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  1. Per the IRC (and most all the derivative codes), the clear headroom must be 6'-8" " all parts of the stairway". Does not meet code in my opinion.
  2. Had you read and perhaps responded to Kevin's post in this thread, you would have had your answer a long time ago.
  3. @robdyck, as you've already found, this isn't currently possible. The floor structure can only exist inside the defined room. The footings are below and therefore outside the defined room. This means you can't push your floor definition down there.
  4. As Levis already pointed out, there are other good reasons not to use room fills, but for this one, you just need to turn off the "Rooms" layer.
  5. Pretty sure the thread was just deleted by the OP because he or she felt it had gotten too far off track.
  6. You don’t even need any polylines. You can just use the Room Fill.
  7. Check 3D>Camera View Options>Toggle Textures. I'm guessing you have Textures toggled off.
  8. I wasn't suggesting using the CAD Detail itslef. Only stealing a snap from the CAD Detail in the form of a line or point. If you dimension to a Cross Section Line you're doing the exact same thing. Cross Section Lines are nothing more than a temporary CAD objects and don't remain tied to the model either. Glenn knows this which is why is he said... Both methods require dimensioning to CAD. The question is this.... Is it faster to created a CAD Detail From View and then copy/paste from there or is it faster to move your camera twice. P.S. There are also
  9. I don't see how this is any faster than simply creating a quick CAD Detail From View. If you have no snaps to start with it means you weren't cutting the object with your camera meaning you would be required to reposition a camera at least twice and you would still be dimensioning to a dumb CAD object (i.e. there would be no functional difference from stealing snaps from the CAD Detail). For the camera cutting the beam you would already have snaps and we wouldn't be having the conversation in the first place.
  10. There are several in the Core Catalog under Exteriors>Vehicles>Cars
  11. Can you please clarify what you mean by this? Just trying to learn. I'm not 100% sure, but I think he's referring to the Interpolation you're using ----> "#{code}" Interpolation isn't really a code block. It's just a little trick to insert code into a string.
  12. You're probably doing something wrong then. If you can SEE the top of your beam and if that line is drawn in the CAD Detail From View, you should surely be able to snap to the line in your CAD Detail From View. Either copy that line directly, or snap another CAD object to it and then Cut/Copy and PASTE HOLD POSITION (Edit>Paste>Paste Hold Position or Control+Alt+V) your snap reference line back into your elevation view.
  13. I didn't study all your methodology or syntax in great deal, but just doing a quick once over, I see that you appear to have a typo in the last line of your code_data macro...
  14. To get otherwise inaccessible snaps, I use CAD Detail From View. Copy a line from that newly created CAD Detail and then Paste Hold Position back into your Elevation View.