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  1. Thanks Mark. I think that solved it.
  2. I have no clue but on all my files I am crashing constantly. Please take a look at my video settings and see if there is a clue about something have overlooked that was supposed to be adjusted. Thanks, Alan
  3. Also, it appears to be related to having the Layout open. I was able to work efficiently with no Layout file open. As soon as I opened the layout file with tiled windows, frozen (but no Olaf for comic relief).
  4. @MarkMc That is exactly what I am seeing. I am pretty sure it is almost 100% when I am adjusting or just adjusted a material. Are you using multiple monitors or splitting tabs/windows on one monitor?
  5. Here is the plan file. I just reopened it and tried to work again. This time, when trying to take a perspective view and tile to a 3rd window, crash. I am wondering if it is the single monitor. It is an LG HDR 38" curved monitor. Although, I was not having these problems before the last X13 update. Sloppy model is a work in progress. AND ADU
  6. 1. What do you use for screen capture? I did this video with Loom and I am already not in love with this software since I could not save locally. 2. I have serious craziness with this file. I am updated on video card drivers and the latest version of X13. I am getting a twin of my window when multiple windows are open. Also, this file has crashed multiple times when I am viewing a perspective camera view. Just freezing and locking up the window. I was able to close the 3d view a few times but then the file just locked and I had to do a hard kill. I will be doing a restart of the cpu to see if I can replicate this. Video of my screen capture below.
  7. In California also. I can get my engineer to design for 2 stories with 2x4 framing unless I have a tall wall at stairs which then goes to 2x6. Some of the more structurally stringent walls also require 2x6 but a standard wall is fine with 2x4. Local codes vary.
  8. I guess we can file that under "When you don't have anything nice to say, STFU". (loosely quoted from my mom)
  9. Did you mean to post this in a gynecologist forum?
  10. Is the Mac that problematic. I thought it was only the RTRT that was of issue? Edit: leave the cult of Mac. We have cookies on the pc side.
  12. Good luck on the project. My current office for the next 9 months is going to be dusty.
  13. I think the tip is, don't leave your render set to PBR/RTRT when you don't need to see that displayed. I constantly swap out to Technical illustration for ease of display. A hold out habit from using Watercolor as my primary render technique in the past.
  14. My problem is displayed in my image. I made an intentional interior dimension to surfaces to resize the room. When I click on the wall I get 2 dimensions strings to choose from and now I have to pay attention to choose the correct one. That is a heavy responsibility.
  15. Can I get a toggle (and an amen)?
  16. I thought that in previous versions when I had a distinct dimension placed (as an example, for an interior of a room) then I would not get a temporary dimension. Currently in X13, I am getting the temporary dimension when I select a wall to move with dimensions. Have I overlooked a setting that changed?
  17. Any layerset you create (or that already exists) can be used with any view. I often will tweak a layerset copy so I can slightly alter the amount of information I send to layout. As an example of what happened yesterday, my Section View Layerset got copied "Section View Layerset2" so that I could send my elevations to a presentation style layout without my notes showing on the elevations I sent to a different layout for construction documents.
  18. Come on people! It is Friday and no one has made a joke about a post titled "Moving Solids". I just don't know if I can continue to carry this load by myself?
  19. Sometimes I am able to hack this by dividing up the offending room below with invisible walls so that I can make the adjustments.
  20. This is a good source for info on wall assemblies
  21. Rene, are you importing the Matterport OBJ and working from that? Do you have a sample file that I could try? I am looking at getting a cheaper camera (maybe Ricoh Theta V) so I can photograph my upcoming build but curious if I should just be hiring out a Matterport camera crew for my next as built.
  22. Nice trick Michael. Fast and easy method compared to scrolling my 10,000 layers. The two most annoying lines that appear are the ceiling break lines (unless they are alerting you to an issue you need to fix) and the "S" step footing markers. If I had a nickel for every curse word I uttered... A hover over and report the layer tool would be nice.
  23. Although I am not an Architect I did graduate from an Architecture school and was taught structural design by one of the preeminent experts in the field at the time (he designed the St. Louis Arch structural plans). I will impart all the knowledge that he passed on to my class. "Deeper, Cheaper, Better". I hope this helps. Pratt '89