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Precise Cabinet Feet Control and More - Expanded ability to control cabinet feet attached to cabinets, such as including toe-kick with feet and controlling feet attached to adjacent cabinets.


I almost thought is said stair tool has been revamped.    Being a user since Chief 6 (no not x6), I cant believe this one has gone ignored for so long.   I am really hoping and holding out hope that we see a solid update with fixes of MAJOR longstanding issues.   Truth is, I can live without color elevations and shadows, but the stairs prove to be a REAL limitation and have been for years.    I think many would agree this is on the top 1 or 2 of most "real" users of the software.   (guys using to do more than just draw pretty pics.)


Not being a pain....but I have stood on the sidelines for too long and just felt the complaint was being heard as I have seen it over and over for years.   I figured maybe I should say something too...

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If you are really curious about what is in X8, you might want to apply to be on the beta team. 


Use to be on multiple beta teams many versions ago and enjoyed it very much.  Just too busy now to commit the kind of time that I would need to be responsive and helpful.  It would be more of a feature and function input then bug input.  Perhaps X9.

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If you are really curious about what is in X8, you might want to apply to be on the beta team.  See this thread for more info:


Thank you.  I agree and if I were not too busy I would certainly share my views.   I was a member of the old forum but only recently found my way back here and am glad to share experiences.   Like many others, I slowed up for some time but have gotten quite busy again.   If I felt I could contribute, I would do so.   But right now, I am struggling to keep up with my commitments and the added uncertainty of a Beta version is something I could not afford to do.

Thank you, and I look forward to the new release.   As a long time user of Chief, I have seen it come a long way.  While I appreciate the catchy looks and neat outputs we can accomplish, at the end of the day, functionality of basic drawing functions always takes precedent for me. (without too many work-arounds)

Thank you and I look forward to seeing what you guys have in store!

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My take on being a Beta Tester:



-   I get the new version sooner....  once I get in the swing of it,  I hate the previous version

-   I can influence the direction the developers are going....

-   I will have to go thru the growing pains eventually,  so the sooner I get through it the better



-   The frustration of the bugs.....  believe me I have felt like lobbing some 66 mm water balloons in the direction of Idaho more than once

-   Reading Joe Carricks requests,  but I know he is a users best friend,  he has contributed a lot in the improvement of the program

-   having to spend the time to log the bugs....  but Brian Beck does a great job in letting me know whether my bug report is legit of if it is my issue,  much appreciated

-    in regards to the bugs,  none has been so bad that I cannot use the program,  I think this is due to James who is in charge of quality control,  he is doing a great job  (I think it is James)


Bottom line,  the more people who can help out with the BETA testing,  the better for the future of the program and the better for the users,  imagine if nobody did any BETA TESTING,  it would be a disaster for us users down the line.  So spending time with BETA testing is my way of helping out all of you users and somewhere down the road I think you guys will help me out with your knowledge and experiences.


One final note,  I have been using this program since 2005,  and this is probably the best release yet......  maybe with the exception of X3 for my own reasons......  you guys will love the new stuff Idaho has come up with.

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There are a lot of great new things in X8 but we Beta Testers aren't allowed to tell you about them.  Eventually CA will release more of the "goodies" but we're bound to keep quiet under the NDA we signed.  It would be nice if we could talk and would IMO generate a lot of excitement.


Maybe CA will release the Public Beta for Christmas - and release the reindeer and the elves ;)

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+1 on what everyone else has said.


I always felt the same about not having time, but you know use it here and there try out some of the new features and keep rolling.  If you find a bug, great, if not, well at least you know it works well in what you do.


Personally, I would use the Beta for production if I was a one man outfit, but since we have around 10 users here I can't really be cranking out stuff that others can't look at.


The 3DConnexion support alone is enough to make me want to keep using it, buuuuut...*sigh*

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Yeah Cool, 2 hands 2 mice, LH 3D navigation, if you have a RH conventional mouse, sqeeky clean!

Waiting on the X8 release notes now, not too much praise guys as there are lots of CAD software programs out there in the same field that we need to catch and beat in all areas of functionality.

Extra 2d tool kits, 3d element drawing of walls etc., Complete ML accurate take off, to name a few.

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I think the "Quick Sneak Peek" of Story Pole Dimensions was TOO QUICK AND THE AUDIO WAS POOR QUALITY.



otherwise it is just adding to the "confusion".


I hope the two key "ISSUES" noted below have been addressed

or will be as part of the Chief X8 release or its following updates:


     1. Stairs


     2. Floor level changes and there associated data boxes


All the best for the New Year to Chief Staff.

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