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  1. I can't seem to delete that post but I didn't have light sources turned on the in camera view. DOH!!
  2. User error I'm sure but I've done this a million times but I no longer see the 3D lights I've added in a camera view. It's Monday and I'm quite ready to be embarrassed but I can't seem to get the added lights to affect the camera view. 566229578_LIGHTSNOSHOW.plan
  3. Thanks so much for the ideas and comments. Just tried the ceiling plane method and it seems to work well but just to add a couple details to the technique and correct please if mistaken. 1. Set up first floor default structure at 8 ft. plus the height of the 2 x 12' ( in this case) framing for the ceiling plane. 2. Second floor default to 8ft. 3. Back to first floor and draw in new ceiling plane. 4. Set the structure of the CP to 2 x 12 (11.25") 5. Set new ceiling plane's pitch to '0' . 6. Lock pitch at '0' and set 'ridge' height 11.25" lower than default value. 7. Hit OK. 8. Thank Perry for the great idea. Thanks P.
  4. As the OP I realize there's nothing inherently wrong with Chief's 'room based' paradigm but there are, mostly unwritten, rules that must be followed to get good results and those results are generally very good. In the OP I made the error of simply adjusting the floor height, thinking that that alone would adjust the floor height as in a video from a previous version showing the split level technique. Seemed logical at the time but it turns out the stem wall height must be altered as well in order to get the floor height adjusted properly. If I had to program Chief's behavior in such matters I would have the floor height transfer its value directly to the stem wall height by default (as the training video showed) that way floor height could be changed by simply setting the floor height. The stem wall height could then be altered but at least the floor height would be set by setting the floor height. Now I know but it seemed really strange to me at the time that setting the floor height would not set the floor height.
  5. THANKS, I did find a way to auto build it but too much work. Will probably do nothing unless a ConDoc needs the attention.
  6. Looks like there's a way to create a 'dummy' 3rd floor with a '0' ceiling height then frame a new 4th floor with joists running perpendicular? Worth the effort? Dunno. Other method?
  7. I've got a simple condition with a partial raised second floor that has 2 x 12's stacked on top of each other. Lower layer running one direction and upper level running perpendicular to that lower level. Simple to detail and not that important for the ConDocs but is there a way to run one layer one direction and the other layer perp? Other than manual framing members?
  8. I've copied and pasted MR's many times. It WAS a handy feature.
  9. Can't find the time to thank everyone for their help and contributions in each thread but am continually amazed and thankful for all the help offered and all that I've learned in this forum. THANKS VERY MUCH.
  10. Thanks Eric (Alan) , had no idea such a feature existed. Never used but will if the need comes up.
  11. What are CAD Block instances?
  12. There are times it doesn't work for me (annoying) and can probably reproduce those but most of the time it works OK.
  13. Tried a bunch of options but that upper section wouldn't generate 'Trim Against Wall' as if it simply isn't sensing the 'wall'. Not much help I'm afraid but even in the 3D preview of the stair section it isn't generating the trim, which it usually does.
  14. As a long time user, along with the other long time users who have commented, what you are asking Chief to accomplish is a very, easy task especially for long time users. I also remember when I first started using Chief (over 20 years ago) and I was really confused by the way it worked and it took a bit of time to understand its paradigm. I've posted a plan for your review to help your understanding of Chief's ways and methods. Doesn't change the advice from above that suggests you dig in and learn Chief but rest assured it can handle most any design challenge we can throw at it.ROOF PLAN.plan 1309084177_ROOFPLAN.plan
  15. DOH...Thanks Chop, very much appreciated.
  16. Is there a setting that will keep the horizontal distance the same as the vertical distance varies with multi copy? Looks like the Evenly Distribute setting allows for a little more flexibility.
  17. Wow, Robert that is really good news. Glad you all got it figured out.
  18. Thanks Michael, watched the video like 4 times as well as others but if you notice that older version has no field for stem wall height which probably adds some flexibility but also some confusion for us duller knives in the drawer.
  19. Thank you and probably true as long as the stem wall height is also set to the same value as the floor height - something I keep forgetting thinking that the floor height is what sets the floor height.
  20. THANK YOU DAVID! I forgot the stem wall height setting - it was set to 0. DOH.