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  1. Do those software packages allow importing of DWG files?
  2. I'm not sure exactly what capabilities Interiors has for Reference Floors. You should probably contact Chief Architect Support. I am assuming that you have SSA for your product. They should be able to help.
  3. Hi Joe


    Did you recieve my email?

  4. Also, you can use a "Wall Material Region" in lieu of a "Custom Backsplash". But as Glenn said, using a Solid "Exploded" allows different materials to be applied to each face.
  5. I'm don't think that's Home Designer. It might be the "Chief Architect Interiors" product which only has a limited version of "Reference Floors".
  6. Drawing Sheet Setup Uncheck "Show Drawing Sheet"
  7. Select the Layout Box Click on the "ReScale" icon on the Edit Toolbar. It looks like a short ruler. Set the desired Scale You probably want both Layout Boxes to be the same scale.
  8. AFAIK that only changes the size of the Layout Box, not the size of what's inside it. Re-scale actually does both.
  9. I could write a custom macro for you that will accumulate the volumes and provide a total. You would just need to place that macro in the cabinet labels (best in the Defaults for Cabinets) and it would create a $Global variable that you could display in a Text Box. If you would like this just send me $25 via PayPal account and include your email address so I can send the macro to you.
  10. Use thin (normal 2x4) walls front & back of the closet instead of a thick wall.
  11. You can also set this up with "Saved Plan Views". The key is to "Use Layer for Text Style".
  12. Only a doorway or Pass-thru Window could work. You can't subtract a solid from a wall. Also I don't understand what you mean by the height locks at 144". Post the Plan so we can help. You can also post a PDF of the arch to show what you are trying to get - dwg's are not that useful.
  13. I don't use any custom units since I am not doing projects that require it. However, it is possible to create unit conversions using the Preferences>General>Unit Conversions dialog. These named units can then be used in Dimension Defaults, as well as in various dialogs. It's possible to set these custom units up so that they are the "Default Formatting" with specific 1000ths separators and decimal separators and unit names. When used in dialogs, the input will recognize the custom unit. This is really a great way to customize Chief for other languages. Note that "Custom Units" will automatically display the units while the built-in units require the ".to_s" as I indicated previously. For those who want to use these features you should search Help for "Unit Conversions" and "Number Formatting Class". It's a little complicated but once done it will be available for all Plans.
  14. %area.round(2).to_s.gsub("sq ft","")% -> 1419.25 I don't think Chief will use French wording or abbreviations. So you need to make the "substitution" yourself.