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  1. BenPalmer's post in Overall formatting change, what did I do? was marked as the answer   
    Number Style...bottom left hand corner of the screen shot you sent.

  2. BenPalmer's post in Different roof heights was marked as the answer   
    A few ways to match the example that has a higher roof height at the porch
    (auto) raise the heights of the side rooms (left and right) to the same height you have on the porch (auto) use 'roof baseline polylines' (see F1 help) and adjust them to the left and right of the porch do it manually by adjusting the roof planes as needed.  
    If you want it 'flush' with the rest of the roof planes as you mentioned vs matching the higher roof of the example, then lower the ceiling height of the porch to match the rest of the house.
  3. BenPalmer's post in Import old plan into new template with new settings was marked as the answer   
    Depending on all you want to bring in and how old a plan is, I import the following:
    >Saved Plan Views
    >Default Settings (check overwrite and replace)
    >Layer Sets (select all and replace)
    >Wall Definitions (if any new wall definitions needed)
    (a few other steps I do with really, really, really old plans)
    That should get you pretty close and will just need to make some adjustments as you go...but much faster than starting over.
  4. BenPalmer's post in Thick wall connections broken was marked as the answer   
    Quick follow up on this:
    I appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions.  Your time is much appreciated.  It appears that update has fixed the thick wall connection issues.  I appreciate Chief Architect taking care of this.  While I wish it didn't take a year, multiple reports/requests to tech support and this thread, I am still grateful it appears to be resolved. Thank you again!
  5. BenPalmer's post in Bad printing was marked as the answer   
    I suspect you may have transparent fills?? in which case, you must use Chiefs integrated PDF creator to clean it up.  More info here:
  6. BenPalmer's post in How Do I Align Objects With Grid? was marked as the answer   
    To answer the original question: I occasionally get a plan off grid due to autocad import, rotating a plan via edit area, etc.  New plans are automatically on grid if set up correctly, but for those rare times it is off, here is what I do: I draw two intersection cad lines on grid, somewhat close to the corner of two walls (like in your pic), then 'edit area all' and then do a 'point to point' move from the wall intersection, to the cad line intersection.  Should be good to go after that, regardless of what your preferred grid settings are.
    Hope that helps.