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  1. BTW I've done this before and the truss company can figure all your loads for you.
  2. Or use a girder truss (possibly doubled/tripled) for the ridge where there is no bearing wall and hang half length trusses off those girder trusses?
  3. I had the prefs set to always and session. Set it to always and always THANK YOU
  4. Chief is great at opening each dialog box in the previous location but the "Go To Layout Page" dbx seems to persist in the middle of the page for each new session even though I relocate it to be directly under the Layout Page spec at the top of the page during each new session. Anyone else seeing this? Minor but annoying.
  5. Found the layout box defaults (which in the case above also covers the PDF's that end up in a Layout Box) Thanks
  6. Thanks Ryan, like just now I imported a few PDF files into a Layout all with labels as the default. Or an elevation into Layout and each comes with a label by default. I then need to select each and 'suppress label'. I'd rather add labels than need to select and suppress.
  7. Thanks Chris, I don't use plot lines to Layout but may for this, even though it's a very small issue.
  8. Is there a way to create an arched doorway with a railing underneath as the pic shows? This was created with 2 short walls on either side and a railing wall in the middle then a PSoild for the arch but was wondering if there's a way to create same with an arched 'doorway' with a railing underneath? Thanks
  9. AHA, got it. I must have accidentally dropped it on that cab on the way over to the floor plan. THANK YOU!!
  10. Thanks Tea, The first cooktop I dragged over and not into a base cab and can't delete that one. The second cooktop I did drag into a base cab and can manage that one as expected. Can you select and delete that orphan cook top? And curious what that view is you are showing? Thanks
  11. Never had this happen. I dragged over a cook top into the plan and didn't place it into a base cab, now I can't select nor delete. Any help appreciated.
  12. Not sure this should be called a tutorial but here's a technique that can be used to set up a Layout File to handle a simple home remodel. There is a down side to using 2 different template plans in Layout and that is when updating a template plan it require 2 template plans be updated. Not a big deal since the template plan only needs updating occasionally but it needs to be remembered.
  13. Yeah, not to take credit for the solution but just so others would know the question was solved and not waste their time posting to the thread..
  14. I'm creating a door schedule for scratch in a plan file from a PDF and need a unique call out symbol for the doors and the door schedule and see the option for a CALL OUT SYMBOL in the schedule but don't know how to apply it to a specific door? Thanks
  15. Thanks Robert! One day I'll be smart enough to find those notes on my own
  16. Anyone down load it? Are there notes available?
  17. Your decision on your rates and end costs for a customer will not be based on your hourly rate and the time it takes to create a model but rather on what the market will bear. If it takes you 30 hours at $100/hour and you charge $3000 for a 3D model will someone pay that? If so then you've defined a market willing to pay you for your time. What if the market will only bear $1500? Then what? If you can polish your skills enough to get the job done in 15 hours then you are golden. If you can only get $1500 and it still takes you 30 hours then two things. First you have to be willing to accept $50/hour (until your skills improve) or second you might be in the wrong business.
  18. Wait, I know the answer. Shut down and restart Chief lol.
  19. Tried everything I know but I can't get Auto Detail to generate in section views. Cut a thousand sections with no problems but this time I get nothing. THANKS
  20. I agree with all the great posts and advice here and understand Chief to be quite complex, deep, and capable but if it were me I'd concentrate on one thing at a time. For example if you don't understand Saved Plan Views (SPV's) concentrate on that one task. Dive in to SPV's until you truly understand them, they will save hours and hours of effort. If they are confusing, as they should be for anyone new to Chief, start another thread focused on SPV's and learn all you can until they are second nature. The move on to dimensions. Another thread until they are dialed in. Then Layouts last, another new thread, until you have a Layout template that works for you. And learn all you can from this forum. I've been using Chief for over 20 years and have never set up my window schedules in my Layout template which I am going to do right now. Best of luck.