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  1. Steve............That changes the "Fill" color, not the arrow in general. I'm using an arrow that doesn't have fill. If you notice on what you demonstrated it's only the "fill" that changed and not the entire arrow.
  2. I have my 1st floor roof planes on a layer "Roof Planes, 1st. floor" and my first floor roof labels on a layer "Roofs, label, 1st floor" and changed both to color red. The roof outline and the pitch changed to red. The arrow did not, which stayed green. I experimented by changing the original "Roofs, label" color, which are green, to blue and all the green colored labels (pitch number & arrow) changed to blue along with the arrows that were on the new "Roof, label, 1st floor". I'm assuming that somehow the arrows are "hard wired" to the layer "Room, labels" and that this is a "GLITCH".
  3. To show on my Roof Plan the roofs for the different floors, I put each floor's roof planes and labels on their own layer and gave them a different color. The roof outlines & the label "pitch" number changed to the new assigned color but the arrow didn't. What setting determines the color of the arrow in the Roof Label?
  4. Thanks to all for their thoughts on this subject. Due to the size and scale of one project, I will probably finish it in X15. The other one will be a "wait and see" process. I hope all are enjoying this weekend of remembrance.....................enjoy!
  5. As the title says. Has anyone that had projects started in X15 moved them to X16 Beta and finished them? Did you come across any "issues"? I have a couple of projects I'm doing in X15 and I'm hesitant to bring them into X16 for completion. I'm thinking I should wait for the "non-Beta" version to come out. Advice?
  6. Kevin...................My bad. The layers for my 3D solids were on, but when I went through all my layers, lo and behold, my "cross section lines" were turn off. Somehow, from the "get go" of this project, that layer must have been turned off. I was sure I didn't use to have this problem. Nothing to blame but me and "old mind".  Thanks for giving me a "heads up" on double checking layers. Have a great day
  7. When I want to show a sloped concrete slab, I make a 3D solid showing the slope. Then when doing a rendering "things" look correct, but when I do a cross section of the sloped slab the outline of the slab doesn't show. Is there a way to get the sloped 3D solid to show in a cross section? I guess this goes for any 3D solid. I know I can just draw a polyline, but on more complicated 3D solid this really gets to be a real pain and very time consuming.
  8. Is there a simple way to eliminate the "green" grass reflections from the exterior unto interior surfaces when using PBR. What I usually do now is to turn off the terrain layer? I don't use PBR much and it seems almost every time I do I run into this problem. There must be a simple solution to this problem.
  9. Eric.....................Took your advice and it worked pretty well for me. (attachment) I couldn't get rid of a few lines in the plan view, (attachment) but I can look past that. The rendering looks good. Thanks for taking the time------much appreciated. Have a great weekend.
  10. I "think" I dealt with this problem at some point in the distant pass with a work around, but now I can't find the solution. I'm wanting to build a corner like is shown in the lower half of the attachment, but CA is building what is shown in the top half of the picture. I hope I'm not missing the obvious, because surely there must be a way (or work around) to get the wall to look correctly in plan view and in a rendering. I tried a "search", but to no avail. As always, any and all help is much appreciated.
  11. DBCooper............................Yes, that was my problem. Thank you. Have a great day.
  12. Joe............................When I printed out the note schedule it printed just as shown in the "CAD attachment". When I cut and past the note schedule from the cad detail back into my plan all the numbers and circles are red again.
  13. I made a roof framing note schedule while in plan view. All my circles and numbers are red (first attachment). I then made a cad detail and cut & paste the note schedule to there. After pasting the circles and numbers in the cad detail they are a combination of red and green (second attachment). Why the difference when going to a cad detail? I can't figure a way to change the circles and numbers to be all red once they are in the cad detail. As I mentioned, when I sent the schedule from my plan to the cad detail I did it by cut and paste. Is there a better way to move the schedule from plan view to a cad detail? Could the way I sent it have something to do with my "color" problem. I don't remember this occurring before. What am I missing or is this a "senior moment"? As always all advice is greatly appreciated.
  14. I recently purchased this mouse and up to this point I have been quite satisfied with it, but the past week, using the "zoom wheel" has been very frustrating. I might just touch the wheel and what I'm trying to zoom in or out on my screen goes crazy, jumping all over the place. I've only had this mouse for a few months. Up to the last week it has worked great. At $100.00, it's not a huge investment, but I don't think it should be having problems already. I thought this was a popular mouse for cad work with great reviews. I'm assuming it's a "mouse problem" and not CA's. Has anyone else had this problem, either with this mouse, CA, or with another mouse? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  15. When the "lean to" roof attaches to the upper roof look in the dbx. for that roof's pitch and then change it's pitch to a one that is less. Once you do that attach the lesser pitched "lean to" roof to the exterior wall. (manual roof)