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  1. you have to click on the transform/replicate object dialogue. Alternatively you could designate the CAD insertion point where youve placed the point marker on the CAD block then use the Parallel/Perpendicular tool then the point to point move tool using the insertion point as the snapping point
  2. This one is derived from the Australian Standards for Off-street parking facilities Untitled 1.calibz
  3. If you still wanted to keep it room specific you could change the glass wall to have no room definition with this instance Alternatively use fixtures with the attributes assigned which opens up the room location attribute and a little more flexibility
  4. a simple one but a real time saver opening indicators for all window/door types
  5. another one which you can generate different maps from too
  6. Does anyone know which 3d export formats work best out of Chief and into Archicad or Revit? Textures dont necessarily need to go with it but some sort of ID structure would need to be maintained so textures could by applied correctly by others.
  7. They are all nice renderings but this one... wow, nicely done
  8. We've had that problem irrespective of the submission type, in person you only get to deal with a duty planner not the assessing one and you never get direct contact info so they are almost like ghosts with a extremely slow turn around.
  9. sure, nothing spectacular but you get the idea
  10. Nice solution, I do something similar to control line weights to give a perception of depth
  11. does it lock up if you drag and drop the dwg file into the drawing space?
  12. I absolutely hated it at first, took awhile to manually add the original tool back in but I never seem to use it.
  13. may or may not be of any use as they're based off metric sizing but Ive added these to my library along the way from a free dwg resource site, theres an assortment of bolts, coach screws etc Bolts.calibz
  14. amen to that, I only recently reset the defaults for hotkeys after picking up some tips in a video by Rene with shortcuts editing CAD (ie. holding F for fillet or C for concentric resize)that no longer worked as the defaults intended.
  15. Ive gotten it to work before using an app "ds4windows"