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  1. Dennis_Gavin's post in Flared Stairs was marked as the answer   
    make a room around the stairs with angled walls, make walls invisible, open below room type, no ceiling or roof and make stair section winder

  2. Dennis_Gavin's post in Under Cabinet Lighting & Soffit Issue was marked as the answer   
    F you put a roof on the room the light at the soffit/ceiling juncture goes away.
    Regarding UC lights, Use a cabinet puck light from the library, set cut off to 180
    drop off to .5 and custom light level to 10% and uncheck auto intensity.

  3. Dennis_Gavin's post in Wedding Arch Icon was marked as the answer   
    "the large number of flowers required makes the file very large and unmanageable."
    you could do the arch and flowers in a seperate lan, convert to symbol and bring into the working plan.
  4. Dennis_Gavin's post in How To Create A Metal Halide Light was marked as the answer   
    Creating the light fixture is not a big deal.  Accurately creating the effect of the working light is another story.
    I od not believe can do anything more than create what you think it might look like.  There are no settings
    that I know of that when applied will represent the specifications you mention.
  5. Dennis_Gavin's post in Patterns For Material Region In Elevation was marked as the answer   
    OK, got it Joe.  I don't usually do these for myself but am now starting to do design for others so will
    probably need to.
  6. Dennis_Gavin's post in Baseline Elevation Location was marked as the answer   
    Richard - your friend is right. 

  7. Dennis_Gavin's post in Disabling Baseboard was marked as the answer   
    Basically yes.  One variation is to remove or zero out height for room and then draw one molding polyline and assign molding to that.
  8. Dennis_Gavin's post in Siding Above Stone was marked as the answer   
    pony wall
  9. Dennis_Gavin's post in Chairs On Top Of Dining Table was marked as the answer   
    I moved table to front of group and it works for the table and chair I used.
  10. Dennis_Gavin's post in Wall Niches was marked as the answer   
    use a pass through with a polyline solid to close in the back, eliminate casing, sill.