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  1. Joe_Carrick

    Septic Leach Line Detail ?

    Does anyone have a typical section detail for Leach Lines showing required depth, gravel, etc. ?
  2. Joe_Carrick

    Kitchen Cabinet side and back thickness.

    Doug, Are you using frameless or face frame cabinets? I don't think you can specify the thicknesses for face frame cabinets.
  3. Joe_Carrick

    This is interesting, anybody seen this?

    Hey Scott, How did that work out?
  4. Joe_Carrick

    Site Plan Service ?

    I recall someone had posted a link to a service that would create a "Site Plan" for existing property. Does anyone know where that thread is?
  5. Joe_Carrick

    Intersecting wall doorways

    FWIW, you will need to have a king post & header above the doorway to support the beam. Check with your engineer.
  6. I store my Chief projects and Data files in Dropbox on 3 computers. I have Chief (one license) installed on those 3 computers. This is IMO the most logical solution.
  7. Joe_Carrick

    All Your Questions Answered Here

    Rich, Are you beaming up?
  8. Joe_Carrick

    All Your Questions Answered Here

    May either the FORCE or the FARCE be with you.
  9. Joe_Carrick

    Clawfoot Tub

    Did you search the Library for "Claw Foot" ?
  10. Joe_Carrick

    All Your Questions Answered Here

    Rich will tell you that the Roswell crash was a "Weather Balloon" and our technology is a figment of our imagination.
  11. Joe_Carrick


    Lew, Today, most chimneys are simply walls enclosing a duct - usually a double walled duct with supply air coming in on the outside. Then a cap fixture is placed on top of that - simple symbol to create. Why would a special tool be needed?
  12. Joe_Carrick


    We used that slogan when I was in the Navy back in the 1960's. It's not new.
  13. Joe_Carrick

    How to get a custom cupola or roof item to sit on roof?

    Open the "Object dbx" of your Library Object and set it to "Sits on Roof". That way, when you place one from the Library it will work automatically.
  14. Joe_Carrick

    How to get a custom cupola or roof item to sit on roof?

    Look in the Object dbx under "Options"
  15. Good morning Doug,

    I just need your email address.  I don't like to send these things thru the Forum PM system.

    1. Doug_N


      Hi Joe, sorry but I didn't see your post.  My email address is  It is in my signature as well.