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  1. Gawdzira

    Drawing Unusual Windows

    For those shapes you will need to make a custom symbol.
  2. Gawdzira


    @ Ronniesha , think about layers. If you create a polyline and fill it white and it is on a draw layer above your walls but below your dimensions, you get what is described above.
  3. Gawdzira

    Open risers on half the stairs?

    Thanks Eric.
  4. Gawdzira

    Open risers on half the stairs?

    I guess in the future I need to clarify whether I am looking for permission or instruction.
  5. Gawdzira

    Open risers on half the stairs?

    I don't see anything in the DBX that allows for a connected stair to break in this way. I tried a version where I just break the landing line to isolate the top section but with the stair connected it appears to be all or nothing.
  6. Can I make this stair, which is connected by a landing, have open risers on the top run of stairs only? Is this a job for PolySolidMan?
  7. Gawdzira

    Rich Text Box compressing

    I have not seen this since about version x9. I am setting text with Rich Text and when I reopen the file my text is not displaying properly. See image for a typical example. I am not sure if this may be due to jumping between computers with different settings? I have been using 3 different computers over the past few weeks when I started to see this a lot. Is there a particular setting which will help me keep the text from doing this crazy dance?
  8. Gawdzira

    Cabinet face details

    Thanks. I found the instructions and example cabinet file.
  9. Gawdzira

    Cabinet face details

    The image shows my detail at rails and stiles of my cabinet face frames which will have inset faces. Can I do this with the cabinet DBX?
  10. Gawdzira

    All Your Questions Answered Here

    I just peed myself.
  11. Gawdzira

    Lost 4 Hours Of Work From Yesterday

    I save every 10 minutes. Then I rename it and save it again. Then I print it. Then I 3d print it. Then I get it tattooed on my dog. Then...
  12. Gawdzira

    Sidding reveal?

    Throwing out a guess as to what you are doing...If you have only changed the material on this tab, you are only changing the pattern which will show in Line Drawing or Vector. You need to proportionally adjust the Texture to match your changes.
  13. Gawdzira

    Removing gutter on selected edge routine

    Thanks to you both for the suggestions.
  14. I would like to be able to remove a gutter on a selected edge without opening up the DBX. I seem to end up doing this repeatedly when doing design development and it would be great if this was able to be a hotkey or a toolbar button. Is this possible to code as a Ruby script?
  15. Gawdzira

    Sketch view?

    I sometimes will print out a floor plan and then overlay trace paper and redraw with a Flair pen. It can be less intimidating to the client since it has a more "quick" look to it and that it has not been so refined that someone thinks it is unchangeable.