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  2. When I went out on my own got an Epson a Work For e model. Was ok but the ink would time out requiring replacing. Got a Brother multi function on sale, very happy with it. I get the XXL cartridges. Still fine 11 yrs later.
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  4. I’m looking for your experience and suggestions for the Best Printer. Any feedback would be appreciated. I’ve heard Epson Supertanks are amazing and at the moment my supplier has Brother Inkvestment in stock. should I wait for the Epson or go for the Brother?
  5. 1st going forward when importing symbols from 3D warehouse most of the textures that are used have an equivalent in Chief. When importing I always change just about all of them to Chief textures. 2- Open an explorer window for your x15 Data\textures\my textures. Open another explorer window for X12 data\textures\my textures. Sort them both by name and compare. If they look like some are missing from X15 then in the X12 folder select all, right click and while holding the right button down drag them over to the X15 window and select "copy here". A DBX should pop up asking what to do with files with the same name, select "skip these files". When done compare the two. If all is well move on to the next old data folder. IF something looks wrong hit ctrl + z to undo. It will only undo the last action. Next compare the Material Data folders. If different do the same procedure with them. Do the same for each old version. Now all of your imported textures ought to be there. Note When installing a new version let it migrate the library should prevent this in the future. Finally DO NOT delete the old Data files. I you are trying to save space and no longer need the old version then uninstall them. You can use Windows to do that or you can use something like RevoUninstaller which has a free and paid versions. (I use the latter but there are some advanced features that you might not know how to safely use so stick with the freebie.
  6. I hear you, when I have time, I’ll do it. Why it would be nice to have as an option.
  7. Yes I know, thanks just the same. I was more or less seeing what the response would be before doing just that, I asked for valley rafter over framing some 10 years ago. Took till x15. Might have been longer.
  8. Hi, everybody This question is not exactly related to technical issues about Chef Architect but I don’t know what to do. Let’s see… how can I explain this? I’m really bad designing my own furniture so I usually download stuff from pages like 3D Warehouse. I save everything in the User Catalog. I try to keep everything in order and in different folders but, as you can guess, working with so many things is a mess. I try to clean these folders regularly removing furniture I don’t use anymore but my hard disk is a disaster. I’ve been updating the software and now I don’t know where all the libraries are (including the stuff I downloaded). I’m scared of deleting the wrong "Chief Architect Premier X Data" folder. Then, another strange thing that happens while working with downloaded symbols is that, after adding them to my catalog, their textures are lost. Doesn’t Chief Architect keep them? I don’t know if I’m missing anything… How can I “clean” the software? Many thanks!
  9. I don't think X15 works any different than X14. The preference only controls what happens when older plans are opened up in the newer version. Once the plan is saved in the newer version, the preference won't change it.
  10. I am not sure if different in X15 , but in X14 you need that Set in Both Preferences AND the General Plan Defaults as Scott Shows above ( that is an X15 DBX though ). The General Plan Default can be set in your Template Plan and re-saved so you don't need to do it every plan. Mick.
  11. Jason - I think what you're saying is if I make the layout box much larger than I really need, the image would show up with the correct aspect ratio. That is not what I am seeing. Further this makes it difficult to keep any consistency between each page. I am showing one camera view on each page of an 11" x 17" layout and would like all the camera views in alignment from page to page. Copying and pasting the layout box to a new page provides unreliable results and there is no function to relink a new camera view, so I would have to set up each new layout box from scratch and hope I get it close to the format on the previous page. As this would be so much work, I might as well export each camera out to an image file and use those within the layout box.
  12. I had a version in my old plan template .. not a macro, a font, and you would use it for dimensions only. It’s a quick google search. You are simply replacing the character space with a ‘-‘ and generating a system font with that switch then applying that font to all dimensions through text styles etc.
  13. You should think this all through and do a request in the suggestion section for the change or changes needed to achieve this. Sounds sort of like a no-zoom print preview, which for my laptop screen would give me about a quarter of a 24 x 36 page. But maybe there is more that you need.
  14. Annaleisa, does this setting work?
  15. Give us screen shots of exterior and interior elevations from an AU plan that exhibits this opening indicator scheme.
  16. @ACAaron I should mention that I'm the remote drafter (or was-practicing retirement now) Many of my clients are not very tech savvy. To elaborate on DB Paper: It's a glorified word processor doc. Keeps a record of everything and who said or put it there from the very start Notifies of any changes/additions in Win notification area, in the DB app, and by email at frequency you select. Possible for both to have it open and type or upload which is then live on each system. This will create a "conflicted copy". At end of session make sure the original is completely updated and delete the conflicted copy. Keeps a backup going back 30 days. (I'd passed a client off to a friend and gave him access to that clients folder of projects. He deleted it from his system which syncs to online and my machine. Client asked for a revision to last job I did. It was gone (while I had a copy elsewhere on my system of the plan files not all the notes. Restored from history and all was back.) You can simply drag ANY file up to 50MB from your file manager (win explorer,...) Upload larger files to DB instead of drag and drop. Drag links (like a 3D framing model uploaded to Chief cloud) There are icons for some formatting but it also supports a lot of keyboard shortcuts for format. Click keyboard icon on bottom right to see them. There are some other keyboards- I use @name to make sure they are notified, to keep dates listed use one of these To go to the bottom of the page when first opening click a blank area to one side, hit the "end" key I prefer to have everything in the body but some clients like to use the comments which show up in the side margin- YMMV
  17. @Renerabbitt Rene, I'm not sure what you're referring to in regards to the "note system" Could you elaborate?
  18. Thank you all. I'll give those a try. @Renerabbittwe did work together once a while back. I'll rech out on the next one to see if you're available. @MarkMc Dropbox Paper sounds like it would work perfect. I'll give it a try. @Kbird1 The issue is more on the end of the drafter, which is part of the issue. Thanks for the thought.
  19. they look to behave differetnly. below are both with the top right corner dragged. notice with the C key the extra buffer to the label c key: x key:
  20. I think though, because you and I seem to be doing the same thing, if you send it to layout then crop the box, as long as CA does not reduce the camera width or height by more than the amount you crop, you would be okay/ Or put another way, if your camera was larger(width and or height) that what you really wanted, you then send that to layout and then resize using the X, then crop to what you wanted, you should be okay least that is how I do it, I dont care that the camera is perfect width or height, as long as it is larger than what I want because I will enlarge and crop in layout
  21. Hi Team, I have a "point to hinge side" question... I am in Australia and here the accepted convention is the point of the arrow is to the open side and each arm of the arrow touches the location of the hinge (the reverse of northern hem, blame Coriolis Effect). I have tried unticking "point to hinge side" in Preferences Dialoge to no avail. I have tried unticking and re-ticking the layer for "Opening Indicators" hopeing to re-set the view. No luck. I have tried opening a brand new plan and starting from scratch with the the preference settings and layer setting in place, but I still get the opening indicator pointing to the hing side, not the opening side. I am using X14. See attached vector view that I cannot get to display the arrows in reverse. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  22. Keep them the same or change them in default sets i change the arrow size for different default sets: 1/4" 1/2"...should probably be 2.25
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    I guess you've heard Plumbers with Chainsaws on your Projects too ? and need the Framers to Place Joists as needed for clear drops... * thx for the Library too. M.
  25. I will sometimes plot out toilet drains and radon piping. Try these symbols if you care to. Piping.calibz
  26. Thanks for pointing that out. I have edited my post!
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