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  1. lbuttery

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    new keys for old versions are not available from CA they can be available via donation from other users I have donated a few after verifying with CA that they have a valid license I charge $5 to cover the cost of mailing It is a violation of the license to sell older versions that have been upgraded Lew
  2. lbuttery

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    Win10 has a comparability mode feature for running older software If you should chose to start using Chief X11 you can still access your old plans Chief 8 was the last version capable of opening the older format but the free Chief Viewer ver 8 is available for download and it can open the files then save them as the newer format .PLAN files verify this with CA's customer service before activating the X11 license there will be a $50 fee to transfer the license to your name If your friend has passed - not sure what they will require to do the transfer Chief has added a lot of new features since ver 10 so there would be a learning curve but you don't have to learn how to use them unless you need them Lew
  3. lbuttery

    Anyone Using Digital Submissions In Your City?

    I was saying almost 15 years ago that eventually all submissions would be digital As a former Realtor I also see a day when a house buyer can get a digital plan just like they can get a survey now that way if the buyer wants to do renovations in the future they have the plan to start with Lew
  4. lbuttery

    Beginner questions

    also check out Dan Baumann at Lew
  5. lbuttery

    Firt Floor Balcony

    Just my opinion but that veranda with those super tall colums looks totally out of place - I would even say "silly" just my opinion Lew
  6. lbuttery

    Underground Room revisited.

    Lew that does not sound like your average root cellar. Are you sure you should be talking about it ? Did you forget the NDA you signed ? Chopsaw: I haven't done beta testing in over a decade I did the 30 floors underground test more than a decade ago Lew
  7. lbuttery

    Underground Room revisited.

    it is possible to have all 30 floors underground I am not a terrain expert but I did it many years ago I can't remember how but it involves using negative floor heights and negative ceiling heights I'm sure the experts will chime in soon Lew
  8. lbuttery

    Square Footage Calculation Issue

    users of HD PRO can benefit from following Chieftalk as they have many of the manual tools that Premier uses but understand the limits of PRO as not everything will apply to you also be sure to state you are using PRO if you ask questions so any replies will take the limits into consideration Lew
  9. maybe in the archives ? probably best to contact tech support on Monday don't delete anything else or move files around etc not sure about Mac but on PC files are simply marked for deletion by setting first byte of file to 0 then when new space is needed that space is reused so file recovery utilities may be able to recover ? Lew
  10. lbuttery

    Viewing calibz files

    Rich: I have never heard of such a utility ? Lew
  11. lbuttery

    Showing Layer of an object when selected

    yes, Chief already does that if the layer is not showing in the lower right then check your preferences and defaults Lew
  12. lbuttery

    Autocad to Chief

    Just wait until the quarantine baby boom 9 months from now as someone posted on Facebook 13 years from now they will be known as the Quaran-teens Lew
  13. lbuttery

    Looking to buy a bundle of plans

    Hi: consider buying this book - used copy is around $60+ it has all 200+ Stickley Craftsman plans that were published in Stickley's Magazine in the early 1900's hence the plans are in the public domain I had thought it might make a good set of plans to "modernize" with wider hallways and bigger baths and closets etc but maintain the style of each plan as it was I retired instead Lew
  14. lbuttery

    Autocad to Chief

    Nipped that thing right at the bud! Michael: Nah, the plans were very good, he should have paid $2,000 for them I used that set of plans to wrangle work from 2 other builders as soon as they saw them We were willing to do them for free since I was brand-new to Chief and Architecture and building etc our confidence level was "low" - but we finished those plans in a few weeks I wish I had said "no fee if you can't use them, $2,000 if you go to permit" that way they value your work from day 1 Lew
  15. lbuttery

    Autocad to Chief

    Chad: I agree, since he is a friend in my case it was a builder who promised more work we did a few more jobs with him - but he should have paid for the first one as it turned out very successful Lew