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  1. Joe_Carrick's post in Custom Fields Macro Access Format was marked as the answer   
    custom_fields["field name"]
    is the way to get the data.  Of course you'll need to specify the object in your macro.  Owner would be typical if you want the outpt in the object's label.
  2. Joe_Carrick's post in Roof Label - Text and Arrow was marked as the answer   
    Place some extra lines of text and make sure the text doesn't have fill.
  3. Joe_Carrick's post in Office with loft was marked as the answer   
    You need to create a second floor.  Then make everything but the loft area "open below"
  4. Joe_Carrick's post in Arched Doorway With Railing? was marked as the answer   
    Create the railing wall separately (offset), "set as no room definition" and then move into the doorway.
  5. Joe_Carrick's post in how to resize the toolbar icons was marked as the answer   
    Preferences > Appearance > Toolbars - Button Size.
  6. Joe_Carrick's post in how to resize the toolbar icons was marked as the answer   
    Preferences > Appearance > Toolbars - Button Size.
  7. Joe_Carrick's post in Roof Surface Material - Access to Information was marked as the answer   
    For the Plan View, 
    placed in the Roof Plane Label should do it.
    if you also want to indicate the underlayment.
    To get it in the Schedule you will need a custom field - but the same macro should work.
  8. Joe_Carrick's post in Use custom roof tile in Ray trace was marked as the answer   
    Set your tile symbol as "Flush Mounted" and use a "Polyline Distribution Region" with the tile repeated at the desired vertical and horizontal spacing.
    You will need another symbol for the ridges on s 3D Molding Polyline.

  9. Joe_Carrick's post in Elevation Tags Combine was marked as the answer   
    Check my suggestion in this thread:
    Elevation Callouts
    It wouldn't hurt to post another suggestion referencing that thread
  10. Joe_Carrick's post in Countertop overhang was marked as the answer   
    Convert to a "Custom Countertop" and you can make it any size/shape you want.
  11. Joe_Carrick's post in Site plan /survey not showing N,S,E,W bearings. was marked as the answer   
    Set it in the Defaults, CAD, General CAD
  12. Joe_Carrick's post in Creating a large dome...sideways was marked as the answer   
    Not quite.
    Create a Sphere Create a Solid (Box and make it tall enough to encompass the Spheres. In 3D select the Sphere and subtract the Box This will leave a half sphere Copy in Place Set the copy as 1" smaller diameter Subtract the smaller from the larger Edit the Material to Glass (maybe bronze or gray) you now have a 1/2" thick glass half dome shape.  
  13. Joe_Carrick's post in Final steps to my project. was marked as the answer   
    It's likely that you sent something to the layout from "projectone1". 
    If you only want "projectone1.1" in the layout then you will need to find the offending layout box and relink it to "projectone1.1"
  14. Joe_Carrick's post in Multi plans being referanced in Project Browser was marked as the answer   
    Check to see if you have any "Referenced Floors" using the secondary plan files.   This could happen if you saved a plan to a new name that had "Saved Plans".  If that's the case you just need to change them to the new plan.
  15. Joe_Carrick's post in 3 Drawer Corner Cabinet was marked as the answer   
    Yes, just use a Corner Cabinet & uncheck the "Diagonal Door" then change the Front Face to 3 Drawers.
    The Drawers won't open, but otherwise that's it.
  16. Joe_Carrick's post in Need Tutorial on How to Create 6-Tier NSF Steel Wire Shelving Unit with Wheels was marked as the answer   
    Sorry, I'm on X14.  OTOH, you can probably do the same on X8 with just the cabinet tools and materials.
    I used the following:
    frameless cabinet round pilasters - always present casters (feet) - always present - offset 2" each way open back open sides front = opening cabinet material = "No Material" or "Insulation, Air Gap" shelf material = "Wire Mesh" adjusted in width and depth no top no bottom Cabinets have always been one of the most flexible objects in Chief.
  17. Joe_Carrick's post in Reverse Ledge Foundation was marked as the answer   
    This is the problem with using "Floor Level 0" as the "Walkout Basement".
    If you insert another Floor and make "Floor Level 1" the "Walkout Basement" you will be able to add the Pony Wall to "Floor Level 0" which should be reserved as the "Foundation".  Using this scenario:
    Floor Level 0 = "Foundation" Floor Level 1 = "Walkout Basement" Floor Level 2 = "1st / Main Floor" Floor Level 3 = "2nd / Upper Floor" I also have another Floor below the "Attic" which is usually just 1/16" tall but allows rooms to be defined at that level.
  18. Joe_Carrick's post in Header framing for CS-PF was marked as the answer   
    You will need to edit the "Wall Detail".  I do that for Garage Door Openings using Simpson StrongWall.  Personally, I might also include that pdf in the Layout.
    Chief is not going to do everything exactly as you want - or per code.  We have to use our talents to do that when Chief isn't quite up to the task.
  19. Joe_Carrick's post in How to manipulate an elevation view in layout was marked as the answer   
    Select the Layout Box Click on the "ReScale" icon on the Edit Toolbar.  It looks like a short ruler. Set the desired Scale You probably want both Layout Boxes to be the same scale.
  20. Joe_Carrick's post in Roof Schedule - decimals was marked as the answer   
    So what you need to do is request a software change to provide an OIP to Roof Defaults.
    There's really no alternative that I know of.  The column data predefined in Chiefs Schedules is pre-formatted as text and can't be modified.
  21. Joe_Carrick's post in Catalog uploads was marked as the answer   
    There are 2 ways to handle this after downloading:
    Open your downloads folder and select "Open With" > Chief Architect X12 In Chief Architect X12 select "File>Import Library" browse to the downloaded file.
  22. Joe_Carrick's post in .Skp Door was marked as the answer   
    Import as a Doorway Symbol (advanced)
    In the Symbol dbx:
    Rotate 90 degrees about the z-axis
    Set y origin to 30"
    Opening Width as 12'
    Plan View Width as 12'
    Sizing Stretch Plane y=48
    You won't be able to see it "Open", and it will be listed in the Door Schedule as "Doorway" bu you can edit the Comments in the Component dbx. 
    Note, if you Import it as a Door instead, it will act like a Garage Door but you will need the y-origin to be about 22" to sit flush with the exterior wall surface.  In addition, Chief will draw the dashed line in Plan as if it was a Standard Overhead Garage Door instead of a Roll up.
  23. Joe_Carrick's post in Change appearance of footing in plan was marked as the answer   
    Select a Foundation Wall, then the "Object Layers" icon on the Edit Toolbar.  Change the Footings Color to whatever you want.  It will change all the Footings, not just one.  I don't know any way to selectively change just some Footings.
  24. Joe_Carrick's post in Layer set control vs layer display was marked as the answer   
    So if you are going to change the displayed layers, Copy the Layer Set to a new name and make the changes on the Copy.  The Annoset will remember the original so selecting the Annoset will get you back to where you want to be.
  25. Joe_Carrick's post in Mulitple floor heights and framing methods was marked as the answer   
    Once you have the basic floor layout, start at the top floor and adjust individual floors/rooms to the heights you want.  Then go down a floor and adjust that floor and rooms. 
    I know this sounds backwards, but that's the way Chief works.  A floor above sets the ceiling below based on the structure thickness.  Do not build the Foundation until you have everything above set correctly.
    I have done several projects with complex floor heights.  The lowest floor height above effects the the entire ceiling height of any room even partially below it.  Once you understand that it becomes easier to work with such projects.