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  1. Scott, We are looking for a firm to take these initial projects cradle-to-grave.
  2. I'm looking for a Chief-based Design/Build firm near Venice FL to complete: as-is drawings of existing 1900SQFT house in CA x12 format; collaborative design of two bathrooms; permitting and construction of bathrooms; I would like to get the design phase started by the end of February 2021.
  3. They're in a Bonus Library now... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/3d-library/?r=site/library&x=true&search=Cabinet Hardware
  4. jcaffee

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Hey Dustin--has anybody placed Substance file as source integration for materials/textures into the development pipeline yet? Hint, hint!
  5. jcaffee

    Piano symbols

    CA Bonus Lib--Recreation No.2 Theater and Music
  6. jcaffee

    Best Way To Raise/Lower Entire 2 Story Building?

    My mistake. I know I've done this recently--memory is fading fast.
  7. jcaffee

    Best Way To Raise/Lower Entire 2 Story Building?

    Draw a polyline around the structure you need to change. Select the polyline, then: Edit Area>Edit Area (All Floors). Then: Transform/Replicate>Move>Z Axis. And, follow DSH's advice for maintaining zero.
  8. jcaffee

    .skp Model Losing Detail in Import

    The file you've posted is a backup file and CA gets confused with those.
  9. jcaffee

    .skp Model Losing Detail in Import

    It's because CA reads material variance on imports. You need to create materials in SketchUp prior to importing into CA. I assigned the colors (materials) in the attached model using SketchUp. That way, when imported into CA, I can apply whatever fabric I choose. Poltrona Frau - Dream B - Armchair.skp
  10. jcaffee

    New Laptop Choices

    I'd go with the ASUS. The Alienware and ASUS have similar specs, but the ASUS is almost 3lbs lighter.
  11. jcaffee

    Free Iron Railing Panel

    Nice stuff, Dave!
  12. What's your basis for "Top"? $$ volume? The number of plans produced? Design awards received? Etc., etc., etc. I would hazard a guess that most designers and architects don't define their aesthetic acumen by the toolset used. So, do you wish to rephrase? Be more specific.
  13. No PS. That view is a single light (Sun) at 72dpi 20 passes which takes about 8-10 minutes. The technical landscape/site plan is still achievable in CA. There are a few elements lacking (display styles for plan view, multidirectional gradients, etc.) but CA is still a robust platform for all technical/construction drawings.