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  1. Kiwideziner's post in Schedules was marked as the answer   
    I find it depends on the plan file size, and complexity of the schedule,
    If it is a basic schedule say walls I usually place it in the plan, but if it needs to chopped up to fit on the sheet I use cad detail as Mark suggested.
    Both ways work. It is really up to the way you work.
  2. Kiwideziner's post in Re-size dimension lines automaticaly when objects are re-sized? was marked as the answer   
    As long as you dont use point to point dimensions the dimensions auto adjust as you move the walls as they are linked to them.
  3. Kiwideziner's post in Drawing Stairs...starting direction was marked as the answer   
    use the cntrl key as you drag down
  4. Kiwideziner's post in elevation numbering was marked as the answer   
    I dont think you can change that. I have my cameras renamed a-a or whatever in my template so for the main dont need to worry.
  5. Kiwideziner's post in Start And Of Linestyles Doesn't Look Follow The Style was marked as the answer   
    linestyle end are set in preferences I think under cad, but have a look.
  6. Kiwideziner's post in Stair Railing Extends Through Floor And Next Floor Railing was marked as the answer   
    In that situation I would probably have the stairs not build a handrail on that side for that section, and then maually model the balasters to the underside of the ceiling.
    Stairs is an area that CA needs to really work on.
  7. Kiwideziner's post in Floor Joist Framing - Has Something Changed was marked as the answer   
    solved the problem
    I had not noticed that the joist material was set to concrete. CA will not construct concrete floor joists, as soon as I changed the material to fir framing they appeared.