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  1. Not Auto AFAIK, just remove the kick and float the cabinet 4" off the floor and use a Solid,or Shelf or etc,etc to make and position your own. Mick.
  2. Print to PDF and make sure to check the Box for the watermark and then > Define the watermark ...text and page position.... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/2432/adding-watermarks.html
  3. It should be possible with a custom Railing PANEL , you will need to make both Balusters from 3D Solids and then save it as a Symbol. This KB Article should get you started with the general approach..... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-02893/creating-custom-balusters-and-railing-panels.html M. https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/18908-signature-here-at-chief-talk/?tab=comments#comment-155662
  4. Edit > Delete Objects > Framing should do it..... M.
  5. You should report this to Tech. Support so the Developers are aware of a Blank Wall Type issue.... M.
  6. beat me I was just looking for this thread for you............. Mick.
  7. We ask cos different Versions have different answers , and sometimes stuff just isn't possible in older Versions..... and really is it THAT much trouble?
  8. There is no setting to auto adjust the footing Bottom Height to be 24" below the Terrain AFAIK.... Easiest way is to shot a CS Camera and do some measuring / math and in the Room's DBX > Structure Tab adjust the Stem Wall Height setting. Mick.
  9. Seems to work fine for me in the default Chief Template doing a quick test............
  10. ....... see your PMs and Email.... Mick.
  11. It is best to put the Schedule in a CAD Detail if possible ( assuming INT. has that option? - sorry I have never used it , only Premier ) and then send the Schedule to Layout , this gives a little more control over placement and Size , vs placing the Schedule in a Plan View and sending it to Layout with the Plan View. Mick.
  12. I believe I have heard before from a Client that Interiors does NOT include the CAD Library ( no cabinet glass reflection Lines either ) and had forgotten that earlier but you can create one from an Electrical Schedule I'd think....... Group Similar objects if you have place more than 1 of each item in a Plan , then convert the Schedule to Text and then Block it and save to your library. Assuming of course that Interiors has the above Options Comparison : x14-Premier vs Interiors-feature-matrix.pdf
  13. Then I guess you are not using Chief Architect or Interiors ? but one of the Home Designer Products which is why we ask you to fill in your Forum Signature so we can tell. If I am right you should be over Here : https://hometalk.chiefarchitect.com/
  14. It's in the Library under Arch. > CAD Blocks > Notes and legends
  15. I think it is will depend on whether the Int. Designer needs to actually work on the Chief 3D Model or just View it, a Cost effective solution maybe for the ID to rent Chief ($199) or Home Designer Pro ($59) monthly or even purchase HD Pro ($600) as a more cost effective solution vs totally redrawing the Project in their own software. I am not sure you'd have much luck enforcing a License once the Plan is overseas and it wouldn't be a cheap process either. M.