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  1. VisualDandD


    Also, if stuff is blocked together in dwg it may not change color. Sometimes you have to unblock and then go into dbx individually and check the box that says color by layer.
  2. VisualDandD

    How can I edit multiple roof planes at once?

    DId your little exercise and it only showed me why the suggestion of the topic would be GREATLY appreciated. See radio buttons for Fascia are NOT available. Lets say I did not care about my room heights and wanted to take a cut-up plan with various pitches and align all my fascia. You cant do it. Only baseline can be adjusted across multiple suggestions. Not sure what you are not seeing.
  3. VisualDandD

    How can I edit multiple roof planes at once?

    Sorry....not sure why the quote is messing up?.... It wont let me edit either?
  4. VisualDandD

    How can I edit multiple roof planes at once?

    Gene I am a +1000 for the original suggestion. I have been using Chief for 20+ years. I know how to use the program. I think being able to edit multiple roof plane dbx with functions other than just baseline would be a FANTASTIC improvement.
  5. VisualDandD

    How can I edit multiple roof planes at once?

    I think the suggestion is this. (correct me if I am wrong). If you open a single roof plan DBX you can lock say "pitch" and then adjust, baseline, or fascia or ridge ht...etc If you select more than one roof plane, the only item you can adjust is baseline. This is a pain when you want to say raise a bunch of roofs up a bit, or select several and make them all match as fascia ht...etc. Wish the DBX (when selecting multiple roof planes) gave us the full selection of attributes to adjusts other than just 'baseline' I have wished this for YEARS...but never said anything
  6. VisualDandD

    How can I edit multiple roof planes at once?

    I run into as well. What I do is adjust one of a particular pitch and see what the baseline becomes. Then I copy baseline. Group select all simial pitches and change as one batch. BUT I agree. I use fascia top all the time primarily knowing I have room for my platform...etc.
  7. VisualDandD

    Pool Heights

    A few years back I showed how to model a pool using terrain and curbs w/ custom profiles.
  8. VisualDandD

    Exterior 360 fly over?

    Quick screen cap showing the advantages (some) of the 3d mouse.
  9. VisualDandD

    Exterior 360 fly over?

    Use a 3d mouse and just do a screen cap record. Been using a 3d connection mouse since they first came out and could never go back! Not only that, your 3d editing capabilities expand greatly. Selecting objects in 3d is super easy and you can hold **** and move model and select additional thing. EG editing multiple windows on diff elevations at same time. Or using material painter improves GREATLY. 3d mouse in left and main mouse in right!
  10. VisualDandD

    Square footage calculator

    I have been involved in construction for approx 25 years in the south east US. The construction standard has always measure sqft as Chief does. Considering a significant amount of trades also charge by the sqft, putting ANSI square footage (or appraiser method) would not be a good thing. It is not cheating the trades since they have always measured by the 'construction' standard. Their pricing models have been based on this standard for years. It seems that this sqft standard is pretty much across the board in designing. Think of any plans online I have ever seen or built over the years. Also I have built quite a few commercial projects which all had calculated sqft as the building envelope to the outside of the structural envelope. (not outside of the veneer). Not for site area pages, but for the construction pages. It seems only the appraisal world uses this method (along with stairs on both levels). I only discovered this years back during the recovery when I was having a hard time getting projects to meet financing appraisals. The lenders just use the sqft on the plans. When building costs rose, and markets were down, having a project appraise for financing became tough. That is when I discovered the ANSI standard and started producing "Bank" sets of plans. Presenting the sqft tables in the standard that appraisers use makes the difference of a project getting financed or not at times. I have shared this info with builders who have been in the business for much longer than I and quite a few had no idea of the different standards.
  11. VisualDandD

    Square footage calculator

    Here is a link to doc if anyone is interested: Forms Contracts/calc_sqfootage.pdf
  12. VisualDandD

    Square footage calculator

    Actually Chief does not calculate footage by the standard appraisers use. Yes, appraisers use outside of the envelope. (on a brick veneer, this can make a significant difference), But an even bigger one is appraisers count stairs on both levels. For this reason I prepare two sets of plans for clients. One for Field which had square footage tables in keeping with standard building practices. AND, one for the bank and appraisal. The appraisal set has sqft calculated per ANSI Z765 It is the standard for single family residential square footage calculations. Depending on a the plan, there can be as much as 200 sqft difference in the plan. At $80-200/sqft, that can be a $40,000 swing. You dont want to use the ANSI standard for the Field plans since so many subs charge by sqft and your const costs rise. I realized this significant difference about 10 years ago. I clearly label the bank set on the sqft table with a note saying "calculated per ANSIz756". Back in the day, I always wondered why appraisal sqft used to come in so much higher. I just used to think they were bad at measuring! But no....they use an entirely different standard.
  13. VisualDandD

    Looking for Chief X8 license (2)

    Why is that unreasonable? I your company has enough work to demand 4 licenses, $8400 is not much at all. Considering just about everyone here has paid for and kept current licenses for years, I dont think you are going to find a lot of sympathies. My advice is this. If 8400 is too much, you are not running your business right. Find another avenue to pursue.
  14. VisualDandD

    White wash

    This is a very cool thing you can use to generate pretty much any combo you want. I have used it several times when I have to demonstrate alt bonds..etc. I normally dont have to get that detailed, but you certainly can with this.
  15. VisualDandD

    Please Stop Being Counterproductive

    I havent been around here as much but need to drop in more often. From an semi-outside point of view, I am actually amazed at the generosity and patience shown by the regular guys who often help others on here. I dont think in any way asking for simple basic info is wrong in ANY way. The fact that you are even asking is part of the process of helping others. Truth is, sometimes I see questions and my first gut is to tell them to try the 'search' function first. do I mull a transom on a door? No offense, but we are supposed to be adults here. Many of us make our livings in part with using this software. I would think if you were going to invest few thousand dollars, you might at a minimum spend some time with the help videos, or at the most basic level, try a search of the forum. I can, however, appreciate the quicks of the program. Having been using it for a long time, I realize how easily I now fix the bugs that I had to spend HOURS searching for solutions. (Like the ghost fascia board running out to infinity ). Point being, is I learned from trying to fix them. FWIW, I consider myself pretty decent at finding ways to get things done in Chief.....BUT>>>>I am still blown away at some of the inventive ways you approach things. Much respect man. You are very talented.