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  1. lbuttery

    Catalog Folders

    Michael: thanks for the clarification I remember something about making copies or making links to items since the current library structure was introduced in X4 I have suggested that the folder structure be the same as it is on the website during X5 beta someone from CA said it was a great idea but to late for x5 Hmmm, X13 is coming and somehow I doubt it will be there Lew
  2. lbuttery

    Catalog Folders

    Michael: so what is the method ? Lew
  3. lbuttery

    Catalog Folders

    i believe you have to copy to the User category first then you can create folders there I think ... Lew
  4. lbuttery

    Chief Not Loading

    did you reboot the PC ? was it working yesterday ? did Windows do an update ? can you reverse that update ? Lew
  5. I follow this forum daily and read most posts if there were issues with X12 others would be posting about them I agree with Dermot that you are most likely having hardware issues do you have access to another computer - even for just conducting a test where you install X12 on that computer and see if the issue(s) persist Lew
  6. lbuttery

    Interior Prairie Style door

    in a rush you can attach a pic of one to a polyline solid and then paste it over a door or make a material from a ,jpg one exact methods i have forgotten how - use to do it with shutters etc Lew
  7. lbuttery

    Drawing Sheet Set Up Home Designer Pro 21

    Mijo: NOTE: HD PRO users can benefit from following Chieftalk as well as Hometalk since PRO has many of the manual tools that Chief Premier has when posting be sure to note you are using PRO and when reviewing threads be aware of the limitations of PRO as not all info will apply to PRO Lew
  8. lbuttery

    Chief 10 key

    you could try to find Chief 10, X1, X2 on ebay I would avoid X3 X4 would be a good choice the seller should be willing to work with CA to verify it is a valid license the transfer fee for a 1st seat is $50 - 2nd+ seats can be $$$ Lew
  9. lbuttery

    Chief 10 key

    it is illegal to sell older keys if that version has been upgraded with verification with CA someone can donate their older keys I have already done so with some of my older keys and I only asked for $8 to cover mailing expense sorry but my Chief 10 key has already been donated Lew
  10. How many times have any of us had to save to a previous version? It comes down to probability of use -vs- effort to implement. it would be nice if it could be done there are many times or situations where this could be used but at this time CA states it is not feasible to do either programming wise or spending resources Lew
  11. And yet Autodesk Revit figured it out... interesting I believe Revit etc is just cad lines Chief is 3D What do you do with features that are in the newest version that aren't in the earlier version ? just leave gaping holes ? I believe that if it could be done then CA would do it Lew
  12. lbuttery

    How to Turn on "Living Area Calculation"

    and once again this newbie trap is sprung CA needs to make the solution intuitive as has been suggested for over a decade Lew
  13. lbuttery


    Not sure what Chief would give us since chimneys are so variable in size and design There are many standard types for chimneys I would expect a chimney tool could to 80% or better of most chimneys I doubt if there are many tools in Chief that can do 100% there are always special situations but there are standards also Lew
  14. lbuttery


    Why would a special tool be needed? Joe: and what about remodels of older homes ? drive down the road and see how many homes have chimneys maybe not in CA but here on the East Coast they are everywhere Lew
  15. lbuttery


    Bradley: that is the story I heard about the advent of roofs maybe someone else remembers ? it still amazes me about all the work arounds needed to do a chimney - even a basic one Chimneys are "standard" with houses and yet there is no tool to create them after all these releases simply amazing Lew