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  1. Scott, We are looking for a firm to take these initial projects cradle-to-grave.
  2. I'm looking for a Chief-based Design/Build firm near Venice FL to complete: as-is drawings of existing 1900SQFT house in CA x12 format; collaborative design of two bathrooms; permitting and construction of bathrooms; I would like to get the design phase started by the end of February 2021.
  3. They're in a Bonus Library now... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/3d-library/?r=site/library&x=true&search=Cabinet Hardware
  4. Hey Dustin--has anybody placed Substance file as source integration for materials/textures into the development pipeline yet? Hint, hint!
  5. CA Bonus Lib--Recreation No.2 Theater and Music
  6. My mistake. I know I've done this recently--memory is fading fast.
  7. Draw a polyline around the structure you need to change. Select the polyline, then: Edit Area>Edit Area (All Floors). Then: Transform/Replicate>Move>Z Axis. And, follow DSH's advice for maintaining zero.
  8. The file you've posted is a backup file and CA gets confused with those.
  9. It's because CA reads material variance on imports. You need to create materials in SketchUp prior to importing into CA. I assigned the colors (materials) in the attached model using SketchUp. That way, when imported into CA, I can apply whatever fabric I choose. Poltrona Frau - Dream B - Armchair.skp
  10. I'd go with the ASUS. The Alienware and ASUS have similar specs, but the ASUS is almost 3lbs lighter.
  11. What's your basis for "Top"? $$ volume? The number of plans produced? Design awards received? Etc., etc., etc. I would hazard a guess that most designers and architects don't define their aesthetic acumen by the toolset used. So, do you wish to rephrase? Be more specific.
  12. No PS. That view is a single light (Sun) at 72dpi 20 passes which takes about 8-10 minutes. The technical landscape/site plan is still achievable in CA. There are a few elements lacking (display styles for plan view, multidirectional gradients, etc.) but CA is still a robust platform for all technical/construction drawings.