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  1. DRAWZILLA's post in Gable Truss was marked as the answer   
    Yes ,you need a roof plane and a lower ceiling plane then build with trusses.
  2. DRAWZILLA's post in Bay Window / Room Label Question was marked as the answer   
    yep, forgot about exploding the bay, that works.
  3. DRAWZILLA's post in How to put a plan into a layout was marked as the answer   
    you don't copy to the layout; you use the send to layout button.
  4. DRAWZILLA's post in Porch Slabs was marked as the answer   
    open those railing walls and check bearing wall and the add footing tab then re-build the foundation
  5. DRAWZILLA's post in Camera view Problems was marked as the answer   
    Without posting your spec's and plan you are using, it just a guessing game. You can also submit to tech support
  6. DRAWZILLA's post in Corner foyer modeling problems was marked as the answer   
    Here it is fixed, had to play around with it, I guess the main thing I did was to add a 2nd floor (open below). just use invisible walls not a glass wall. Check it out and see if that works for you. I noticed the roofs reverted back to hips but you can fix that easily
    Test corner foyer fixed.plan
  7. DRAWZILLA's post in Layout Template link to Plan Template was marked as the answer   
    In a layout,Go to tools/ layout / reference plan files to link the plan to the layout. Then refresh everything or close and re-open
  8. DRAWZILLA's post in Washer and Dryer Hook up box symbols? was marked as the answer   
    here is one I got a log time ago from tommy
    washer-dryer hookup box.calibz
  9. DRAWZILLA's post in Ray Trace settings for brushed stainless steel was marked as the answer   
    There are some new metal downloads @ Chief's website in the bonus section, they look pretty good
  10. DRAWZILLA's post in Basement Exterior Stair Well was marked as the answer   
    Make the upper and lower floors , rooms. You can also add railing to the top.

  11. DRAWZILLA's post in sending layout plan to PDF missing wall fill was marked as the answer   
    I try to make my fills on the dark side to show properly, light colors will not print well. try to experiment a little to get what you want. I print everything in color and there is a setting in preferences " Color off is grayscale" try that one.
  12. DRAWZILLA's post in Attic Walls Invisible In 3D was marked as the answer   
    It's possible you are using a floor camera, use the full camera.
  13. DRAWZILLA's post in How To Un-Hatch? was marked as the answer   
    Select the wall, hit the tab key, delete. Just look a the bottom to verify you have the hatch before deleting.
  14. DRAWZILLA's post in New To Chief. Is There A Keynote Tool? was marked as the answer   
    Here is a short video
  15. DRAWZILLA's post in Wall lines showing through exterior in elevation view. was marked as the answer   
    You can see in the picture that a drywall layer is going thru the outside wall, just use the "edit wall layer intersections" tool to bring it back to where it should be.
  16. DRAWZILLA's post in "Print in Color" to PDF was marked as the answer   
    I the Preferences section Check " color off is grayscale".
  17. DRAWZILLA's post in Pony wall veneer not showing in plan view was marked as the answer   
    You have the option to show the lower wall in the pony wall DBX. Windows will gray out though. Try to reference the foundation plan also.
  18. DRAWZILLA's post in auto dimensions double up was marked as the answer   
    Yes Mick has it right, that is the correct location.
  19. DRAWZILLA's post in Cantilever over porch was marked as the answer   
    Here it is back at you fixed. I just made the attic above a room and adjusted the floor structure in the room extension abv.
    juno fixed.zip
  20. DRAWZILLA's post in Seeking Someone To Train X5 Premeir, Orange County, Ca was marked as the answer   
    What city are you from?
  21. DRAWZILLA's post in Changing Roof Heights was marked as the answer   
    Roof will not update in that situation unless you have auto roof turned on.   Sometimes you have to use the " transform -replicate" tool to do it manually in the "z" direction.
  22. DRAWZILLA's post in Room Divider Keeps Changing To A Regular Wall was marked as the answer   
    Use the floor material region for flooring, it works great for that.
  23. DRAWZILLA's post in Unable To Select Attic Area And Specify It As Room was marked as the answer   
    Did you add a second floor to the plan, no rooms in the attic. did not look at your plan.
    ok looked at your plan, add a 3rd floor. also your 3rd floor walls have no room def. un-check that.
  24. DRAWZILLA's post in Send File To Builder? was marked as the answer   
    Father in law, if you don't do it , you'll hear about it the rest of your life. Do it this time, just for your piece of mind.
  25. DRAWZILLA's post in Wall Height Control was marked as the answer   
    Add a second floor to the structure then you can make the ceiling system out of the 2nd floor and adjust the height of the floor/ ceiling to wherever you want. If you want no walls to show on the 2nd floor then just make them invisible. Also use open below for no floor and to adjust wall height