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  1. Thanks Mark. I think that solved it.
  2. I have no clue but on all my files I am crashing constantly. Please take a look at my video settings and see if there is a clue about something have overlooked that was supposed to be adjusted. Thanks, Alan
  3. Also, it appears to be related to having the Layout open. I was able to work efficiently with no Layout file open. As soon as I opened the layout file with tiled windows, frozen (but no Olaf for comic relief).
  4. @MarkMc That is exactly what I am seeing. I am pretty sure it is almost 100% when I am adjusting or just adjusted a material. Are you using multiple monitors or splitting tabs/windows on one monitor?
  5. Here is the plan file. I just reopened it and tried to work again. This time, when trying to take a perspective view and tile to a 3rd window, crash. I am wondering if it is the single monitor. It is an LG HDR 38" curved monitor. Although, I was not having these problems before the last X13 update. Sloppy model is a work in progress. AND ADU
  6. 1. What do you use for screen capture? I did this video with Loom and I am already not in love with this software since I could not save locally. 2. I have serious craziness with this file. I am updated on video card drivers and the latest version of X13. I am getting a twin of my window when multiple windows are open. Also, this file has crashed multiple times when I am viewing a perspective camera view. Just freezing and locking up the window. I was able to close the 3d view a few times but then the file just locked and I had to do a hard kill. I will be doing a restart of the cpu to see if I can replicate this. Video of my screen capture below.
  7. In California also. I can get my engineer to design for 2 stories with 2x4 framing unless I have a tall wall at stairs which then goes to 2x6. Some of the more structurally stringent walls also require 2x6 but a standard wall is fine with 2x4. Local codes vary.
  8. I guess we can file that under "When you don't have anything nice to say, STFU". (loosely quoted from my mom)
  9. Did you mean to post this in a gynecologist forum?
  10. Is the Mac that problematic. I thought it was only the RTRT that was of issue? Edit: leave the cult of Mac. We have cookies on the pc side.
  12. Good luck on the project. My current office for the next 9 months is going to be dusty.
  13. I think the tip is, don't leave your render set to PBR/RTRT when you don't need to see that displayed. I constantly swap out to Technical illustration for ease of display. A hold out habit from using Watercolor as my primary render technique in the past.
  14. My problem is displayed in my image. I made an intentional interior dimension to surfaces to resize the room. When I click on the wall I get 2 dimensions strings to choose from and now I have to pay attention to choose the correct one. That is a heavy responsibility.