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  1. Yes, much easier to have a quick look if posted, just be aware that you can only Upload 14mb here otherwise you need to Link to OneDrive or ICloud etc. Some Questions may require the Version of chief you are Using too for the best answer but it also Helps anyone offering help to use the same version as you , otherwise you may not be able to open any re-posted plans offering solutions.... usually the best way is to add a Forum Signature , see this Thread on that......... https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/18908-signature-here-at-chief-talk/?tab=comments#comment-155662 Mick
  2. You can just drag the Dimension Line Closer to where you want it........ if that is the only Issue? The Last Pic you Show is not it appears from the Elevation Cameras seen in Plan View ie E7 or E9 ? either of those two Views should be able to be clipped to Room Or if needed uncheck that and use Clip to Sides to restrict the width of the View - you may still need to Draw the Auto Dimensions (I assume) over though. Mick.
  3. Try this, Export the Wall definitions out of an old version of the Plan , and Import them back into the current Plan Mick.
  4. Check Out @Chiefer , this is what He does for a Living http://www.jintudesigns.com/exterior-renderings.html M.
  5. Color Off is controlled in Preferences on the Appearance Tab > Display ....... choices are either Greyscale or Black and White. M.
  6. I recommend creating a dedicated SPV for different Views needed and switching between them to perform different tasks eg Foundation Plan, Framing Plans, Demo Plans etc etc,which also include a dedicated Default Set (Anno), Layerset and all other Defaults (see pic below) , so that things go to the Correct Layer in different Views and one SPV's Defaults, don't accidently Overwrite another's because they Share a Layer or Default etc. You can duplicate any (closest to what you want) to begin and then Make new Defaults ( use Green Cross) seen below leaving the Default Set to LAST, as it will give you the Option to create a new Default Set once you start making new Defaults lower down. ( the 1st icon will become available, it's greyed out in pic below ) Mick.
  7. No, not automatically using Auto Build Roof but easy to do a variety of ways. Mick.
  8. Best to ask Sales directly but AFAIK you can continue Using anything Downloaded already with SSA, you just won't be able to access any new Libraries or re-download ones you have without paying individually for them. (new Libraries ie X16 won't work in X15 or Older Titles anyway) ie: Download all 450+ X15 Libraries to a backup drive so you always have them. Mick.
  9. This is a common issue on devices with different screen resolutions eg 2k and 4k or 1080p, eg going from Desktop to Laptop perhaps, the simple Fix is to group select all text , Open them all (open icon) click okay when the DBX opens and that should cause them all to refresh and be "fixed". Mick.
  10. Chief KB Article .......making the Barn Door should be simpler than this especially using copy/paste/reflect etc........ but this outlines the process from start to finish. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-01808/creating-a-custom-door.html Don't think chief has a video on this process but Eric ( Solver ) may ? Mick.
  11. What is the "Object" as some have Attributes that stop them when they touch a wall or a CAD object ........even if you can't see it ...... as DB mentioned we need more info and/or the Plan to diagnose.... M.
  12. It does sound like the Paint Can Tool was used at some point........ more info and PDF here..... Mick.
  13. It's always best to Post the Plan Here along with some screen shots of the Issue , there are just too many variables to play 20 questions. The Plan needs to be closed to attach it to a post ( Chief locks it when open) and it must be under 14mb zipped to attach otherwise you may need to use a link to one of the Cloud Services. Mick.
  14. The Blue Appears to be Chief's Default exterior Blue color called Slate. Have you been using the Paint Can Tool? perhaps in Plan Mode (scoping) and accidently Painted something the wrong Color? If you have used the Paint Can Tool Objects will ignore the Defaults, and need to be forced back to "Use Default" ...... https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/31850-paint-can-tool-material-painter-best-practices/?tab=comments#comment-250698 The P04 door also comes out of the Library as Chief default Bone Color , which will need changing if you want White M.
  15. Interesting as I have also been having this Issue in X15 ( maybe X14 too? ) and several Clients now have complained about the "massive" Lines in PDFs in the last few months, so I have been trying Joey Martin's Settings which have helped some................ @joey_martin from his post here :