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  1. Larry_Sweeney

    Door Jambs and Swings

    Can you show us in a Cad or hand drawing of the plan view of what you are trying to accomplish, or even a picture. This way we might have a better understanding of exactly what you're after.
  2. Larry_Sweeney

    Z-Fighting at exterior between floors

    Everyone...…………………..Thanks for taking your time to ponder this problem. I'm going to seen it into tech today and see what they say. Once I get their answer I'll post it here. Be safe and have a great day.
  3. Larry_Sweeney

    Z-Fighting at exterior between floors

    I'm working on a project where I have stone veneer on my first floor block walls and the same stone veneer setup on the stud walls above. I have some sort of Z- fighting at the top of the block wall and the bottom of the floor joist. (first attachment) It looks like to me it's the ceiling in a cross section. When the Main layers of the two walls on the different floor levels are lined up I don't think the z-fighting is there, but when I line up the stone veneer between the two levels it shows. I'm puzzled why and I haven't figured a way to eliminate it. I'm probably missing something pretty simple, but I made a mock up plan of two rooms above each other using the same walls I have in my project plan and the same thing occurs. (see attachment 2). I'm also sending the simple two room mockup plan. Appreciate your time and advice. Thanks P.S. Any ideas why this simple plan is so large? There seems to be a large amount of textures attached to the plan for some reason. simple
  4. Larry_Sweeney

    Remove opening in furred wall

    Stephen...………….…….Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for. I'll have to study that area of the window dbx. I've never used that before. Please tell me that it is something fairly new in CA. Maybe I shouldn't ask that question. Anyway--your time and knowledge is much appreciated. Have a great day.
  5. Larry_Sweeney

    Remove opening in furred wall

    I'm showing a "fake" door" on the exterior wall with a furred wall set on the inside. (see attachment) To do this I made an exterior fixture symbol of an early looking bead board door with a large wood sill. In the plan I made a "pass-thru" in the exterior wall the size of my door symbol. On the inside I have an additional furred wall but I don't want the "pass-thru" opening showing on this wall. Is there a setting I'm missing to accomplish this. I've tried changing the interior wall to "frame through" or "split framing", but that didn't work. I tried moving the wall a little distance away from the exterior wall, but that didn't help either. I would like to keep this interior wall next to the exterior, but I'm having no luck finding a way not to have the "pass thru" in the exterior wall kept from extending through into the interior wall. As always your time and knowledge is much appreciated.
  6. Larry_Sweeney

    Pour Garage Slab Through Doorways

    I've seen that look on some renderings over the years (started with V10) and never figured out how to do it other than the way Chopsaw mentions. I'm all eyes (and ears) if this can be done (and it should) automatically.
  7. Larry_Sweeney

    attic stairs

    Alan and Joe...………...Thank you both for your time and advice. Alan---the code description seems like I'm in the "clear", but Joe, your advice to contact the local building department is probably the best choice here. I've found over the years that "logical" and "code enforcement" aren't always down the same path. Thanks again. Be safe and have a great day.
  8. Larry_Sweeney

    attic stairs

    Alan...…..Thanks for getting back to my question. I could not find any requirements for permanent stairs to an attic in my searching up to this point. I did find the min. requirements for fold down stairs and I could easily fit them into the design, but since I have the room for the permanent stairs I was hoping to build the one I have dimensioned. In the area where I could install permanent stairs to the attic area my risers would be 7 3/4" and my treads would be 8 1/2", but I wouldn't have a 3' area at the base of the stairs before the attic door. The door opens to a 4' wide hallway and headroom is not a problem. In my thinking these permanent stairs should be okay, but will the code (if any) permit them?
  9. Larry_Sweeney

    attic stairs

    Are there certain requirements/codes for attic stairs in a commercial setting? The access is only needed for air handler maintenance and minimal storage.
  10. Larry_Sweeney

    Roof shingle reveal

    Perry...……………….That may work at the eaves, but if you want the shingle to overhang up the gable, which it should also, it looks like the shadow board work around is the way to go.
  11. Larry_Sweeney

    Roof shingle reveal

    To me, it seems fairly easy if done on the initial roof setup. I think it would also be something fairly easy to program into the roof defaults. Along with making it the same material as the roofing material.
  12. Larry_Sweeney

    Roof shingle reveal

    Chopsaw……………..Thank you for the tidbit. That's definitely worth a point. It's what I call "thinking outside of the box!" I'll file that upstairs above my eyes.
  13. Larry_Sweeney

    Gazebo Plans

    I suppose this is too far over the "top", but it might give you some ideas. It's a project I did a number of years ago for an 1890's Victorian home,
  14. Larry_Sweeney

    Where's my "Help file"?

  15. Larry_Sweeney

    Where's my "Help file"?

    To be honest I don't think I opened my Launch Help since I downloaded X12, but when I did I got this. I never had this happen before since v10. What are my options? Has this ever happened to anyone else? Did I hit the wrong "something" when downloading X12? As always, all advice will be much appreciated.