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  1. Larry_Sweeney's post in Note Schedule question was marked as the answer   
    Thanks to all for your responses. All where helpful in understanding "my" problem and not CA's.  Have a great day.
  2. Larry_Sweeney's post in Inset bottom slab of wall cabinets? was marked as the answer   
    Eric & Mark.......................Thank you. Greatly appreciated for taking the time. Yes Eric, the difference in the door offset bugs me also. Have a great weekend!
  3. Larry_Sweeney's post in Wall Niche question was marked as the answer   
    Eric........................I think I got it! Thank you for you time and knowledge. Have a great day.
  4. Larry_Sweeney's post in Exterior window casing was marked as the answer   
    This is a work around that I use from time to time. I'll make a short line at the center of each window and color it white (background color) before I mull the windows. Then I manually adjust my dimension to the center of each window. Another area to consider is when you are doing the window schedule there will be more items to "fudge".
  5. Larry_Sweeney's post in Pony Wall Material Not Showing Correctly was marked as the answer   
    After doing some more searching I found the answer.
    This is the correct answer to the problem. It's from Kenoeightspot (Bill Page)............Click on the "Spray can Icon" then check the "Use default" box, then click on the top and bottom walls and see if this changes your walls back to the default wall types. Thank you Bill.
  6. Larry_Sweeney's post in Stacked Gable Wall Surfaces was marked as the answer   
    The easiest solution to your problem is to post the plan.
  7. Larry_Sweeney's post in Plywood .pat file was marked as the answer   
    Curt...Sorry. You were giving me all the correct info. I finally found it.  I was having a "brain fart" moment or too much coffee. Many thanks. Have a great day.
  8. Larry_Sweeney's post in Not showing foundation below grade line was marked as the answer   
    I make a rectangle p-line and use a solid white fill. I then "cover" the area I don't want to see. Sometimes, depending on the situation I make the lines of the rectangle p-line white also. I usually do this before I send it to layout, but sometimes I do it in layout. It just depends on what works best under what condition. I like doing it this way rather than changing the foundation wall to a dashed line. The problem here is that all the foundation lines are changed to dash ----- above and below ground.