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  1. outlets should attach to every side of a cabinet using a surface mount outlet or you can place a railing wall behind the cabinet. sorry I just noticed you are using X10, I don't think they had surface mount elect yet, If I remember correctly there was a cabinet mount section. Back then I would just insert a cad block for that.
  2. i would do it using a note on the plans
  3. the problem may not look correct in preview mode but just go ahead and print it and see if it prints ok. that's how I do it.
  4. I use SnagIt 2022 paid version but not expensive. https://www.techsmith.com/
  5. the ceiling plane method will stop the walls on the first floor at the ceiling plane level. for the exterior walls to go to the 2nd floor stop the ceiling plane at the inside drywall, the exterior wall will continue to the upper floor joists. good for 2nd floor addition overbuilds. When I don't need the show the floor joists on the architectural sections I will use the single floor system method b/c the framing plans will show the different directions. Aproblem using the ceiling plane method is that it messes with your ceiling heights in the room label and you must set that msnually.
  6. You need the very latest update you can get from tech support; it just came out Wednesday. it fixed the printing problem for me.
  7. try an exterior framing layer for the batts, some people use that method.
  8. You could try a ceiling plane for the lower ceiling, the direction is controlled by the way you draw it. Use a ceiling hole if you have stairs
  9. try the .latest x14 update put out yesterday, Chief did a fix for screen scaling if it's over 100.
  10. open those railing walls and check bearing wall and the add footing tab then re-build the foundation
  11. Bottom of the footing will show in the auto story pole dims if you include it in the DBX
  12. thank you, sir, you are a breath of fresh air
  13. Anyone have the whats been fixed pdf? I forgot to save it.
  14. yep, I can't feel them without looking at the buttons
  15. i agree ,I love what Chief did to cad block editing.
  16. nice setup Rene, my problem is that in my old age, and having neuropathy in my fingertips, the mouse with all the buttons just don't work for me anymore, and I sometimes will hit the wrong keyboard keys also, so everything takes me longer to do. I'm waiting for a thought process to be invented. at least my brain still works.
  17. thanks for the info, I just purchased one. I never used hotkeys, but I will use this.
  18. I have and use Rene's kitchen and bath tools and the fireplace tools, take my word for it, you save a ton of time and well worth the money spent.. the setup was pretty easy for me but some others might need further explanation. very happy with it, thanks Rene.
  19. i know Rene creates his own icons and has a video for it on his website.
  20. and if you don't want to drain the bank account, I have a 3060 without any problems
  21. Funny, I have mine set to 250 b/c of the 4k screens. no lag at all, i did notice a little blurriness, but it prints good
  22. I use "eset" for about 15 years now and never had any problems with it.
  23. I see the blurriness but when I actually print it it's perfectly clear.