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  1. lbuttery

    Difference between export PDF and print to PDF?

    a little trick when printing a PDF it is possible to select the pages to be printed and saved as another PDF this allows getting rid of non-relevant pages Lew
  2. lbuttery


    if the new plan is a clone of the first plan then try copy - paste - hold position feature Lew
  3. lbuttery

    terrain modeling expert

    David: sorry, but I am retired and never understood terrain myself my partner did all out terrain work he is semi-retired and is only doing 3D renders and rays these days Lew
  4. lbuttery

    terrain modeling expert

    I would recommend doing each building in a separate plan then create a 3D symbol of the building and store each in the library then add each building symbol to the master terrain plan this method gives total freedom to adjust the terrain or the buildings without affecting the others while all buildings and the terrain can all be in the same plan it takes a master chiefer to control them while making changes to any of them Lew
  5. lbuttery

    licensing options

    probably rent to own you will pay more in the long run but the pain can be spread out you could also look here and on Ebay for a used older version I wouldn't go earlier than X4 just very with CA sales that the license can be transferred and the cost as non-first license can cost way more the seller should be willing to cooperate you could later upgrade to the newest version if you make some money Lew
  6. lbuttery

    Living Area Square feet notation disappears.

    Michael: I can think of three places that would make more sense than "plan check" 1. Preferences - under "Reset Options" 2. Room Specification Dialog - under General 3. Plan Defaults Lew
  7. lbuttery

    Is a 1 hour wall needed?

    this design probably qualifies as a "duplex" check what the NC codes require for a "duplex" but the local county may have other requirements ? find out what counties she is searching in and check with the local permit office(s) Lew
  8. you can also have two plans one for the building - one for the site make a 3D symbol of the building and then store in the library then add the building symbol to the site plan and rotate as needed Lew
  9. lbuttery

    finished living area

    Michael: I made my suggestions on the old forum starting in 2006 I made them repeatedly over the years as I retired I stopped making suggestions I now only respond when the issue(s) rear their head for the next user and they complain or request help doing so assures them they are not alone and gives a reminder to CA that I wasn't the only one looking for solutions to the issue(s) Lew
  10. lbuttery

    finished living area

    run a Plan Check and once again this newbie trap is sprung when will CA fix this - it is NOT user-friendly Lew
  11. lbuttery

    Exporting Floor Plans for Use in PowerPoint

    I do historical presentations for my museum and extensive family history in the 1800's in the Niagara Falls region. I mainly use .jpg's in Chief's layout tool they are generally 40-60 pages in length I then save the layout to .PDF I find this easier to do rather than re-learn Powerpoint (I've had some classes) I don't have all the fancy transistions etc - but then again are they really needed ? If the .jpg's are saved directly from Chief to your HD I don't see why they couldn't be used in Powerpoint ? Another tool to consider is MS Onenote which allows for annotation of the .jpg's and live weblinks imports of emails and much more Lew
  12. lbuttery

    corrupted file window

    Hi: probably best to contact tech support - hrs 7 AM - 5 PM Pacific Lew
  13. lbuttery

    selling my chief talk program

    yes, you can sell your license if its not current, check what it will cost to upgrade to current with active SSA then knock off $500 or so Lew
  14. lbuttery


    If they are there, the program will use them instead of Temporary Dimensions. They need to be deleted. I have always found this to be frustrating if I want a temp dimension I should be able to place one - not be hindered by this restriction very non user-friendly Lew
  15. lbuttery


    and once again this Gremlin strikes Lew