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  1. I have been using a 3060 12gb for some time now and it' works just fine , I did pay too much for it 1300, at that time, but not seeing any problems so far
  2. You can use reference sets to do that. You should check in each door's dbx to see if show concrete cutout is checked, then it will show on the foundation plan. Sorry I didn't download the plan.
  3. Larry , I have been using windows 11 for about 6 months now, at first there were some problems but nothing I couldn't work around. they have fixed all that now and it's working fine.
  4. THANKS Joe, those stair macros are working very good, they save me a lot of work.
  5. pigs always fly around here I flew then and I will fly now when I have to seats are just too small for me , btw I flew there first class with lots of legroom
  6. Larry ,I sometimes see this , not sure why but it does happen.
  7. I use 2x4 framing with r-15 in the walls all the time but this is California where the energy code is tougher than the ICC codes, I also use the computer method where you can trade off different methods.
  8. never use fit to page, use scale
  9. also try to up the exposure setting
  10. if you move the full height wall edge around a little it will fill in the drywall, but you have to get it just right
  11. I'm always willing to help Scott out, he taught me everything I know and the king of workarounds back in the day when we had a lot of those.
  12. I do have the card but not into pbr raytraces because frankly I don't want to send an image to the layout, I get a lot of changes sometimes and I know I will forget to re-send the updated image. I really like to keep everything live.
  13. You don't say what video card you are using, that makes all the difference in the world with X13
  14. Must be a mac. thing, never seen that error message
  15. sorry, I was moving myself at the time
  16. 24x36 minimum here with all the notes we in California have to show on the plans, anything else smaller isn't readable. Many pages of notes.
  17. not sure what video card you have but an updated driver could fix it or you could need a new one ,depending
  18. no ,he doesn't even know I'm alive but he is a distant cousin in real life.
  19. I updated to windows 11 last week and so far everything is good.
  20. That process will cut the file size about half.
  21. reference sets are the way to go, been using them for a long time now. Scott is correct.


    Remember that you must send a image to the layout using RTRT with PBR. you cannot keep it live or it will not go beyond the unfinished view.
  23. They want you to buy more cables.