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  1. Small update: 2 days running on a the 3060 and zero crashing. So safe to say it must be the 3080ti card. I am going to swap the card and hope that was my issue. For now, I will limp along with the 3060. FWIW, right now, the 3060 is much slower (obviously) When I get the 3080 back in the box, I will repeat that simple bench mark. If I have the time, I can do a bunch of them. Perhaps also using TM in the RTX, and maybe use some of the RTX in chief 14 just to get some ideas of differences of time.
  2. It is a carpet (oriental rug) in the middle of room and I have an office chair with poly wheels that can roll from the hardwoods over the carpet if I push my chair back far enough. No static here. Humidity tightly controlled in the house and we are in AC mode now so humidity never would get that low. Remember, running on board vid, it wont crash so everything about the PC is the same. I just unplug the cables out of the vid card and plug in mother board. No crashes. Switched and reset vid card...crashes. Running 3060 in same slot, same power (except it only uses on feed) and no crashes. Totally a vibration thing. Closing a drawer 6 feet away from the PC on a cabinet which sits on the floor. (my wife is not gentile ). Walking across the room or even seen it go out on me when I walked back into the room, blanking out perfectly in sync when my foot went down.
  3. So this will sound funny how I figured this out. I am running my new PC next to my old one in the process of migrating them. I had to run my network cable over the floor. I started to make a connection with the crashing happening when I rolled over the network cable. Ok...only issue was it was plugged into the OTHER computer. So I unhooked it and moved it out of the way. Then I noticed it happened one time when I went to move my seat. So I started the PC and put my hand on the chair and rolled it. I then pressed down on the chair so there was some weight on the wheels. As soon as one of the wheels dropped off the thin rug, BOOM, PC went dead. Then for about a week, I saw everything from when my wife came in my office and the PC crashing perfectly in time with her step. Once when she closed one of my desk drawers next to the printer. But the weird thing was I could bang on the box and not get it to crash. Something about the perfect vibration. So anyway, after swapping slots, and then running w/ onboard, I came to the conclusion it has to be vid card itself. Still no crashes on the 3060. Had chief running 100% of time on an open window. But will be fully working in chief all day tomorrow and will see. I will make sure I go on and off my rug a bunch and try to make as many vibrations as I can
  4. OK...back from food run Driver version 4/20/2022 The 3060 card is plugged in now and I did not have to make any adjustments. I have been leaving chief open in the background, and PC has not crashed. I did have some sleep issues such as you mention. I am using whatever cables I had. Never thought to change them. But ZERO crashing with on board video. (but I cant run chief with the on board) So I am going to continue to run this 3060 and see if I can get it to crash. Again, it was 100% triggered by small vibrations. I know that to be a fact. But sometimes I could bang on the case and nothing. Other times, my wife walking into my office would do it. If I run all day tomorrow running chief and no crashes, then I know it is the card itself.
  5. Just saw this. Gotta run out and pick up some food for the family, but will respond back with some more detail. If I can help out in any way I will! J
  6. Crashing totally triggered by small vibrations. See it most when my wheel of my chair moves over my rug. Started to notice the pattern. Then got it to repeat the behavior many times. So far on 3060 no crashing, but only a few hours running. New build. i9 12900k 1tb GIGABYTE AORUS (PCIe Gen4) NVMe M.2 SSD - Seq R/W: Up to 5000/4400 MB/s, 3TB (3TBx1) SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 64MB Cache 5400RPM HDD (Single Drive) 32GB (16GBx2) DDR5/5200MHz Dual Channel Memory (GIGABYTE AORUS) ASUS PRIME Z690-P WIFI ATX DDR5, Wi-Fi 6, 2.5GbE LAN, 4 PCIE X16, 1PCIE X1, 3X M.2 SATA/PCIE EVGA GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti 12GB GDDR6X (Ampere) LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic ATX Mid-Tower Dual chamber Gaming Case
  7. So I just got a new computer. I spec'd a 3080ti which I was very happy with the performance. Everything was great, except I was having some random crashing issues. I realized it was small vibrations that were the connection of triggering this lock ups. I also set up my stream deck so I could tell if the PC was still working and only the display crashing. EG, I could launch youtube vid and play them and hear the sound. Or launch music. So I confirmed that the PC did in fact still work in the background even though the display went out. I then experimented with just running my on board vid. Not enough graphics to run CHIEF but enough for normal computing. The PC would not crash when running on board. So next step, was I unseated the card and re-installed. Still crashed So next step was to move card to new slot (to rule out mother boad) Still crashed. I am taking a spare 3060 that I just bought to put in a driving sim rig I have. I just swapped the the 3060. I can see the difference in speed running chief. I am going to do a few benchmarks when I get the chance and then compare with the same exact files and views with the 3080ti. I have very large model where I converted gis top into terrain of an entire lake inlet and converted house to a symbol with terrain and integrated them. Should be a great one to run the test on. I am going to RMA the card so although this is never a test I would run on purpose, I now have the chance to do this so I thought it might be helpful to others. Just installed the 3060 today. So this will take a few weeks I am guessing before I get my replacement 3080ti. So here is a vid of that complex model and time to generate a 3d overview with the 3060. It took 16 seconds
  8. Sold. Yea, been sitting in my office for a while being unused. The post reminded me to do something with it. (my wife will be happy as I seem to accumulate and never sell anything). Been having that issue with cars lately also. Anybody want to buy a car? I am glad as it gone as it will totally take away any temptation to do ANY remodels. FWIW, if any one does them, these are worth their weight in GOLD. I would not hesitate to recommend the product to anyone. Easy and it works. All the time. Never do you find that place where you think....boy I wish I had this picture, or I wish I measured this...etc. No skin in the game now, but for as builts this is really the only tool I would consider if I did it on a regular basis. Just the time savings alone makes it well worth it.
  9. Thanks for the images Justin. Do you have a price in mind?



  10. I am posting images of camera here because I could not get them PM and a couple guys reach out to me about the camera. MC250Pro2. I literally used it 4 times. Found a soft side bag that fit it perfectly (rather than the big hard shell cases) Read, very easy to carry Good tripod.
  11. I have my matterport still. Only used on a few projects. Remodels are just not worth my time. If anyone is interested, I will make someone a great deal. I have the 'pro' w/ a bunch of accessories, tripod, bag.etc. If you do remodels, this is worth its weight in gold.
  12. @Renerabbitt Super nice stuff. Your stuff looks impressive for sure. I like seeing your stuff. I was watching your template you were selling and find your approach very interesting. But our approaches to the software are so very different. Interesting to see the way we approach things. It might be interesting to see the way guys in a vacuum have all developed their stuff. I use a lot of line custom walls that are color and line by layer and those layer sets change in different annotation sets. I never got much into playing with saved plan views, but might explore at some point. But just cool to see your approach. Nice work!
  13. Thanks. My stuff is not rendering either, but the vid card does so much within chief. I use a lot of vector view to do my exterior edits and that can really bog down system at times on large complex plans. I just picked up a 3060 card to throw in my old box because I am going to turn it into our sim box to run our car sim. Currently we steal my sons PC for it with his 3070, We run 3 1440p monitors at 144hz and the 3060 will actually drive them well of the software we run. (mainly asseto corsa) So upgrading my work pc will have some benefits that I can run the car sim as we approach track days for practice now without waiting for my son to get off. So there is double benefit to getting new pc! This is my Son prepping for VIR. He just turned 15, but got to run the full course (in real life) twice as a 14 year old. Not many kids can say that!
  14. I did play with it a little. It might be something I use. Still have not spent a ton of time in 14 as I am still working on getting my defaults the way I want them. Also got rid my Logitech g13 pad and added a stream deck XL for all my chief functions. My son bult me a 60& keyboard and I got a separate hot swap num pad so I could really configure my work area the way I want. My son is into gaming, so he had me try out all these different types of switches...etc. It was fun for both of us. I will dig deeper into X14 when I start working in it full time. Appreciate the comments and insight for sure. @HumbleChiefAs for the 3070, my son has one in his box. I borrowed it a few times to explore some of the RTX features. In TM the 3070 does full ray trace really well. When I fired it up with the 3080 Ti, it was next level. Like amazing. If I could give any advice, the 3080Ti is well worth the leap if you can justify it. I kept my last box for over 6 years. Looking at the cost difference over time I will probably keep this new one, it was a no-brainer. I could not however justify the 3090 as it really is not that much faster.
  15. Few more... Obviously you can see the ariel imagery in a mesh over terrain. If I wanted to really make it look good, I could populate with vegetation, but it serves it's intended purpose.