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  1. Joe_Carrick

    BTU Rating

    I didn't say that. OTOH, I'm not sure it's something the Bldg Dept really needs. But it is appropriate for the home owner to know that the system is adequate.
  2. Joe_Carrick

    Change 2D CAD object to 3D?

    The key here is to think in terms of 3D Objects. Chief doesn't have any conversion of 2D CAD to 3D other than converting parallel lines to walls and converting a Polyline to a Polyline Solid or Molding Polyline. If you model the stirrups as 3D objects and save as a Symbol you can then save & replicate them as needed.
  3. Does anyone have a png image of a Bird of Paradise Plant? The only one I've found in the Libraries are single stocks.
  4. Joe_Carrick

    Wrapping Cedar Post with Stone

    I would just use a couple of Moldings on a Molding Polyline the same size as the Post. Column Molding (Rectangle with Stone Material) Cap Molding (Rectangle with Concrete Material)
  5. Joe_Carrick

    How to cut a hole in a p'line solid?

    That's almost exactly what I do for such items. The difference is that I create a Symbol of the Block.
  6. Joe_Carrick

    How to cut a hole in a p'line solid?

    I think you just need to start using the boolean operations on "SOLIDS". That allows much greater flexibility on how 2 solids are added, combined or subtracted. PSolids IMO are great for limited extrusions but once you want more complex 3D shapes you really need to use full 3D Solids.
  7. Joe_Carrick

    How to cut a hole in a p'line solid?

    Create another PSolid the shape of the hole. Place it where you want the hole to be and use PSolid Subtraction. Yes, it's a boolean operation which just means using 2 solids to combine or subtract.
  8. Joe_Carrick

    Anyway to not show exterior wall niche in Plan View?

    This is a case for an additional "Floor" that is open below. IOW, the 1st floor is actually 2 levels. The lower level has the windows and no ceiling. The upper level has the niches and is open below. You can send the lower level to Layout and the niches wont be visible. Levels in Chief simply define a vertical section of a building. A "Floor" can be several "Levels"
  9. Joe_Carrick

    Stacked CMU Retaining Wall

    Does anyone have a good method of modeling such walls? I have one that's 32" tall (8" CMU Blocks) that steps back 2" at each course. I'm thinking that a molding profile might be the logical solution but maybe someone has a better way.
  10. Joe_Carrick

    This is interesting, anybody seen this?

    Site plan preparation is one of the things I hate to do. I'll be using this service in the future. Their Reviews are all positive.
  11. I agree with Mark. It really appears that the doors are overlapping - probably due to a fixed size custom door with the "x" stretch plane outside of the door symbol.
  12. Joe_Carrick

    Looking for a dual ss apron sink

    I just purchased that sink to install in the kitchen of the house we purchased a couple months ago. I created a symbol myself (but not with the curved front). For my purposes it's adequate. You may need to play with the position so that it's consistent with your cabinet (I use a cabinet without a top 27.25" tall and a custom counter top. Farmhouse Sink, Stainless.calibz
  13. Joe_Carrick

    BTU Rating

    It's the City of San Diego. PITA !!!
  14. Joe_Carrick

    BTU Rating

    Plan Check is asking for the BTU rating of the existing AC system on a remodel/addition project. How and where do I get this information? I don't see it on the label of any piece of equipment.
  15. Joe_Carrick

    Is a 1 hour wall needed?

    Since you are going to need attic access in both areas it would be appropriate to have a separation wall anyway. It's not that big an expense (5/8" Type X drywall instead of 1/2") so just do it and eliminate any question. Also, if the breezeway has a vaulted ceiling you could just have the side walls go all the way to the roof sheathing.