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  1. Gawdzira

    sending a single object to layout

    Use a Back Clipped cross section view.
  2. Gawdzira

    Looks like a picture from hell..

    Did you ever see the movie Pitch Black? The daytime scenes from that film is what we are living. Eerie as F.
  3. Gawdzira

    Refence grid on Layout drawings

    Yes. When I did the cad lines for my layout it was back in the golden age of an unmasked population and lack of grid control.
  4. Gawdzira

    Refence grid on Layout drawings

    If you want it to print, just make some cad lines and copy/repeat. I have a layer for my 11x17 sheets in a light gray for when I want to have a 1/4" or 1/8" grid display for sketching or field work.
  5. Gawdzira

    Continuous Insulation Wall Assembly

    Good to know. I am fortunate to have all my work currently within a few miles of my house (where the only snow is flocking at the tree lot in December).
  6. Gawdzira

    Continuous Insulation Wall Assembly

    If the interior vapor barrier is a code item, generally a painted drywall surface becomes that vapor barrier.
  7. Gawdzira

    Continuous Insulation Wall Assembly

    IF you do use an interior vapor barrier. Look at Intello as a solution since it is vapor open.
  8. Rocky, I realize that you asked for technical information and I am stepping way out of line here. Feel free to flame me, cancel me or edit me out of people who you see posts from. Please do not do this (meaning that entry portico. This is really, really far out of scale and proportion for a residential setting. Get a copy of Get Your House Right to use as a guide when making these sort of decisions. Or, hire a good(or even great) designer to help you with this project.
  9. Gawdzira


    1000 words
  10. Gawdzira

    What is this design called

    Here is the CA file from that image. shed dormer.plan
  11. Gawdzira

    What is this design called

    To be honest, I was really hoping for a heated discussion on fenestration and dormer design proportions.
  12. Gawdzira

    What is this design called

    1000 words
  13. Gawdzira

    weird light blue

    Plan file, layout file or camera views? Did you close CA and restart?
  14. Gawdzira

    tile grout color adjustment?

    I thought I had an answer for this (in the Symbols forum page) but now I have a question. I wanted to show an example of changing the grout color on the existing file. Here are the steps to do that in pics but basically 1. I did a back up entire plan for the plan file which is an easy way to get the image file for your tile. 2. I edited that in Photoshop for a darker grout color and saved the image as a .png 3. when I brought that back in I needed to rescale the image in order for it to align with the old image This seems odd to me. If I took the exact image from the material file, why did it come back in at a different scale. The original file had it at 8" x 7" but I needed to both resize and offset. The image files loaded in backwards so read them in named numerical order (from the bottom up on my screen).