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  1. I am still amazed that Chief doesn't have built-in chimney tools that can do 80% - 90% of standard chimneys the tools should also do the necessary framing etc Lew
  2. Emma: don't hold your breath I have been requesting various locks such as wall locks, room locks, floor locks, wing locks etc since 2006 once I have something "done" I don't want Chief moving it because of an action I take and there is a "ripple" effect IF a lock is placed there should be a warning if Chief needs to make a change to the locked item Chief programmers believe there is no need for locks and yet the subject arises time and again Lew
  3. If you have HD Pro you can benefit from following Chieftalk as HD Pro has many of the manual tools that Premier has be sure to identify that you have HD Pro when asking questions so others can reply appropriately and when reading posts be aware that not everything will apply to HD Pro many symbols and other info may applyy Lew
  4. Dermot: please see my reply this "issue" is a real PITA and the fix is so simple ... Lew
  5. "and see if the images have a 'save in plan' setting" this works in plan and layout I have "moaned" about this problem since 2006 my partner also suffered from it we shared plans back and forth and invariably we would have to request the missing image(s) from each other I use layout to create my historic presentations and over time move folders/files around and then when accessing the presentation I get hit with the "missing image(s)" messages this should have been fixed decades ago images should automatically be "save in plan" with a preference or default to pop a warning if auto "save in plan" is turned off or even no warning if desired there is no reason that is "issue" can't be fixed Lew
  6. as stated there are fumes issues and fire issues check with your local permit office for their code requirements I was working on an office above a garage and the permit requirements were so stringent and costly the client abandoned the project Lew
  7. Pip: yet many software do offer BIM inter-operability lowly Sketchup at sub $1000 can do all kinds of BIM inter-operability oh well, I doubt if it will ever happen Lew lowly Sket
  8. If you really need X9 with the dongle you can save a search and then get an email each time a new sale starts the seller needs to work with CA sales to ensure it is a valid license and what the transfer free is $50 for a full seat - other seats could range up to $400 - check with CA sales Lew
  9. There are many "official" methods for SQFT living area depends on the agency asking for 15 years I have suggested that Chief create a schedule listing the most common ones then the user can use the desired info best to contact the planning dept and inquire which "official" method they use then to get Chief to match it Lew
  10. Awww, I'm so sad another down vote for trying to help someone I think I'm gonna cry so childish of them to hurt me so Lew
  11. there are various "official" methods - depending on the agency requesting the info I have suggested for 15+ years that Chief create a schedule for the most common methods then the user could chose the needed info Lew
  12. Wendy: PRO users can benefit from following the Chieftalk forum just understand that Premier has features that don't apply to PRO if you ask questions on Hometalk be sure to mention that you have PRO so someone trying to help doesn't waste time if the solution won't work with PRO PRO has many of the manual tools that Premier does and can use some symbols created by Premier users Lew
  13. also note that the software requires a software lock and needs to touchbase with the mothership every so often or the license can be turned off X9 was the last version to have a hardware key that gave independence of CA's control unless the key breaks etc the software lock was introduced with X2 someday I expect to hear that CA has turned off all software licenses prior to version XYZ they have never indicated this - just my supposition that they could Lew
  14. caution about using the Client Viewer do you really want to get into "tech support" with clients that are not "computer savvy" ? If so, then learn how to use Zoom or the equivalent to make the "training" easier Lew
  15. Hmmm, apparently two people don't like my advice about PRO users following the Chieftalk forum Too damn bad I will continue to offer this advice Lew
  16. HD PRO users can benefit from following Chief Talk since PRO has many of the manual tools that Premier has be aware that some solutions won't apply to PRO best to note in any queries that you are using PRO for HD products to edit a Premier file there is a setting in Premier to allow that but the versions have to be compatible I believe there is a chart on CA's website Lew
  17. I agree with Mick about upgrading to HD PRO Lew
  18. maybe software like this ? integrates with Chief: Lew
  19. I hear that Planswift makes a good companion for Chief Lew
  20. Chopsaw: you are correct but very easy to print 11 x 17 at Staples or Office Depot etc Lew
  21. i set my layout to 24 x 36 (Arch C) with a 1" border all around thus giving 22 x 34 then if a client or trade needed smaller the PDF could be printed at 50% to give 11 x 17 - tabloid size which I believe is just as easy to print as legal most home printers can do 11 x 17 Lew
  22. as Chopsaw stated if a "workaround" / "futzing" works that is a good sign that Chief is capable of having a dedicated tool to achieve the task in the future send it to suggestions - and maybe - just maybe - some future release will add that feature Lew
  23. my general rule is to spend $$$ on items that can't be upgraded later ram and storage can usually be added later video card upgrade - maybe ? screen size, video card, cpu, power supply are not upgradeable or difficult to upgrade plan for at least 5 years of usage I still use my 2008 Win7 laptop as an offline workstation Lew
  24. Lew
  25. Chief has limited BIM Chief can't do bi-directional BIM sharing You probably need industry capable BIM software Chief is capable of doing "small" commercial projects where BIM is not a factor Lew