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  1. You'll have to do that with 4 Landings. Chief's L-Stairs and Winders are designed to do what the pic on the right shows.
  2. Since Glenn showed how it can be done - CA should be able to program it.
  3. Place a landing right on top of the floor and size it to your desired width, depth & height.
  4. FWIW, I have a macro solution that lists all doors, drawers, drawer fronts and panels. It displays the details in the cabinet schedule and/or in a formatted text box. The price for this macro package is $75
  5. Please post questions or requests for assistance in the Q&A Forum.
  6. Hi Rob, All Sheets in the Layout have to be the same size.
  7. I need symbols for ERV / HRV components. Zehnder Q600 & accessories/components would be perfect. Does anyone have that or similar?
  8. Add them to the user library
  9. Hi David, I know of dozens of manufacturers making hi quality face frame cabinets. Many of them have a presence in Chief's library catalogs. Personally have a distributorship for one Face Frame Cabinet Mfr and all parts (face frames, doors, drawer fronts, box sides, tops, bottoms, backs & shelves) are cut with cnc controls. Their dimensional accuracy limits are 1/32". I can put together an order online and get a quote in less than an hour. Face Frames and Door/Drawers usually are solid lumber pieces but cutting, etc is done with cnc. I do realize that a lot of manufactured cabinets are frameless and I also have access to one of them. CA does need to provide correct representation of frameless cabinets.
  10. Just a few quick notes: Some ( maybe most) factory built Cabinets are Face Frame. Chief quite accurately handles these Frameless Cabinets are different and CA should provide for their differences as noted in the above posts. Not all Face Frame Cabinets are "Painted on Site". Most are in fact prefinished in the factory.
  11. Just create folders and sub-folders within your user library. I have Master Folders for: Layouts Plans Then within those I have additional sub-folders (and in some cases more sub-folders)
  12. Exactly. You can then edit each face independently.
  13. I actually need a load calc. Plan check for this city wants a full panel schedule.