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  1. HumbleChief's post in Where to find what the latest build of X16? was marked as the answer   
    Hey Michael, I usually check under HELP and "Download Program Update" and it takes me to a Chief web page that informs if I have the latest.
  2. HumbleChief's post in Garage to living space was marked as the answer   
    Rob, you could set up the foundation slab floor with multi layers using an air gap with framing above but always best to let the smart guys answer...

  3. HumbleChief's post in Exposed Rafter Problem was marked as the answer   
    Awesome Steve!! Probably should have tried the same. Thank You
  4. HumbleChief's post in How To Use The 'CALL OUT SYMBOL' In a Door Schedule? was marked as the answer   
    Got it figured out from the door schedule dbx.
  5. HumbleChief's post in What Would Cause Auto Detail to Not Generate? was marked as the answer   
    Wait, I know the answer. Shut down and restart Chief lol.
  6. HumbleChief's post in Cannot get x14 roof Overframe Feature to work was marked as the answer   
    The video from Chief skips a step if you've already auto built and auto framed all the roof planes. The underlying roof plane needs to be extended under the new over framed roof planes, then it frames properly. The video doesn't show the framing for the other roof planes but that just needs framing per the build framing tool.
    There might be a way to auto frame everything including the over frame and perhaps the smart guys will chime in but I couldn't find it.
  7. HumbleChief's post in Have Vaulted Ceiling with Air Space to drywall?? was marked as the answer   
    ..or you can add an 'air gap' under the rafters in the roof structure dialog box. Curious, why would you want a space between the drywall and the rafters? How would you mount the drywall if not to the rafters? Might be missing something.
  8. HumbleChief's post in Death Star design was marked as the answer   
    White lines over a black fill. Couple minutes. Sorry, won't work as a symbol but that's what you need.

    To create a symbol start with a p-line solid and create long holes with the corners fileted (filet all tool works fine) then just size and multi copy into position. Copy and paste your first group to create 4 of the same groups. Save as a symbol and apply where needed.

  9. HumbleChief's post in Build roof framing sets rafters at 24" not 16" was marked as the answer   
    Did you check in Roof Plane/Structure? There's also an edit all roof planes icon where you change every plane's structure.
  10. HumbleChief's post in Trimming Columns Against Wall? was marked as the answer   
    Hold the cntrl key and place the column wherever you like?
  11. HumbleChief's post in Roof Plan & Reference Sets was marked as the answer   
    Uncheck Use XOR Drawing - then they show.
  12. HumbleChief's post in Multiple Story Wall was marked as the answer   
    See if this helps Levis.

  13. HumbleChief's post in Where Does This Trim Piece Come From Around A Floor? was marked as the answer   
    Found it - It's a wall finish, delete the exterior wall layer in the wall definition and it disappears. Can I now please call this the best answer? He!! yeah.
  14. HumbleChief's post in Deck Edges was marked as the answer   
    You could put the framing member that is the edge of the deck on a separate layer, turn it on, the rest of the deck framing layer off?
  15. HumbleChief's post in Reference Floors Display Mess was marked as the answer   
    Click on the floor number to get to the reference Layer info. Make sure you are referencing the correct floors, then that you are using the correct reference Layer. I have feeling that somehow the reference Layer got changed.

  16. HumbleChief's post in Default Material Question was marked as the answer   
    Found it in Room Material Default
  17. HumbleChief's post in Unable To Build Terrain. was marked as the answer   
    Pretty long and even includes a Chief crash but hope it helps.

  18. HumbleChief's post in How To Manually Changing Window Labels? was marked as the answer   
    ..and delete the Number' field from the schedule.
  19. HumbleChief's post in Ray Trace Overnight was marked as the answer   
    Yes you can have RayTraces in a queue and when one is finished the others will start, do it all the time. Try 3 or 4 RT's with a 2 or 3 pass limit and watch them RT one at a time till all of them are finished
  20. HumbleChief's post in Importing X6 File Into Another X6 File & Referencing was marked as the answer   
    If you want static models you can't change use symbols. If you want editable floor plans use the Edit Area tool and copy/paste into the terrain.
  21. HumbleChief's post in Window/symbol Creation Question was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for the suggestion. Forgot Chief had a tudor arch. Oh well I didn't need that half hour anyway.
  22. HumbleChief's post in Fundamental Misunderstanding Of The Room Structure Tab was marked as the answer   
    I guess that was why I posted. Could NOT figure it out with the 'room and footing settings' - maybe never will.
    Tech support suggested the above solution.
  23. HumbleChief's post in Display 2ND FLOOR ROOF was marked as the answer   
    Set up your reference layer to show your roof from either floor on either floor. You can use the existing reference layer set or create your own specifically for roofs.
    Go to >Tools>Reference Floors and set that up the way you want, or just click on the floor number in the floor change dbx and will take you to the same place. Select which layer you want to use or create a new and you should be good to go.