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  1. Thanks Chop, you are kind of correct. 2 problem with that: 1- It cannot be controlled on a door by door basis 2. the opening header lines is for the header, I want it to highlight the arch opening including the drywall, not the arch opening framing so... we still need control of the TOP EDGE LINES...... thank you very much
  2. We still can't control HEADER LINES? I can't believe it! I think this topic pops up now and then, this is dumb.
  3. Suppose you are working on a plan and you want to import a SPV and its corresponding LAYER SET from another job, simple go to IMPORT SAVED PLAN VIEWS and select the project that has the SPV you want and you get the corresponding LAYER SET. Pretty Darn clever of CA.
  4. hey hey hey.... CA is doing it again....... .... after they make the "upgrades", let's bombard them with complaints!
  5. I say the fake room idea is a bad idea. I say using ref sets like Dermot suggested is best solution., I put exterior stairs on their own layer for more control......... who cares about the up/down arrow showing, draw it in yourself.
  6. change your wall type to this, then you will get wood rim boards. (check your wall type)
  7. they may be roof intersection points? or temp points you put in the plan
  8. Does anybody remember What year did we go from 36" hi to 42" hi guardrails in CA? I think we were still in the UBC thanks
  9. hmmmm. for some reason if I open a new plan it behaves correctly, however with my plan, is drops the bottom chord down. Wall is correct height, roof is correct height, bottom chord is dropped down.... only on my plans, not on a new one.....
  10. I have noticed this with the past couple of releases.... anybody else notice this? Scissor Truss bottom chord frame 2" too low. I start the roof plane at the exterior of the wall and I start the roof plan at the interior face of wall.
  11. As a fall back you can use CUSTOM MUTTINS...... I assume that is still a feature 8n CA
  12. I did a vid on this many years ago. You can make any shaped island you want. Think positive bow and negative bows. if it is complex, draw shape of base cab with cad lines and then using the info from each arc/line to define the length/arc of the bow cabinets. you get the BOW DEPTH from the cad arcs. it is really quite easy once you d9 it once or twice.
  13. funny you mention Bruce Goff, one of my favorites. I do between 50 and 100 remodels each year. Including a 4 hour site measure, most AS-BUILTS come in around 12-16 hours sans details, electric plans and all the BS paper work we in California need to complete. So this includes site plan , elevations, roof plan, floor plans, demo plan, 8 sections, framing plans, foundation plan and a round of golf. CA is truly an amazing program for the type of work I do. Hence this necessitated a 20% increase in hourly rate this year.
  14. that is a fair number.... or quicker.... at least 24 hours