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  1. Joe_Carrick

    Layout Cleanup

    I've been working on cleaning up my Layout - getting rid of unused Layers, etc. Unfortunately, I've run into a couple of problems that I don't seem to be able to solve: I have a Text Layer "Text, Structural" that is indicated as "Used" but I can't find it in any page - even when all layers are displayed. I have another Text Layer that is indicated as specified in a "Default" but I've checked all my Default Sets and can't find it an any Default. Is there any way to search the Layout file to find where these things are located? Note: My procedure (tedious at best) was to turn on all layers (unlocked) and marquee select the everything on every page. Most things I was able to find and edit or delete as necessary. These two have eluded all my efforts.
  2. Joe_Carrick

    Exterior Glass Pocket

    No, you will need to set the wall thickness yourself. Chief doesn't know anything about the required thickness for the pocket door to fit in the wall. Normally you would need to define a "Wall Type" with sufficient internal thickness to accommodate the door.
  3. Joe_Carrick

    Chief Architect Presence in San Diego, CA

    I'm in San Marcos. PM me if you need help on a part time basis.
  4. Joe_Carrick

    Materials and colors for cabinets

    Katherine, What render mode are you using for the views that don't show what you want? What views are you having trouble with? Perspectives or Elevations? This is why posting a picture and even better the plan will get you better answers.
  5. Joe_Carrick

    Sending details and notes to a layout page

    My Warehouse Detail Plans are all at a scale of 3/4"=1'-0" It's all automatic.
  6. Joe_Carrick

    Sending details and notes to a layout page

    I have a series of Detail Plans: Foundation Doors Windows Railings Floor Framing Roof Framing etc. Within each of those I have from 5-20 details stored in CAD Detail Windows which are named and show up in the Project Browser. I simply select the ones I need from those plans and send them to my Layout. This scheme provides a pretty simple "Look-Up" and keeps my project plan and layout pretty clean. In some cases the Details are imported Images (pdf, jpg, bitmap, png, etc) but mostly they are details I've created in Chief.
  7. Joe_Carrick

    Bay Window Symbol

    I went thru this exercise several years ago with a complete set of "Andersen Bay Window" symbols. Unfortunately Chief doesn't handle "Custom Windows" very well. I was only able to set them up as "Exterior Fixtures" and place them in a "Pass Thru Window" in order to get the Window Frame, Casings, Sill, etc correct. At that time the "Exterior Fixtures" wouldn't show in a Window Schedule. X12 may make it possible to put them in the Window Schedule.
  8. Joe_Carrick

    Cad Detail library mostly blank

    Check the displayed layers. They might be on a layer you don't have displayed.
  9. Joe_Carrick

    Closed elevation view without saving

    It's a good idea to immediately save elevation & section views. That way they will automatically be saved in the future.
  10. Joe_Carrick

    Closed elevation view without saving

    Sorry, their gone unless you have an autosave in the archives folder that just happened at the right time.
  11. Joe_Carrick

    Door Label Confusion

  12. Joe_Carrick

    Door Label Confusion

    You have 2 door schedules.
  13. It's strange that they put that in the "Accessories" tab. It would make more sense if it was in the "Front/Sides/Back" tab.
  14. Joe_Carrick

    Dishwasher Placement

    Rob, It would be best if you would post the plan.
  15. Joe_Carrick

    Layout Text Styles ?

    In my Layouts I only use a couple of Text Styles and they are different than what I use in Plans. However, I am showing many of the Plan Text Styles available in my Layout. Can I delete those without effecting what's available in the Plans?