding issue and perhaps a Static discharge is causing the issues since you mentioned the Floor has carpet on it... just a thought......... Mick.
  21. Certainly sounds strange to me , I guess you haven't talked to EVGA then? as I have never heard of "Vibrations" causing an issue...... Same Driver as me and you have sleep issues too..... I have not tried the latest GR Driver yet though...... 512.77 https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/188989/en-us It was the vibrations that made me think of DP blanking though , like perhaps the Port(s) aren't quite grabbing the cable as they should or something like that. Nvidia did release a DisplayPort ID Firmware update in Oct, for 3080Ti's and 3060's to help with some issues with certain Monitors but I am not sure that is the issue for you.... https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5233/~/nvidia-gpu-firmware-update-tool-for-displayid
  22. You may need to clarify exactly what you are doing or trying to do as this is a Plan done in the Imperial Template , not Metric so I don't think it is possible to show the Contours in Meters automatically. A new one perhaps in X14, ( or I never tried it before, not sure? ) is if you enter Elevation Data in Meters ( add m to all measurements ) the Label seems to hold/remember meters not feet so perhaps you can turn off the Auto Contour Labels and draw you own contours at the req'd heights. the Storey Pole can use Meters if needed though......... or vice versa in a Metric Template it could use Feet/Inch
  23. Thanks , I'm now even more curious though as you have the same 3080Ti I do from EVGA I think - FTW3 Ultra? but with me it is Chief only......games etc I have not had issues with..... Do you have high Quality DP Cables? as there can be DP Blanking Issues which I had in the past on different Cards and it was their suggested Fix but after months of it happening, replacement Cables and even BenQ RMAing my Monitors, it seemed to fix itself and in the end I put it down to Nvidia Driver Issues, but I have had it several times now again with the latest Nvidia Studio Driver (512.59) but only on sleep/boot, previously the screen would just go black and sometimes not comeback unless I powered the monitor on/off. M.
  24. Hi, can you elaborate on this some more please as I have this Issue but can't figure it out , (as do other 3080/3080Ti Owners) No Hardware in your SIG. either so I'd be interested in Brand of Card etc too. Thanks, Mick.