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  1. What is the file extension for the chair originally? If you can bring it into Sketchup then you could do the individual material assignments. If only in CA, a wonky but possible approach would be to make a copy of the chair and delete surfaces other than the legs. Save that out as a symbol and then reimport and do the same with the chair but only delete the legs. Recombine.
  2. One thing to keep in mind with the long render times, take off the power saving settings on your computer so it does not go to sleep before the render has cooked.
  3. The Standard rendering technique seems to be the fastest. I have tried with vector and it slows down. If you have lines on standard it will slow down significantly. If you are rendering PBR, let it run overnight. Now that I see the path you are trying to render, I suggest you consider better ways to present your work with still images. A circular or simple arc pass around the outside might be good. Maybe a few simple pans of the larger interior spaces? You can rotate the camera on the path so you do not need to make the racetrack to point the camera around the room. Also consider attention span. After about 15 seconds of video, your client has something else on their mind. The beginning sequence of Polar Express where the ticket flys through the air and the camera follows it would be worth watching to understand how to move a camera and maintain your audience. And if you make it to the end of the film you can find me in the credits (be patient, I was not above the line).
  4. 82 frames at what rate? Good video will be shot at 30 fps (frames per second). At 30fps that is under 3 seconds. Don't blink. What rendering technique are you using. Also critical is to not be at full screen resolution.
  5. The website for this product has some of the most beautiful kitchen design I have found on the web.
  6. I am pretty sure Rene does this differently but this is my method. I make a distinct default set for every Plan View that is sent to layout. Generally I have 10-12 unique plan views sent to layout. If I have some new distinct layout (I occasionally have a Fire specific plan view) then I can make a new plan view with defaults in about 2 minutes. The default sets are exportable to update a template plan.
  7. I agree that the walkthrough is not very good. I used to work in film so my expectations of camera controls are pretty high. With that said, you can easily control the speed of the camera in the DBX for both per keyframe and by increasing the time for the overall video. For the walkthrough path, I only use a simple arc and generally make it work with only 2 keyframes (start and end). Anything else is too hard to control and gets nauseating. When I see people post their walkthroughs that are continuous motion through a space..(I think I just entered the "if you don't have anything nice to say" zone). I find it better to piece together smaller segments of video and fade one sequence to the other or break them up with a still photo fade in to tell the story. Any time you are making a video, you are telling a story. It seems like a lot of people tell the story of taking a roller coaster ride through their architecture. Rant out.
  8. I did not spend a lot of time on this scene. I even forgot ot bump down the backdrop intensity. My sun intensity is set to 500. I have the lights you see on the ceiling and one additional light placed close to the coffee table that is at 2500.
  9. This mostly comes up for me with the pressure treated wood texture but I think it could be really valuable. I would like the ability to tone down the effect of a texture file on a material. I know I can adjust the "Blend with Texture" color option but even that does not give me what I would like to see in most instances. Is there a way beyond grabbing the texture file image and doing editing outside of CA?
  10. So I am not crazy (about this at least).
  11. There is nothing selected except for the revision cloud and callout. I get this same behavior on a lot of objects whenever there is more than one object selected.
  12. When I do a copy of multiple objects, the paste handle location is in a galaxy far, far away. Does anyone else get this behavior? The image shows what I get after I hit paste.
  13. Can we just take a moment to recognize the greatness of her/his profile name?
  14. Sounds a lot like "Auto Topo". When I used to work with a surveyor and we just wanted to go get lunch, we would drive by and say to each other "looks like a hill".
  15. This roof plane shape and then draw walls and your new roof planes on top of those second floor walls.
  16. The landing and stairs must be snapped to the same location of cojoined lines. This is hard to do because the lines that appear in plan are not the snap points. It takes some trail and error to get the snapping points. You have to trust the snap settings to guide you to the correct place rather than based on what you see. In other news, are you designing this for the U.S.? If so, those winders are not to code.
  17. Do you have a roof on your project. That could be light bleed. This occurs when a model is not built correctly and you are using RTRT. Also, this can be a symptom of not enough general lighting in the scene. To say the least, setting up a room for a really good RTRT view is not a simple equation.
  18. Since those are similar sized objects, you could make a texture image in an image editor (Photoshop...) and then apply your texture with stretch to fit (size the image to the objects proportions. The image needs to be a .png to keep the transparency properties.
  19. These two arrows are non connected but share an end point.
  20. In addition to posting the plan file a sketch is always helpful. For this issue I assign you a sketch of your hand
  21. @Joe_Carrick I have installed about 20 of the Zehnder systems and have a pretty good handle on the layout for the systems. If you want any info on methodology in layout, send me a dm. Alan