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    Pocket Door in Furred Wall

    No, I was referring to the offset within a 6" stud wall.
  2. Joe_Carrick

    Pocket Door in Furred Wall

    Actually, just offset 1". That will work perfectly.
  3. Joe_Carrick

    Casement windows

    Like this?
  4. Joe_Carrick

    Areas included in Living area calculation

    When you select the exterior room there's an icon on the edit toolbar (usually at the bottom of the screen) to create a "Living Area Polyline". Once created it pretty easy to modify it to the overall perimeter of the building.
  5. When a Sink is added to a Cabinet, Chief just creates a 2D CAD Block. I can select the cabinet, tab to the sink and open the dbx. The sink can also be shown in a fixture schedule. However, if I try to get the name/value pairs (attributes) for the Sink I only get the attributes of the CAD Block. There doesn't appear to be any reference to the sink in the Cabinet attributes either - except for "has_appliance_or_sink" true/false. Does anyone know how to get to the Sink's attributes? I would like to include some of the Sink information in the Cabinet Schedule or in a "Note".
  6. Joe_Carrick

    Sinks in Cabinets - access to data ?

    Dermot, This is no longer true. Cabinet Doors, Drawers, Panels, etc are now included in the cabinet attributes. Your argument about "Bloat" doesn't make sense. You suggest that we could put the sinks, appliances, accessories, etc in as freestanding objects instead of inserting them. If "Bloat" is really the issue then doing what you suggest would cause it. IAE, the number of sinks in a plan is never as much as the number of windows & doors. BTW, The Fixture Schedule can pick up the data from these items so why can't they be included in the attributes of the cabinets.
  7. Joe_Carrick

    Showing/ Hiding Layers in Layout View

    Most likely you will need to use "Saved Plan Views" sent to Layout. Each "Saved Plan View" can have a different Layerset. This will allow you to control what's displayed in each Layout view.
  8. Joe_Carrick

    inset section of wall

    You could use a special wall type with a main layer that is thinner and "Recess to Main Layer".
  9. Joe_Carrick

    New building code regarding 2 story ceilings

    Depends on getting rid of the state dictator
  10. Joe_Carrick

    New building code regarding 2 story ceilings

    During this Covid pandemic we can't arrainge meetings with anyone at the building departments here in San Diego County. They've essentially been unavailable.
  11. Joe_Carrick

    Room Definition

    I'm curious as to why you are having this problem. The "Create Stairwell" tool should handle this without you needing to add any invisible or divider walls. Can you post the plan file so we can really help?
  12. Joe_Carrick

    Property lines and/or seeing a line's length automatically

    In the Polyline dbx check the boxes: Show Length Show Angle They will then be displayed and automatically updated as you edit them. Note that this can only be done for each individual Line, Arc, or Polyline in its dbx. There is no default to make that setting - it's stricly on an individual object basis. The format of the display is specified in the CAD Defaults.
  13. Joe_Carrick

    3-PANEL Sliding Patio Door

    Gene, Have you tried using multi-panel bifold doors. For me they work fine to represent the "Fold and Stack" either inside or outside.
  14. Joe_Carrick

    3-PANEL Sliding Patio Door

    Rob, You don't really need the "Doorway". You can specify the casings, etc for the "Mulled Unit"
  15. Joe_Carrick

    3-PANEL Sliding Patio Door

    It's obvious that there are a lot of different configurations available today from various manufacturers. For CA to program all possible cases would be IMO unreasonable. For those cases that are not available as automatic options in Chief we can use combinations of doors an mull them to create what we need. Yes, it's more work for us but once we've done it ..... It can be saved in the Library for future use. IMO that's the kind of thing I get paid for and I just don't think it's reasonable to expect CA to program every special condition.
  16. Joe_Carrick

    Multiple Window Schedules

    There's a way to do it with just one Schedule and some tricky placement(s) in the Layout. I'll let you ponder that concept.
  17. Joe_Carrick

    3-PANEL Sliding Patio Door

    Make a 2 panel next to a single fixed and mull them. Like this
  18. Joe_Carrick


    Bruce, Why are you using a CAD Detail for your Elevations? It seems you are causing more problems by doing that. Just send the Elevations to Layout and then manipulate the layerset there if needed..
  19. Joe_Carrick

    3-PANEL Sliding Patio Door

    In the Options Panel of the dbx set the left to 3 and the right to 0 - or - right to 3 and left to 0 Chief will show 2 of the panels as sliding. Note that Chief will by default show the "Inside Panels" as sliding - but you can reverse the "swing" to make it the outside panels.
  20. Joe_Carrick


    I was going to explain but Michael put it quite simply.
  21. Joe_Carrick

    Plan Views in Layout Default to the Same Floor

    Saved Plan Views should exist for each floor. If you change floors while in a Saved Plan View you have changed that view. In fact any changes you make to a "Saved Plan View" will be shown in the Layout where that view has been sent. So create a new "Saved Plan View" for each floor and each building discipline. Then make sure you have the correct "Saved Plan View" active when you send to Layout.
  22. Joe_Carrick

    Programming in Ruby for CA

    I just use the Ruby website Index of Files, Classes & Methods in Ruby 2.6.5 (Ru by 2.6.5) ( It has all the details for Ruby programming. The one thing that Chief's Ruby implementation does provide is "PUTS" but otherwise ......
  23. - and then use Wall Material Regions in the Shower to have different materials than the rest of the Room.
  24. Joe_Carrick

    Walkout Basement

    But the "Level" is not the same as a "Floor". IMO Chief should use letters for Levels: A,B,C,D,.....
  25. Joe_Carrick

    Walkout Basement

    That's the way I do it. Keeps the Basement Walls, etc separate from the Foundation.