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  1. Assuming you are using Premiere version: 1. Draw a manual roof plane along the exterior line of the long wall of the short bump out. 2. Select the big roof plane DBX and highlight and copy the number of the "Fascia Top Hight", then close that DBX 3. Select the new little roof plane DBX and then change the pitch to 3" click the lock, then paste the number you copied to the ridge and hit enter.
  2. Check out Kebony. Darker in color but has some very good properties that make for a long lasting material.
  3. It is one of the t.v.'s from the library. I tried first with the screen material in the symbol but it glowed out even more. That is why I placed a polysolid in front of the screen and made it super thin.
  4. @Casey, when you have a bunch of clowns, you're gonna' have a circus. Maybe next time you would prefer "No."? I was talking with a contractor last night about the changes in how education happened in the past vs. today. about 30 years ago you would have more journeyman level carpenters on a job site so there was a natural education process on a daily basis. Now, based on chasing money, there are fewer experienced carpenters and therefore they don't have the time and bandwidth to teach as the work progresses. Therefore, the uneducated stay uneducated. If you can not hire good peo
  5. We are getting closer to a parametric board and batt solution but not quite yet. X13 wall with framing on the outside.
  6. x12, emmisivity set at 50 Looks similar in Standard view. My problem with this is the edges bleed a lot of light. I made the screen about 1/8" thick to try and eliminate the glow but that does not work.
  7. I set all of my Text to Arial. I used to use MyHand2 but the usage of those hand drawn fonts have seen their days. I like the clarity of Arial and can print smaller with more clarity using Arial. It does look like your font (O.P.) is somewhat condensed which could be leading to the issue. But, the big take away for me is to avoid dimensions that end in 1.25".
  8. I am using it for some presentations. I am really close to finishing a few projects so I want to keep them in x12. So far, I have not seen any issues with something I brought in for a render but still cautious. On the rendering side, I am super happy.
  9. When it was crashing I was in a perspective camera view and then brought up the dbx. I just reopened and was in a plan view and then opened the dbx and it was good to go.
  10. P.S. Don't judge me for my sloppy modeling. There is so much more to judge me for.
  11. Firstly, issue has been sent to tech support. In X13, I am working on a file brought forward from 12. I am selecting the terrain and applied a new material from the library, then I go to adjust it by selecting the Plan Materials tab - crash. Anyone else seeing this? File attached and crash snip. C5 DD v14a 13
  12. For construction documents I print at 144 dpi (I think that is the output number). I don't see a difference in the prints if I output to 300 dpi or larger. What dpi are you printing the pdf?
  13. With your hundreds of lights, are you setting up an array of lights for ambient distribution?
  14. Does the bottom of the beam clear this? If not, it fails the test. Do you want to become another meme about Florida?