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  1. Kbird1

    foundation wall Concrete and CMU

    sounds like the foundation is NOT at least the Height required ie 42" + the 24" ( 3 CMU stacked ) ? M.
  2. Kbird1

    Material changes on wall type

    Not sure if it will be helpful in this particular situation , but a Walltype can also be marked as a "Partition" causing it to react differently when it touches other walls but there is also The "furred wall" option on the structure tab> dbl Wall options may also work? ( for use when two walls "touch" or bump each other - see "marriage walls" in manual) I may have just made a new Walltype for those sections including all layer from both walls or just used a Solid as others pointed out M.
  3. Kbird1

    Tin ceiling panels textures wanted

    Did you check the Chief 3D bonus Libraries online? pretty sure I saw something ...... or maybe it was a Manufacturer Library? M.
  4. Kbird1

    House with Colonial Columns

    I never said they weren't boring each to their own though right? they're good Throne Room reading ... Some don't like Get My House Right, but personally I like it and agree with a lot of the info but look at it as a guide only, some seem to be really put out by Others ( not the Author) saying it is a definitive guide though. M.
  5. Kbird1

    House with Colonial Columns

    Not so much the structural part but for these Classical Styles of Homes the book "Get My House Right" will help with the "Style" stuff relatively cheaply..... https://www.amazon.com/Get-Your-House-Right-Architectural/dp/1402791038 The Field Guide to American Houses is also good..... https://www.amazon.com/Field-Guide-American-Houses-Revised/dp/0375710825 both available on Kindle or Kobo too. M.
  6. Kbird1

    Changing window color to all windows at once

    this should work as others mentioned unless you "spraycanned" the windows, the 1st time you changed the Colour ? In which case you will need to Open the Windows' DBX ( multi-select all windows) and force the materials back to default 1st
  7. No problem , you too, that should help the Dell Users. When I get a minute I'll post this Info over in the Tips Forum so it doesn't disappear again. (I think Joe may have left the Forum?) Mick
  8. Kbird1

    terrain modeling expert

    Once it is a symbol , you can NOT explode it again into a Full 3D Model , so the aforementioned Items are of no use in the SYMBOL, the 3D Model of the House is nothing but a hollow Shell once made into a Symbol , so furniture cabinets etc etc are not needed. M.
  9. Kbird1

    terrain modeling expert

    It is so you can turn off the display of everything in the model not strictly needed for the "House" model, eg Appliances, Fixtures, furniture, even interior Walls if on an unique layer, which allows the 3D model of the house to be as small as possible (megabyte-wise) before saving it to your Library ...... ..... and of course check the things you need like Exterior Walls ( incl.foundation) and roof planes etc are ON... M.
  10. Kbird1

    terrain modeling expert

    Always worth checking the KnowledgeBase (FAQ tuts) too : https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00344/modeling-a-subdivision-or-lot-with-multiple-structures.html M.
  11. removing Sonic Radar solved it for me, there was no need to remove Sonic Studio or the " Nahimic Service" which is needed for Sonic Studio to work also , though some have reported they had to remove both the Sonic Apps. The Nahimic Service is the Issue , it can also be stopped in the Services App ( Service.msc in the Run Dialog) and configured for manual start only or disabled , at least as a Test. The was also a post in that thread about Nahimic having a White and Black List , and adding Chief to the Blacklist but I did not try that. Edit: think I found it online actually....at Nvidia..... Hi Yes there is known issue between Nahimic 3 and other applications (Maya, Substance Painter, 3D applications using OpenGL ). This primary happens when application is started on secondary monitors. some more research is found here: https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/rhino-freezes-on-secondary-monitor-problem-with-the-nihimic-audio-driver-on-the-motherboard/82258/39 All fixes are just .......uninstall the Nahimic 3 Apps....ie Sonic Radar ( game sound detector) and Sonic Studio (equalizer) For us who don't want accept that solution here is simple fix: Locate this nahimic blacklist ( maybe in a slightly different place on your PC eg if you have a Dell , see below) C:\ProgramData\A-Volute\A-Volute.Nahimic\Modules\Scheduled\Configurator\BlackApps.dat and insert your affected executable application to avoid injecting your application by Nahimic tested on Substance Painter.exe There is no needed to restart PC or Nahimic Service Just save file.
  12. It appears Joe has deleted that thread for some reason Diane I can't find it, at least not at the moment. https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/21770-external-monitors-not-working/
  13. Kbird1

    Large Notes

    Sounds like a glitch to me ...... almost like when the plan is closed the Layout is making the Notes full size ( 1:1) and it then rescales them when the plan opens.... (Similar to when you try dropping a CAD Detail from the library into Layout instead of Plan or a Cad Detail ) M.
  14. You won't see this IF the walls are already aligned, ie they snapped properly when drawn .... OR if more than 1/2 the wall width out of alignment, in which case Chief assumes the mis-alignment was deliberate. ( would be noticeable in 3D views though.) as Eric mentioned , add some pics ( Use Windows Snipping Tool ) or even better the Plan file for better help/answers.... M.
  15. Kbird1

    Straight Railing framing schedule

    I don't think Chief Sees them as "Framing" , check the Materials List ( ML) and see if they are there? M.