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  1. Seems like they need to be spec'd every time with a saved wall type. True?
  2. Thanks David, not sure what a "Repair" is. Can you elaborate a bit? Thanks
  3. Thanks you guys. Didn't really do anything of note, just (tried to) open a plan, and another plan as well. Weird that it locked up the entire computer with no access to task manager - nuthin. I'll check those settings Mark but of course I changed nothing but open X13 and a plan to bring about the behavior "Did you place a symbol or break the library by chance?" That was a thought Ryan and will monitor through the day as it seems to be behaving better right now. Maybe just one of those 'computer things'?
  4. I understand these issues are not to be solved with a post in the Q & A forum but was curious if anyone else has experienced this? Yesterday afternoon X13 stopped responding with the little circle thingy just spinning away. Couldn't get to Task Manager couldn't close X13 just sat there for 5 minutes minimum and I ended up doing a hard restart. Upon the restart I opened a plan and the same thing happened, just stalled out. My wife taught that sometimes PC's just need a good night's sleep and they will fix themselves but apparently my PC did not sleep well last night and it took 3 - 4 minutes for Chief to load and has been stalling through working on today's plan. Again I understand this cannot be diagnosed in a forum but anyone else experienced this? Cure? Steps to correct? Thanks in advance.
  5. Great points you guys. Appreciate the feedback and good luck to the OP.
  6. Late to this thread so apologies if I'm missing some details but am curious about how many will use the Real Time Raytrace (RTR) features offered by the new 30XX series video cards? Personally haven't RayTraced in years and see no real value in the new cards but everyone has a different use and business model. The question is centered upon the apparent need for the highest level (and very expensive) new video cards. Do you really need these high end video cards for your business? Or does it just seem like you should have one?
  7. Yeah me too, but I almost always take the bait of any new technology - I will resist - I will resist.
  8. Thanks for once again making my point...
  9. Thanks Mark, helpful as always but as helpful as those articles might be it kinda makes my point. Just too much crazy to switch at this point, and no real reason other than just wanting the latest and greatest which is mostly a recipe for disaster on a working computer. Are you using Win 11? Here's an interesting review... ZDNet's Ed Bott believes Windows 11 is not so much a software refresh as it is a nudge for people to upgrade to newer hardware:
  10. I did a little exploring and found the 'secure boot' function in the BIOS and learned that the boot needs to follow the UEFI process and I tried a couple options eliminating the 'legacy' option and the computer would no longer boot. Point is, and hope it might help others, I'll not upgrade to Win 11 until forced as spending the time to learn the intricacies of what's needed is not in my schedule for now. Anyone else have Win 11?
  11. That sounds feasible and wonder if there's a way to avoid that through programming or through the help file or some other method because I would never guess that that would be expected behavior? I guess it would require moving the base line to a new location, depending on the new pitch? Seems a tall order but thanks for the info and perhaps there's another way? But will put this into the memory banks and hope it helps the OP.
  12. Interesting observation Steve and thanks. Never knew that, wouldn't expect that, and to me it's a bug, not a feature.
  13. I was really wondering if Chief is ready for Win 11? Seems like it is but like you Mick, maybe I'll upgrade on my laptop and see how it goes.
  14. Thanks again P. My computer is not ready to upgrade to Win 11. Some BIOS tweaks or some hardware permissions I think. Probably won't bother till I have to.
  15. I think there's a couple folks working with Win 11 and X13 but was wondering if we should hold off or are there any known problems? THANKS
  16. Forgot, I think that's a new X13 feature?
  17. Create p-solid in elevation view instead of plan view?
  18. Thanks Rob, it was indeed 2 dims that were set to auto refresh and through some user error refreshed both at the same time. And yes, got too many sets left over from 20 years of Chief. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  19. I've had it happen a couple times but can't seem to reproduce the problem. Here another thread regarding same. Almost certainly user error and fairly quick fix but frustrating not understanding the phenomenon.
  20. THANKS Eric, I'll take a look at those 2 conflicting defaults and how the plan might have gotten there.
  21. Thanks Joe but this is the simplest beginnings of an as built floor plan using a single Layer, and all the dims are on that single Layer. I can turn of auto dims, delete everything then turn auto dims back on but I don't know what happens next to create those multi dims. Confused...
  22. I've got a setting or something fundamentally wrong and cannot figure it out but I consistently get double measurements and can't figure out why. Al of the defaults settings have me bit confused but it shouldn't be hard to understand but I am not getting something. Layers? Defaults? Preferences? Can't duplicate if I tried but can't figure it out. THANKS AUTO DIMS.plan
  23. SWEET, I remember it being very nice meeting you all!!