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  1. Kbird1

    Connecting Walls w/ Varying Thicknesses

    couple of other Ideas to use too.....
  2. Kbird1

    Knee wall and drywall placement

    A Plan file would help for sure but... It looks like you may have, after building the Crawlspace wall initially, have then reset the the Foundation Walls to "Hang the Floor Platform above on the Wall" instead ? as i can not think of another condition or setting that would cause the floor to drop inside the foundation walls like that...... the graphic is show 0" floor height as 10-12" higher than the floor structure is drawn ? definitely strange. M
  3. Kbird1

    Roof auto generated a bunch of useless walls

    Definintely not as a permanent solution , as I said above, just temporarily to remove a few stray walls as needed and turn it back on ...... it seems at least to me the programming behind the Attic walls in X11 is a bit more agressive than in earlier versions and sometimes clean up is needed. Though someone seems to think it needed a downvote ??? wow ... makes me wonder if you even read the reply fully.... or understand what was said.... M.
  4. Kbird1

    help with terrain, please!

    It is quite often where the terrain is "folding" down behind the retaining Wall , adjusting or even adding a Terrain Break and playing with it can help to hide the fold's "edge" inside the retaining wall. I tend to use Foundation walls and add my own Terrain Break ...walls are then edited in elevation for heights etc , as it is rare for a Retaining Wall to follow the ground level exactly at least locally , most R.Walls have a coping stone that is level too. ( convert wall to solid railing and use Wall Cap ) M.
  5. Kbird1

    help with terrain, please!

    Nicely done Video Mark , you may want to consider putting it in the Tips Forum for General Terrain help for others new to doing Terrains. And to the OP......It is generally accepted you put your Terrain Perimter on Level 1 , so calculating heights is easier. M.
  6. Kbird1

    post to beam

    You can't in Plan once it's in an Auto Rail afaik, but you can Open the Symbol in the Library and rotate 90° it there , then reload the Symbol in the Railing, Newel DBX. Or use Micheal's method so you have one of each M.
  7. Kbird1

    Dimension Background transparent

    I am not surprised you had trouble finding it ...5 layers down...... Use select all in the 4th DBX and do all the Text Styles at once if you never want to see the background.....
  8. Kbird1

    Front Elevation

    Yes Chief always sees the Bottom of the page as the Front if you use the Auto Elevation Tool , but you can easily open the Camera's DBX and change it to anything you like..... Ff you do this in your Template Plan and save it, it should already be setup every time you start a new Project. Use the Auto elevation Camera Tool to place the Cameras on All elevations ( 3D>Create Auto Elevations>All Elevations In the Project Browser RENAME all camera as needed ie change Right to Front , Left to Back , Front to Left , Back to Right Then double click each camera to open it , this will cause the Views and thus names to be updated Confirm names are correct back in Plan View If it is only about the Layout , you could simply not use the Camera View Label ( turn off the Layout Box Label in DBX ) and use a Marker instead. See pics. Mick.
  9. Kbird1

    post to beam

    you can make your own out of a P-Solid and then save it as a Millwork Symbol > set option to Newel/Post . It can be a bit tricky at times getting posts oreintated correctly at corners when they aren't square though. M.
  10. Kbird1

    Site Plan Dimensions

    Chopsaw's idea works pretty well actually and is automatic if setup in the Plan Defaults ( setup in New Plan Template too ) , the dimension is there from the moment you draw the wall. As you can see it even works for interior Walls.....
  11. Kbird1

    Front Elevation

    That's what I'd do in your situation ..... In your Template Plan ( so you don't need to do it in every New Plan ) place the 4 Auto Elevation Cameras ( no house needed) and then rename them, eg Right as Front , Left as Back etc ,and then it will always be that way .
  12. Kbird1

    Site Plan Dimensions

    It seems in X12 the label doesn't show like it does in X11 unless you take it off automatic ie use Specify..... M.
  13. Kbird1

    PBR pendant light bulbs

    Set you Maximum No# of lights to 100 in the Camera Settings ( and do in your defaults too ) , Chief no longer has an 8 light limit as it did in the past for PBR. M.
  14. Kbird1

    short walls and drywall

    My example above was done in X12 but it has been this way for as long as I remember..... Normally I do it similar to Mark and just change the wall definition and have a 1/2" thick color for the "Drywall" instead. M.
  15. Kbird1

    short walls and drywall

    This can and will happen if you add a 0" thick paint layer to the Wall definition ( per Chief's default Ceilings) as Chief only wraps the outer most layer of any wall around the end and if that is a 0" thick "Color" it fails and you see the Stud.