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  1. It's in the Core windows library but is square sided, not sure why Chief doesn't have one of these 1pc Bay Windows too? they are not uncommon and made to replace a standard window , without alot of extra framing if you are lucky. like these from Jeldwen https://www.homedepot.com/p/JELD-WEN-74-in-x-43-in-V-4500-Series-Black-FiniShield-Vinyl-Bay-Window-THDJW139600080/205524901 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It not too hard to make your Own 1 pc Bay Window, I use an Exterior Fixture Symbol, made out of P.Solids and set it to insert into the Wall ( Symbol Options) 1/16 more than the wall thickness and then Place a Passthrough, to give the rest of the Trim to cleanup the opening. the place whichever Roof type you want over it if need , eg Hip in the Pics.
  2. Just make you own shelf and Rod symbol with the Linestyles you want then... M.
  3. The Z Origin Offset is set about an inch too low ...the countertop is not at standard height, though I am not sure if that is the issue as I too am seeing weird things with custom countertops , not at the correct height or even snapping to the ceiling above. * I am curious about the corner cabinet with two doors though?
  4. No Sorry. you'd have to use a Text box with a fill to cover the old one. M.
  5. The OP's Pic does not have a Rosette......Mark mentioned them though... Chief does have some though and there are some in the Woodmark>Waypoint Kitchen Library and the PennVille>Onlay Library too M.
  6. Yep true, I tried Shutters as well 1st, so had to go with the symbol , which with the center tool is pretty quick once made. M.
  7. The answer may depend on what Version of Chief or Home Designer Product you are using, but if you are in the correct Saved Plan View , the Text should go to it's dedicated Layer eg. Text, Framing. then make sure that layer is no on in Working Plan view This is how to do your Signature.
  8. Yes, I think so , this is how Drop Ceilings are normally done , though you can use an Air-Gap Material too. The hole you see maybe from using an invisible wall though. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-01050/manually-framing-a-dropped-ceiling.html
  9. Lineweights don't show normally in Layout , but they can be turned on to see what they will look like when printed with the Lineweight toggle Icon on the Right hand side toolbar. Les épaisseurs de ligne ne s'affichent pas normalement dans la mise en page , mais elles peuvent être activées pour voir à quoi elles ressembleront une fois imprimées avec l'icône de basculement de l'épaisseur de ligne dans la barre d'outils de droite.
  10. Bonjour/Hi, unfortunately this is an English speaking forum , so if needed , try Google Translate , when posting questions.... Bonjour, malheureusement, c'est un forum anglophone , donc si besoin , essayez Google Translate , lorsque vous posez des questions.... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OP's Question ‎Hello ‎ ‎ When my plans are made and transferred to the Layout. I want to make the impression but the line thicknesses are not faithful to my basic drawing. The features are much thicker. Especially the simple lines of "2D" drawing or the lines that draw the arrows. ‎ ‎ Thank you for your answers.‎
  11. It can't be done totally automatic due to the Lintel Blocks but the fluted casing is in the Library - CA-11 and the Top you can use the Standard OOB Lintel set to the correct width. Then in Elevation use a polyline solid for the Block and then copy reflect it to the other side of the door .....you can then block the two blocks and copy them to the other side of the Wall or make a Symbol from them for future use as well.
  12. looks like you applied Red to the Electrical Layer while in a 3D Camera while working on something perhaps.... * make sure to reboot you computer when you see "weirdness" and make sure it is not just a Glitch too. ** added pic. M.
  13. you could also perhaps find a 2nd hand 900 or 10 Series Nvidia Card, eg a 970GTX or 1070GTX, both will work similar to X12 cameras ( *only 2000 and 3000 series Nvidia cards can use the latest X13 features ) M.
  14. You have not done you Forum Signature so I don't know where you are located ? or what other hardware you have , so it is a bit hard to help and most of the links I see are for the USA.
  15. It'd be best to report to Tech. Support with a copy of your Plan file , suggestions , may or may not ever be acted on.... Thanks, M.
  16. No this is a Nvidia GT 730 , it is no good for X13 either try searching for RX 560D-4G or Yeston AMD Radeon RX 560 Graphics Card M.
  17. You are Welcome...good luck.
  18. Some people have replaced their 710/720 GT cards with this AMD Card fairly cheaply. AMD RX 560D-4G 4GB GDDR5 https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-RX560OC-4GD-rev-10/sp#sp https://www.xfxforce.com/gpus/amd-radeon-tm-rx-560-4gb-14cu-single-fan-2 https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/radeon-rx-560d.c2990 Mick.
  19. I didn't mean the 3060 was an issue , maybe that came across wrong?, it is more about future-proofing and tradeoffs for productivity like going Dual Monitor, and as always when buying a new computer , what the budget will bear. And if the computer is used for other activities ...eg some casual ( or high-end) gaming. Mick.
  20. I am not sure how many speak Spanish here , best to use English if you can or use Google Translate..... Hello, thanks for the answer, ... if I tell you that I am working on x13 so far, ... and also the monitor that I am using is a 32 "TV screen ... I don't know if that is what It is affecting me .... because maybe a tv is not the minimum that a monitor for pc .. The TV should work fine , but your VideoCard won't with X13 , see my reply above.
  21. The GT 710 does not support Shader Model 6 which is required for x13 new 3D Engine ( Astral ) https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/geforce-gt-710.c1990 Nvidia also stopped supporting Kepler GPUs ( most 600 and 700 series Cards,) with this weeks Driver Update to 496.13 Not sure if you have a laptop but the 710 can be replaced if in a Desktop.....a few people have used AMD Cards to get Shader Model 6 compatibility. M.
  22. That was my 2nd thought and why I wanted to look at a test Plan , but it sounds like it needs reporting so they can Clean it up, hopefully in the next X13 update. M.
  23. Yep an oldy but goody if you need Dashed lines below grade. M.
  24. My guess would be from the Automatic Description , which is normally Supplied by the Symbol Name , so opening it and changing it may do it? It does look like (PULL) is being added to every entry though even the knobs , so there maybe a bug , so maybe post a small test Plan so People can have a "play" and figure it out M.