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  1. lbuttery's post in (Solved) Hire Someone To Model Terrain was marked as the answer   
    some files have to be zipped to be attached
  2. lbuttery's post in Files Between Chief And Softplan was marked as the answer   
    if you have the demo version
    look under MENU - FILE - EXPORT and MENU - FILE - IMPORT
    I think there is some info lost regardless of format used
    most CAD software is not setup to play well in the sandbox with each other
    unless they use BIM file formats
    true BIM apps have better inter-operability but even then not sure it is 100%
  3. lbuttery's post in Help F1 Not Working was marked as the answer   
    you should probably contact CA's tech support on Monday
    its possible you may need to re-install
    but I wouldn't rush to do it without consulting first
  4. lbuttery's post in Cannot Attach .CALIBZ to Forum Post, HELP! was marked as the answer   
    many files types need to be zipped before attaching
  5. lbuttery's post in Stairs with a Volute at the bottom? was marked as the answer   
    It's best not to change the extension
    just zip the file and then post it