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  1. I am getting similar badness. I have to close out the camera view and make a new camera view before changes are recognized. Often happening after deleting something which remains on screen and is unselectable. Like the molding of Xmas past.
  2. If you are wanting to hire an engineer to review and design the supporting system, you can just export an acad file for them to work from. If you want someone to tweak the design then it is probably to your advantage to hire a Chief Architect user since the model is already built in Chief. I would take a hard look at the rear elevation. The way that dining room roof crashes into the dormer is not my favorite part of the massing (kindest way I can put it). Also, with all that space, the kitchen could be designed in a better way. Maybe it works for you but I have general criteria for a kitchen that this does not meet.
  3. I did not look very far into the file. Is there info on a structural layer? I was just the file transfer monkey. Send tropical fruit.
  4. This is the table for BCI. I think you are going to be o.k. since the plan shows a beam at the kitchen/living room clg. that cuts that span down to about 18'. You may want to go down to 12" o.c. where you have tile floors on the second story.
  5. This is the spot on the stair landing that I think is in violation of the code. If this was a stair winder, I believe this corner would need to be maintained. The way it is laid out the path of the stairs get cut off too soon.
  6. If using 1x12, give Boral a try. Super stable and takes paint really well. Just be safe cutting it as the dust is not good for your lungs. When we cut Boral, I set up dust collection (even outside).
  7. When we cut the I joists we almost always make a jig which enables easy cross cuts. For a shed roof the plumb cut more easily enables you to create a drip curf at the bottom of the fascia. That drip is pretty critical since the water wants to travel right into the vulnerable spot where the rafter meets the plate at the top end. Detail the beejeezus out of that to get some liquid flash a that point (don't ask me how I know).
  8. 1x12 with a shadow board? Spacer below the shadow board to make up the difference.
  9. Help me understand something. Is this a plan you designed? If so, what is your experience/training in Architecture? If you did not design it, where did the plan come from?
  10. Fly, you need to makes some adjustments to that landing on your stairs. That does not meet code.
  11. version button checked.plan?dl=0
  12. It appears you are about 927 words short of your answer. But, you know what they say about a picture?
  13. Dear gawd, that is a great and horrible solution. This is an ideal item for the suggestions since this is a pretty common element that would be nice to represent without overlaying an extra model in our model.
  14. It took me by surprise. I had placed a bunch of cad blocked plant images (Bonus library of Image Cad Blocks). These were plant images in plan view. Too dark and bold so I went to edit one by exploding. In X14 it jumped to the CAD Block as a separate file. I edited, reblocked and copied it into the plan. Then when I closed the CAD Block file, it prompted me to update all instances. Like Xmas in July.