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  1. I hear that Planswift makes a good companion for Chief Lew
  2. Food for thought when considering whether Chief is better than SP (or any other software) consider the "old" days I started with Chief 9.5 and thought it was top-notch our first plan brought us many customers I'm sure any Chiefers back then were proud of the work they did back then yes, Chief X14 offers a zillion more features that make the job easier/faster yet, back then you got the job done and the clients were probably very satisfied and you probably made a decent living we get enamored with new features etc but do we really need them ? I could get to work just as easy using my 1961 Impala back then as I do now with my 2018 Yukon with rear view cameras and wifi and satellite radio etc what is really needed to get the job done ? Lew
  3. ( the Boss however now has two licenses with full SSA not being used, so money down the drain for him...) I wonder if an asset's values drops to $0 suddenly if it can be claimed as a loss for a business that owner has now lost $5-6K of value with no notice from CA that licenses could no longer be sold ... Lew
  4. Kevin: CA no longer allows transfer of license - except for inter-company I would like to sell/transfer my license and was told by CA that they no longer allow it Lew
  5. Brad: I haven't found a buyer as I called CA first so I understood what the new SSA rules were so I could advise any buyers so at this point any current Chief user that has a large business and might want another seat is left with doing the subscription plan and I now can throw Chief in the garbage as it has zero value I wish you well also ... Lew
  6. Joe: really? are you really gonna go pedantic ? SHEEESH ... have some coffee and go to work Lew
  7. best to contact CA sales as they no longer allow sale of used licenses they have a new policy concerning SSA and upgrades and pricing that takes effect Jan 10, 2023 you must keep SSA current - if not, SSA can't be renewed afterwards Lew
  8. the policy hasn't changed, just some of the language around it but the language has changed - in another thread Mick posted the older EULA and if the speed law said you CAN speed and we will usually approve it ??? so once again I post to correct mis-information... TRANSFERRING YOUR SOFTWARE: You may permanently transfer your license to another person or entity only upon written approval by Chief Architect, Inc., and according to the following terms and conditions: (a)You must fill out, sign, and return to Chief Architect, Inc. the Certificate of Transfer of Ownership prior to any transfer of the Software. This is available through the Chief Architect, Inc. Customer Service Department. Call Chief Architect, Inc.'s Customer Service Department prior to any transfer in order to receive this document; (b)The transferor or transferee must pay to Chief Architect, Inc. a license transfer fee for each license transferred to complete the process of transfer of ownership. Note: Support and Software Assurance is nontransferrable; (c)You may permanently transfer a current, valid and eligible license for the Software, for which full price was paid. If you received a discount or rebate on the Software, you must pay to Chief Architect, Inc. the difference in price between your discounted price and the full price of the Software for each license transferred. You must deliver the Software to the transferee in its entirety and must not retain any copy of the Software on any computer or storage media, including backup or archival copies; (d)You may transfer an Additional License and still retain other licenses of the Software only by paying to Chief Architect, Inc. the difference in price between the full retail price of the Software and the net price paid (including discounts and rebates) for each Additional License transferred; (e)If you own multiple licenses and you wish to transfer a license, the license to be transferred shall be the license for which you received the largest discount or rebate; (f)Your License will automatically terminate upon any transfer of the Software; (g)If the Software being transferred is an Upgrade, you must cease using all prior versions of the Software, Documentation, and Graphical Files as well. You must uninstall all versions of the software and you may not use or retain any copy of any prior version of the Software; (h)You may not transfer any earlier versions of Software which have been upgraded; (i)You may not transfer a license of the Software that was purchased under the Chief Architect National Accounts program; (j)You may not transfer a license of the Software within the first 90 days of purchase. (k)You may not transfer a Not For Resale (NFR) license of the Software. You also may not transfer a Presentation license, a Student license, or an Academic license of the Software; (l)The recipient of the transfer shall agree to all the terms of this License Agreement as a condition of the transfer Lew
  9. Perry: just and old habit to counter inaccuracies I stated what CA told me on the change of policy and then the accusations, misrepresentations and general BS started I spent 16 years on this forum reading every post and trying to assist when I could If CA had been paying referral fees for new customers that I assisted and encouraged I would have made a tidy sum from them I should have bailed from Chief, CA, and Chieftalk when X9 was released and CA stated no more hardware keys at the time I thought I might still have a use for Chief on my family history projects I've never touched X10,11,12,13,14 yet I continued paying SSA - just in case that was a very stupid decision ... I will miss the good people on this forum Lew
  10. In some circumstances to be determined by CA a licence can be transferred to another party. Doug: just a clarification CA has stated "officially" that the transfers they would approve in the future would only be "inter-company" transfers of course, CA can do others at their discretion - but that is their stated policy as of now Lew
  11. check with CA they have stated that licenses can no longer be sold/transferred Lew
  12. SELL - TRANSFER what the h*** is the difference I asked if I could SELL/TRANSFER my license to another user and they said NO !!! I did ask for a transfer form and what the transfer fee would be I then stated that since I was retired I might as well put Chief in the GARBAGE and I was told that was my choice CA has twice posted on this forum that it can't be done anymore except in VERY limited cases so anyone who has a problem with my postings needs to get over it Lew
  13. Adam: call CA sales to discuss they have stated there is a new transfer policy The current Chief Architect End User License Agreement does not allow selling or transferring a license to another party. BTW: I had planned to ask $2,500 for mine ... - now it is GARBAGE Lew
  14. I do think it's unfair for a certain member to continue making posts and threads claiming it's no longer allowed, and I for one am tired of seeing it. Chris: Sorry, but I will speak my mind if you don't like it then too bad - get over it CA has posted on this thread today that I am correct "The current Chief Architect End User License Agreement does not allow selling or transferring a license to another party." Lew
  15. severely restrict all transfers, i.e. to only within the same company etc..... This is what CA has posted on this forum and what I was told when I called in If anyone doubts this - then call CA yourself Prove me wrong as I would love to be able to sell/transfer my license for $2,500 approx. Lew
  16. PLUS 4 RYAN !!! Hmmm, you know how to call CA Ask them - get it straight from the horse's mouth .... Lew
  17. CA doesn't allow re-sale of licenses anymore there was NO warning on this change of policy so there is NO value to keep up... Lew
  18. Personally, I like the stability option of a permanent licence and if EOL comes up I agree, with MS Office I stayed with Office 2007 until EOL then I went to 2010 the 2016 and now 2019 I plan to avoid 365 as long as i can Each time I need to upgrade office I go on Ebay and find a version for around $100 If needed I will buy an older PC to run it and keep that PC as an offline workstation I dislike cloud based computing and only use cloud for storage using Carbonite Lew
  19. Ok, call it Poor Form or Not Cricket its a change in policy without any warning Lew
  20. If the ongoing model is a subscription model only, then what is your investment worth? It was worth $2500 approx. - now it is GARBAGE with warning my license could have been sold and transferred to another user a user who might stay with Chief for decades like I did they would have been able to keep the SSA going for that license and been happy Chiefers now a new buyer's only option is the subscription model will they buy - who knows ? Lew
  21. No, I asked for a transfer form and what the policy was on transferring my license to another buyer The reply was we no longer do that Lew
  22. A condition suddenly becoming inconvenient for you does not establish bad faith. Ummm, yes it is bad faith they allow A for decades and then they stop A - NOT allowed - with NO warning that is BAD FAITH Lew
  23. Nothing has changed Ummm, yes it has changed CA used to approve the transfers - if all the conditions were met Now they won't approve any transfers - except for within the same company NO warning about the change as for leasing a car - its the same - if they suddenly said you couldn't sell or trade etc Lew
  24. Joey: this used to be Chief's transfer policy that allowed re-sale and transfer of the license in the real old days the fee was $50 - $400+ Hello, Thank you for the question. The seller will need to contact our Customer Service directly. Customer Service will provide the seller with the necessary form and the license transfer fee. The transfer fee varies depending on the history of the license and can range from $100 up to $900+. The license transfer fee must be paid, and the License Transfer Form must be signed by both parties before the software license can change ownership. Note that SSA is not transferrable. If you would like SSA, you would need to purchase it separately through an SSA renewal (if qualifies) or by upgrading. Let us know if you have any questions. Kind regards, Derek Chief Architect Sales Lew
  25. it's more like subscribing to Netflix and then finding out you can't sell your subscription. NOPE, not the same at all In our case, Netflix WAS allowing you to sell your subscription and then without notice they stop allowing re-sales its more like Ford or Chevy suddenly saying you can't sell or trade-in your vehicle Lew