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  1. If you post the plan we can check exactly why this is happening. It's probably because the sink or the countertop isn't at the correct elevation.
  2. just be aware that the RX560 only has 1 HDMI and 1 Display Port so you would be limited to a maximum of 2 monitors. Chief requires that all monitors be attached to the same GPU.
  3. You might want to check the HD Forum. Most of the members here are using Chief Premier X12-X13
  4. Most of Chief's built-in macros are hard coded (not actually processed by Ruby) The other Name/Value (object attributes) pairs are processed by Ruby and consequently can be manipulated and formatted.. I've attached a set of macros that will allow you to eamine an object to see what attributes are available Object_Properties.json
  5. Yes, it works in x7 and beyond. I've used it in every version since then without a problem.
  6. ASUS GX74 But I just found a new 17" ASUS with an RTX3050ti for $799. The GPU sells for $450 so upgrading probably isn't worth the risk.
  7. I have a older Laptop with a GTX_880M. It won't properly run X13 so I would either upgrade the GPU or get a new Laptop. What's involved with updating and if it's possible is it worth the cost?
  8. Or maybe the current LayerSet has all of the dimension Layers displayed.
  9. Larry, Are you dimensioning different plans ( Architectural, Structural, Plumbing ) with the same Layer ? The Active Defaults for each should specify the LayerSet and what Layer Dimensions should be placed on. That seems to me to be a potential for why you are getting this behavior.
  10. Thanks Scott. Now the only thing that needs to be fixed is the fact that the railing at the bottom should extend at the slope a full tread depth before becoming horizontal. Check the referenced link to see what I mean. This is a standard code requirement. Only if the extension is greater than a full tread should the extension become horizontal at that distance.
  11. Hi Scott, Yes, but mine is disabled. Any idea why that would be?
  12. This option in my Stair dbx is disabled in X13. Does anyone know how to enable those options so that they can be edited? handrails for public buildings - General Q & A - ChiefTalk Forum ( is a relevant thread. That's how it should work.
  13. As mentioned by others, it's pretty simple to add to the user library. Select the text Select the "Add to Library" icon on the Edit Toolbar Rename the Library Object from "Text" to something recognizable. Move to a Folder where you store the notes. OTOH, for complex notation you can use a macro such as I've done for the examples of stairs in the attached pic My Stair Label Macros retreive all the information directly from the Stairs and Landings. I don't have to type anything and the text perfectly matches the model. Stairs are probably one of the most complex Chief Objects to annotate since they can have multple flights and landings.
  14. I wouldn't change the location of Chief itself. However, you can change the location of the data files and your project files. I use my "D:" drive for the Chief Data Folders and all My Projects - automatically backed up to Dropbox - so I can get them from any of my computers.
  15. That was the year CA had the "Users Advisory Group". I wish they'd do it again.
  16. Alan, Check/Change the Layer Settings in the active layerset for the fixture.
  17. You might want to try a different PDF printer than Chief.
  18. Megan, I let my cabinets provide the countertops. Then I just convert one to a custom countertop and start modifying. As the custom countertop spans other cabinets the original countertops are automatically removed. I don't recall if there was ever a separate default for custom countertops. I checked X10 and there wasn't a separate default there so ...........
  19. Other software may be able to determine what hardware a particular view is being shown on - but CA explicitely changed their 3D Graphics to take advantage of the RTX cards when available. This was a very complex redesign and they evidently didn't anticipate users having 2 or more different GPUs using potentially different Drivers. I can only imagine that handling multiple graphics hardware would not be an easy thing to do - especially considering all the ramifications of going from OpenGL to DirectX. X13 was about 6 months late being released (than anticipated) and there are still updates being done to fix some problems - mostly Graphic related.
  20. They should automatically match the Countertop Defaults for Base Cabinets. When you convert a Cabinet to have a "Custom Countertop" (special option on the Cabinet Edit Toolbar) everything should be the same but you can break edges, pull and reshape as desired.
  21. Simon, It might not be a problem if you can limit Chief to just the 4 monitors connected to your best GPU. Since Chief can only recognize one GPU/Driver (see Preferences>Render>Video Card Status) that might solve the problem. Your other 2 monitors could be relegated to other Apps. The errors probably occur when Chief tries to render something on a Monitor connected to the secondary GPU/Driver - which Chief doesn't know about.
  22. Is there any information on when the next UGM will be? It would be great if there could be one next year (september-october).
  23. It probably has to do with your GPUs and having your second monitor on the GTX-1080. X13 doesn't support multiple GPUs so you should connect both monitors to the RTX-3080. You might even want to uninstall the GTX-1080. This was discussed in another thread.
  24. Kate, If there were no "Saved Plan Views" in your older Plan then you would need to use the Project Browser to "Add a Saved Plan View". The Dropdown will only show the "available" Plan Views. ie: those that appear in the Project Browser.