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  1. This will typically use more computer resources, so I try to avoid it, but certainly an option.
  2. The desktops are nice and I use them (Windows 11), albeit a little differently than you. I've created keyboard macro shortcuts for the multiple keys you mentioned to cycle through the desktops quickly. (I wish they cycled in a loop, and also wish they displayed on the taskbar which desktop you are in...there are 3rd party apps that get close). For reference, I have 4 monitors. To accomplish what you want, pull the tabbed project out of chief into a new window, then move that new window into the desired desktop(s)....this is accomplished by pulling up the desktop view of all desktops (click on the desktop icon) then right click on the window you want to move and chose which desktop you want it moved to, or put it on multiple desktops. I just tested it and works well without any errors since it is basically one instance of chief open with multiple tabs and those tabs are put in whatever desktop(s) you desire. I organize my desktops by business needs. Desktop for "Design" where I have Chief and other design resources open Desktop for "Office": emails, browsers, finance software, etc Desktop for "Presentation" where I have a clean setup for both in person meetings and virtual meetings sometimes I'll delete this one and recreate it just for the meeting so i don't have to cycle through it It works nice to be able to get rid of the 'office' stuff while designing....eliminates distraction. Let me know if that answered your question or if I didn't explain it well and if it works for you.
  3. This is how it opens for me...looks like you fixed it.
  4. Your supplied Chief file is empty. This is typically a result of zipping the file while the file/plan is open. Close the plan, then zip and upload.
  5. Simply import the necessary information into the plans. Go to File>Import to see the options and experiment. I typically import: Default Sets, Layer Sets, Default Settings, Saved Plan Views. You can also import Wall Definitions if needed. Anything you need beyond that can typically be copied or modified within the plan. Hope that helps. I have plans all the way back to version 8 (.pl1, .ca1)...and while plans that old can take a little more work, it is still better/faster to import than to start over. Your plans, coming from X12 and newer, should be pretty straight forward.
  6. I think it has something to do with Soffits...if you turn those off I think it gets rid of it, but depending on other settings such as Boxed Eaves, turning soffits off will change the look of your Eaves in Camera, so be aware of what is happening there before you fully commit to it. Might need to do some experimenting with it. I'm going off memory, haven't looked it hopefully I'm steering you in the right direction.
  7. Look at the "Roof, Overhang Area" layer and see if that gets you what you want.
  8. Best guess?...something to do with the referencing...either from another floor or another plan.?
  9. For the boxed eaves, unchecking 'flush eave' should fix it. As far as your random walls, I can't speak to that without seeing your process. The only walls Chief creates automatically are attic walls (and island rooms). Since those aren't attic walls, they were likely drawn by you, or changed from attic walls to normal walls at some point....or possibly some as-built walls since it looks like there used to be a room there...?? all guesses of course.
  10. Per the plan I attached and notated above, it's the wall you have extended past the rooms that is causing the problem...delete it beyond the rooms and it will work cause the attic wall to act properly. As mentioned, in follow up post, just some clean up of the model will make thinks work as expected. I haven't had an offending attic wall like that before, but I keep my models pretty clean by not having extra walls and keeping all roofs connected without overlap, etc. Hope that helps.
  11. Yes, good point...several things to clean up, which are contributing...
  12. Attached plan with notes on how to
  13. Separate plan files....I few reasons come to mind off the top of my head: revisions for each building and the design process with the customer municipalities typically require separate submittals, so easier to create those with separate files roof creation: might need slightly different styles or roofs for each structure...and auto vs manual roofs, etc site plan: can move them easier on the site independently if want to experiment with locations terrain ...other reasons i'm not thinking of
  14. Same here...maybe an extension causing the issue??