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  1. Yes , because it was a System Builder, local to me, they agreed to let me reuse my old case, Power supply and CPU Fan to save some money. At the time I did not think about the 32GB RAM in the old machine which I could of reused too as it was DDR4 already. But then it doesn't hurt to have a second PC in the house for others to use either, or as a backup, I would of looked at Mark's build from AXA if I could of. ( they don't ship here) , I agree with his other comments on PCIe4 etc , my Z590 board was the same price as the Z490 though but I did not go High End (mid) li
  2. It should , is it maybe older than 7 years though? more like 17 ?........ the date on the bios says 2004 ....maybe that is a typo? hmmmm if model no# is right there is no V1.8 Bios ......at least not online https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z97-GAMING-5#down-bios https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/Z97-GAMING-5/Specification To be honest as Rene said they are very hard to find ( or have you found one? ) , many including myself have bought a prebuilt to get one @MarkMc has several posts about his Prebuilt (3070) on here too. M.
  3. 1st Off you need to run a library update yourself once a week say, so it can refresh any installed libraries. this week for example Chief was working on Paint Libraries apparently The answer to your question is that Chief requires Manufacturers to update their libraries once per year, ( see Sticky at top about digital Content), or here : https://www.chiefarchitect.com/partners/catalog-partner-program.html whether they all do it I am not sure about though, however Cambria was updated just last week, I seem to remember. ( Yes.... 5-19-21 ) https://www.chi
  4. I'm still having Issues with this , and though not a "Chief Problem" since it effects ALL installs and uninstalls, but today it was Chief in particular, but I found that Microsoft has a Tool / Troubleshooter for helping with this Issue too, which did the uninstall off the Old Computer fine today https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed-cca7d1b6-65a9-3d98-426b-e9f927e1eb4d M.
  5. Well I tried a few things that did not help, so I decided to try a Driver from before the 460 series, the same driver as my old computer is using and have found Nvidia Driver 457.51 ( links below) has thankfully worked for me. Link to DCH GR Driver https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/167108/en-us Link to Standard GR Driver https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/167106/en-us Nvidia's Advanced Driver Download Page ...personally I do not use Geforce Experience. https://www.nvidia.com
  6. Huawei devices are still available in CANADA too thanks for the Tip Renee , it something I expected the Pixels to have actually
  7. I am using DP cables on all 3 monitors same as on the old computer, which I have now hooked up, to the same monitors, via the monitors hdmi ports instead and I don't see the issue there. Both computers are using Win10 125% scale on my 32" Benq monitors, that has changed old to new either. I only get the test issue with other's plans I open but then again I don't play with scaling on my own setup as that totally messes with the Desktop Icon layout...and I have many --- I'm old school that way I reinstalled Win10 this week ( lots of weirdness from Store install so di
  8. It seems it is Side Window related...... if I double click the ALDO or PB so they rejoin the main window in the default position , the issue goes away again........ Opening a Schedule and putting/pulling it on to the LH screen for eg. ( I wish it would not go full screen Auto) does not make this happen...at least not yet .... It's like the Side Windows are now causing Chief to think it is wider than it really is....... but I have no idea why it happens on this computer and not the old one....same monitors and cables , same version of windows 10 too I think ... vide
  9. Reset everything except toolbars and turned off the side monitors and Chief was okay again ...... Until......I put my Active Layer DBX back on the second screen and bam menu issue came back , so apparently me thinking this is not related to the other Menu Bug which seems to effect Toolbars only was wrong.... Only for me it means X12 is unusable on this computer currently..... M
  10. Good thought ..........I will shut my other monitors off and see if it forces some kind of "reset" in Chief. thanks M.
  11. Hey Chop..... thanks...been a busy month or so since I moved.... No luck so far on Reset , but didn't do Toolbars as they have been custom for a long time and I don't want to start again..... unless I really have too. Have tried 3 different Nvidia drivers including latest, all work fine except for this one issue and it isn't happening with other programs..... Will try a full re-install tomorrow probably...if I have time, may have to finish this job on the old system.
  12. Hi, I finally have a new computer worthy of X13, hopefully it won't have this Issue, which I have never seen before or heard of here, and is not happening on my old computer, but when I click on a Menu on the menubar or one of the dropdown Icons the dropdown show 4 inches (?) to the left or right of the item clicked on....making Chief nearly unusable as sometimes the dropdown is on my 2nd screen even..... Running a repair install of Chief did not help........ nor has multiple reboots of the computer..... Any ideas please throw them out here , thanks.
  13. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-03114/message-windows-fault-tolerant-heap-fth-has-been-enabled-for-this-application.html M.
  14. Yes that MB has (2) m2 slots which is why I was surprised you didn't already have one, just make sure to get a NVME m2 not a SATA m2 Drive , some m2 slots can take either but the SATA version is 5X-7X slower ... ie about 500mbs vs 3500mbs( but Cheaper) M.
  15. Very good...... bit surprised it doesn't have a NVME SSD already ......a 500GB is likely enough for OS and programs but i suggest you get 1TB , the 2TB HDD will become a DATA drive. eg the Samsung 970 EVO Plus ( the Pro is not worth the extra in my opinion ) since you mention doing manual roof manipulation , I suspect the slowness now is your HDD, as chief is having to write the UNDO file to disk every time you make a change , and a PCIe NVME SSD should help alot as it is10-20X faster at least than a HDD ( a NVME SSD is 5x faster than SATA SSD too )