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    Remember that you must send a image to the layout using RTRT with PBR. you cannot keep it live or it will not go beyond the unfinished view.
  2. They want you to buy more cables.
  3. Gene, your video card is very old and might not work correctly with chief
  4. I know that Chief is working on it, in the mean time you can raytrace the old way --cpu
  5. there are some in the Simpson lib. you can download
  6. Scott ,I'm running 2- 43" 4k monitors on my 3060 card, Windows is good to go. I think Chief is still working on getting Apple in line to work.
  7. get a PDF of the truss plan and import it to your sheets.
  8. just make it an "A "or "M" page" page. I also use the title box on every page to say what is on the page
  9. having a plan and layout already configured is a must for saving a lot of time. I have been doing that for 15 years using Chief.
  10. I would have just made the entry a room and set the ceiling height all the way up to what you need there.
  11. Check your file associations and open with settings. I have never seen that.
  12. I show the 1st floor roofs in a reference layerset as dotted so it's a little bit easier to make since of it.