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  1. Kbird1

    Computer Speed Question

    Yes that MB has (2) m2 slots which is why I was surprised you didn't already have one, just make sure to get a NVME m2 not a SATA m2 Drive , some m2 slots can take either but the SATA version is 5X-7X slower ... ie about 500mbs vs 3500mbs( but Cheaper) M.
  2. Kbird1

    Computer Speed Question

    Very good...... bit surprised it doesn't have a NVME SSD already ......a 500GB is likely enough for OS and programs but i suggest you get 1TB , the 2TB HDD will become a DATA drive. eg the Samsung 970 EVO Plus ( the Pro is not worth the extra in my opinion ) since you mention doing manual roof manipulation , I suspect the slowness now is your HDD, as chief is having to write the UNDO file to disk every time you make a change , and a PCIe NVME SSD should help alot as it is10-20X faster at least than a HDD ( a NVME SSD is 5x faster than SATA SSD too )
  3. Kbird1

    Computer Speed Question

    Not sure you need the 64 GB Ram kit, I don't think I have ever seen anyone reporting chief using more than 32GB, your Specs sound pretty good and should be fine for X13 as well. And as Michael mention 9.60 is a bit of a typo ...the i9900K is a 5.3ghz part under Boost , and still a good Chip. it is possible the computer maybe thermal throttling ( protecting itself) and may need Servicing, still under warranty ? get them to look at it.... https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MAG-Z390M-MORTAR https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/core/i9-processors/i9-10900k.html M.
  4. Kbird1

    backdrop image

    It does look like PBR with no background Image or Color Set ( other than the default White if a background isn't used )
  5. Kbird1


    It should stop two users opening the same file at the same time causing corruption
  6. Kbird1

    Gothic Roof

    I would think two curved roof Planes should work..... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00649/creating-a-curved-barrel-roof.html https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00688/joining-curved-roof-planes.html M.
  7. Kbird1

    Can a garage model be copied the house.plan file?

    This is the CA Symbol technique tutorial https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00344/modeling-a-subdivision-or-lot-with-multiple-structures.html
  8. Kbird1

    Rendering High Gloss cabinets

    Did you start with Chief Gloss Cabinet Finishes ? https://www.chiefarchitect.com/3d-library/index.php?r=site/detail/931 M.
  9. Kbird1

    Cape Cod meets Coastal design

    The Flare can be done more easily with a Molding Polyline and put around the whole home if needed with a Room molding polyline using the Exterior Room. Works pretty well with a bit of texture adjustment to make the shingles line up/match. M.
  10. In cases like this the Pt. to Pt. Dimension , along with the Ctrl Key, (to stop it snapping to the snap grid) usually works too. M.
  11. Kbird1

    Exterior walls not showing

    Or Using a Floor Camera shot on level 0 it will only show the Slab...... use a Full Overview M.
  12. Kbird1

    Need help drawing a concrete slab the way I need it.

    not sure you have the same plan as me ? or maybe I misunderstand something but I think he is talking about the drop in floor heights between the house and garage , ie the RED line he drew..... so it lines up with the Interior 2x4 wall. A room divider seems to work but not 100% Auto. ( turn off display of invisible walls (pic2) and curb is back too.
  13. This post was 1st made back in 2017 or 2018 but was buried in a Thread , and seeing the same question asked again in Dec., I decided to put it over here in Tips too, to make it easier to find. In Win 10 190x the Settings App did not work for me and I had to use method above, there are however more options in Win 10 2004/202H though I see now that I have it. Mick.
  14. Thanks for the Thanks it's good to know moving the Old Post here to Tips is letting others Find it easier , and make use of it. As Michael has pointed out in newer version of Windows 10, Microsoft is now able to also take Control via the Settings App, YMMV though. Mick.
  15. Kbird1

    Need help drawing a concrete slab the way I need it.

    No " insight " from me but you can do a CAD Detail From View , and Edit and send it to layout instead of the "Live" view of the 3D model Mick.