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  1. that would not work for me, I'm as tall as the door, I would pee all over the walls.
  2. Check the wall framing in your wall definitions.
  3. my son owns this company so let me know if you have questions.
  4. I just add a note to the section for the slope.
  5. I build those lattice roofs using a deck on the 2nd floor adjusting the decking to 2x2 spaced 2" or whatever you need. it also frames the posts and header, very quick.
  6. the builders I draw for have their subs provide me with the info. needed. they markup a plan, then I transfer that info. Doesn't happen very often, maybe 2 times in 10 years..
  7. I don't use Rescheck but i always try to get the best energy efficiency under the budget provided to me.
  8. You can also use a double 2x4 stud wall designed as a single wall and use a niche for the opening in the wall
  9. here is a little info on shower doors if anyone is interested. https://fhc-usa.com/pub/catalog/shower/FSH24/FSH24.html#p=Front Cover
  10. I just add an s.c. to the label of exterior doors and a h.c. to the interior door's labels. This is in my template plan, so I do it once and it's always there..
  11. yes but the question as I see it is, can we still use X14. I think yes
  12. You need to push them together better so each window meets in the middle of the other wall.
  13. We are preparing to purchase an additional license key for our account. I see it as an additional seat. maybe a little more info from her is needed.
  14. I think she is referencing an additional lic., but I think she already has X14. and of course she can still use any prior version.
  15. you just needed to click next to select it.
  16. call T.S. on Monday but, X15 does not affect X14. you can still use X10 if you want to. In fact, you can keep all versions on your computer if needed.
  17. Is the layer locked?
  18. railings and risers max 4" sphere space required.
  19. is your wall set to default top and bottom wall, then rebuild wall or turn on auto rebuild walls.
  20. those stairs look like they wouldn't pass any codes ,at least around here.
  21. i use a remarkable tablet, works great and gives you a digital copy or a printout. https://remarkable.com/
  22. Linux is not listed in the min. requirements or operating systems Chief runs on.
  23. a lot of times, I need to completely restart chief to get some macros to fire off correctly.