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  1. VisualDandD's post in Looking for freelance plan help (south east US...but can work from anywhere) was marked as the answer   
    Hi all.  Wanted to thank everyone who has contacted.   I have been buried but I do plan on responding to every email.   We have not made any decisions as of yet, but I will get back with anyone who responded.
    Thank you
  2. VisualDandD's post in Roof Surface Missing From Roof Plane Dbx was marked as the answer   
    Ahhh!   With the new ability to control roof "platform" type, I guess it moved.   Wonder if it changes globally?   (Like you could under "edit all planes) Have to try it out.
    THANK YOU!!!
  3. VisualDandD's post in Does Anyone Have Drop Down Grab Bars For Bathroom? To Share? was marked as the answer   
    Are they not under "accessible design>handrails"?