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  1. a simple one but a real time saver opening indicators for all window/door types
  2. bit of a process but the first two images would be easy enough to emulate off the one plan using layersets and layer control, solid fills and drawing group order. For the first image the trick is for the walls to have 1 layer with solid fill, use the note schedule for room names and line weight control for furniture/fixtures. Second image a little more involved, not perfect but the way I created it could be modified as noted in Point 8. 1. turn off all layers, CAD detail from view, select a CAD line, press match properties, delete. 2. Select the Solid Fills, press Polyline Union, Add to new layer "solid wall fill" or something, increase the lineweight. 3. Duplicate, add to new layer "Wall Shadows" , change lineweight to zero, colour to a grey, the fill to a solid grey but with about a 60% transparency. 4. Point to point the shadow layer fills and offset from the wall fill. 6. Go back to the plan, create new layerset, turn on the solid and shadow layers, adjust furniture/fixtures to a lighter line weight and colour, turn off notes and schedules, turn on room names (alternatively use Rich Text and a layer) 5. go back to cad detail, copy all the CAD fills and paste in place. 6. use drawing groups to control which order the fills show so it looks right 7. add decks with polylines using a coloured hatch fill and a solid background. 8. you could modify the shadows to appear deeper and angle to walls/openings to appear more correct but would be time consuming on a large plan. This method is fairly quick to achieve some perception of depth.
  3. another one which you can generate different maps from too
  4. Does anyone know which 3d export formats work best out of Chief and into Archicad or Revit? Textures dont necessarily need to go with it but some sort of ID structure would need to be maintained so textures could by applied correctly by others.
  5. They are all nice renderings but this one... wow, nicely done
  6. We've had that problem irrespective of the submission type, in person you only get to deal with a duty planner not the assessing one and you never get direct contact info so they are almost like ghosts with a extremely slow turn around.
  7. sure, nothing spectacular but you get the idea
  8. Nice solution, I do something similar to control line weights to give a perception of depth
  9. does it lock up if you drag and drop the dwg file into the drawing space?
  10. I absolutely hated it at first, took awhile to manually add the original tool back in but I never seem to use it.
  11. may or may not be of any use as they're based off metric sizing but Ive added these to my library along the way from a free dwg resource site, theres an assortment of bolts, coach screws etc Bolts.calibz
  12. amen to that, I only recently reset the defaults for hotkeys after picking up some tips in a video by Rene with shortcuts editing CAD (ie. holding F for fillet or C for concentric resize)that no longer worked as the defaults intended.
  13. Ive gotten it to work before using an app "ds4windows"
  14. you can use this in conjunction with the CAD point tool to specify the start point if there is a snap point available and you don't know its X,Y coordinates
  15. I did think about this way as another solution which adds value to be able to use the imported model correctly oriented if required. I also thought you control the height of the plan view camera but that may be a throwback to revit many a year ago. I just figured rotating the symbol was the easiest as youre in the dialogue to import anyway, plus adjusting the cut plane is simple by moving the camera in plan view.
  16. you could import into chief as a symbol, rotate the model on the x-axis in the symbol spec. dialogue so you can cut a section through it which gives you a plan view then cad detail from view.
  17. Not quite an easy solution and never used personally but you could try hatchkit, or it is possible to manipulate patterns in notepad albeit more complicated. Both covered off in the thread below. It would be nice to control the height and width of the pattern as you can with the Grid patterns though
  18. each category expands which has all the items as per X11 to filter
  19. I appreciate that and hitting tab makes a pretty quick process, just thought I'ld question it
  20. After the rectangular polyline tool is selected and you click in open space on the plan it drops in a default square 600x600 or 2 feet x 2 feet, is there anywhere that this can be altered?
  21. I find some apps keep the taskbar from hiding (spotify is a main culprit) until you open up and minimise again.
  22. Agree with Chopsaws statement plus use of shadows from 3D trees from behind the camera is effective at breaking up the monotony, Chiefer is an expert at this.
  23. zoom in and update the view, the closer you zoom in the finer it will refresh but when you print it will automatically update to the final quality. This could be wrong but I believe its the way chief handles images to keep things running faster/smoother and not bog down.
  24. alternatively you could add a hanging tree png in a photo editing program, not a real good example was a 30 second job importing images in layout but you get the idea.