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  1. Kbird1's post in Corner Window was marked as the answer   
    Search and ye shall find  .the KnowledgeBase (KB) has many good short Tutorials....
  2. Kbird1's post in Poured footers and slab on a sloped terrain was marked as the answer   
    It appears you have made the Floor a 4" Slab for level one ( good) but have not created the Foundation Level (0)
    which will give you the walls shown in the Stepped Foundation Article. 
    Have you begun working through the Tutorial Guide? ( see Help Menu if not )  see page 49 for the basic technique
    to build the Stem walls.
  3. Kbird1's post in Can't get roof rafters to be 16 " oc, reverts back to 24" oc each time was marked as the answer   
    I think you got it now ?  but Chopsaw is right...... Existing Roof planes do not rebuild via Defaults ....in newer Versions it will warn you that you need to use Edit All Roof planes instead.
  4. Kbird1's post in How to move a kitchen sink toward the front of sinkbase cabinet was marked as the answer   
    Sorry missed the 2nd part of the question this morning.....
    there is a KB Article for the technique on "fixing this issue" , it seems the Elkay Sinks aren't the only ones with this problem.
  5. Kbird1's post in Accounting Codes was marked as the answer   
    Chief has these tied to BuilderTrend Codes, but I think you can Double click them to edit them
    Yep that works....

  6. Kbird1's post in How do we create exterior walls based upon interior dimensions? was marked as the answer   
    you can set your Resize About  Default temporarily to Inner Surface and also set Temp. dims to uses Surfaces.
    there is a Series on Videos for doing Remodels that may help too...........
  7. Kbird1's post in X7 - Custom Backsplash Default Settings was marked as the answer   
    don't have the Manual?   from the V7 Manual PDF......

  8. Kbird1's post in Loft in an unfinished garage in X13 was marked as the answer   
    The KnowledgeBase (KB) is always a good place to start , for short Tutorials on any Issue or questions you may have,
    even if the exact situation is not there, it may point you in the right Direction to get started.....
    I think this is what you are attempting in an Existing Building.........
  9. Kbird1's post in Polyline label was marked as the answer   
    You need to convert the Inches with a Macro , in X12 and X13 we have the Number.Formatter.New technique now ,
    which I believe is what Eric is referring you too.
    here is the quick play I had, not sure how elegant it is but it works.....
    just import it into TMM and then insert into the Polyline Label :
      MHD Polyline Perimeter Label.json

    this PDF is some more info gleaned here on the Forum on the New Number Formatter option to use with     .to_xx_xx '
    CA Ruby Measurement Class and New Number Formatter.pdf
    Macro - Text Only:
    #Define Number Formatter in Feet-Inch
    $NF = NumberFormatter.new
    $NF.unit = '\'-"'
    $NF.use_fractions = true
    def fi(n)
    # Macro Start
    n = (perimeter.to_ft).round(2)
    *** Eric was kind enough to point out that in this case we don't need a Global New Number , so the Code would be :
    Solver Polyline Perimeter Label.json
    # ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    # Eric's simpler non- Global Macro
    # ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    #Macro Start
    nf = NumberFormatter.new
    nf.unit = '\'-"'
    nf.use_fractions = true
  10. Kbird1's post in SOLVED - Stainless Steel appliances turn white in X13. Why? was marked as the answer   
    There are a number of Graphics Issues in X13 related to the new Graphics Engine and it having issues with certain Videocards ie older Nvidia cards and some AMD as well. Drivers may just need updating ? see Prefs.>Render Tab
    You really need to do your Sig. ( top right>Username>Account ) and add those details
  11. Kbird1's post in How to build an accent roof was marked as the answer   
    Try 3 invisible Walls which should give you a room , set ceiling height as needed then draw roof planes over the 3 Walls
  12. Kbird1's post in Cabinet-embebed fixtures in schedules was marked as the answer   
    Sorry, I forgot to mention in some cases you have to open the symbol ( not object ) and set the X,Y and/or Z to 0"  depending on the object, once dropped on the Floor, other you may not see it in 3D, I was thinking sink but for a wall oven the y maybe 22" or something so it "inserts into the cabinet at the right depth.
    And for good measure while the symbol is open , re-generate the CAD Block too.....
    Now save it to your Library , so you don't need to do that all again next week  
  13. Kbird1's post in Roof problem 8' merging into 9' ceiling heights was marked as the answer   
    Ahh I see you actually have X7 , I thought X5 ...why can't you run it?  . it runs even on my Surface 3 and it only has Intel HD Graphics , so sounds like you need to update drivers at Intel ( not Windows Update or your Computer Makers website)
    or buy a cheap Nvidia Videocard.
    here is the plan (_MH2 ) incase you can use it after all.... (_MH3 was just another Plan)
  14. Kbird1's post in downloaded latest update and everything is black was marked as the answer   
    just confirming what Alan sees , no black here on another Nvidia Card either...

    Try turning off options one by one in the Prefs. Render Tab and see what happens Shadows, MSAA etc that should pinpoint the Cause hopefully.

    Also Make sure you check direct with ATI for Drivers , don't assume Microsoft Update or the Manufacturer of you Comp. ( HP) has the latest on their Site , saw  a similar issue a few weeks ago and it was solved by a Driver from the ATI Site.
  15. Kbird1's post in Roof sheathing bleed-thru was marked as the answer   
    This issue is much more prevalent in X6/X7 , and there is a KB article that may help , try the suggestion under  "To accommodate large Terrains" where you alter the clipping distance to 300" ....this has worked for me...
  16. Kbird1's post in Lower wall materials showing through - finish is stucco was marked as the answer   
    Check the knowledgebase there is an article on "flickering" , for some it helps to set the clipping distance too 300" instead of the  default which I think is 24 or 48"
  17. Kbird1's post in Adding masonry footer walls with slab foundation for rooms was marked as the answer   
    The mixing is likely part of the issue ,you may have to do some of it manually , but because you have played with all the room settings, trying to fix stuff nothing is at default, so rooms wont take any settings from the Plan's defaults, I had to go to each room and mess with floor settings to get it to work as far as I got it.
    The footing on the laundry wall was easily added on the wall's foundation tab , but I can't get it to show the chamfer.
    You had the carport and front porch labelled Porch in the room def.  which is why I think you don't have a foundation there as Porch Rooms auto get a 4"Slab only.
    shangri las copy_MH.plan
  18. Kbird1's post in Final Set of plans was marked as the answer   
    What may help is to download a sample plan like the Riverstone or TimberFrame House and look at the Annotation sets used , you can even export/import them if you like them, (get the layer sets too if so) . Both plans include basic layout files too so you can see how things work.
  19. Kbird1's post in Curved Lites was marked as the answer   
    I think Perry is right Rich , there is a KB Article for doing it here :
  20. Kbird1's post in Print perspective view image, scale of 1 in to 1 ft was marked as the answer   
    I have only tried it once , but Pro does have a "Print to Model" option for making scale models on paper....
    The main Home Designer forum is here too:
  21. Kbird1's post in Soffits Not Trimmed Flush was marked as the answer   
    They shouldn't be is what I meant sorry ,fascia should be one size larger than gable subfascia.
    Did you use the. Edit all roof planes  Tool ?
    Post the plan , if ,needed its easier to figure things out.
  22. Kbird1's post in Even possible to download Kohler 3D model to iMac Yosemite OS? was marked as the answer   
    I think you are right Jon, but 3D warehouse also has a.dae (collada) files for some items too which the Mac can use too.
    You could check the release notes for the latest patch...I think there is a link in the Announcements Forum.
  23. Kbird1's post in Perspective Full Overview When Mouse-Orbit Camera was marked as the answer   
    Are you using different Resolutions on the monitors ?  if so , I would guess the Videocard can't handle that at the larger resolution on the middle monitor ( perhaps not enough video Ram) as that doesn't look like Z-fighting to me , rather the texture isn't being produced , there have been other posts on this I think.
    here is Chief's KB article on Z-fighting you could check that though
  24. Kbird1's post in Roof Help was marked as the answer   
    No , he means the Break line tool on the Edit tool bar , looks a bit like a Z with a  line thru it.
  25. Kbird1's post in Open Below Room Stopped Drawing Open was marked as the answer   
    Have to agree with the Other's ....Impressive house
    I got the same broken wall as Dennis...looks like the "Room" is trying to get inside the wall     pulled the wall back and forward's a few times and it sorted itself out , but other than that all looks well.
    edit:  on the main floor the thick arched walls at 50110 and 56110 ,are ever so misaligned , 1/4" ? that I see in the wall paper mostly at 50110.