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    X12 Public Beta is Available!

    Chief Architect X12 Beta is now available to existing Chief Architect customers with SSA valid through the end of February 2020. We’ll be demonstrating X12 at Booth N1155 at The International Builders' Show (IBS) and @KBIS next week in Vegas. Stop by to get a personal demo! View the full list of new features here:
  2. Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Design of the Year Contest! Residential Design- Sean Bulman of Bulman Designs Remodel/Addition Design- Gabriele Pizzale of Pizzale Design Inc. Kitchen/Bath & Interior Design- Nathan Ensminger of Heartland Home Improvements Inc. We enjoyed viewing everyone’s design this last year and want to thank you all for sharing with us and our community! Prize packages will be awarded to the winners. Check out our announcements: Video: Blog:
  3. ChiefArchitect

    one time builder

    Hello Randy, Feel free to reach out to our Sales Department if you have any questions about the differences between our products or if you have questions on renting versus purchasing a license. We can be reached by phone at 208-292-3400 or email Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  4. ChiefArchitect

    What's New in Chief Architect X12

    Are you itching to get an idea of the new features available in the coming release of Chief Architect X12? Visit the website to see the list and watch an overview video detailing new features! We'll be demonstrating the new release of Chief Architect at the IBS/KBIS show January 21-23 at booth N1155. If you are attending the show, make sure to stop in and learn about the new version!
  5. ChiefArchitect

    Rental Buyout

    Thank you for the question. You can buy out your rental and save on the rental fee and also buy the rental out at the promotional price (good through Dec. 30) so you get double savings. You would need to contact Sales to see what your individual buyout price would be depending on how many payments you have made to date. You can contact sales by calling 208-292-3400 or email Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  6. ChiefArchitect

    2019 Design of the Year Contest

    It's time once again to show your support for your fellow Chiefers and vote for 2019's Designs of the Year! Chief Architect holds a monthly design contest to showcase our users' work. Designers from all around the world, with vastly different backgrounds and design styles, compete head-to-head each month in the following three categories: Residential, Remodel / Additions, and Kitchen/ Bath & Interiors.These inspiring designs have been shared here on Facebook and we are excited to combine the winning designs into our Design of the Year Contest. Vote for your favorite in each category. The winners will be announced Thursday, January 9th. Residential: Remodel/Additions: Kitchen/Bath & Interiors: Learn more: We'll re-boot the monthly contests early in 2020. Stay tuned and start curating your Kitchen & Bath, Remodeling, and Residential projects for next year's submissions. We love to show off your work and share your design/build stories with our community. Good Luck, Contestants!
  7. ChiefArchitect

    Chief Architect Training - Las Vegas

    We'll be hosting training classes after the International Builder's / Kitchen and Bath Show in Las Vegas! This is a great time to take the opportunity to level-up in your Chief Architect skills and knowledge. Here are the details: Chief Architect 2-Day Training - Las Vegas Sign up by Dec. 16 and save $100, SSA members save an additional 10% Introductory and Intermediate classes: Residential or Kitchen & Bath Training Dates: Jan. 24-25 Chief Architect Evening Reception - RSVP Sign Up for Training
  8. ChiefArchitect

    Business Challenges Survey

    We are conducting a survey about business challenges for the upcoming year. Let us know what you feel are the top challenges you face in 2020. We will be sharing the results of this survey in an article on the ChiefBlog next month. Take the Survey See the results of last month's backlog survey. Backlog Blog Post
  9. ChiefArchitect

    Business Challenges Survey

    Thank you to those who participated in our survey! We've shared a post on our Blog with some insights to the feedback we received; please take a moment to check it out and leave a comment. Are the results in line with what you've been experiencing?
  10. ChiefArchitect

    SSA expired Jul 27, 2017  

    Antoine, Thank you for the question. Once your SSA has expired and a new version has released, standard upgrade pricing will apply. If you upgrade, it will include 1 year of SSA and this SSA can be renewed when it expires. Here is a link to our current upgrade pricing. I hope this answers your question. Feel free to contact sales if you have any questions at 208-292-3400 or email Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Sales
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    Market Conditions Survey

    See the results of our market conditions survey in our blog post. Read Post
  12. ChiefArchitect

    Market Conditions Survey

    We are conducting a market conditions survey. Let us know your current backlog and what you are expecting for next year. Take the Survey See results of the Remodeling Survey we conducted last month in this Chief Blog post - Read Post
  13. Thank you for your interest in Home Designer. We do not have resellers in Australia, but you can purchase the software directly from our website. The Home Designer products can be found at and it is available as a download, download with backup media or just the physical product. Here is a direct link to the Home Designer Pro 2020 product page. Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  14. ChiefArchitect

    LP_Kitchen_Photo Match

    Awesome job on this PBR @TheKitchenAbode! Thank you for sharing. We've selected this image to feature on our Facebook Page for a #ChiefSpotlight. Check it out here. Happy Friday! Chief Architect Sales
  15. ChiefArchitect

    Inspired - deVol Peckham Rye Kitchen

    From the album: Design Inspiration

    Create a space that inspires you like this eccentric and quirky kitchen. In Chief Architect, you can design spaces in any style from modern and clean to the classic English kitchen and everything in between. This space was inspired by #deVol and their Peckham Rye Kitchen Design. As deVol puts it, “If luxe and bohemian can be used together, then it is the perfect description for the Peckham Rye Classic Kitchen. A crazy mix of beautiful bespoke cupboards, ugly marble, and collections of stunning art and pottery.”
  16. ChiefArchitect

    Inspired - Sherwin-Williams "Enthusiast"

    From the album: Design Inspiration

    We loved the bold eclectic vibe of Sherwin Williams Colormix Forcast 2019 "Enthusiast". With descriptors like "Maximalism", "Cozy Chaos", "Over-the-Top Opulence", and "More-is-More", is there really anything left to say?
  17. ChiefArchitect

    Design Inspiration

    Occasionally we run across images and scenes that are too beautiful or interesting not to try to recreate using Chief Architect. We are happy to share these explorations with you! You can find other resources and reference for these projects on our Social Media outlets: Pinterest: Houzz: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook: Please remember to mention or tag us (@ChiefArchtiect and #ChiefArchitect) on these sites to ensure that we see you work too! We love to share the love of Chief Architect!
  18. ChiefArchitect

    2019 Chief Architect Customer Survey

    The quality of our products and services is very important to Chief Architect. Please complete a brief survey so that we may better serve you in the future. Submit your survey for a chance to win a Chief Architect Care Kit. See details on this giveaway at the end of the survey. Take the Survey
  19. ChiefArchitect

    6 Option 6 - Floorplan

    From the album: Paradise Rises - Home Styles

    Paradise Rises Option 6 is the biggest and final design in the bunch. Coming in at over 2400 square feet, it's still a small home by some standards. The efficient design is able to pack 5-6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and plenty of common space on both floors. You'll see our interpretation of this floor plan done in the styles of Colonial, Tuscan, and Victorian.
  20. ChiefArchitect

    2.8 Cottage; Overview

    From the album: Paradise Rises - Home Styles

    Another bird's-eye view, this time illustrates the spaciousness that can be gained by added a few feet and some loft space in the Option 2 floor plan. Even though the head height is low upstairs, there is plenty of room to take advantage of a multi-use space like this. Chief Architect's navigation and 3D rendering tools, along with extensive downloadable catalogs make it easy to see for yourself how a space can be used and lived in, before construction ever begins.
  21. ChiefArchitect

    1.8 Coastal; Overview

    From the album: Paradise Rises - Home Styles

    A bird's-eye view gives a bigger picture to help imagine what it might be like to live in, and move through, this small home. This version's roof doesn't offer space for a loft area like some of the other architectural styles, but it does allow for high ceilings in most rooms and a functional, casual space that makes a small house feel bigger. This view can be easily created in Chief Architect using the Full Overview Camera. We made a new layer set to be used in the camera view that turns off the display of the roof components and ceiling surfaces so we can peek inside the space. The Watercolor Rendering Technique, with Line Drawing turned on, gives this image a more artistic look instead of striving for photo realism.
  22. ChiefArchitect Colonial; Floor 1 Overview

    From the album: Paradise Rises - Home Styles

    The first floor bird's-eye view illustrates how this interpretation of the floor plan reserves the main level to common or public spaces.
  23. ChiefArchitect

    5.2.2 Saltbox; Main Level

    From the album: Paradise Rises - Home Styles

    Kerry, our rendering specialist, did an amazing job decorating the Saltbox house's interior with simple but dramatic materials that make this quaint style beautiful and welcoming.
  24. ChiefArchitect Modern Cabin; Overview

    From the album: Paradise Rises - Home Styles

    I feel like this bird's-eye view does a great job of capturing the Modern Cabin's livable space.