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  1. You can use version X12 until windows wont support it, X15 requires you to keep paying if you want to use it. There used to be a monthly rental subscription, not sure it still exists, but might be a cheaper way to pay for a months use each time you use it. Just a thought.
  2. It is the distance the bottom of the wall is to the floor level, usually below. here we have to extend the cladding a min of 50mm below the top of the slab.
  3. The easiest way I have found to renumber is either group or un-group in the schedule dialog box exit out then go back and do the opposite. Then they sould al be from w01 to whatever.
  4. Are you using X15 latest update?? It would definitely help to know what version of the program you are using. I am not having the exact same problem, but I am trying to sort a print problem that just raised its ugly head yesterday.
  5. Reduce the gable sub fascia to lift the soffitt
  6. I do it as you show it, makes it easy to know what the line width will be in mm. I assume when using a board your pen widths were also in mm. However for those using imperial measurements there might be something better.
  7. check the alignment of the ends of the roof planes, probably not accurately aligned.
  8. It does not appear to be fixed, have to zoom extents all the time
  9. That's the dialog I was thinking of
  10. It just means it has not been generated by an AutoDesk product. It would appear that this has been the case for 2 or three versions of Acad. I have found no problem opening any of my files.
  11. I agree with the above users, I have never had a problem. Not even a antivirus warning from this forum. All file coming in are automatically scanned but never had one blocked.
  12. YES I always have do the fences in elevations and sections with cad.
  13. I think you are trying to rely on the auto function too much. Auto tools are never always totally accurate. I would expect for the girder truss to locate at a change in pitch. I use the auto functions to get close and then manually adjust as required. IMHO that seems an odd way to frame the roof.
  14. Please supply drawings of want you want and what you are getting.
  15. I have not looked at any of your choices, however if you look at peoples signatures. A lot of us long time users have our computer specs in them to give you an idea. I don't do renders often so have a lower GPU but my system which was purchased for X15 works well.
  16. this is comparing apples to oranges. Autocad is basically a 2d program whereas CA is 3D based, abetter comparison of CA would be with Revit or Revit LT. I am currently running CA and Revit LT to compare, depending on your requirements CA would appear to be quicker in most areas, however Revit Lt allows more control. LT does not have the auto functions of CA.
  17. are two two walls not aligned? Try setting basement wall to stop at floor above.
  18. Do you need to have drawn up a house before you are able to get these details?? You may be able to do all your modeling in CA for everything else and then pop out your details in your other program, then import the details page to a CA layout?? Just a thought
  19. It would help if you provided an example of what you would like to achieve. In CA you build a 3D model, start by setting the various defaults, eg ceiling heights and joist sizes. you can then cut sections at any location you like. you then have to manually annotate the sections by adding text and lines/boxes etc. or use a seperate scale detail drawn with cad. I am not aware of any modern program that will do this all automatically, thats why we are drafting professionals.
  20. IMO if a space is not used it is less clearly defined at a quick glance but still correct.
  21. Joe it is all based on the ISO std. no seperators are used. ie 1.2m would be 1200, however with larger numbers a space between the whole m is sometimes used for clarity ie 15 200.
  22. It was a bundle for very little more, so I went that way. I am having to provide more in dwg format now so Acad LT lets me check and adjust things. I found the free or cheap alternatives did not really do it for me. I dont think you need it as Revit is stand alone.
  23. We are expected to provide colour plans which are much easier for tradies to follow. I use green for roofs, brown for sewer lines, blue for sw lines as examples. Then when consented by the Territorial Authority they place a green stamp, which must be green on the prints on site.