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  1. The problem is the images are in the Layout, not the Plan. AFAIK, there's no "save in layout" for the images.
  2. Hi Susan, You need to check where those original images were located. Then you need to set the picture boxes in X14 to either use that location or copy them to the location that X14 is using.
  3. I've had that problem - both for side windows and for the Ruby Console. It would be nice if Chief remembered those things.
  4. Strange. I had a similar problem with the screen blanking but I determined it was the GPU overheating due to insufficient cooling. In my case the onboard fans weren't working because the power connection was loose. You should check that there's sufficient ventilation. It's also possible that the power supply you have is too small.
  5. There's nothing in Chief that would reliably provide the heights of walls. The problem is that some walls are not of uniform height. There are some values available that could be used to calculate the average heights. Lengths and Types are available but I'm not sure they are listed as available columns. You might have to use custom fields and columns.
  6. The simple answer is NO. As Ryan stated, the Cad plan file is only 2D (lines, arcs and text) and doesn't include any 3D information. The materials list is likewise just text or maybe an excel spreadsheet.
  7. Perhaps you should try dimensioning the "Wall Detail" - ie: the Framing Elevation of the Wall.
  8. I've been pretty busy and some of my more complex macro packages haven't been checked for compliance with X14. Actually, there are some problems with text formatting in X14 (interline spacing) that need to get fixed first.
  9. That doesn't account for the extra ro space and it also doesn't deal with the height. Note that Doors and Windows have different attributes for the jamb vs the frame.
  10. FWIW, I have a macro that correctly displays the exact RO for both Doors and Windows. It can be placed in the Label - or in a Custom Field to be included in the Schedules. My price for this little Gem is just $35.00
  11. In X14 we can now set Left-Right-Top-Bottom Margins for Schedules - and it's for all Cells. In addition, we can set the Text Styles for the Title, Header & Main test of the Schedule independently from each other is also a great addition. Make sure you set these Defaults in your Template Plans & export the Defaults so you can Import them into any existing Plans. We finally have Schedules that are much easier to read.
  12. Is it possible that she has the decimal separator set to be the comma?
  13. Create a 2nd Floor (1/16" tall) Then make walls where you have the upper roof plane. or just create a Shed Dormer for that higher roof.
  14. The nice thing about these newer laptops with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 is that they will do Real Time Ray Tracing.
  15. It will run X11, X12, X13, X14 and most likely several or all future releases. Why not upgrade your version?
  16. I would just put a note [3 1/2" INSULATED] in the Comments for the Door. That would then show up in the Door Schedule.
  17. I examined the ini file for Chief. There's no "Default Client Information". However, there is a "Default Designer Information" so that's loaded on Startup and it's valid for both the Layout and the Plan. Once a Layout or Plan has been saved, the current Information for both is saved with that file. So, if you open a current plan and do a "Save As" to a new name both Designer and Client Info will be retained. As Dermot said, only when a new Plan or Layout is created from Template will the Preferences be used. In theory since there isn't any "Default Client Information" that should be retained if it's in the Template. However, I think Chief just blanks that data. For those who have separate templates for repeat clients it would be nice if Chief didn't blank the Client Info in those Templates.
  18. I don't think it's a bug because: It's possible to have more than one Layout open so there could be confusion. The Section/Elevation could be sent to different pages simply because there are more pages in one Layout For which Layout should the Callout report the page? If only one Layout is open then the Callout in the Plan will report which page the Section/Elevation is on. OTOH, if no Layout is open then the Callout basically has no way of knowing what page to put in the bottom of the Callout.
  19. Thanks Rene, Flagstone 4 worked great with just a tweak of the color.
  20. It's worked for me - many times.
  21. When someone incorrectly posts a question in this Forum Report it with a request to the CA Moderator to move the thread to the Q&A Forum. It's that simple. Telling the OP to delete and ask their Question in the correct Forum almost never achieve that result. That's my TIP for today.
  22. Anyone have a texture for random shaped flagstone? Basically I want a large area that would allow random sizes and shapes.
  23. Thanks Mark. I'm pretty sure it was version 10 But maybe it was as late as X4. IAE, it was in the prior Chieftalk and I don't think that post is available any more. IAE, The Cabinet Tool does have a lot of modeling capability.
  24. I reported this - specifically for Fixtures in Cabinets - but it's valid for fixtures in general. There's no edit handle and if the label is suppressed you can't even set an offset in the dbx. Please report this so it will get more attention.