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  1. Glad you got it figured out and don't feel bad I've used Chief for over 20 years and had no idea that it behaved that way nor how to fix it.
  2. It's not "the first release of this new feature" and you know my feelings about the chances of them actually improving this tool. I would LOVE to be wrong but my guess is it ain't gonna happen. Down votes please...aaand thank you..
  3. VERY helpful Thanks. And hope it helps the OP.
  4. This^^ Not the easiest thing to understand with Chief but in your sample plan if all of the walls are deleted and new room created, IN THE SAME LOCATION it will be called Fluffy as Chief "remembers" the previous room name over that location. There's some good things Chief does with this behavior but in a lot of cases it's pretty disturbing, and hard to understand to be honest.
  5. Is that wall defined as a foundation wall? And instead of a 'sample' plan can you attach the actual plan that is showing the problem?
  6. Seems like 2 issues? The plan you attached reproduces Fluffy rooms with each wall addition as Chief is taking the original room name and applying it to the newly created rooms. Not seeing or getting the "bath" issue as described above in the OP. Also Chief does apply certain rules to certain room 'types'. The rooms in the plan you attached are defined as "Court". Is there a reason for that? What if they were defined as bedrooms or living rooms? Still not getting the bath issue as described above.
  7. "Fluffy wants a foundation..." that's adorable. Sounds like a new Disney movie. Better yet perhaps post the plan here so others might help.
  8. I have, of course, custom tool bars that I wonder if they would load in another system? Love the 'normal' tool bars. Is there really such a thing as normal tool bars?
  9. In this case I drew the first truss towards the lower part of the roof framing, multi copied and it appears as though that single multi copied truss landed that one truss in the magic spot for it to misbehave. Any other location probably works fine. Probably couldn't do it again if I tried lol. As Mike Long suggested above it seems to be interacting with the roof below.
  10. Has not been my experience. Have never needed to build roof framing in order to place trusses or have them 'reach' fascia.
  11. Actually had the roof framing built first when the truss misbehaved. I'm also pretty sure that if that truss is not in that exact location (instead of copying into position) it behaves OK.
  12. "I would need a few more details on the little end wall trusses" Had these pieces figured out as above...
  13. THANKS Michael! Not an emergency fix needed and have sent it in to tech support. I'll use the work around for now.
  14. Thanks SO much for taking the time Mick. I noticed that wall below as well but shouldn't snap any where near a 'wall below'. I'll send it in and thanks again.
  15. Looks like I copied the small gable truss back towards the main roof plane which explains the short tails and why they all look like gable trusses - DOH. But that other truss has me stumped.