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  1. Yes Joe, I try and keep it there throughout the day...
  2. Here's mine... Have no idea how I ended up with a medical dictionary but it's come in handy...
  3. NICE!! I can't tell you how long I searched for that simple (and now obvious) setting. THANKS Scott.
  4. Framing a deck and the rim joists are defaulting to stucco and I can't find where that setting is. I selected them individually and changed them to treated lumber but on a rebuild they changed back to stucco. Where is that material set? Thanks DECK RIM JOISTS.plan
  5. Depends on how accurate you need the model to be and fortunately I only need the 'look' for now. In the case of the roof I am working with, the structure has a new 1/2" layer of plywood over the skip sheathing/purlins. When the 3/4" lookouts are moved/duplicated/replicated they end up higher than the 1/2" plywood and roof surface. Easy to fix visually by increasing (inaccurately) either the plywood thickness or the roof surface thickness but structurally it's not quite right - perhaps only in this case - but even a true skip sheathing will end up with the lookouts above the roof surface. Frami
  6. Thank you for all the help. I used a lookout and repositioned/resized/multi copied/and reflected about the ridge. Worked OK but messes with roof layers a bit.
  7. Tasty... Do you know of a way to get the lookouts to rest on top of the rafters auto?
  8. Interesting as the current lookouts are let in to the rafters instead of riding over them.
  9. Thanks Michael, I think X13 will auto frame these 'purlins'?
  10. Thanks Chop, X13 will do this auto? And perhaps that alludes to Michael's post labeling them purlins that can be auto framed in X13? I can get the lookouts sized and spaced to look OK then I guess I can turn off auto roof frame and manually place them. Was hoping for an auto method but perhaps X13?.