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  2. Scott, The Callout bubble at the bottom of that detail would not normally be shown with the arrows. I should be just a circle with the S4 text.
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  4. Global variables are persistent to the current instance of Chief. Any file (plan or layout) that is open and sets a value to a specifically named global variable will change that global. I have a very limited set of macros in my Layout file - just those that are Layout specific. My Plan files have many more macros and are mostly relative only to the objects in the Plan.
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  6. Update your 3D assets library with these new sofa 3D models from Natuzzi now available from our 3D Update Package until 28th May

    Commercial Waiting Area April 21-02 - Left View+Logo.png

  7. Jason, I feel like you're investing an awful lot of time and energy to solve something that's really a very minor issue at worst (linking a re-named plan file to layout). And to boot, the method you're using isn't something I think Chief ever intended and therefore you may end up having some notable problems if you or anyone else adopts it in their regular workflow. What happens a month from now for example when Chief releases X13 and they suddenly change the behavior? Will it have been worth all the hassle? Just a thought.
  8. i was testing global variables in the plan and it looks like they can overwrite each other if there are two plans open. If I may ask, how are you moving data from a text box on the plan to, for instance the CAD detail, to send to layout? yes, I might be abandoning the global variables in layout. I'm trying something a little different at the moment.
  9. I have a friend that would like to do a Gambrel roof on her cabin in the mountains so she can have additional living space. I have never done this type of roof and was wondering the pros and cons to doing this? Not sure if it is easier structurally to do it this way verses just going with a second floor with conventional walls and roof? Any suggestions or input would be much appreciated. Maybe a little steeper upper pitch to help with snow load. Seems like I would have to build it out of at least 2x10 to be able to fit R30 insulation at a minimum. Unless I'm treating the lower part as wal
  10. Attached is a wall that is a moment frame from the Lake Point sample plan. It uses I-beams and has been engineered. It’s on pg. 12 of the layout if you want a closer look. There’s also a detailed video in the playlist for the framing.
  11. Jason, You keep trying to use global variables in the Layout. You will be far more successful if you just use a macro in the Plan. It can be in a Label - or in the case of rooms it can be in a text box placed in the room. You really need to study what attributes are available for the different object types. If you need a comprehensive way to do that let me know. I have some macros that you can use within TMM that list them in detail - arrainged alphabetically. I do use globals in some cases but only when I need to be able to retrieve a lot of data that may not be o
  12. My supplier uses "Able Sheet Metal" but they don't have net area specifications. I guess I need to find a company on line that would have that information. I will call Able tomorrow and see if they even have net sizes figured out and can send me something.
  13. Does anyone know where to get the actual vent sizing for gable and foundation vents? Not the size of the vent but the actual venting area. I have been searching all over the internet and I cant seem to find anything.
  14. so doing some more testing, it looks like the plan file name can be LESS than the one which created the layout to begin with. This is good news. What it means is I can create the template file like you did, except do it with a very long path name for the plan location. then as long as your pathname is less, everything would work. This will be much simpler
  15. You would not have to copy an existing plan to a new plan. Effectively what it would do is instead of having your default plan in the CA directory you would put it in your own named directory and configure chief to get the templates from there I was thinking about the naming and I'm not sure I'd be too worried about the name as it is only for the plan, layout could be whatever. And if the scripting was built correctly it would pad the characters for you. AS we print from layout, that would seem to be the important filename as it also defaults the PDF name Let me play ar
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  17. I'm looking to upgrade my whole system and wondering if anyone uses any Raid storage? Raid1 or Raid5? Is it worth the upgrade and what are pros & cons?
  18. I use the bosch (GLM50C with bluetooth) laser measuring device (no special target needed) and i bought a $300 tablet that runs the bosh software. software is free You draw the walls in quick sketch and then convert to detailed walls to add measurements, windows, doors. It's pretty good, you have to put in a few manual measurements, for the rest, you just tap on the wall, and then press the button on the laser, and it shows up on the plan. It takes me about an hour to do a floor, or two hours to do the whole house including outside soffit height and pitch. the bosch is nice becaus
  19. Hi Scott, will you be doing the presentation? You do such a great job.
  20. On a layout I've been testing two layouts which create the same global variable, lets call it $layoutglobal, which is set by a macro, lets call it globalmacro. This macro sets the value to "Layout14". I create a read macro which is called readlayoutglobal and it has in it macros.globalmacro If I create a textbox on my layout, lets suppose my layout file is called Layout 14, and put in %readlayoutglobal%. The text box will update to show "Layout14", as one would think. I save as my layout to Layout 15 and reopen Layout 14 as well (two layouts open) I then change gl
  21. Joe, I use the "?" regularly but I've never got to it from selecting the item and clicking F1. Thanks for the tip.
  22. Anything like this goes on the plan as see engineers design (I usually have an idea of what it is going to be based on the area and past experience but it is always done by an engineer.) I do however do the drafting for several of the engineers that my clients use so often times need to detail this out in chief according to the engineer's specifications.
  23. The Gypsum Association WP 9021 requires 3 layers of 5/8" type X, but the UL V421 allows 3 layers of 1/2" regular. The UL assembly might save a bit of money, if the building department allows the UL assembly.
  24. Chief's "Help" is pretty comprehensive. In this case all you needed to do was select your Stairs and hit the F1 key. The Help would be displayed and you could read all the details of what each part of the dbx would do. I've been using Chief for a long time and I still use the Help regularly for things I don't remember - or never needed before. F1, F1, F1
  25. Thanks Robert- Looks like the min I can find for a one side only application is 3 layers of 5/8" type X per WP9021. Better run with what we have spec'd!
  26. Check out the UL BXUV V421 assembly. If you don't have access to the online UL database, you can use the attached publication from the MBMA - it's old, but the assembly hasn't changed. The head-of-wall is an area of special concern - you'll have to detail that yourself based on the roof construction. MBMA UL V421.pdf
  27. Thanks solver! That was too easy.
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