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  1. lbuttery

    I've been saying this for years...

    While Chief may not be "Causative" and most issues are "User error" there is a "ripple" effect where a change in area A "ripples" over to area B if the user is not aware of or 1000% vigilant that "ripple" MAY cause changes that are unwanted If I have area B done to my liking and a "ripple" effect is going to make a change I would appreciate a "heads-up" warning otherwise, that change MAY go unnoticed until much later and could be costly etc Lew
  2. lbuttery

    I've been saying this for years...

    Michael: I think you over-exaggerate but don't worry - CA has shown no interest in implementing true locks Lew
  3. lbuttery

    I've been saying this for years...

    Rockney: I have advocated for true locks for over 15 years Locks prevent YOU from doing things - but if Chief decides it needs to make a change IT WILL I have recommended that if a lock was on then Chief should issue a warning before making ANY change to that area so far CA has been resistant to that concept and have even fought the concept of it Lew
  4. lbuttery

    External hard drive

    yes, I would use it but as with any storage - keep backups - lots of backups I use Carbonite - unlimited storage but they do charge extra for external drives or USB drives etc Lew
  5. lbuttery

    Save As Dilemma

    Hmmm, I have always made the house a symbol then placed it on the master file that has the terrain very easy to move the house symbol around as needed Lew
  6. lbuttery

    Archive Error - Unable to Write

    I can only suggest using MUCH shorter file names that is one monster of a file name ... I believe folder names are also included when bumping into the overall path limitation which is 255 characters if I remember correctly Lew
  7. lbuttery

    New computer transfer CA program woes

    I am running Chief on Win7 and Win10 and have had no issues installing them Chief X9, X10, X11, X12 Lew
  8. lbuttery


    my partner and I made $56K in our first full year of operation I was full-time - he was part time we had 13 clients and 18 projects and won a historical merit award from NARI my partner started thinking of going full-time but he had a son in college and waited then 2008 came we were charging $50/hr and had plans to raise it to $75 or $100 after we gained more experience we did switch to collecting a retainer before starting work and then requesting additional retainer as needed we working mainly doing projects in the metro DC market which included the surrounding counties of MD and VA but we were also doing projects across the USA and international via the internet I believe within a year or so we could have broken $100K level Lew
  9. lbuttery

    Video card for laptop

    Graham: and I did state that other software may benefit from the Quadro card Lew
  10. lbuttery

    Video card for laptop

    Graham: sorry, but CA has repeatedly stated time and again that Chief is gaming based and not CAD based their recommendation has never been about cost CA has stated time and again that there is no benefit to Chief from a Quadro card since it is CAD based Lew
  11. lbuttery

    Video card for laptop

    correct, from everything I have read here over the last decade is that Chief doesn't need a Quadro but can use the best video card with a decent amount of video ram other CAD software may benefit from the Quadro but Chief is gaming based - not CAD based Lew
  12. CA has stated the more cores the merrier probably best to chat with tech support on that to be sure of avoiding overkill Lew
  13. lbuttery

    X12 BETA Now Available To Public...

    not in my digital locker either ? my SSA ends May 31 Lew
  14. lbuttery

    Stretching a plan

    yes, check out the Edit area all floors tool there will probably be some "repair" needed afterward make a backup copy first Lew
  15. lbuttery

    CA 11 Won't Open CA 10 Plan

    BTW: best practice is to use X10 and X11 names otherwise there is confusion with the much older Chief 10 and 11 (which really didn't exist back then) Lew