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  1. My partner Joe was doing these prior to 2008 I don't have any samples handy at this time with everything having been archived when we closed the business in 2012 Lew
  2. NOTE: material list can be exported to Excel and then edited there but if any changes in Chief plan it would then be needed to be repeated Lew
  3. watch the training videos and learn way too complex a subject to describe here you can learn how - I did ... Lew
  4. Jim: I agree ... almost 15 years ago I suggested that Chief create a schedule with all that info and more there are numerous "official" methods of calculating "living space" depending on the industry needing the info the schedule could include the most common ones then the user could chose the needed data - easy peasy so far - crickets time and again a new user has to ask how to restore the missing "living area" and has to be informed about "plan check" - which is totally non-intuitive and non-user friendly
  5. check out the MS Surface PRO versions prices range from $599 - $1999 I3, I5, I7 also SQ series (may not run software ?) can be tablet or laptop - very lightweight I have the docking station that gives additional ports Lew
  6. I believe David Potter has had success best to contact him to discuss Lew
  7. Glenn: I stopped making suggestions a decade ago I now just reply when others have issues others can make the suggestions now I got tired of all the nay-sayers Lew
  8. Bruce: over a decade ago I suggested that there be a schedule created floor by floor showing the living area for each room for each of the "standard" methods of calculating living area - each agency has their "official" methods so depending on the cleint it may vary from project to project currently it is a guessing game for you the user to know which is which Lew
  9. Scott: What David stated, plus someone with a ver 8 key could donate it for the cost of shipping not allowed to sell them the donor should work with CA to transfer the license to you and to verify you have a valid license etc or you could find ver 8 on Ebay and the seller should be willing to work with CA to verify it is a valid license and to transfer it to yoo first seat transfer is $50 (or was ?) - lesser seats can cost hundreds of dollars if you buy a newer used version I would recommend X4 or later
  10. HD PRO can only open and edit one layout page at a time You can create as many pages as needed but only one can be open at a time there is also a size limit of 12 x 18 (I think that is the size) the trick is to save as 1/8 scale and then the print shop can double to 24 x 36 for 1/4 scale or same for other sizes Lew
  11. for sanity and clarity add the version id and date and time to the file names Lew
  12. If you are in business then I recommend getting Premier using PRO is feasible - but remember layout is ONE page at a time that alone can be a hassle CA has a rent to own offer costs more in the long run - but spreads the cost out if you buy used get at least X4 - but consider going to X8 or X9 as they would be a savings and yet not be "ancient" if buying used the seller should be willing to work with you and CA to verify it is a valid license if its a first seat the transfer fee is $50 (or was) - but if a lesser seat the f
  13. my partner and I lived in different states I used date and time and also LBX12 in file name He would use JKX12 thus, we knew who last worked on the plan and what version it was created in as we also worked on prior versions for clients With Gmail you can send huge file sizes with no problem it also helps to have some kind of "zoom" capability to help discuss design and changes instead of saying "no, the third window from the door on the left", "do you see it ?" "ok, look at the ceiling mess above that wind
  14. Antoine: for the record there was never a guarantee of a yearly release SSA is yearly for tech support and updates - not upgrades the concept is to enjoy SSA yearly and benefit in "free" upgrades when they do arrive Lew
  15. its ok, Ky had a happy 9 yrs even with his disabilities he enjoyed life as best he could Lew