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  1. Stupid question... How so I get rid of gray back ground? I am in a plan. Typically the entire window has white back ground. This plan has a gray back ground. I thought at one time if I did a COMMAND F2 it would get fixed. Any ideas? This is the only plan looking like this. thanks
  2. I found the issue. There was a piece of drywall from 2 sloped ceiling planes that were not merged very well at the ridge. Once I selected the two ceiling planes and merged all was well. BTW, I could not select the flying drywall.... because.... I do not know why....
  3. The problem is I have something in Tokyo so it is messing up the model. Now I can at least find the offending item I will be good to go. Thanks Mick for looking into this.... (look closer, you will see the black line are offset from the colored shapes)
  4. Anybody seen this? Shadow effect, by the way, what is the site to report this to CA. Hinderberger 2021 1112 sheet 9 2.pdf Hinderberger 2021 1112 sheet 9 2.pdf
  5. Larry, I remember having your issue a few years back. I do not remember how I solved it……
  6. Yeah, that is what I came up with, your foundation wall was inline with the finish of the wall above..... Robert is muy rapido
  7. Nice! thanks guys,I had not thought of that.
  8. I would then take the little wall that Eric created and put it on floor (attic) above so it would not show in the second floor.
  9. see if this helps... plan is X13 dormer exercise 1.plan dormer exercise 1.plan
  10. I tried the PLAN FOOTPRINT tool in another life and there were severe limitations (or I did not know how to use it). When CA gave us the ability to use ref sets and multiple ref sets, the plan footprint tool seems obsolete. I think the only advantage of the plan footprint tool is you can rotate the site plan without rotating the plan itself..... which is nice but somehow I have not needed that functionality....
  11. That is great Joe. I am still surprised CA does not have that in the program. For those newer folks out there, both Joe and The Alaskan Son have their own methods of figuring out these values and they are a god send. I believe Joe uses layers and Perry loves the system. I use Michaels' and I love his method (because I know it now). If any of you guys out there need this functionality, the two guys Mentioned above are the go to guys.
  12. It can be up to many meters off……. Not worth trying
  13. Who is that guy flying?
  14. I am not kidding, he doesn't fly. Maybe he drove, I forgot.