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  1. Alaskan_Son

    Hotkeys Keycodes

    Sequential hotkeys would like like this... <keyCodes>G, A</keyCodes>
  2. Alaskan_Son

    Open lofted rooms

    Guessing it’s just misaligned walls. Wall on lower floor building up to roof.
  3. Alaskan_Son

    Orthographic Details with Dimensions

    I personally think these types of views are best done by just drawing the extension lines using CAD and then using a Point to Point Dimension. Here's a quick example... ...also note that if the view is set up properly using the Isometric View tools that you may not even have to manually modify any of your dimension values.
  4. Alaskan_Son

    Orthographic Details with Dimensions

    Yes. 3D>Isometric Views
  5. Alaskan_Son

    Orthographic Details with Dimensions

    Yes. This could be done entirely from scratch using CAD objects OR by editing the dimension text and just suppressing the dimension value.
  6. Alaskan_Son

    Orthographic Details with Dimensions

    This is a good example of just picking your poison. Yes, you can use another program, but then again, you can also just do it all in Chief. There are several tricks to do so, but the easiest (especially considering your B&W line drawing example) is probably just to take an Orthographic 3D view>CAD Detail From View and just draw dimension in manually. You could also optionally use Plot Lines and manually insert the desired dimensions in Layout.
  7. Alaskan_Son

    Pool Table Sizes vs Room size

    This reminds me of a Pool Table Sizing Tool I made a few years back. It was one of the first things I developed when I was first learning text macros. It's not the most eloquent coding and I haven't used it for a bit, but I believe it should still work perfectly fine. Just drop into the plan, make sure the "POOL TABLE SIZING TOOL" layer and the your "Cabinets, Labels" layers are both turned on and you should get automated feedback telling you exactly what size of pool table and cues will work for any given room size. I'll leave this here as a freebie for a limited time: Pool Table Sizing Tool.calibz Here's a little table I use for this purpose as well... Seven foot table: 3.5' x 7' (Playing area: 38" x 76") A - 11' 6" x 14' 6" B - 12' x 15' C - 13' x 16' Oversize eight foot table: 4' x 8' (Playing area: 46" x 92") A - 12' x 16' B - 12' 6" x 16' 6" C - 13' 6" x 17' 6" Eight foot table: 4' x 8' (Playing area: 44" x 88") A - 12' x 15' 6" B - 12' 6" x 16' C - 13' 6" x 17' Nine foot table: 4.5' x 9' (Playing area: 50" x 100") A - 12' 6" x 16' 6" B - 13' x 17' C - 14' x 18' A is the area required for a 48" cue. B is the area required for a 52" cue. C is the area required for a standard 58" cue.
  8. Alaskan_Son

    Layers issue with foundations

    You too
  9. Alaskan_Son

    Layers issue with foundations

    If you really need to show those walls for whatever reason, set it to .001" instead. You'll end up with essentially non-existant walls (even in 3D Vector Views). In fact, unless your dialog Number Style is set to Decimal Inches, it won't show in your dialog either.
  10. Alaskan_Son

    Layers issue with foundations

    To get the most accurate answer you should post the plan.
  11. Alaskan_Son

    Layers issue with foundations

    No. a mono slab is defined by walls but it does not actually have any foundation walls to speak of. If you have no walls, then Chief doesn't display walls. Select that room and increase your Stem Wall height to be taller than your slab, and then you will have walls. Otherwise, as I said before, all you have is a Slab and Footings.
  12. Alaskan_Son

    Layers issue with foundations

    Your problem appears to be that your are working with a Monolithic Slab defined by Slab Footings and as such there aren't any walls to speak of. All you have to control the display of are the Slab and the Footings.
  13. Alaskan_Son

    flooring areas

    One thing that seems to get commonly overlooked is to just use one of the most logical tools for the job... the Materials List.
  14. Alaskan_Son

    Help gap in flooring

    You bet. Roofs can get problematic when you have extra unnecessary segments, particularly when those segments are at off angles that don't proper;y correspond with a wall or another roof plane.
  15. Alaskan_Son

    Multi slide door symbol

    It was added in X11 I believe.