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  1. Doug_Park's post in Cyrillic Fonts (Russian) was marked as the answer   
    Chief does not yet uniformly support Unicode, which is what we would need to support the many different scripts in use worldwide. Currently you should be able to use Cyrillic scripts in Rich Text. But the rest of the application is limited to the Windows 1252 character set which doesn't support Cyrillic or any other scripts.
    Unicode support is something that is of growing importance as our customer base is spreading worldwide. Internally several things have been done in the code to work toward this support. Unfortunately, not all of the work has been completed.
  2. Doug_Park's post in X6 And X7 Running Slow In Plan View was marked as the answer   
    More than likely the delay you are seeing is due to recording information for undo. You can verify this by turning undo off temporarily. If that isn't the problem then the rest of this won't help you.
    Undo settings are in Preferences>General.
    Our current implementation of undo saves a copy of the file on disk. By default in the temporary files folder. This is normally pretty fast, except for very large plans.
    However there are several things that can cause this to be slow.
    1) There are an excessive number of files in your temporary files folder. I consider this a bug in Windows because on all other operating systems temporary files are truly temporary and will get cleaned up automatically. But in Windows you will need to do this manually. I suggest cleaning up your temporary files. This is best done right after a system reboot before you launch any other applications.
    2) Disk fragmentation could be an issue. With modern versions of Windows this is supposed to be done automatically, but there are several things that could cause the defragmentation not to run so running it manually may be useful. If it is already defragmented then it should run fast.
    3) Some sort of disk problem could be in play. So running chkdsk would make some sense.
    Finally, if you have an SSD drive you could set the preferences in Chief to put the undo files on that drive.
    Beyond that there are a couple of other options with undo.
    1) Turn undo off. I don't recommend this.
    2) Set up an undo timeout to something like 100 milliseconds. This will make it so that if  you are working very quickly the undo state won't get saved until you pause. This would have the effect of skipping multiple things you have done, but you can still undo.
  3. Doug_Park's post in Multiple Copy Alt Behavior Not Working...or Is It? was marked as the answer   
    The alternate behavior provides a grid copy. (2D array of objects.)
    The secondary spacing applies to the spacing when you drag out perpendicular to the first row of objects you created.
  4. Doug_Park's post in Missing Files was marked as the answer   
    Good. That should work. It would probably be good to do a bit practice going back and forth until you are confident that it is working for you. When you find what works well for you stick with what works. Sorry that you got caught by some of the less than obvious things in using Chief.
  5. Doug_Park's post in Ridiculous Redraw Times was marked as the answer   
    I assume you are running on the Mac Mini listed in your signature.
    Based on your description it sounds like your system has run low on memory. Which may be due to Chief or some other application. Mac applications are notorious for leaking memory. A reboot of the computer would likely correct the problem.
    Chief can use a lot of memory for certain operations. Keep an eye on the memory usage and close windows in Chief that you don't need.
    The HD Graphics on your system are not the snappiest around, but should not be as slow as you describe especially for the fairly simple model that you posted. However, if your system starts to use virtual memory the swapping of memory to/from disk can easily result in the slowness you report.
  6. Doug_Park's post in Nvidia Cuda Rendering was marked as the answer   
    We don't currently leverage the GPU except for OpenGL views.
    For ray tracing only the CPU cores are utilized.
  7. Doug_Park's post in Distribute Objects On A Path Or Arc? was marked as the answer   
    Build>Distributed Objects
  8. Doug_Park's post in 3 Questions About Ca Licensing, Ssa And A Viewer was marked as the answer
  9. Doug_Park's post in Why Does The Spacing(?) Differ Between The Layout And The Printed Page was marked as the answer   
    If you Save to PDF does it look right?
  10. Doug_Park's post in Blurry Toolbar Icons was marked as the answer   
    I assume you are running with your system set to a higher DPI. For some systems, such as those that are in excess of 200 DPI the icons were so small that they were nearly unusable. We are now correctly scaling these up, although our graphics for the icons are not high resolution so they will look blurry.
    You can turn this off by unchecking the "Scale Toolbar Icons for High DPI" in Preferences>Appearance. After you do this your icons will be smaller.
  11. Doug_Park's post in Why are my Mirrors reflecting blue was marked as the answer   
    I'm not sure what is happening. I tried on my new Dell which has both Intel 4600 and Nvidia graphics and both graphics processors appear to work correctly. It is possible that the Intel 2500 graphics driver is the problem.
    I went to the Intel site and it appears that there is a newer version listed there for the 2500 ( This is what Chief lists for my 4600.