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    Create new view

    Yes , no problem , you can for example duplicate the Working Plan View and make a Foundation View, but will likely need to duplicate/copy the Working Layerset too and adjust it for Foundation Views specifically, depending on your needs. some Primer Videos for working with SPV's : https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/2421/saved-plan-views.html?playlist=84 https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/2433/developing-saved-plan-views.html?playlist=84
  2. Kbird1

    Adding an Aluminum Covered Porch over a slab

    No Idea if any of them fit your situation but Chief does have a Commercial Awning Library Awnings Library
  3. Kbird1

    Custom Island Posts

    You can also draw you own and add them to the library or import DWG etc too. Creating and Editing Molding Profiles (chiefarchitect.com) But if you haven't downloaded the Bonus libraries you are missing perhaps 350-400 downloads too... millwork - Catalog Search (chiefarchitect.com)
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    Custom Island Posts

    The Boys are practicing tough love this morning apparently , not that I disagree that one should dig a bit and hit F1 when in doubt too...
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    Real Time Ray Tracing in X13

    No, only the Nvidia 2000 and new 3000 Series Video Cards have the hardware (RTX Chips) needed for RTRT *** I believe stating that the Nvidia 1060 can do Hardware Real Time Raytacing is wrong, as far as I know the 10 Series (or older) cards like my 1070ti GTX do not have the Hardware to do it...the Card Version/Name must include the RTX moniker otherwise RTRT will run in software only ( the Nvidia Driver ) and be very slow. NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver Enables RTX on GTX cards (wccftech.com) it's why I picked up a new laptop with a 2070 Super in it, in anticipation and will likely get a 3070Ti for my desktop when they become available to replace my 1070ti . M.
  6. The Player is Free , if you scroll to the very bottom you will see that info. Substance's other Modules are not:
  7. Kbird1

    Cantilevered trusses

    The Trial and Error Chief Method..... don't think much has changed since X8 in this regard Framing a Cantilevered Truss Roof System (chiefarchitect.com)
  8. If chief was indeed overwriting an X10 file when you saved it in X12 , it would warn you it was about to overwrite an older File version with the new save....... no warning? Never had a MAC but it sounds like perhaps you have a Icon database corruption issue perhaps ( happen on Windows too ), do a bit of googling when you have time , there are posts like this one out there : Repair incorrect icon associations | Macworld M.
  9. I think your pic confirm above , ie that X10 is the current program associated with .plan and ,layout files on your laptop , hence the x10 icon..... Try this on the laptop in X12
  10. *** Since posting this originally in 2014, I have made a Framing Type Library to do B&B in different widths that post is here : https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/16852-board-and-batten-library/ ***also see the 2nd page of this thread for other Ideas ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- there maybe one in newer versions but I dont have B&B as a library option , I have found some info on the old Forum most of it refering to Post 42224 and a Texture "Rusty" made but all searchs for that thread appear to be gone. I found the Post there from Adrean (below) about the Chiefsiding.pat file and the 8" and 12" patterns ,no# 167 and 169 which work when the scale is reduced to 0.1 from 1.0 but haven't found a good texture yet.... nothing at all on B&B here on the new forums about it.... Thanks, M. UGM Follow-Up: Clarification from the Content Development Team For those who attended the Wall Elevations and Sections presentation with Scott and I, thank you for joining us! There was a popular request for a Board and Batten pattern to be added to Chief. I am both happy and regretful to inform you that we have this pattern available! I’m sorry that I didn’t realize it at the time of the question. In order to use this feature, in the Define Materials dialog, on the Patterns tab, choose the Custom Pattern File option, and then browse to the Patterns directory in your Program Files folder (see image). Chief Architect provides custom patterns for Siding, as well as numerous other surface types. Within the ChiefSiding.pat file, you can choose from the dropdown list one of the Board and Batten pattern styles. Setting the scale to ‘0.1’ seems to achieve the proper dimensioning of the pattern lines. I apologize for not recalling the availability of this and the variety of other patterns we offer. I would encourage you to browse the options in each of these pattern groups so that you may in the future be able to leverage these details in your designs! Kind Regards, Adrean Stephenson Chief Architect, Inc. Sr. Content Developer Product Marketing Manager
  11. Kbird1

    Attic Floor

    Try removing the drywall from the interior side not the exterior instead in the Wall definition. ( and build the framing) I believe Eric was thinking you were trying to build a room on the Attic Level in Chief which can't be done.... Not 100% sure what the Issues are as it seems to have worked ( no sure what Steve (SNestor) said though?) PS you haven't built the foundation and appear not to be using Saved Plan Views ie: None showing on Dropdown which may point to a very old Template Plan being used for new Plans.) M.
  12. Kbird1

    New Laptop - External Drive Question

    If you budget will stretch , you might want to consider the Acer Helios 300 with RTX 2060 --- has good reviews for a budget Gaming Laptop, and is on sale at BB and Amazon for about $1100 currently......it has twice the ram (16GB), 6 cores, and the RTX card which could become necessary with X13 as Mark mentioned.
  13. * Some info appears to have disappeared from the Forum about this Issue so this is just a repost for Future Users to find ie a PSA. ** Removing the Sonic Radar Win 10 App only solved it for me, there was no need to remove Sonic Studio App or the " Nahimic Service" which is needed for Sonic Studio to work, though some have reported they had to remove both the Sonic Apps to solve this. (Sonic Radar is a 3D sound Source App for Gamers, which causes the Issue as it senses CA as a 3D game but CA does not have any Audio) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Nahimic Service is the Issue , it can be stopped in the Services App ( Service.msc in the Run Dialog) and configured for manual start only or disabled, at least as a Test to see if your issue is indeed Nahimic. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The are several reports online also posting about Nahimic having a White and Black List , and adding Chief to the Blacklist may work but personally I did not try that. Hi Yes there is known issue between Nahimic 3 and other applications (Maya, Substance Painter, 3D applications using OpenGL ). This primary happens when application is started on secondary monitors. some more research is found here: https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/rhino-freezes-on-secondary-monitor-problem-with-the-nihimic-audio-driver-on-the-motherboard/82258/39 All fixes are just .......uninstall the Nahimic 3 Apps....ie Sonic Radar ( game sound detector) and Sonic Studio (equalizer) For us who don't want accept that solution here is simple fix: Locate this nahimic blacklist ( maybe in a slightly different place on your PC eg if you have a Dell , see below) C:\ProgramData\A-Volute\A-Volute.Nahimic\Modules\Scheduled\Configurator\BlackApps.dat and insert your affected executable application to avoid injecting your application by Nahimic tested on Substance Painter.exe There is no needed to restart PC or Nahimic Service Just save file. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This has worked for me, so far at least. For my laptop Alienware m17r3 the file location is: C:\ProgramData\A-Volute\DellInc.AlienwareSoundCenter\Modules\ScheduledModules\Configurator\BlackApps.dat ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mick.
  14. Kbird1

    working with shapes

    Draw a CAD ARC with the desired RADIUS, convert CAD ARC to a Curved Polyline with the Convert Curve Tool ( edit toolbar ) Set Number of Segments HIGH to get smooth curve ( 25 used in example) save Polyline to Library so it becomes a Molding Apply the molding to a CAD circle, converted to a Molding Polyline. * Shade material is an emissive Lighting material in pics. Other parts are just polyline solids , blocked and then converted to a Electrical Symbol with Light Option set in advanced Options ( along with 110v, flush to ceiling etc as needed)
  15. Yes Macros , there are at least two Power Users on the Forum who sell packages to do this kind of thing , both have Packages available in the Offering Forum I believe. M. Joe Carrick @Joe_Carrick and Michael AKA AlaskanSon @Alaskan_Son
  16. Kbird1

    Perspective Framing Overview???

    Sounds like the 2nd plan has the wrong Layerset in use for the Overview Camera as Michael above suggested. M.
  17. Kbird1

    Plan Materials

    Me too unfortunately, it seems to me it is mostly the Plan Materials that are initially in every Plan ( Chief Defaults ) but not limited too.... ie: Color - White ( was upto 8 copies earlier today....) Bone concrete drywall insulation Air gap OSB Red5 Brick Stacked Stone From my current Project - I have given up "merging" for now , it just keeps happening over and over....
  18. Kbird1

    Footers under basement slab

    Agreed - looks like the issue to me too....
  19. Kbird1

    Crown Molding at Angle /Slope Ceiling

    It doesn't work well in Chief as it doesn't work well in the real world either. M.
  20. there is a tutorial in the Knowledgebase (KB) that should give you a good start ...just be aware that it was made for Premier ( you don't say what version you have) https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-01069/designing-a-traditional-pole-barn-structure.html
  21. I use the Ease of Access in Settings in Windows 10 to make the Cursor Yellow , it is not used in all of Chief ie in the Drawing Window, but is used in all areas that Windows 10 controls. * as noted I believe the yellow circle is used by numerous Video recording Apps but can't be set as a "normal" cursor.
  22. Kbird1

    Multiple Cabinet Layouts, Same Room

    It appears to me that your Cabinets are actually touching in the Corner ( have a connection ) whereas Eric's don't, they are 1"- 2" apart , and would require a Filler in the Real World and maybe in Chief too? ...to get the "connection" M.
  23. Kbird1

    Shed design and T111 siding need some help

    As Ryan mentioned I likely added them manually witht he General framing too but will look up the plan and check if you need me too *The Floor Framing was all auto above , but perhaps not the Skids.... M.
  24. Kbird1

    SOLVED - How to show wall length while drawing it?

    may need to check this box too though.....
  25. Kbird1

    Tin ceiling panels textures wanted

    The Library I was remembering is now called Metal Coat Tile and Signs ( Company changed names from Landmark ) https://www.chiefarchitect.com/3d-library/index.php?r=site/detail/965 their Website is below, so there maybe images you can use to make you own "Tile", if their library doesn't include what you need or you could ask them to update their Chief Library with more Options perhaps : https://metalcoattileandsigns.com/ Mick.