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  1. Hi Don, Thanks for this. I will pass it on.
  2. They have CA, but they do cabinets in 20/20. I draw the plans in CA and then they need to draw in 20/20 to do their cabinets. so stupid that 20/20 cannot import DXF.
  3. I sent them in yet DXF file. I just want to know if a 2020 user can import a DXF file. I am not sure my clients are savvy enough to understand it. I can’t believe it’s not possible to import a DXF file in 2020. I did look on the Internet and it wasn’t very clear on whether you could import a DXF file in 2020. just trying to get clarification from somebody that knows.
  4. I did send them a file. I don’t think I know how to do it. I just wanted to make sure it was possible.
  5. Hi All, Can a client using 20/20 import a CA DXF file? thank you!
  6. Turn off auto build foundation. Build the foundations manually.
  7. For the fun of it, drag your terrain break through the wall into that void space since and see what you get
  8. Right click, you should get the sub menu and then you’ll see the simplified polyline tool
  9. I would do as RGARDNER suggests, do tot check box for retaining wall.
  10. I forgot 2ho made these garage doors, but I am very appreciative... attached is the library garage doors by a generoius CA user.calibz
  11. To date I have always included multiple structures in one plan file..... Houses, ADU's, detached garages...... If it was an apartment project I may consider separate plan files....... I never convert garages or ADU's to symbols...... for whatever reason, my projects are ever changing. I had a project with a detached garage, an ADU and a House, and a Swimming Pool all oriented at different angles.... I put them all in same plan file...... this made it easier to see the relationship between all structures around pool. I suppose you could use ref sets but editing between plans seems to be more difficult. Different strokes for different folks
  12. that worked, but if you then break in half because the footing at garage is 12" wide and the other 15" wide, the problem comes back. Being out here on the west coast with the rest of the nuts, we do not do the brick ledge so I had not noticed the issue.
  13. Hi Steve, I took a look at it and could not fix it. Please send it in. Thx
  14. Yep, and then to finish off underside of wall a ceiling plane will work. No perfect solution. pick your poison.