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  1. I am not sure if different in X15 , but in X14 you need that Set in Both Preferences AND the General Plan Defaults as Scott Shows above ( that is an X15 DBX though ). The General Plan Default can be set in your Template Plan and re-saved so you don't need to do it every plan. Mick.
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    I guess you've heard Plumbers with Chainsaws on your Projects too ? and need the Framers to Place Joists as needed for clear drops... * thx for the Library too. M.
  3. Just Zip the Plan/Layout perhaps?, not the Reference Files if the Permit Company is not creating or adding new materials etc. This may leave things out though, like PDFs and Images etc which maybe needed in Layout, so it may just be easier to sort the folder after unzipping and deleting .jpgs and .pngs ( or moving them to the default Textures folder Per Rene ) if it bothers you. M.
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    Chief does not do any Piping at all, never has, it also does not purport to be Code Compliant in any other area either. M.
  5. Your signature Say you have a Nvidia Card , but Chief is not using it but the built in Intel Card which is for 2D only ie , it isn't sensing/seeing Chief as a 3D program , so you need to force Chief/Windows to use the Nvidia MX350 instead. Aaron Chief X14 Lenovo MT81Yk - Win 10 Pro Intel Core i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.3GHz 1.50 GHz NVIDIA GeForce MX 350 Ram = 16.0 GB SDD = 250 GB 2-AOC Q27G2G4 https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-03140/forcing-chief-architect-programs-to-use-a-specific-graphics-card-in-windows-10-11.html or
  6. A.) CPU and RAY Trace light will never been the same as they work differently , and Chief is slowly depreciating the CPU Tracer which is now 20yrs (?) old so most people have switched to PBR-RTRT due to it's speed and learning to get the best out of it... does it need improvements? yes but it is worthwhile using in X15 I think. also The advice is to use 3D plants for now at least, has been since X13. You could try turning OFF the Ray Cast Shadows ( hard shadows) and see if it gives "softer" edges to the shadows instead of those jagged edges. B.) The Lums are just too High for PBR ( not standard views) and should perhaps in your case be 10,000 and 35,0000 , not 100,000 and 3,500,000 (at a guess) the Lum. values are not real world and automatic balance themselves to the other lighting in the Plan , so it does take a bit of playing to get it right , and won't be the same in every Plan , or even scene , it can even change if the camera angleis changed or the camera moved 12". C.) And where do you think the CA Tutorials got their info ? ...... here on the Forum of course from Users posting there fixes and solutions... Mick.
  7. I have to be honest and say I am not sure if they work exactly the same?, I use C for Concentric resize, in combination with the Concentric Jump for CAD Objects and have always used X for retaining the Aspect Ratio since they made that change. M.
  8. Okay Chief Support has replied and they were able to reproduce the issue with the Libraries I supplied. Starting in X15 each Catalog has a Unique ID number the new Library system now uses too to ID each Catalog, whereas previously it used the name of the Catalog, and somehow the ID on the 106 Libraries I have failing has been corrupted somehow, ( they aren't sure how ) and so the Fix has to be on the User's End not Chief's End as the Chief Updater can't overwrite the existing corrupt files, So they must be deleted 1st and then you can use the Library's Built in "Online View" to redownload the offending Libraries. Unfortunately, it is still a 1 by 1 process, (It is also a handy list of the offending files you need to delete 1st above, as Chief doesn't think they are installed yet. ) Some Libraries are obsolete or have been replaced, or renamed eg Bonus Shower Hardware is now Bathroom Fixtures #4 I also could not get Chief to Delete the Marvin Windows Catalog ( Chief hung trying to do so ) so I simply deleted the .calib file from the C:\ProgramData\Chief Architect Premier X15\Manufacturer Libraries Folder and Chief was able to reinstall it. *** Just a reminder that BonusCADBlocks is the only Library not with an equivalent X15 Library yet and should be the only "unsuccessful" update. Image Supplied by TS to show how to enable "Online View" ( with some of my faulty Libraries shown ) Mick.
  9. Download the Trial and see for yourself, eg all the graininess on the Drywall is removed by the Denoiser now in PBR , I no longer do CPU RTs myself , so can't help much there. Also your Sun Lumens are WAY too high , which causes the backgrounds to fade out and throw color casts into the interiors and sometimes light bleed particularly in earlier versions or Plans started in earlier versions , in my experience. In RTRT try somewhere in the 5000 - 10000 Sun Lumen range and set the Daytime Intensity to the 700-1000 Range. this X15 example is 7000 and 700 and is a 500 sample with Denoiser on and took about 35-40 secs. ( after Materials and Lighting were done for the final Image - no post processing.) M/
  10. Yes it can be done, just setup two different Layersets for Letter and Arch D Sizes so each layer is specific to a Size as Alan mentioned However, I don't think it will half the work though if that's what you are hoping? In which case you maybe better off just Printing the Arch D layout for the Preview Version at 1/3 scale with a watermark saying "Not To Scale - Not for Construction" on it , and if needed have the Printer make it "Fit to page". ( if just sending PDFs out you could use 1/2 Scale to or Tabloid perhaps too) M.
  11. It won't help you now I guess , but the Lighting in PBR in X15 is better and with the newly introduced Denoiser in X15, is a game changer (thankfully) it Cleans up Scenes very quickly of artifacts and Fireflies, you may even find CPU RT is no longer needed. M.
  12. Make sure you also take a look at the Best Practices for the Paint Can Tool links above if you didn't already, for future Projects.... M.
  13. Add the texture to your post above please..... I am curious and also export the material out of Chief and add the .calibz file too. M.
  14. Not quite sure what the Issue is but if the Texture is not Offset , then you won't see an Offset in 3D Cameras....... See the link in the 2nd post, if what you have is a single Tile Image, to make your own Offset Tile Image.... Mick.
  15. I am working with Tech Support on this, and they have a Developer involved, so I will post back soon, with the "Fix" when I have it. M.
  16. It's the "Concentric Resize" Shortcut , they gave us about 4-5 versions ago when they change how Live Cameras work.... M.
  17. Thanks Eric, I did not get that from Adrean's Post , so will find them as noted above instead. Mick.
  18. For others who might like to make a Report to Tech. Support too, you need to copy the "Bad" Catalogue to your User Library 1st , then you can Export it , to send to Tech Support. ***** SEE THE NEXT POST BY Eric M.
  19. Quick followup .............trying with some of the Manufacturer's Libraries and it seems if I don't delete the Old Catalogues 1st, Chief is unable to overwrite the existing Catalogues with the X14 downloads...... or the X15 downloads either, so I think I need to clean out my Library..... Mick.
  20. Okay thanks for sticking with me here Adrean , I will work on this a bit and then send in a Report to TS.... Mick.
  21. Yep, I just did the Bonus Barstools2 as you mentioned for a test and it worked , ie it updated to the X15 Version with a single Catalog Update from X14. So only 105 to go now , I suspect these are mostly older Catalogues I have had years and the IDs maybe messed up as you mentioned. *** Oh - I think you were talking about what to send to Tech. Support.... not this test.
  22. It's been like this since I updated to X15 , and I just assumed the Content Team was still playing catch up....... and I know from talking to my clients and other Users that I am not the only one with high numbers of Failed updates. So I need to export the whole Catalogue and them send them to TS? is that how to do it? thanks, Mick.
  23. Yes, Never use the Paint Can tool on Exterior Walls you need to force the Materials back to "DEFAULT" , probably in the Default exterior Wall too.... this Post should help get you started.... https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/31850-paint-can-tool-material-painter-best-practices/?tab=comments#comment-250698 Oh, I see Chief has their own KB Article on this now too..... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00586/restoring-wall-materials-changed-using-the-material-painter.html Mick.
  24. Ouch I've got trouble then, as today I am showing 106 Catalogues I thought Chief was still working on to bring X15 Versions out on , but you say only the CAD Blocks Library is left to do.... I am a long time User as you allude too , and always migrate forward , simply because Chief only allows us to Download Libraries individually and there are now over 450 of them... more on that List here : https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/31252-list-of-x14-currently-available-libraries-as-at-jan29th-2023/?tab=comments#comment-287801 So the Fix is to Delete all Libraries in the List and reinstall them from the X15 Catalogue? Mick.