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  1. I have a very simple plan for demonstration. I first framed roof planes "B" as the "original" roof. I then highlite roof planes "A", go into specifications, check the overframe dbx. and the sheating dbx.. After that I click on the "Build framing for selected object" at the bottom of the screen. After doing what should be a very simple task I get what is shown in the attachment, which is what I got in X13. WHAT AM I MISSING? This is very frustrating. Anyone opening the plan and asking CA to overframe onto roof plane "B", are you getting the same result? One other question, if I may. When I backed up this file to post it with "all reference files" the .zip file for this simple plan was almost 12 megs. When I backup the file with no reference files it was only 972 kb. Can anyone explain to me in simple terms where the heck all these "reference files are coming from? I have a fairly decent system, but X14 is so S-L-O-W at times it drives me to way too much coffee as the day progresses. Could this be part of my "slowness" problem? As always any and all help is much appreciated. ROOF OVERFRAMING
  2. Due to the size of this plan, I'm posting it without the reference files. I'm not sure whether this works or not. If it doesn't open correctly you'll have to let me know and I'll figure some other way to post the plan. Thank you and good luck. HUMMER
  3. Robert...............Sorry for my naivete, but can I post the plan without the reference files? Otherwise, it's a very large file.
  4. DB..............I actually have three areas on this project shown with renderings to easier visualize. All of these areas are where I would like to overframe and CA won't do it correctly by not showing a shoe plate or "cutting" the rafters correctly on any of them. None of these three areas are not complicated to me.
  5. I'm trying to overframe a roof to show the shoe plate in a framing overview along with the plan roof framing layout and CA won't overbuild it showing the shoe plate or the rafters cut correctly. I can't find much info as far as a video or something in the "knowledge base" that might show something I'm missing. What info I have found seems like all you do is check the overframe dbx. and check what you want to frame it too along with the size of the shoe plate. I started this project in X13 and moved it into X14, if that might be the possible problem. If someone could steer me toward more information or show/tell me my problem it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Rene...................Thanks for the "heads up". I guess I'm having another "senior moment" (as you can tell, I use "senior moment" quite often. It's an excuse that works for me some/most days ). but I'm not understanding with what Ryan is showing with how the outcome is accomplished in his snip and your explanation. I thank everyone who have attempted to enlighten me with the outcome I was asking. I'm just having a brain fog at present. Later when I have more time I'll try and put this info in order and figure it out.
  7. Eris...............Sorry for the conclusion. I'm referring to the actual side panel of the box.
  8. Ryan.....................Interesting, but I'm not understanding how/what you are showing me. Either I haven't had enough coffee or this "Covid" thing is still kicking me in the butt.
  9. Joe........................My thoughts with this question is with custom built cabinets and designing using CA as how they would actually be built. Many times, over years with building custom cabinets, I would build an extended "ear" on the side panels so it could then be scribed to an out of plumb wall. Of course, this doesn't pertain to new construction , but in dealing with much older remodeling it is common.
  10. I was asking about one side, but I would be curious about both. My solution/work around for extending the side (with an "ear") is to layout the cabinet face on a cabinet side with the front of the cabinet looking like the side. I "think" this is the only way it can be accomplished. If both sides needed to be extended, for whatever reason, then I don't know the solution. My "ears are open" Eric, if you have a solution.
  11. Just out of curiosity, is there a way to extend the side panel 3/4" beyond the back of a cabinet? I think this may be a problem.
  12. Eric.................Yes. I found it also just after I posted the thread. It was a "senior moment"! Now where's my coffee? Thanks for taking the time and have a great day.
  13. I'm working with framed cabinets. I want to extend the face frame 3/4" beyond one side on the face of a cabinet. (I refer this as a "cabinet ear") I thought that this was possible in CA now, but I can't find any info on how to do this. Am I having another "senior moment" or can this be accomplished? If so, pointing me toward the information will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  14. The problem I was having trying to insert outlets into the backsplash area was that that area was not a wall, but part of the overall cabinet structure. When I first "built" the island I had made the backsplash out of a countertop which of course CA would not let me put an outlet in. I finally resolved the issue by making the backsplash between the countertops using a cabinet. With it being a cabinet CA would install the outlet. I loaded a plan showing the island I put "together" to get the look and dimensions I wanted. In looking at this island design I've put together, is there a better/more logical way to build the design I'm showing in the plan? Was the "work around" using a cabinet for a backsplash the best solution in this case? I much appreciate all your help and advice. Have a great day. Kitchen
  15. I have a 36" high kitchen island with a 42" high sit-up bar on one side. I'm trying to install outlets in the 6" backsplash between the counter height and the bar height. Is there a "trick" or work around to accomplish this. Yes, I know it's a holiday, but I'm up to my ears in work, quarantine at home with Covid, and bored. As always, any and all help much appreciated.
  16. Mark.........................N-I-C-E!! Have a great weekend.
  17. Eric & Mark.......................Thank you. Greatly appreciated for taking the time. Yes Eric, the difference in the door offset bugs me also. Have a great weekend!
  18. Eric...................Here's a simple plan using a 3d solid as the "inset" bottom for the wall cabinet. This is the look I was trying to achive with just the cabinet specification dbx. Thanks for taking the time. wall
  19. Eric...............Thank you
  20. I'm trying to figure a way to raise a wall cabinet bottom up inside 1" for under cabinet lighting. I'm having framed inset door cabinets with the bottom of the door going all the way down to the bottom of the cabinet. (no bottom rail on cabinet) I'm using 2" stiles and rails on both the cabinet and door. I would like to show the top side of the bottom slab of the cabinet flush with the top edge of the 2" bottom door rail. Is this possible in CA or a better work around then what I'm doing? So far (work around) the only way I can achieve this is by not having a bottom in the cabinet and manually installing a p-solid bottom once I have the cabinets on the wall. I know this description is quite "wordy", but I hope you understand what I'm explaining.
  21. Levis................Thank you so much for the macros. Eric..................As always, you clarify and give "good points" and study material. Too all.............Info very much appreciated. Have a great day and 4th of July!
  22. I'm not "up" on macros. Is there a macro for door labels that would show the label for, let's say, a 30" wide door as 2/6 or a 32" wide as 2/8 etc., etc.? If I want, is there a "place" I can learn how to write macros? Well, at least a basic understanding of them.
  23. Robert................I just went through a "senior moment". I was changing the text style/size on the door and window layers instead of the door LABEL and window LABEL layers. Some days this getting "old" is rough on the mind. Thanks for "bearing" with me. Have a great day.
  24. I changed the text style/size for my door & window labels in my Layer options but when I install a new window or door in a wall the label doesn't change to the new text style/size. This procedure works for room labels as per "Knowledge Base". What am I missing/doing wrong? As always, thank you for your time and knowledge.
  25. Eric........................I think I got it! Thank you for you time and knowledge. Have a great day.