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  1. does this help? set the curb height to-6"
  2. Eric's solution should work. Supposedly they fixed this in X13. Try rebuilding the trusses (select truss, open dbx and click the FORCE REBUILD button.
  3. Make sure level zero says provides floor for leve above.
  4. I agree with Mick, that is what I would expect, what do you want?
  5. Yeah, once you change the floor level to 0" and not 1", it will read correctly.
  6. I am not sure if I agree with "DON'TUSE MOLITHICSETTING", blower a couple screen shots of my settings.
  7. Yep, that did it, thanks Brian. Firefox worked. Now I remember why I kept Firefox on the 'puter. Nice call Mark.
  8. Attached is a screen shot from the viewer file you provided me with. Not very good. I agree that it appears that the anti-aliasing is not doing its job.
  9. here is my screen shot, not as good as yours,
  10. Thanks Larry, I think yours looks better than mine. On my Mac it does not look as good as I remember it and on my iPad it does not look as good. In fact on my iPad I cannot toggle the shadows on and off because when I press the radio button, it does not stick. (on either of my iPads). On my Mac, I can toggle the shadows on and off.
  11. Hi Larry, here is a link to the model. Please check it out to see if your views are better than mine. I get a lot of the jiggies and jaggies (not smooth lines at edges) https://3d-viewer.chiefarchitect.com/go?share=412474203073539
  12. Thanks for that info Dermot, that helped. However, the model on my Mac still is not great. Is it a Mac thing or am I still missing something? My model looks nowhere as good as David's model(Parkwest).
  13. Here are the specs on the materials. It looks they are not emissive. Am I missing something? The two materials are the stucco and the fascia.
  14. here is the link to the 3d https://3d-viewer.chiefarchitect.com/go?share=412474203073539