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  1. Tamela you might want to do this it answers a lot of questions about the program version you are using saves time and users get to know you
  2. Tamela,, if you have any questions when digging into let me know and I will try to help, not sure where you are located if you are in a different time zone or not
  3. See if you can open this one it is just the plan recessed_window.plan
  4. What version are you using this was done in x11
  5. I have never done this before but I played with it a little bit and came up with this, I got it to look like this by making the exterior casing 6" deep you might want to play with it's depth to make it what you want if this is what you are looking for, I have a picture and a plan that I drew it in for you to look at, hope this helps window
  6. I did one also but haven't seen any results as of yet, would be nice if they posted them
  7. I use to work for a builder that we did around 110 ± he had all designs for the customers to pick from once i got them on the computer I made changes from his sales department to what they could afford, sit with them to do a final once I did the preliminary and print there final plans, I was a one man operation in the construction department doing the drafting with Chief and could keep up with things, no problem using Chief. Now I am on my own with 2 lic. one of me and the other my son uses at night he is an struct eng for the state and I won't let him give that job up
  8. Happened to me so know I get a retainer, a payment when I do a preliminary plan for them and a final payment and nothing goes out the door or do they get a pdf until the final payment, the client that did this to me I took to court under quantum merrit meaning you should be compenstated for the work you did, he can with his lawyer and I went myself and I won the case he paid me and court cost, the laughing part of this he put me down as a recommendation to be a state trooper and they called me to ask me questions the last question was if he ever stopped me what do I think would happen I told he he would do everything in his power to have me arressted and I did a job for his parents no problems and advice on a garage to where he didn't need plans at no charge and then this. Retainer, preliminary, finals that is my policy and it has been working haven't gotten stuck since. I do my proposals through emails so I have a standing record of it
  9. I replaced my hp500 with the canon IPF750 with no issures I am thinking of upgrading it not that I need to but figured maybe while business is so good I would buy an upgrade instead of giving it to uncle sam, I am running xX11 with windows 10 pro on my main computer and windows 10 home on my laptop, my son uses a mac sometimes and it works on that also
  10. Adam not sure I understand, when we change the rise, run and the amount of steps to reach the railing spindles change with the changes we make
  11. This as been one of the things that a lot of members have been asking for, a revamping of Stairs and railings, they have done some work on these but not to the extent some would like it, since I use to build my own like this it is disapointing that I can't do it, I might of make a symbol while ago of a spinal and railing and placed them seperately
  12. Break the wall using the wall tool where you want your post to be and reverse one of the walls so the don’t reconnect
  13. Estee when I downloaded your layout I didn't get the file so I wasn't able to do anything with it