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  1. Kbird1


    Press Alt_Q , the short cut for general wall defaults and enable Show Wall length , depending on the setting above it will show measurements to the framing (standard) ,siding , drywall etc.etc You can all Use the Perpendicular Temporary Dimension ( from selected wall ) after you "rough out" the Walls for the house to move walls exactly.
  2. Kbird1

    Dr Charles Coleman

    Bit of a strange Topic Title ??? Do you have V12 or version X12 ( ie V22)? That is a very old version of Chief files but I believe the Free V.X8 Viewer can open those older Files and resave them for new Version to use. See the Green Box with link in this KB Article : https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00279/opening-legacy-files.html M.
  3. Kbird1


    Chief's Training Video.... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/350/using-a-truss-base-to-truss-intersecting-roofs.html
  4. Kbird1

    Packaging Plans

    If you Use no# 1 and check the zipfile option , ALL the textures, pdfs, images etc are in the Zipfile , then when needed you would unzip the File and open the Plan from within the Folder made when the ZipFile is extracted. Chief always looks in the current folder 1st for textures etc, it will then look in the Textures Folder ( in Data Folder) if not found in the Current folder. M.
  5. Kbird1

    Lintel not extending?

    If you mull the 3 units together can you then add the Lintel Christina? pretty sure I have done it that way before.... M.
  6. Kbird1

    finding embedded files

    Did you PURGE the Materials before doing the backup , that should remove any Materials you have "tried" but are no longer using.... I don't know of a way to find a particular material in the Plan though..... deleting or moving the file out of the folder may show you in a 3D Camera...maybe? but I think Chief will just use a default material in that case ? not 100% sure ...or it will look in the Chief Data Folder>Textures for it instead if needed. M.
  7. Kbird1

    paving pattern

    If it is a custom layout No..... if it's one the Manufacturer supports try their Website or another Manufacturer like TechBloc may have it for download Chief's (X11+X12) Basic Patterns are here :
  8. Kbird1

    Earth Fill? and 3rd party files

    You can still use the Import Function and point Chief X12 to the X??> Patterns Folder and Import the Patterns there into your User Catalog Folder but most of Chief's Patterns were moved into the Core Library>Fill Patterns
  9. Kbird1

    Post & Railings

    Did you try breaking the lower railing and making it Post to Beam under the upper Balcony? M.
  10. Kbird1

    Logitech Programmable Mice and Windows 10

    Sounds like the Receivers Drivers are not installed properly, check device Manager, I still use the 8.96.88 version of LGS for my G13 as there seems to be less issues than the 9.xx.xx version. The G13 is not a Mouse though.... From an Amazon Review with the same issue.... I don't know if it works as I don't have a G602. Phenomenal mouse with Logitech's usual garbage support and instructions. ("NOT DETECTED" FIX IN THE REVIEW) Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2017 This is a great mouse for at this price point. It's pretty comfortable in the hand and has a good number of programmable buttons. Now for the downside... As soon as you try to install this on a windows 8 (or higher) machine, windows will install it's own generic driver. This renders all of the extra modes and programmable buttons useless. I searched for hours for a solution. I tried different versions of the Logitech software. I read some people were doing fresh installs of windows, just to get the mouse to function, spending hours trying to find registry errors, etc... Don't bother with any of it. It's not going to work. Read on for instructions that work. Go to the control panel>Device manager>[find your mouse]>right click>properties>update driver. When the dialog box pops up, choose "Browse My Computer For Driver Software." Then, click browse and navigate to to where the "Logitech Gaming Software" is located. In the case of a standard install, it will be located in C:\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software. Finally, click next. Done! It should now be listed as Logitech Gaming Receiver in the device manager. Open the Logitech Gaming Software. You should now be able to use all of the functions of the Mouse now You may need to show it the Drivers Folder in the LGS Folder unless there is a checkbox for "subfolders" to check M.
  11. There is a Bonus Library with "International Electrical" now https://www.chiefarchitect.com/3d-library/index.php?r=site/detail/1123 if you need to add or Change the CAD blocks check this Tutorial... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00805/editing-2d-cad-blocks-assigned-to-3d-symbols.html M.
  12. Either one only lists what is in the Room ...ie from the surface of the wall drywall inwards.... thought there were some changes in X12 though? hence Eric's suggestion to Check the Ref.Manual I think.... M.
  13. It doesn't appear to be Z-Fighting ...to me... I'd suspect a Driver Update to your VideoCard ..the latest is not always the greatest.....perhaps provide more details on the Hardware in use or add that info to your Forum Signature. M.
  14. Kbird1

    Hot Keys not working on PC

    If he only has 3 hotkeys then I'd say Chief 's .xml file in the Data Folder is corrupt ( or someone played with it ) as the Default file has 50-60 already setup... there is a copy in C:\Program Files\Chief Architect\Chief Architect Premier X12 (64 bit)\Hotkeys If he wants your HK file there should be no issue export yours and importing into his...... it's just a generic .xml file which PC's and MAC's should both understand with no issues. Mick.
  15. Kbird1

    Defaults vs Prefrences

    correct , at least that's how I've always thought about it. So set any Default you want it to be Global (or "Permanent" ie available in every Plan) .... in your Plan Template and make sure that Plan Template is the Preference for New Plans.