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  1. Mick I also purged materials, not sure how that would effect anything thou.
  2. I did a purge of the blocks and it is gone.
  3. I find it works the majority of the times, but not always. And sometimes reverts back to an older version plan file. This appears much more less consistent in X14 but not getting to the bottom of it yet.
  4. Mick I get that also, but have not been able to work out where it is. possibly in a block or something .
  5. Kiwideziner


    It will depend on computer specs. It "runs" on mine but very slow. FYI
  6. Sample plans are created in CA otherwise they cannot be called samples
  7. CA seems to be designed to use the gaming cards. Apparently it is different from the major cad packages eg. Solidworks.
  8. You will need to have the exact same file path on both computers, or CA wont find links.
  9. Yes I have noticed this also. only doing 1 small job in X14 so far as trying to finish off a heap of projects in X13. There was some mention of this at the start of beta. I am hoping it is only a beta thing.
  10. Check out the simpson strong tie library
  11. Going x10 to x13 is sure a large jump I did X10 to X12 and found that a massive step. However X13 runs fine on my system, Not real fast but fast enough. I dont think that it would run X14 sufficently, but have not seen the min specs for X14. Hope the comments help.
  12. Look at your truss settings, particularly the web size and play with that. both for roof and floor trusses.
  13. I use a separate schd for each floor. I believe you can set each schedule to use say door1 to 14, 15 to 25 two create separate scheds but have not needed to try that. You can change the door numbers to start from.
  14. Maybe that is CA's terminology, I get the same result as everyone else. I notice that for angles that join up when mitred ends selected if that is not selected they dont even join.
  15. Have you made sure CA is set to use that card and not the onboard graphics
  16. In X13 it shows auto matically when layer window openings is on. In x12 manual arrows drawn on the elevation.
  17. X8 was the last version that will open the PL1 etc files. I keep a version of this on my machine for that purpose. You should have access to that download file in you digital locker?
  18. Maybe adjust lineweights in the elevation view
  19. That would be a good idea, but currently with Foxit editor version 11 I can not even print . I have to use the CA to PDF. The problem appears to be Foxit not CA.
  20. David just wondering what was the size of the .layout file? in X13