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    Wall Cladding disappears in preview

    rob what happens to the preview if you change the material? I am thinking a bug in the program with that material.
  2. Kiwideziner

    Wall Cladding disappears in preview

    does it show in a wall in the model?
  3. Kiwideziner

    remove wall layer

    probably need to make a new wall definition without the drywall.
  4. Kiwideziner

    How to move object under the other

    alter the drawing group number so things appear behind others.
  5. Kiwideziner

    Trusses displaying in wrong place

    Mike. I took no offense, just the opposite, sorry if my comment was misinterpreted. I like others was cracking up at some of the wit.
  6. Kiwideziner

    Trusses displaying in wrong place

    Has anyone seen this before? It was all good this morning when I closed the file to work on something else. Then the client arrived for our final meeting I opened the file and did a perspective full overview and got the following, most of the trusses show down below the ground. I can individually click on them to open, then close the dbx and they move to where they are supposed to be. Dont know if it is a bug or what it is.
  7. Kiwideziner

    Trusses displaying in wrong place

    I am pleased to see all the good humour in the current situation. at least it was easily fixable now that I have slept on it will hunt down a backup and send i a report. cheers everybody
  8. Kiwideziner

    Trusses displaying in wrong place

    will send off to tech, hopefully might be able to find a backup?
  9. Kiwideziner

    Trusses displaying in wrong place

    Mick had to look what I had done as it was so long ago, just blended the colour material is pine rafter. This one is a little weird, but in plan view I could marquee select and force rebuild. then all ok.
  10. Kiwideziner

    Plan file suddenly empty

    have you renamed any of your directories?, just an outside chance as you say it has happened twice. so maybe a hardware glitch?
  11. Kiwideziner

    Missing Aerial View Feature

    Saved plan views will do some of this.
  12. Kiwideziner

    Labels (how to suppress)

    turn the labels layer off
  13. Kiwideziner

    Serious Error Occurred - Send Report?

    I dont think just sending the report covers it as they are asking for the steps to reproduce.
  14. Kiwideziner


    You are definitely missing something . I use a # for the page number as K bird said then when you remove a page everything after that page renumbers automatically. same if you add an extra page. I would try deleting your current page table and place in another one, there may be some weird broken link.
  15. Kiwideziner

    Copy and paste in Place

    Windows built-in functionality works for me ctrl-c then ctlr-alt-v. this works in all cases I have tried plan to plan or page to page.
  16. Kiwideziner

    How to create half a newel post

    what version of chief ??
  17. Has this been reported to CA?? Going from your attachments it appears to be a mac issue.
  18. Kiwideziner

    Floor defaults

    is the windows layer turned on in that view???
  19. Kiwideziner

    Sections with terrain

    This should be in the general q&a section so more people see it. currently I am not sure what you are asking, more detail appreciated.
  20. Kiwideziner

    NEED HELP--Curving and Circular Driveway

    If the site is flat, a polyline converted to a terrain feature works.
  21. Kiwideziner

    Changing first floor room heights after second floor is built

    why not upload the plan. without seeing the plan I would look at temporary room dividers . I have done it in the past but it took perseverance.
  22. Kiwideziner

    Changing first floor room heights after second floor is built

    You will have to change the rooms 1 at a time, I haven't found a way to do multiple unless I change the default. but as you only want to change 4 rooms. It would also help if we knew what program and version you were using, as a few things were changed in this area over the last couple of versions.
  23. Kiwideziner

    Import dwg, not possible

    George Just tried an import of acad dwg file and it works fine. Do you know what version of acad it is in? or are you not getting to choose the file?
  24. Kiwideziner

    Topo Lines in 3D

    That is thinking outside the box. Never would have thought of it my self, but just used it on my current project and it works great. Thanks for sharing.
  25. Kiwideziner

    Import docs to layout

    We have been lodging digitally for several years now, all in PDF format. We supply plans, specifications, calculations and other documentation in separate files. If they require them in 1 file it will be huge, but can all be put together with PDF editing software. I use Foxit Phantom. hope this helps, as don't know the exact requirements.