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  1. Joe_Carrick

    Command for a line with arrow on both ends

    It appears that the problem with this is that there really are no defaults for "Text Line with Arrow" or "Leader Line". That's where it would need to be specified. Personally, I just use a Point to Point Dimension, add whatever text I need to the Segment as "Leading Text" and "Suppress the Dimension Value"
  2. Joe_Carrick


    When you imported the symbols you should have specified "Furniishings, Interior". I'm not sure what the limitations are of the Student version, but I would imagine you could get upgraded to the X12 Student version at no additional cost. You just need to contact CA.
  3. Joe_Carrick

    Columns & Beams?

    I don't mind using the POST tool for COLUMNS. You can specify the shape and use whatever material you want. However, I would like to have "Bases" and "Caps" - especially for Steel Tubes, Steel Pipes & Steel-I (WF) - but also for wood Posts. It would be great if we could just select appropriate Caps and Bases and have the software automatically place them. Actually, if that tool was renamed "POST/COLUMN" it would be more obvious. BTW, does anyone actually specify a Steel-I Beam or Column? I've always used Steel-WF (Wide Flange) as they are structurally superior in almost every case. I-Beams are good for certain things such as tracks for Chain Hoists, etc but are seldom used for structural framing.
  4. Joe_Carrick


    Put your questions in the Q & A Forum. This is where you share your tips.
  5. Joe_Carrick

    Many problems with these steps

    My favorite note: BTF&PTM (Beat to Fit & Paint to Match)
  6. Joe_Carrick

    Defaults vs Prefrences

    FWIW; Defaults are how various objects are configured when created in a Plan or Layout (for Layouts it's very limited). Doors, Windows, Cabinets, Walls, Roofs, Dimensions, etc. Preferences are how the software works/appears regardless of the Plan or Layout. It has almost nothing to do with the Model itself. Display appearance (foreground & background colors, etc) Mouse and Keyboard operation, etc. File Management, etc
  7. Joe_Carrick

    Hot Keys not working on PC

    It appears he doesn't have any additional assigned Hot Keys. I'm not sure if you can export them from a Mac and Import to a PC. Maybe there's a backup someplace on his PC.
  8. Joe_Carrick

    Forcing Macro Execution

    I use a lot of macros. In many cases the macro is designed to initiated some $Global variables. But even when included in an object's Label (particularly when imbedded in a text object) they don't always get executed. I'm not sure why this happens but I've found that opening "Text Macro Management" it will force them to be executed. Another option is to open the object for editing - but that means finding the object (sometimes it's on a locked layer or on page 0 of the Layout) and may not even be visible for one reason or another. So, I've set up a "Hot Key" as well as a special command for a key on my Gaming keypad. That automatically opens TMM. It's very easy to use that to open TMM the first time I open the Layout and again as soon as the Plan is opened.
  9. Joe_Carrick

    Plan file suddenly empty

    I use Dropbox and have not experienced this problem.
  10. Joe_Carrick


    Where are you located. I'm in Southern California.
  11. In some cases you might be able to do this just by placing things on different layers and switching Layer Sets. It really depends on what the objects are. If it only involves site features that could work easily. However, if there are differences in the structure (walls, roofs, etc) then separate plans is the best alternative.
  12. Joe_Carrick

    Steel Staircases

    There are Steel Channels, etc in one of the Libraries. But detailing Stairs (of any type) in Chief is not easy. It's almost better to start with a Section and create a "CAD Detail from View". Then just use the CAD Tools (Lines, etc) to refine the Detail(s).
  13. Joe_Carrick

    Layout Page numbering question

    The Template page doesn't assign the Label format (prefix and numbering) to the pages that use that template. In addition, the position of the template in the browser doesn't have any effect on which template a particular page uses. My proposal would be that these features be added as automatic - but only if the individual pages had nothing in the "Label" field. IOW, current "Page Information" would over-ride the Template(s)
  14. Joe_Carrick

    Layout Page numbering question

    I agree that not everyone would want this capability. However, if the individual pages are specified as they are now it would be natural for them to over-ride my proposed schema. Only if a page didn't include a Label Format would it take the format from the Template. I think there are programmers at CA that concentrate on the "Model" while other programmers are concentrating on "Presentation", "Database" and "Organizational" issues. Consequently, I'm not too concerned that this would interfere with "Stairs" or "Roof" Tools.
  15. Joe_Carrick

    Printing Issue/ Question

    From what you've provided, there's no way to answer your question. We would need to have the Layout and Plan files at a minimum. btw, are you printing to a pdf or directly to a physical printer?