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  1. Ahhh you are corrected I never enlarged the 1st pic . M.
  2. Hi, you are showing Framing, Wall in your 3D cameras correct ? AND have built the Framing if not on Auto? M.
  3. The puck light shouldn't shine through the Shelves, if that happens in X16 I'd send it in to be fixed. You can also set the Puck light materials ( glass?) to be emissive on the Properties Tab i( and turn off the light) f you want it to just look like it is On rather than showing pools of light ?, but you could also try a wider angle perhaps eg in the 165 -175° and a much lower drop off rate < 3.0 eg..... =
  4. hi, CA can mport 3D DWGs ..... but it cannot make them into Chief Symbols, ( it will only show the 2D CAD AFAIK), it can import Sketchup 3D models from Manufacturers or from 3D Warehouse and convert them to 3D Chief Models though, either in .dae or .skp formats. Unless it changed in X16 it also can not import Revit Models .
  5. Renaming the Toolbar Folder in the Chief Data Folder, to say Toolbars_old will cause Chief to rebuild the Toolbar Folder the next time it is opened and hopefully repair any corruption. This is done from a backup copy in the Program Files > Chief Arch.> Chief [Version] Toolbar Folder M.
  6. More Reading if it still doesn't work......... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-02761/chief-architect-minimum-system-requirements.html#X16 https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-03146/identifying-the-shader-model-of-your-graphics-card-in-windows.html https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-03049/troubleshooting-chief-architect-software-closing-unexpectedly-on-windows.html M.
  7. Yes, you've been a bit tardy on updating your Drivers but there is a case for "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" however you may need to finally try it, as the card no longer really meets Chief's needs today with it's low VRAM (only 2GB) 1st make sure Chief is using the Nvidia Card if your laptop also uses theintel CPU's built In GPU ( Graphics card)........... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-03140/forcing-chief-architect-programs-to-use-a-specific-graphics-card-in-windows-10-11.html the 965M card is still supported in current Drivers 555.85 being the latest, you don't need to install Geforce Experience, I never do, and also choose custom> Clean install. The Driver can be found here : https://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us If the DCH Driver won't install on a laptop this old try the Standard Version under Windows Driver type , Just fill in the tabs per this pic. hit Search and then click on the green link on the left....
  8. Same thoughts as DB above here...
  9. Do you have Attics Walls showing in ALL views? And Also have Auto Attic Walls on so they generate on their own? press ALT-Q shortcut and check M.
  10. what does it say on the render Panel > Videocard status in Preferences what videocard is in use, that can be important in chief especially id it's drivers aren't current. Your comp looks like it maybe older and may not support the new lighting engine fully ( it has been upgraded again in X16 ) M.
  11. the RH one is set to center of walls apparently.... M.
  12. Not a Layer , they use the current Dimension Default in use at the time , other than those controlled by the Temp. Dims. defaults. M.
  13. chief has a couple in X15 in the Core Library > Exteriors> Garage Items ( search EV ) and Forum User Carudo made some .... a Tesla Power Wall and Batteries which are here on this Symbols Forum Post M.
  14. Yes it appears rob is working in X15 or was when he made this library and libraries are not backward compatible. M.
  15. This chief page should help you get started with chief , I'd think they basically need CAD files from you for the Library. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/partners/catalog-partner-program.html M.
  16. Probably best you Tag Joe with his Username @Joe_Carrick Or try PM him ......
  17. This is doable with the Roof built off the Porch wall , as a 2 - Pitch Roof using the in from Base line Setting set to the Depth of the Porch....... and a lower pitch say a 1/2 pitch of the main roof so 3:12 and 6:12 for the main Roof in this case below. X15 Plan to look at : MHD_2 Pitch Roof off Porch Wall.plan Mick.
  18. Oh , Chief actually has a similar KB Articles (below) I thought you meant the physical switch many Nvidia Cards have, which is actually the GPU Bios switch to either enable OC (overclock mode) or Silent Mode. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-03140/forcing-chief-architect-programs-to-use-a-specific-graphics-card-in-windows-10-11.html https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-03140/forcing-chief-architect-programs-to-use-a-specific-graphics-card-in-windows-10-11.html
  19. Other than DB comment which I'd check 1st ( you can ignore Alan's switch joke ) but there is a known issue with the 14900k for many people, not just Chiefer's , many gamers too , I had issues at 1st with mine and had to make some adjustments in the Bios. Let me see if I can find the thread on Chief where it was discussed by a couple of us...... Here you go...... this is some posts on reddit I found later and work for me... M.
  20. Yes a roof or second story, I suggest making your SOP to add an Auto Foundation and Auto Roof to every build , Chief's "Lighting" engine needs them to calculate how the Light "bounces" around the scene. At times you may c=see the opposite effect and light bleeding under furniture and Cabinets hence the auto foundation..... M.
  21. I believe so from 1 page in the 2023 version, so likely multiple Plans files will be needed. M.
  22. Kbird1


    And turned ON in Preferences too......not sure it on by Default?
  23. Repost over Here : https://hometalk.chiefarchitect.com/ M.
  24. Make sure in the 3D camera to turn ON the Framing Wall's Layer or you wont see the 3D Studs and Plates. M.