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  1. Gawdzira

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    In relation to the original question. V10 is a 1970 VW bug with a minor exhaust leak so you need leave the window cracked for fear of poisoning yourself. X12 is (almost) a Tesla.
  2. Gawdzira

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    If it is possible for you, post a file of one of your plans to this thread and someone can open it up in X12 to verify it will work. If you are concerned with plagiarism, PM me the plan. According to my wife, I can't remember a thing so your secrets are safe with me.
  3. Gawdzira

    2019 CRC

    Thanks Perry. I was watching a deck code webinar this past week and they showed a diagram for the 30" height of a deck and then measured 36" out for drop of slope. Previously I had seen this 30" measured at 30" away. Is this a new change? Does it apply in California?
  4. Gawdzira

    .STL scaling issue

    When doing an export of a model that I created in Imperial the scale is way off when I bring it to a 3d printer (Makerbot). Have any of you figured this out for printing? I tried to put it in as cm but that is small by about 2/3. If I change it to in. it goes to about 2x size but not sure exactly yet as I did not print that out. Thanks Alan cafe stove knob.stl cafe stove knob v1.plan
  5. Gawdzira

    Graph Paper - we've got it, please use it!

    One of my professors designed a near zero waste building. A pyramidal hip roof that used all plywood without scraps. His design would be even more relevant today with better pre-cut engineered lumber packages. While it was a nice simple design, it was not heavy on being a beautiful design. More like a repeatable army barracks where economy would trump design.
  6. Gawdzira

    Graph Paper - we've got it, please use it!

    The only time I display graph lines is in layout files that I create to do sketching. I have one I made for an 11x17 sheet that I bring to sites when doing field measure and then one that I have for 8.5x11 sheets for notes when I need to sketch a quick detail and send out for an RFI. If the snap grid is on by mistake (new install of the program, etc.) the discovery is followed by language I generally reserve for responses to news reports by politicians.
  7. Gawdzira

    Fast PC, Slow Chief Architect - Why???

    How many undos are you set to ?
  8. Gawdzira

    Pocket Door Opening Direction

    I am using a pocket door kit from KN Crowder. These are a bit more expensive but rock solid with soft close in both directions. Worth the money when it comes to a door that takes an act of Congress (and a lot of dust) to solve any problems.
  9. Gawdzira

    2019 CRC
  10. Gawdzira

    Framing view Walk Through Camera?

  11. Gawdzira

    Framing view Walk Through Camera?

    I don't see where I can set the layerset for the Walk Through camera.
  12. Can we do a camera move and show the framing view?
  13. Gawdzira

    Creating a New Catalog

    Are you only making them for yourself or are you going to sell them? They look great. Are the holes in the intermediate posts angled? You can email me direct at since my questions make take this thread away from the intention of this area of the forum.
  14. Gawdzira

    Human figures?

    Here is a file in x12 beta. The 2 female images are placed as plants. Sorry, not a misogynist statement but just a method of placing images with transparency in your plan file. The other one was lifted from Sketchup and placed on a card. A while back I think it was Joe Carrick that posted a major dump of people images. I have grabbed some from Mr. Google and cut out the background to make some of these plant people. Not fully 3d or stripped down to a bikini as shown above but we all have different goals. people everywhere.plan people
  15. Gawdzira

    electrical plan

    I opened it and saw the electrical. I saved it closed and reopened it and still see the electrical.