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  1. Is there a way to set up custom tool bars per plan view?
  2. Thanks for al the ideas. I don't time track very often as my jobs don't usually lend themselves, so I have no real strategy, just confusion trying to meld the Layout and Plan times into some cohesive conclusion. I like all the suggestions and think I'll try to start with a new Layout per client and open template plans from there, saving the template plan file to the client folder and use the Layout to open the plan file and track time with the Layout file. Thank you again.
  3. I'm curious as to how you all use (or if you use) the time tracker and how to combine Layout time spent with plan file time spent. My questions centers around how to discern those time values when many time the Plan file and the Layout file are open at the same time, both accruing time, but the cumulative times of those 2 files can be much greater than time actually spent on the project? Hope that makes a little sense. Thank You
  4. Thanks very much! Did it manually but only because I never thought of your great suggestion Gene!!
  5. Is there a way to auto frame this condition? Instead of rafters butting into the ridge?
  6. THANK YOU for the replies. I moved the story pole and its reach to the other side and it seemed to pick up everything
  7. I have 2 buildings and the story pole seems to want to pull the correct data from one larger existing home (that will not be changed and is not part of the submittal) and not so great off the separate smaller building that is in the submittal scope of work. I'd like to pull the story pole info off the smaller building but it's not cooperating.
  8. Weird. My template plan seems to separate them fine
  9. I've got some text stacked in my story pole dims and can't figure out how to make them more readable. Thanks
  10. X16 will probably follow the path of most other upgrades and include some amazing features that will help improve work flow and others that no one has ever 'suggested' or wanted (too many for me personally to list) but may prove to be useful. As usual hope is high and expectations low...
  11. ...without having the chaos that having 2 schedules creates? Never have figured this out. Is there a way to create a second 'Note Schedule' for the second floor without duplicating numbered notes within that new schedule?
  12. Awesome Steve!! Probably should have tried the same. Thank You
  13. Seems like I've done this a hundred times in the past but on this plan I can't seem to get rafters to show unless the roof reaches a certain length. Any help greatly appreciated. Plan file