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  1. HumbleChief

    Video of yesterday's CAD Tools Webinar?

    Looking too. Takes a couple days me thinks...
  2. HumbleChief

    All Your Questions Answered Here

    I still don't get it...
  3. HumbleChief

    Manage Archive Folder

    This has been my experience as well.
  4. HumbleChief

    Lost 4 Hours Of Work From Yesterday

    BUT you have to know even though I've seen that dozens of times too I just tried it on the folder I just posted and it worked as expected - just to make me look dumb(er).
  5. HumbleChief

    Lost 4 Hours Of Work From Yesterday

    Yes indeed but there are bugs and nuances within the simple spec's that Chief provides. If you check the dbx I posted in the first post it has spec'd that there will be an auto archive warning after 14 maximum archived files. I have more than one folder with more than 14 files and an 'occasional' warning that used to take me to the folder with too many files but now if I get the warning and say OK to manage those files it does not take me to folder but the dbx just disappears. It's a bug on my system but can't be bothered to report it as it does not effect the archived folders - or does it? Dunno but here's a pic of a current archived folder with more than the spec'd 14 files. Blanked out the names to protect the innocent. Is there another part of that system that can get corrupted? More likely in the case of this occurrence user error of some kind but just sayin' there are some inconsistencies and again just a reminder as to what can go wrong.
  6. HumbleChief

    Lost 4 Hours Of Work From Yesterday

    Difficult to summarize over 20 years of using Chief in a manner that is detailed enough to describe those 20 years of learning and understanding the nuances of Chief in posts here. There might have been a time within those 20 years where the archived files were saved to a different folder than where they should have been located and through those 20 years have figured things out. I do indeed know where they should be located and where they should be according to the current settings. Apologies for making it sound like that was/is not the case.
  7. HumbleChief

    Lost 4 Hours Of Work From Yesterday

    Same to you...and everyone here.
  8. HumbleChief

    Lost 4 Hours Of Work From Yesterday

    Thanks Val, I think the thing that is most troubling is that there's a system and specification within Chief to auto save every (x) minutes, and archive hourly, without a warning or note that says none of this works if you don't hit cntrl 'S' every few seconds to save your work and it's not even a stretch to think that the archive and auto save features are there so one does not have to hit cntrl 'S' every few seconds and the illusion that the system will work gets even more complete when it actually does work 99.9% of the time. I've found archived files and auto sav and auto save bak files many times, just as expected. What happened this time? Dunno. Why weren't there auto saves every 5 minutes as spec'd in the dbx? Again dunno, User error? Possible no doubt, but Chief's archive and auto save functions have been pretty darn reliable but every once and a while - ouch... Again more a reminder than a request for advice...
  9. HumbleChief

    Lost 4 Hours Of Work From Yesterday

    Hey Val, been through these battles before and never really know what bites and why. There was indeed an archive folder with the correct 'saved as' name and a single archived plan, but not a recent enough one that had the previous work included, like it just arbitrarily stopped archiving and autosaving within the spec'd time interval. And yes, searched high and low for any archive in every folder including DropBox and Carbonite as I've found them in unexpected places in the past, but this time, nothing.
  10. HumbleChief

    Porch overhang...can't change it

    Eric, it was that check box "same roof height at exterior walls" - brilliant and very helpful. Never used it before. Thank you.
  11. HumbleChief

    Porch overhang...can't change it

    To the OP. The default roof pitch of 5:12 is affecting the porch overhang (roof pitch 2:12 as set (changed) in the wall dbx) as if the fascia heights of the 2 different roof pitches have to match, as David suggested above, even if there are no actual adjoining roof fascias. Did not know that. Thanks for the tip David.
  12. HumbleChief

    Porch overhang...can't change it

    Interesting, did not know that. I took the OP's plan and eliminated every roof structure from every room except the porch, eliminating any other fascia heights and it still built with a 2' - 6" overhang instead of the spec'd 12". I built a demo plan and clearly saw what you posted David - again very helpful. There must be something in the plan that is hanging on to a fascia height? Or is it inheriting the default 5:12 pitch for every other roof and applying that to the 2:12 pitch and forcing the 2'- 6" overhang to accommodate the 5:12 default? That seems to make the most sense.
  13. HumbleChief

    Porch overhang...can't change it

    I must have misread the above posts which clearly stated that a picture is perhaps all that's needed and a plan file may not be, and based on the forum's history from its inception where a request for a plan file is not only common but sometimes insisted upon, just seemed weird. I will learn to read more carefully. Did the OP get any actual help? I opened the plan file but could not figure out the problem. Anyone trying to help the OP? Or simply arguing semantics?
  14. HumbleChief

    Porch overhang...can't change it

    Apologies to the previous posters but I'm curious as to when attaching a plan became the less desirable option to a screen shot or any other method to diagnose a problem? I downloaded the attached plan file, which the attachment I consider a common courtesy on this forum, but could not figure out the issue. Anyone else with an idea? As an aside, Eric and Ryan are always very helpful but if you, Jambruins, have any other future problems please attach a file whenever possible as it makes diagnosis that much easier. Again I could not see why that 2' 6" overhang persisted, so not much help here.
  15. HumbleChief

    Lost 4 Hours Of Work From Yesterday

    Yup, know all this, did all that, but somehow this plan got lost in the shuffle... Maybe not asking for advice but rather might serve as a reminder for others...