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  1. A couple quick thoughts: does it still allow them to open the file? when I open files in Autodesk's free viewer, I get that message but can still open and work with the file just fine. If above doesn't solve it, possibly try exporting to an earlier version during the export process Try exporting to a DXF instead Report back and let us know...this will help all of us.
  2. Save As Template
  3. FYI, every X15 or future patch, Chief will reinstall the new font, so you need to fix this each time by either doing as you did and uninstall all fonts and install the individual font (which is how I used to do it), or just uninstall the offending font, which is faster. All the best.
  4. You want to keep "Version 4.00 May 30,2008". Uninstall the "Version 8.00 May 2, 2022" font. Then once you've done that, copy the remaining font to a folder for future install (or just uninstall the new one each time).
  5. I recall Chief changing the font sizing/spacing at some point, but don't recall when. I have kept the old font and reinstall it each time there is an update as Chief will reinstall the new one with each patch. (as @Alaskan_Son suggested) I have since changed my font to a more modern one partially for aesthetics and partially because I got tired of Chief making changes and causing issues with my files. But, Michaels suggestion of reinstalling it hopefully fixes it for you. You may even see two versions of the font installed and I think you can just uninstall the newer one (with the more current date). Hope that adds clarification.
  6. Yeah, surprised there wasn't an update/patch with the announcement of the 'official' release. There are still some outstanding bugs that I'm needing fixed before I dive in.
  7. FYI: Nvidia Hotfix Eliminates High CPU Usage Driver Bug I was having high CPU usage, and this fixed it for me...not totally related to the intent of this thread in regards to Chief, but still on the topic of drivers...hope it helps someone.
  8. Macros is how I do it as well (in my template)...we used to be able to edit the program files to change the default label (long long ago)...would be nice to have the ability to adjust the default window labels so no macros are needed or create our own window defaults and labels...similar to room names, etc.
  9. I don't like the library browser either...I have turned off the 'filters' (search) portion at the top to give the room back, but that means I have to turn it back on when I want search (which I don't do a lot). I don't like the preview (filter results) at all...I prefer the 'tile' view, but would like to make the thumbnails bigger...I'm not seeing a way to increase the thumbnail size? I never want the 'subfolders' to be included when I'm selecting, I turn it off, but everytime I reopen chief it is back on do we make that stay off!!! It's also slower in general. So my issues so far: search (filter) area too large need ability to control size of thumbnails in filter results (I want them bigger) --> SOLUTION per post below: Ctrl Scroll wheel to make bigger or smaller need ability for showing subfolders to remember state of last use when closing/reopening the software...I want it to stay off, but turns back on when reopen the software slow compared to X14 Not a fan...I'll give it more time, but not liking it initially. Maybe this needs a new thread...?
  10. Select the roof or roofs, then use the 'display on floor above' tool. An additional resource:
  11. With a very general question, it's hard to 'guess' what the answer is without more information...typically the view you are in is what gets sent and you can choose color on or off when the send dialogue opens...some of these videos may help:
  12. I think they do that because some people may not have the option to download the old version in their locker or may not want to download the full version, so they provide the 'viewer' option that all people can access.
  13. Knowledge Base Article for additional reference:
  14. Unfortunately no. It is not backward compatible. You would need to be running the same or newer version of what they are running. Or on future projects, they would need to run an older version. Once a file is saved into a newer version, it cannot go back. Hope that helps.
  15. Totally agree the pricing now is long as they keep it in the $600 range we currently pay and continue to receive the discounts we receive on additional licenses we have. However, if I'm reading it correctly, if I were to buy my 3 licenses on or after January 10th, the cost would be: (1995+1295+1295) $4585 That's over a 350% increase from my current annual fee!! That is a MASSIVE price increase!! I don't see anything that says legacy will be the same price ($595) on Jan 10. Chief needs to let us know what the legacy pricing is going to be on January 10th. They seem to 'imply' it will remain the same price structure, but they certainly don't tell us. On a side note, I do think they are doing the right thing by keeping the license perpetual. However, that's only for legacy folks. New licenses don't have the same luxury. With the massive price increase for new licenses and lack of ownership, I'm not seeing Chief as an attractive option for new folks. Please feel free to correct or clarify any of my comments.