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  2. Thanks Joe! It would be nice addition though..
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  4. At least I can sleep better now knowing I am not missing something. As Doug mentioned, these views would be nice to have for subs/GC's, also for creating custom details for annotating for CD's, but not mandatory. Maybe in the future we can have this luxury. Thanks for work arounds!
  5. No, not without CA making changes to the model. 3D Objects in Chief are just a set of surfaces. The are actually hollow.
  6. Lapping or butting is part of the Floor Framing Default Options................ as well as whether it is aflush beam or not
  7. see your other thread..........
  8. I believe Michaels video method that I posted above (that is not longer available ) utilized moldings and the use of 3D molding polylines and symbol offsets to achieve a filled member in a simulated section view. I think there is a limitation though in that you can only assign one material to each molding line used. So you could section an entire house by assigning it to a molding line but do you really want wood grain caps on your concrete slabs ? Perhaps there is a way around this problem but I am not sure what it is. Definitely not a checkbox in the cross section slider DBX although it would be nice it would likely take some seriously complicated programming. Depending on how serious you are you can also draw faces to fill in open section cuts but that is quite a bit of work, unless it is for a very specific purpose.
  9. I am not sure much has changed after a quick play , everything is hollow and solids or polyline Solids.......have the same issue if using the Cross Slider camera. This is a P.Solid Fir beam , using subtraction ( and concrete block in pic ) and Chief puts the end back on but explode the shape and it is hollow. Symbols are also hollow , see last pic of Fir 12 x 4 beam in CS Camera
  10. I have the Blum hardware library, but as I'm new to integrating custom hinges in cabinets, I'm fumbling through this process to achieve the look I want. I can easily create an upper cabinet with two "drawers" so to speak that look something like a vertical bi-fold like this one: I'm also trying to figure out how to create this type of cabinet door: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I have the same question. Doug, did you figure it out?
  12. Not missing anything, software isnt capable of importing automatically. This is common to many 3d and rendering softwares(I could name 10 off the top of my head). You have to go about it manually. Keep in mind also that chief does not handle complex symbols or large texture files that well. Happy to answer any questions if you tag me, I am one of the resident rendering artists. Also why blender for such a roof. Chief can do this type of roof easily?
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  14. I've been doing a bit with Chief and custom 3D objects (created in Blender). This has been a lot of fun - here's a simple custom roof example I made for over a garage door: However, I've noticed that dealing with materials and objects/symbols in Chief is a bit "manual" and I'm wondering if I'm making life harder than it needs to be. One big thing is importing custom 3D objects with materials -- I can get the base material color (usually called the Diffuse) to load but I can't get Chief to recognize and load the other material maps (sometimes called textures) such as the Normal Map, Roughness Map, etc. I've tried different file formats to see if it matters but neither Collada (.dae) or Wavefront (.obj) seem to work. I exported an OBJ from Blender complete with material maps (Diffuse, Normal, and Roughness). You can see in the material file (sidecar file to the .obj file) that these are correctly specified (and they are in the same directory as the .obj). Chief, however, only loads the Diffuse (base color) file -- the other slots in the material definition dbx in Chief are empty. I have to go in and manually add each additional file I have for the material. The material isn't accurate/complete without the other textures(maps) being loaded. Am I missing something? Is there a way to get Chief to load the objects along with ALL material files it uses?
  15. Is there a way to have framing, substrates etc. to have solid fill in 3d view/section slider?
  16. Please check your messages -- envelope icon top of page. Did you try Fill Window Building Only?
  17. I am completing an assignment and am looking to optimize storage in blind corners. I have rev-a-shelf catalogue installed but all options are circular and only provide storage to the accessible door space inside the cabinet (making the rest of the space still unusable. Looking for suggestions as to how I can create or add an accessory, or if there is a catalogue that contains something like a half moon shelf. Please help!
  18. I did something and now when I go to first floor, I cant see the plan view but I can still see what I have drawn in other views can anyone suggest a way to get this back
  19. The other problem that I had was that the joists would lap themselves over the beam. I turned off bearing beam to stop that from happening. Thanks Rob for figuring this out, it was driving me crazy. I don't know why I couldn't see that.
  20. Company Overview Wintz Company is a real estate development company that plans, designs, and builds both residential and commercial projects. Wintz Company seeks to raise the bar for what is expected through sound architecture and human-centered design. Our mission is to enable and encourage fruitful living through better design of the spaces we live in. Job Description Wintz Company is seeking an Architectural Drafter to come in-house and work on drafting for Moscow’s newest subdivision, Woodbury, a new-urbanist style master plan community. The draftsperson should possess the skills required to draw a set of residential home plans necessary to receive a building permit. The position will include the opportunity to be part of an organic architectural design process for new residential construction and develop the series of home plans, Our ideal candidate will have natural talent: meaning, they possess the capacity and commitment for good design, along with the openness to be coached around skills to ensure the Wintz Company’s standards are attained. Job Responsibilities • Part-time availability – 20 -30 hours per week • Create 3D models for use in analysis and documentation • Document and annotate 2D plans, sections, and details generated from 3D models • Perform basic engineering analysis and design functions • Collaborate with team on design and layout of houses • Responsible for the coordination of working drawings and engineering details for construction • Handle complex drafting assignments under minimal supervision • Create drawings and models from written and verbal specifications provided by design team • Work closely with consultants and design build team to ensure coordination of the design effort is maintained • Examine and check engineering drawings for compliance with cited specifications • Provide timely technical assistance and solutions to the team Job Requirements • Previous experience and excellent proficiency in one or more Architectural CAD software (Sketchup Pro, Revit, Chief Architect, etc.) • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or Structural Engineering, alternate equivalent experience is accepted • Strong interpersonal communication skills. If you are a self-starter, friendly and enthusiastic applicant, you will fit in well • Ability to read and understand engineering and architectural drawings. • Must be able to work on a project alone and with a team • Must have personal computer capable of drafting and smartphone • 3D rendering experience is a large plus, but not necessary to apply Ideally the candidate would work in person but for the right candidate we would be willing to allow virtual work. Compensation is determined by experience. Email levi@wintzcompany if you are interested.
  21. You cannot. Please make a suggestion. You might add the Tape Measure tool to your toolbar.
  22. I can't seem to find how to change the dimension tool default to another choice besides the "manual dimension" setting? Probably just me, but I tend to use the "tape measure" a lot more than the others.
  23. You can quickly drag a gen. framing member and use the object property eyedropper to copy the spec of the beam to the new component (except material). You'll need to replcae your text arrow.
  24. I think it's because the beam is too close to the Open Below Room, and Chief won't build such small floor joists. Use a General Framing member to replace that beam and it'll rebuild nicely.
  25. We are pleased to welcome a new catalog partner, NatureKast, to the 3D Library! Download NatureKast's digital product line of components for Outdoor Kitchen designs.
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