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  1. Old Dog needs to learn new tricks, Looking for Help Tutoring and more, 

    Are you available? Is anyone available?

  2. Are you still too busy to help with tutoring and some plan help?  I am in Charlotte and have a historic/commercial building (existing building with addition) that has things more complicated that a typical house (elevator, steel structure, 4 floors of stacked stairs, etc.


    Would like to find someone to work with/talk through challenges on this project and also others.  Had a wonderful man in Utah who I worked with for 3 years on an as-needed basis; unfortunately, he died last year.

  3. Chad, Chris. I am in Clt. Been using Chief since 1997. Shoot me a PM. I dont think I could devote time to 1 on 1 tutoring since I am pretty busy, but maybe I can help. Have to really know what you are needing. Always good to meet another local user.
  4. You can also "break" walls to set post placement. They sometimes revert back to a single wall and default spacing. One way to avoid this is to intersect with "invisible walls" and then "break" at the intersections.
  5. Gotcha! On a tangent, I have played with the idea of programming one of these! (link below) I think it could be a very powerful tool with child buttons...etc. Put a 10 key in there with ft and in along with all the edit functions. But who am I kidding. I keep my SSA up to date, and I have never even loaded X12 yet (srs). Busy year was busy!
  6. Michael I have all those keys programmed on the side of my 'normal' mouse. Tab is SUPER effective as you dont realize how many times you press it! I also have the open dbx hot key on there. I dont use all 12 keys, but eventually I thought about adding in some more key binds but I already have the extra keyboard. Having access to those important functions though is critical when using the 3d mouse so binding them to your 'normal' mouse works well also! Also has on the fly DPI switching which I use from time to time making it very nice!
  7. It is the first one they released. 3dx-700028 SpaceNavigator. I dont think they make it any longer. Looks like the most similar is the "compact one" except the one I have is full size but only 3d mouse. I dont need all the buttons because I also run a Logitech G13 keypad along side it. I put labels on it so I have it programmed as a 10 key with ' and " keys to make manually entering dims easy. I also have a different mode that I use for roofs and cad which changes the programming of the keys to common functions, like point to point move, and connect roof plans, break cad....etc. Not sure they still make this one either but it is part of my work flow now.... I also use a logitech gaming mouse with 12 programmable keys and on the fly dpi switching. Basically I plug the computer right into my brain
  8. Been using 3d Connection mouse since it first came out in 2015. I could NEVER go back. It has changed the way I draw. Mainly VASTLY improving 3d editing capabilities, being able to select and move model in 3d greatly reducing redundant edits. EG, select a bunch of windows... Here is a vid I did of how nice a 3d mouse works.
  9. Yep, I am in a 'wait and see' mode. I refuse to work off a lap top About 10 years ago, I stopped buying laptops that would run chief. When I leave for vacation, I have no choice to leave work at home. Plus, my workflow for years requires a desktop. I run 3 monitors, 3d mouse, programmable game pad w/ all my hot keys and a 'normal' mouse and keyboard. I cant imagine trying to work off a laptop. I am going to start brushing up to speed on the latest PC stuff. I need to come up to speed since it has been so long since I built one. GREAT news is I have have some stuff I can 'upcycle'. I still have about 3 or 4 gold 1000w modular power supplies from building mining rigs back in the day ;). At least I can put one of them to use!
  10. LOVE the discussion. And appreciate all the thoughts. I am diving in, and a few things have changed since the last box I built. Seems like Hard Drives for speed have gone to PCI-E. I have 3 SSID's 2-1tb and 1-2tb. I also have a 'hot swap' bay on the front which I love and hard to find a new case with nice external bays that also has front panel USB-C. I did find one though. I run a software continuous back-up to a 2-gb conventional drive. It is not true RAID but rather software driven. Looks like vid cards are going to be in short supply till Feb/april. So PART of my motivation is 2-fold. My 13 yo son has been bugging me for a gaming PC. This box I built 5 years ago is still pushing 100FPS on most of his games. For a 5 yo box, the specs have aged well. I74790k which I use a mild overclock done by my MSI motherboard automatically. I have a good cooler GTX 970 card w/ 4gb Amazingly it is still on the list of Toms hardware best cards for 2020. (although at the lower end...but not bad for 5 years!) 24gb memory. So my thoughts were to give this to my son and build a new box. I dont see using Chief Ray trace as anything that really motivates me since when I need to render, I use Lumion or I have a Twin Motion full license. But 90% of my "renders" done for practical purposes are either 'technical drawing' or 'water color' w/ line on top. That does all I need it to do. ANy more and I have have to spend a bunch of time 'cake decorating' a scene which is not worth it for me. I am definitely following along on this thread. It looks like the earliest I will do a build will be March April which at that point, I might as well wait to have X13 come out and see what everyone thinks.
  11. Hey all. Just wanted to start a thread where people could share some ideas on new box builds for the new coming version. It has been about 5 years since I built my last box. Still hanging in there great. I7 4790k w/32gb GTX970. Funny it will still run most of my sons games at 100fps even on high detail settings. BUT with the announcement that Chief will be in for a significant upgrade, I wanted to start planning a new build. Figured maybe start a thread where people can share ideas. I am guessing the RTX3080 may be the 'go-to' card, but it sure comes with a price! Love to hear ideas of what you guys might go with.
  12. Does my daughters school project count? You had to model a cell as if it were a school
  13. Not particually impressed w/ the quality of the RT shown. Probably stems from inability to modify material properties. I like how in Lumion you can 'soften' and 'weather' materials. Also the ability to create real time bump maps and modify relief..etc. BUT what I could see using that I think would be really nice, is the line drawing over! That is a beautiful type presentation. The lines make it clear that this is a visualization and hence, materials dont need to be 'perfect'. I could totally see using this. Along with Clay. Very nice!
  14. Was just watching that now! Signed up for webinar and vid played. Thanks!
  15. Just curious. Can you tell us what are min Nvida card required to run? I am probably do for an upgraded box here at some point, but my GTX 970 will run oculus. Curious if it will handle this new feature? Thanks