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  1. Joe_Carrick

    Rotate polyline molding vertically

    I don't think you need to go thru the "CAD Detail from View" to accomplish this. You can just create a rectangle in that view and convert it to a Molding Polyline.
  2. Joe_Carrick

    Rotate polyline molding vertically

    Draw the Polyline in the Elevation View. The Molding will then be perpendicular to that view.
  3. Joe_Carrick

    Note Types

    X11 and X12 both have it in: CAD > TEXT > NOTE TYPE MANAGEMENT > NEW X12 has Custom Schedules that can include different object types. Not the same as Note Types. DEFAULT SETTINGS > SCHEDULES > Any Schedule Type > NEW CUSTOM CATEGORY
  4. Joe_Carrick

    Note Types

    It does, see my previous response.
  5. Joe_Carrick

    Note Types

    Schedule Defaults > Note Schedule > New Custom Category
  6. Joe_Carrick

    Note Types

    You can create as many as you want.
  7. Joe_Carrick

    Connecting Walls w/ Varying Thicknesses

    I would just make the wall with the columns 13.5" thick and then create a "Doorway" without casings that starts 3.5" from the other walls.
  8. Joe_Carrick

    Hole In The Wall

    Note, This thread was started 4 years ago. The "Niche Tool" Chief created has largely made this thread irrelevant. OTOH, for those still using a version that doesn't have that tool (X9 or prior I think) this thread is still appropriate.
  9. Joe_Carrick

    Front Elevation

    If you use the macro to label the view it will use the name as specified in the Project Browser.
  10. Joe_Carrick

    Dimension Background transparent

    "Use Layer for Text Style" is much simpler. That way you can customize Layer Sets. I use this for almost all Text & Dimensions. I also use the Layer Settings for Linestyles and Colors. It greatly simplifies the appearance in different drawing types along with Reference Sets.
  11. Joe_Carrick

    Dimension Background transparent

    Edit the Dimension Text Style (whatever your dimensions are using - usually accessed from the layer dimension layer) and check the box for "Transparent Background".
  12. Joe_Carrick

    Hyperlinks in Layout

    OK, so this is not a "LINK" created in a text object within Chief. It's text that has the actual URL. That's not what I'm using within my Plans and Layouts. If you create a regular text object in Chief ( can be any character - I like the special "Section" character ) you can then open the dbx for that text and add a "link" that works directly within Chief. This allows me to go directly to a text file on my computer and edit the file. When I save the edits, a macro in my plan or layout that reads the text file can update and display the associated data. That link however will not get transferred to and be active in the PDF.
  13. Joe_Carrick

    Hyperlinks in Layout

    I have text objects with hyperlinks in my Layout - some which link to websites, and some that link to internal files on my computer. They all work perfectly within Chief. However, when I create a PDF it doesn't matter what PDF program I use, those links are not active in the PDF. I can create links in the PDF using Adobe Acrobat, but none of the links created in Chief are transferred. Am I missing something?
  14. Joe_Carrick

    Hyperlinks in Layout

    So I need to try links to web sites using "Chief Architect Save as PDF". If what you say is true then that would be the only way to get a link in Layout to work in a PDF. Only Chief's PDFs would be able to pick up and include the link.
  15. Joe_Carrick

    Hyperlinks in Layout

    What program do you use to create your PDFs? What are you linking to?