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  1. that would not work for me, I'm as tall as the door, I would pee all over the walls.
  2. Check the wall framing in your wall definitions.
  3. my son owns this company so let me know if you have questions.
  4. I just add a note to the section for the slope.
  5. I build those lattice roofs using a deck on the 2nd floor adjusting the decking to 2x2 spaced 2" or whatever you need. it also frames the posts and header, very quick.
  6. the builders I draw for have their subs provide me with the info. needed. they markup a plan, then I transfer that info. Doesn't happen very often, maybe 2 times in 10 years..
  7. I don't use Rescheck but i always try to get the best energy efficiency under the budget provided to me.
  8. You can also use a double 2x4 stud wall designed as a single wall and use a niche for the opening in the wall
  9. here is a little info on shower doors if anyone is interested. https://fhc-usa.com/pub/catalog/shower/FSH24/FSH24.html#p=Front Cover
  10. I just add an s.c. to the label of exterior doors and a h.c. to the interior door's labels. This is in my template plan, so I do it once and it's always there..
  11. yes but the question as I see it is, can we still use X14. I think yes
  12. You need to push them together better so each window meets in the middle of the other wall.