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  1. I suspect that your floor height is set to zero or slightly more.
  2. It's in the Layout. The same toolbar icons in Layout are pages while in the Plan they are Floor Levels.
  3. Make sure you draw the borders & title block on page 0.
  4. The price for my "Room Macros" package is $75.00 It actually includes 35 macros covering almost anything that is related to rooms. room_areas - accumulates room areas to a $Global Hash - displays "" - needs to be in each room label room_ceiling_finish_layers room_ceiling_height_ft room_ceiling_height_ftin room_ceiling_height_in room_ceiling_structure_layers room_conditioned_existing_list room_conditioned_existing_total room_conditioned_floor_names_areas room_conditioned_floor_total room_conditioned_new_list room_conditioned_new_total room_dimensions room_dimensions_secondary room_floor_finish_layers room_floor_structure_layers room_internal_area room_internal_area_secondary room_label room_living_areas room_moldings room_name room_num_baths room_num_beds room_num_name - master room label for all rooms. room_number room_open_below_areas room_perimeter room_reqd_window_area room_standard_area room_standard_area_secondary room_total_building room_unconditioned_spaces_all_Floors room_unconditioned_total room_volume room_volume_secondary room_wall_coverings room_window_reqd Most of the above can be used in a RTB placed in a room - as well in a Room Schedule. I include a Library Object (RTB) with several of the above macros as an example. Payment can be made to Paypal Account or Venmode Account
  5. I have a set of macros to do this in RTB's.
  6. Hi Ron, I've been very busy and apologize for not answering PM's. Do you want it for actual elevation? ie: Sea Level or just relative to Floor 1 I have macros that work in decimal feet as well as in ft_in. -Joe
  7. Just use the "Schedule Number" instead of the Callout. That's of course in the first column. OTOH, you could try making that column wider. That might make the Callout bigger.
  8. If you can do this and are available I need it done for a 4300 sqft 2 story residence. Please PM me with fee. Thanks
  9. Hi Tina, I sent you a PM about a project I'm just about done with. I really need load calcs and a panel schedule. Please let me know if you can do this and what your fee would be. Thanks, Joe
  10. What does a print look like?
  11. Some sliding doors can be purchased with internal blinds. I'm not sure about french doors. IAE. it would be great if Chief Content could provide them at least for sliding glass doors.
  12. Place some extra lines of text and make sure the text doesn't have fill.
  13. Yes, I still use this. I actually have 7 sheet sizes I commonly use.\: ArchB 12x18 ArchC 18x24 ArchD 24x36 ArchD2 24x42 ArchE1 30x42 ArchE2 30x48 ArchE 36x48 The most common Are ArchD, ArchD2, & ArchE
  14. It's probably just the display. If you refresh the view should become sharp again. I've seen this mostly in Section/Elevation views. It won't effect the printing.
  15. The template is just that. It provides a framework for good ruby scripts. You still have to ad your code.
  16. I don't think that exists in X12. Try using Text Callouts with double callouts on the Cross Section Line (attributes panel). Make sure to edit the layer to CAD, Construction.
  17. Not available at this time. See my previous post.
  18. CA's Ruby is not the same as ACAD's List in that it doesn't provide for any modifications to the Model or Layer Sets. However, if Chief was to make an attribute (Name:Value Pair) for all objects %layer_displayed% (Y/N) then a Ruby Macro could be used as desired. I'm not aware that attribute has ever been requested. OTOH, it's my understanding that X16 will have many more attributes available. Whether that is one of them is anyone's guess.
  19. Assuming that you simply want a TEXT BOX to either display something or not: Put that TEXT on a specific Layer In each LAYER SET that you want it not to be displayed, turn the LAYER DISPLAY to OFF. That can even be done for LABELS. There really isn't any need for a macro.