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  2. it's all electronic here, but 11x17 is the minimum size. I remember the City guy here used to get his scale ruler out to check dimensions for bylaw. My guess is they probably have some electronic tool to do it now. I save to 24x36 PDF, it they want to print to some other scale, they should know that they can no longer use the ruler (electronic or otherwise). My guess is not even the framer uses a scale ruler anymore, but that is just a guess, I might just ask one next time
  3. @Joe_Carrick sells them. You may be a little disappointed to know that you may still have to draw lines around the different areas to get the actual information out
  4. i have it(stair sections move independently) not checked, which then I would think it would move with the landing. but it did not once it was near the wall I basically gave up and before creating a new u stair , made sure everything was prefect (distance between the stairs, and the width), and then slid the wall in afterward i put the new u shaped stairs in place
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  6. Yea. I think I might have to put in a ticket to Chief. Thanks again for looking.
  7. X12 on left, X13 on right. Someone else will need to suggest a way to correct this, if there is one.
  8. Is it limited to decorative attachments? Can you add on?... perhaps a covered porch along the front? What is behind that blank 2nd story wall right in the middle? Could a window go there? Need more info...
  9. One of the biggest things going on in the panhandle of FL. (or so it seems) is multiple colors, types of sidings on each level.. all separated with a band. Kinda breaks it up some too, instead of one long and tall wall. Attached was a owners inspiration at the beginning of a project.. but once we got deeper with design, the multi colored look, broke up the blah.
  10. Here are some base cabinets from my X12 library. I included the plan file as well. Thanks for looking. Base February 2021 Fern
  11. Probably helpful to have one of your cabinets to work with.
  12. 11 x 17 is pretty common here, but the smallest printed word or dimension has to be 3/32". Many towns here accept any size you want to give them down to 11x17. Since our average submisison is around 25 sheets on 24x36 Arch D, that gets to be a lot on 11x17, but we don't make the rules. Some towns are now also requiring electronic submissions, either as the sole way to submit or in addition to the paper plans. Regardless of the sheet size, I use 3/32" for dimensions and notes. Some slightly larger for headers but nothing less.
  13. Has anyone else experienced cabinet reveals changing from X12 to X13? I have attached images from an identical plan that was created in X12 from a cabinet library I created. The X12 shows as I would expect. X13 shows as expected as well. The difference starts when inserting cabinets from the library I created into X13. Chief has changed/added some default settings. The overlays in X12 are in the Box Construction section of the defaults. The overlays in X13 are in the Drawer Face Item Specification. The cabinet in X13 had the overlay changed form the default 3/4" from X12 to 1/16" whe
  14. I posted a plan before for help and it had Joes macro in it and I was politely asked not to post his macros he sells by a third party..... BTW, it was clear to me when I wrote it
  15. Bug. Please send in a report.
  16. I created a solid for a sloped floor truss on a balcony for framing in a section view. In plan view the arrow keys move does not respect the plan view X/Y axis. If I rotate the solid in plan view the arrow move rotates with the solid. The Transform Replicate tool moved the solid relative to the plan view X/Y axis. Is this the way the arrow move is supposed to work? Totally confusing!
  17. Yes I put it on there yesterday. They are primarily giving me landscaping ideas instead of something for the house.
  18. Have you tried posting your request on Houzz? Lot's of designers there.
  19. 24x36 minimum here with all the notes we in California have to show on the plans, anything else smaller isn't readable. Many pages of notes.
  20. Like that! I have added a belly band as well and that helps. Thanks for getting me thinking again!
  21. what's the siding? looks like an EIFS or stucco? Could you add in some curved or straight elements above the windows? a thicker element at top and maybe a sill at the bottom? something like this: flower boxes? coins or corner boards at the corners?
  22. All really good ideas that I think will work for the front of the house. They just don't like the side elevations and I am not sure what to do to fix that. I think they would like more lines in it but it is just so odd looking and I am not sure what to do. .
  23. What if you just changed the color of the house or a different style of railing? or different kind of trim around the windows/doors?
  24. I used to live in Park City… I might be able to send someone in to measure it for you. How big is the house?
  25. Use whatever size sheet allows you to communicate clearly. Many of the builders I work with love it when a project fits on 11x17.
  26. I have 2 jurisdictions that will no longer accept printed plans. Everything submitted electronically.
  27. That is a way to manually do it. But I'm hoping there is a way to automatically pick up the both sides of the external wall without showing the wall thickness (and not manually change each segment for every dimension line). Since it shows it when the line is clicked, surely there is a way to leave it shown or has this feature been archived in the older version
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