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  1. Here Eric, See if this works for you. I modified so that there are 2 different materials being used. One for the leaves and one for the berries. They're both set to Blend Color with Material so all you should have to do is adjust colors for the leaves and/or the berries separately. Its built out of 2 perfectly overlapping symbols so you'll likely need to make adjustments through the material tab instead of using the Adjust Material tool. Firethorn.calibz
  2. You're welcome. Which one worked though? Or did you do all 3? I didn't actually make all the changes in your plan, but I'm pretty sure Item #3 would alleviate the need for Item #1.
  3. How are you with Photo Shop? You can always edit that image to increase the size of the leaves and/or change their color.
  4. 3 things to consider: You can always select those tiny little 1/2" wide rooms and adjust the Structure settings for them. In order to get your walls to adjust properly, you'll need to open a bunch of them and check Default Wall Bottom Height. Once you adjusted some of them you turned off the Auto behavior so they'll stay too tall even after you make the proper floor height changes till you fix that. You can set those furring walls to Furred Wall in their Structure settings which should alleviate the need for that extra room.
  5. With an Open Below room there is no floor platform. You should see in my example plan above that if you turn Auto Framing on, all the exterior chase walls automatically balloon frame anyway. Its only the partition wall between the house and chase that needs to be specified as balloon framed.
  6. You can still use the same method if balloon framing. You might just have to check Balloon Through Ceiling Above for the partition wall, or at worst, you can manually modify a little framing in the Wall Detail(s).
  7. That is simply not a suitable model for Chief. I could convert it and reduce the number of faces/vertices, but no amount of reduction is going to make that a usable model in Chief IMO.
  8. The best approach really depends on a lot of different specific details; for example: Certain objects like light fixtures, interior furnishing, wall hangings, and various other symbols can just be placed on different layers and then layers can be toggled on and off. Architectural objects like walls, windows, doors, roof/ceiling planes, etc. cannot reasonably be toggled using layers. There are a few minor exceptions, but for all intents and purposes, these kinds of changes need to be done either in multiple plans, on multiple floors, or in multiple instances on the same floor...
  9. I'm curious why the hesitation to do something that could literally be done in a matter of seconds.
  10. Not that I'm sure I'll have time anymore, but the conversation is almost always far more productive and efficient for everyone involved when you post a plan so everyone knows what you're doing. Sometimes the solution isn't to add a floor but to insert a floor. As I mentioned before, sometimes the additional floor is not necessary at all. We also don't know if you've manually messed with wall polylines or attic walls (both of which could screw things up), we don't know what your roof situation is (auto, manual, baseline polylines, etc.), we don't know what level you placed your w
  11. No. I didn't do anything with the roofs. I have Auto Rebuild Roofs toggled on and for whatever reason Chief just places one of the cricket planes up on the 2nd floor.
  12. Yes. Stop doing it that way and try my suggestion. Manually adjusting walls in elevation and manually adjusting Wall Layer Intersections will ultimately just lead to the aforementioned headaches later on.
  13. Post the plan, or if you can't for some reason, email it to me and I'll take a quick look. Its usually pretty easily sorted using Select All and Fill Window tools though.