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  1. Hi Guys, Been gone for 6 1/2 years, retired, but am working on something for our neighborhood and I cannot find scalloped siding. I am using version X9. I though (big mistake) there was some in the library but I cannot find it and a search came up empty. Hope you are all doing well Dennis Gavin
  2. Never mind. Found it! I can see better when I have my contacts in! ;o)
  3. Hi All, Been retired for a few years and am now using the program for some personal things. Had a shut down and my file is corrupted. I forget where to go for previous file. Looked under program files and program files86 in chief folders but nothing there. Need help!
  4. Looks like your lights may be set as point lights versus spot. Should be spot lights set to -90 (pointing down) and adjust from there.
  5. what I have done is use raytraced shots in movie maker with some motion and it gets the idea across with much better realism if you are able to do good ray traces.
  6. Also, if you wanted a puck but not the big spot you can use the settings from the rounded light for the puck. (I know you know but other newbies may not think of that)
  7. Well you know golf. Some days OK. Some days not. But I keep trying. Really only started playing golf about 2 years ago so I have a LOT of practice to do. Usually get out about 4 times a week. Mostly executive courses. ( 9 hole). I have 38 executive courses to choose from(total cost is $144/yr) and 12 championship which you have to pay for. Cost varies by time of year and particular course. There are also many courses outside The Villages. If you ever leave "The Magic Kingdom" feel free to visit. Thanks for asking!
  8. I am a retired remodeler who designed with Chief. Only have X9. Live in central Florida, The Villages.
  9. there is also the distributed objects tool that may work in some situations.
  10. I got it years ago and have had no problem. I seldom use it.
  11. There is a free program called squirlz. You can save a picture of your pool, import it into squirlz outline the water and apply water movement and then save as a gif. Chief does not provide this kind of option.
  12. What version of Chief are you using? Cause reflections are in last few versions in one way or another.
  13. Any chance that in the update process the card Chief uses got changed to the on board graphics card?