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  1. Gawdzira

    Framing view Walk Through Camera?

    I don't see where I can set the layerset for the Walk Through camera.
  2. Can we do a camera move and show the framing view?
  3. Gawdzira

    Creating a New Catalog

    Are you only making them for yourself or are you going to sell them? They look great. Are the holes in the intermediate posts angled? You can email me direct at since my questions make take this thread away from the intention of this area of the forum.
  4. Gawdzira

    Human figures?

    Here is a file in x12 beta. The 2 female images are placed as plants. Sorry, not a misogynist statement but just a method of placing images with transparency in your plan file. The other one was lifted from Sketchup and placed on a card. A while back I think it was Joe Carrick that posted a major dump of people images. I have grabbed some from Mr. Google and cut out the background to make some of these plant people. Not fully 3d or stripped down to a bikini as shown above but we all have different goals. people everywhere.plan people
  5. Gawdzira

    electrical plan

    I opened it and saw the electrical. I saved it closed and reopened it and still see the electrical.
  6. Gawdzira

    garage room

    Go down one floor to your foundation level and adjust the garage/house foundation walls to follow those walls and it will give you the look you are after. You may need to tweak the floor height in the room dbx also?
  7. Gawdzira

    Jerkinhead roof being a jerk

    Can we now call Gene the Picasso of BIM?
  8. Gawdzira

    Jerkinhead roof being a jerk

    followed instructions. Got result.
  9. Gawdzira

    CMU's to display realistically

    In my opinion, this is an exercise in futility. If you really need this to establish a count or to guide a novice in how to place stones then I would build a CMU block as a poly object and copy them around the foundation walls. It would probably take me less time to do that on your foundation plan then to make the maps and get that adjusted correctly since CA does not refresh the maps as you adjust them in the DBX. I have done a similar thing with board and batten siding to get a better look.
  10. Gawdzira

    California Assembly Bill 68

    The latest episode of "The Building Science Podcast" has an architect referring to a space density requirement in order for cities to be viable for high speed mass transit. 30 units per acre will support this. We are growing population rapidly and more dense urban centers are our only viable path for humans occupying the earth with a few more billion people around. Denser population centers can be much more viable in regards to energy use. I know that this is a bit askew to the original post but this is worth discussing in this context.
  11. Gawdzira

    California Assembly Bill 68

    Additionally SB 13 makes various changes to the existing ADU law, including: providing that when a garage, carport, or covered parking structure is demolished in conjunction with an ADU or converted into an ADU, a local agency shall not require that those off-street parking spaces be replaced reducing the application approval timeframe to 60 days and provides that if a local agency has not acted upon the submitted application within 60 days, the application shall be deemed approved prohibiting a local ordinance from requiring an applicant for an ADU to be an owner occupant providing that a local ADU ordinance that establishes minimum or maximum ADU size must allow an ADU of up to 850 square feet, or up to 1,000 square feet if the ADU provides more than one bedroom. Provides that any other minimum or maximum size imposed by a local ordinance must allow for an ADU of at least 800 square feet and 16 feet in height, with four-foot side and rear yard setbacks providing for a tiered schedule of impact fees based on the size of the ADU as follows: Zero fees for an ADU of less than 750 square feet 25% of impact fees for an ADU of 750 square feet or more requiring a local agency notice of a violation of any building standard to an ADU owner to include a statement of the owner’s right to request a delay in enforcement. Requires a local agency, upon request of the owner, to delay enforcement for five years if correction is not necessary to protect health and safety and the ADU was built before January 1, 2020 or the ADU was built prior to that date in a local jurisdiction that had a compliant ADU ordinance at that time. Sunsets this provision on January 1, 2025
  12. Gawdzira

    What new features will version 12 have?

    It will have auto-nothingness. It's a Buddhist thing.
  13. Gawdzira

    The font you like, and all caps or not, and why

    I used to use MyHand2. I have gone to Arial. The architectural hand drawing font was a nice ode to when I was hand drawing but that ship has sailed. I want the clearest font possible so I use Arial and in all caps. If my specification call out appears to be that I am screaming, I am. Dogs, kids, carpenters, I yell at anyone that will appear to take me seriously.
  14. Gawdzira

    Modifications to stone creek project

    Just to clarify above. What you are proposing is stealing copyrighted works. It is not an option. Using a design as inspiration for your unique design is perfectly acceptable. How much it needs to be different is a very murky gray area.