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  1. Lapping or butting is part of the Floor Framing Default Options................ as well as whether it is aflush beam or not
  2. see your other thread.......... https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/16566-framing-members-in-cross-section/?do=findComment&comment=254278
  3. I am not sure much has changed after a quick play , everything is hollow and solids or polyline Solids.......have the same issue if using the Cross Slider camera. This is a P.Solid Fir beam , using subtraction ( and concrete block in pic ) and Chief puts the end back on but explode the shape and it is hollow. Symbols are also hollow , see last pic of Fir 12 x 4 beam in CS Camera
  4. If you don't Lock your Toolbars , you will find that some will change and move on you , I also use the empty space in my custom Toolbar config. which I originally copied from the Extended Configuration , but I do have less issues if I keep them locked , if you see 3 dots, they are not locked. They are automatically unlocked if you go in to customize and then relock when done if the lock toggle is on. Mick.
  5. The Nahimic Issue is related to Multi-Monitor Setups and trying to use Chief's Side Windows like the Library on a 2nd Monitor, as far as I am aware it is not the cause of the corrupt Toolbars which is another Issue , some including myself in X13 Beta (only) had some issues with. The Nahimic App on my laptop with the multi-monitor issue is called Sonic Radar ( 1,2 or 3) , it is a 3D Audio positioning system for gaming which get messed up since although Chief is 3D it has no audio component. I un-install Sonic Radar but was able to leave Sonic Studio installed with no issues. https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/28384-multi-monitor-issue-fix-for-computers-with-nahimic-audio/?tab=comments#comment-226782 The Toolbars are not consistent between Views , though you could configure them that way with the customization tool but will likely see blank spaces as some tools are not available in some Views. for eg you can't dimension in 3D Dermot did mention in a thread last week(?) about missing toolbars, ( a different issue) that he thought this corruption issue was fixed since the last Update ( https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/32057-missing-toolbars/?do=findComment&comment=253640 @Dermot Mick.
  6. Search and ye shall find .the KnowledgeBase (KB) has many good short Tutorials.... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/search/?default_tab=support&q=corner+window
  7. I think the Dull Grey means you haven't applied the Background yet, is it off and just set to white or some other color ? and brighter the Sun ( eg max 100,000 lumens) the darker the grey usually... leaving it at 100,000 will "blow-out" the image even with a background as seen in Pic #2. , turn the Sun down into the single digit 1000"s.
  8. Dual 1440p @ 32" is worth considering , one for drawing and one for everything else...PDFs, Emails etc etc.... I use Benq Flicker Free 32" Monitor@75hz (VA Panels not IPS ) from their CAD/CAM Line but there are alot more Choices available today M.
  9. Yes , but the current OP is still using X12. M.
  10. Raise the Ceiling Hgt of the middle room and Auto Roof should do it for you... once Auto is Off it will stay there even if you lower ceiling again. Or Raise them up using Transform/Replicate , using a (positive number for up) Move>Z Delta M.
  11. Chief's Auto/Dropdown Rope Light is not switched by default but you can make your own....... Draw a 4'-6' length with the Auto Tool Select the new Rope Light and use the Convert to Symbol Icon on the Edit Toolbar ( bottom of screen , Last Icon ) Choose Electrical category type Name as needed ie Rope Light 110v Switched and check advanced Box (Ok) On Option Tab set Switched ( not switch) and 110v Checkboxes Set Mount option as desired above* eg under Wall Mounted Cabinets or on wall etc. (Ok) Place back into Plan --- it should now accept a connection to a switch. * Floor Mounted is fine even though shown X'd out in pic , you just need to remember to open it and set the required Height.
  12. Thanks for reporting, as I too am seeing the weirdness with the Custom Countertops, but I haven't been able to reliably reproduce the issue as yet, I do wonder if it is related to a non standard 36" height , as My client's ManF. has a Standard height of 35 3/4" and it seems sometime the "Get height from Cabinet" toggle does not work properly and when you untoggle it and set it correctly it can cause the countertop to weird things , in two cases I found the countertop had snapped upto the bottom of the Ceiling and in another was sitting on the floor when I went back to 3D. I have not heard/seen the Electric Tooth Brush door before but why not I guess..... M.
  13. It's in the Core windows library but is square sided, not sure why Chief doesn't have one of these 1pc Bay Windows too? they are not uncommon and made to replace a standard window , without alot of extra framing if you are lucky. like these from Jeldwen https://www.homedepot.com/p/JELD-WEN-74-in-x-43-in-V-4500-Series-Black-FiniShield-Vinyl-Bay-Window-THDJW139600080/205524901 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It not too hard to make your Own 1 pc Bay Window, I use an Exterior Fixture Symbol, made out of P.Solids and set it to insert into the Wall ( Symbol Options) 1/16 more than the wall thickness and then Place a Passthrough, ( Window) to get the rest of the Trim to cleanup the opening. Then place whichever Roof type you want over it if need , eg Hip in the Pics.
  14. Just make you own shelf and Rod symbol with the Linestyles you want then... M.
  15. The Z Origin Offset is set about an inch too low ...the countertop is not at standard height, though I am not sure if that is the issue as I too am seeing weird things with custom countertops , not at the correct height or even snapping to the ceiling above. * I am curious about the corner cabinet with two doors though?