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  1. In X13 it shows auto matically when layer window openings is on. In x12 manual arrows drawn on the elevation.
  2. X8 was the last version that will open the PL1 etc files. I keep a version of this on my machine for that purpose. You should have access to that download file in you digital locker?
  3. Maybe adjust lineweights in the elevation view
  4. That would be a good idea, but currently with Foxit editor version 11 I can not even print . I have to use the CA to PDF. The problem appears to be Foxit not CA.
  5. David just wondering what was the size of the .layout file? in X13
  6. It would depend on your individual situation. If it is a large part of your business, Get the latest. If it is to use occasionally anything from x10 onward would do the job. remember if you want the new functions and features the later the better.
  7. Please supply a plan file so others can reproduce the problem or not. It appears that with the new graphics engine CA x13 is really pedantic about hardware.
  8. Have you tried the bonus catalogs?? there are quite a few there.
  9. Thanks for that info, each to their own, I will keep it in the plan for now. Been doing it that way for too long now. cheers
  10. Hey Ryan Whose recommendation is that?? Not wanting to start an argument here.
  11. I assume that the room adjacent to the deck has a room definition assigned to it? I have not seen this happen. Also what software and version are you using?? if not premier this may be the problem.
  12. My guess was you had a logitech mouse, as do I. See a couple of topics on the forum regarding mouse problems. one of them has a solution if you are using the g hub driver.
  13. Susan hope you haven't got too many projects to revert back. It appears that this new Astral graphics engine is so much more temperamental when it comes to hardware, what works for one doesnt for another on similar machines. seems worse for apples but still a few issues on windows machines.. For what it is worth I have always completed a project in the version I started it in, used to cause less hassles.
  14. I always draw my buildings so the largest dimension is across the page. It does not really matter the orientation of the layout as long as you a consistant through a plan set.
  15. I would try replacing the adapters or change cabling so both monitors are connected the same if possible. I feel X13 is way less tolerant of systems than any previous version.
  16. Why are you using the export and not the PRINT function?? If you use the print, the system print dialog is not greyed out. whereas it is in the export. Therefore there is a difference in how the output is produced. Dont know what!! I have always "printed" the layout as that is what you would do if you wanted a hard copy. Have never even noticed the export in the drop down.
  17. Something is definitely wrong with print settings. 1. how exactly are you producing your PDF? 2. In CA are you printing using to scale with the fit paper greyed out but saying 100% ? 3. does a Hard copy print from CA (no PDF involved) produce a plan to scale? 4. are all all paper layout seting defaults correct? It would also help to know what version of the software you are using, you can add this to your signature.
  18. I keep X8 for opening of the old file type pl1 etc ( prior to .plan type). I open it in x8 save as then open in latest x13. Otherwise remove all of them, depends on what you need. Just remember the old file types wont open in anything newer than X8.
  19. I Agree it should not be on option. We have had this discussion with CA a few years ago and they almost completely got rid of it.
  20. cm is a non ISO measurement so should never be used. use mm or metres.
  21. I can only talk in regards Premier version, (the professional version). Not exactly sure which versions you are deciding between as there is a pro version in the lower speced Home designer series. Not sure about the limitations and whats included with these versions. With Premier you have free access to the downloadable libraries if your SSA is current. The materials list is only as accurate as the model allows it, ie as you get more proficent and include everything it gets more accurate.
  22. Sorry not seeing any lag, however a png of upper floor file did not load. this may be causing your slowness?. My machine is fairly old and due for replacement once we can get chips at a reasonable price.
  23. That has happened for a couple of versions at least but in X13 I currently cannot trust it with the project I am working on, it may be to do with the fact that there are 5 separate houses each drawn in their own locations on separate files so they can come together as 1. I have just finally bit the bullet and made new templates for x13 and going through the process of cutting and pasting plans then relinking to layout, hopefully this may solve it.
  24. No problems with toolbars here.