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  2. What's the deal w/ wrapping stairs, and why can't I ever get them to miter???
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  4. See attachment for both icons. Neither will open up. X12 works fine, but X14 not working yet. Library Browser Icon and Active Layer Display Icon.pdf
  5. What's stopping you? Have you gone into Preferences and Reset Side Windows?
  6. I just upgraded to X14 today. I noticed after importing/migrating older files to new version, I'm not able to select View/Active Layer Display to open up a separate window. I went back to X12 and did the same thing, and it opened in a separate window next to my main window. Also, the Library icon is shown in upper right corner. When I select it, nothing happens. It doesn't open. I'm not sure what's going on and hoping someone has encountered this too. Thanks!
  7. I recommend copy / pasting images directly into the layout file. No path needed, simply double click the image and ensure Save in Plan is checked.
  8. The central window resizes the adjacent size windows to the OOB default each time Chief X14 is opened. It remains as I set it for the duration of each session.
  9. Is this happening all the time or occasionally. I don't have any problem on my mac.
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  11. Didn't think about that Joe, but I do see a 'save in plan' option in Layout, mis-worded obviously.
  12. The problem is the images are in the Layout, not the Plan. AFAIK, there's no "save in layout" for the images.
  13. ..and see if the images have a 'save in plan' setting.
  14. Another solution is to use precast concrete planks, which can easily span 20' without intermediate support.
  15. What do you see as being different, and what specific problem are you having?
  16. I've seen the methods of creating a typical rake wall, and tried to replicate in order to make this existing stair condition, but it's pretty different than the "usual". Any idea on the best way to make this as-is? Cheers,
  17. Hello, We are currently experiencing this error on our MSI Raider GE75 Laptop Specs: CPU: Inteli7 10750H 2.6GHZ GPU: NVIDIA RTX2070 RAM: 16GB 3000MHz Windows 10 Here is a copy of the error message. C:\perforce\ryanm\dev\Astral\Releases\1.2\Astral\AstralRender\Engine\RenderingPipeline.cpp(184): Error #272032750 "An internal rendering error has occurred and the program will terminate: Device Removed" 5/26/2022 9:58:18 AM Build: This laptop has run flawlessly in chief (out of chief it can be hit and miss) but just today it started with this error and has done it a good ten times since this morning. I found it interesting I haven't seen anyone else mention a 20 series GPU yet. I did try to uninstall and reinstall x13 with no good results. Hope this helps in some way, as I have no solution.
  18. You will need to have the exact same file path on both computers, or CA wont find links.
  19. Yeah, I found this odd. X13 always opens them in the same location and size. Whatever, between X13 and X14, Chief has gotten very costly. You can't soar with the eagles when...
  20. Do a model of the house in Chief Architect and make a basement under the garage. The garage floor will be a suspended slab, probably with at least one steel drop beam under the slab. The ends of the beam can bear upon the foundation stem wall or on pilasters. More than likely you will need one column in the center of the beam if the garage is a double width. The beam will probably be 8" deep so make sure that you have enough headroom (say 7') under the beams, and then make drawings for the structural engineer. He(she) will tell you how to change the drawing to suit, and provide a structural drawing along with load calculations.
  21. This is a new construction project. Due to lot size constraints, I'd like to put a home theater in the basement underneath a 20x20 2-car garage. Structural engineering needed for the "ceiling" weight capacity, and waterproofing. I don't know how to approach this with Chief.
  22. Thank you! I use two computers and go back and forth.
  23. Hi Susan, You need to check where those original images were located. Then you need to set the picture boxes in X14 to either use that location or copy them to the location that X14 is using.
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