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  1. You still kicking around Lew ? BIM and 3D model interoperability was something we talked about allot. Have they made much progress in that direction yet ?
  2. Yes, it can be confusing, setting and moving roof heights and we just have to accept that for now. It is not the logical way to do things in real life, as we usually build from the ground up. Lew, I agree about room height or wall locks too. This thread got side tracked to wall stud heights for a while. So what is the next step? Explode all the room module control's then regroup them after we make changes. Maybe we could have a room rebuild hierarchy? Have a lock the room height tab for each room then mark the room to move up or down or stay put after a rebuild? So these can control how the room modules move and have any adjoing stairs follow the room they are connected to? Hey, I am no computer programmer but there should be a more effective way and that's why we have SSA and upgrades.
  3. Thanks for veryfying that for us in Chief X10, Richard. You only know how good it works when you test a project inside the program, like you have done. I can honestly say that I was hoping that was the case in X10, giving room stability like you have found. I am glad I upgraded to X10 and I feel more motivated to do full timber frame split level home inside CA again now. 3d room module blocks is one way CA achieves speed but the accuracy used to drop with these room module blocks jumping around when changes are made. I don't think CA will change this system but I do think there are many more ways to gain even more stability and uniformity.
  4. Busy beta testers, I look forward to your comments on X10 when the non-disclosure period is over. Also look forward to the X10 complete upgrade list of features and improvements too!
  5. Depends on the level of customization you are aiming for ? You will never get a perfect take off system but you will get close if your houses are not too complicated. All software has limitations. Learning work arounds take time with a higher level of complications. Do your research on this site first before choosing.
  6. Hi Glenn, that was a question, that is where that came from. Thanks now I can see what you prefer to use to build your framing. CA is not going to create metal soldiers for us automatically. I am not going to waste hours fighting the program or prove that I can come up with a work around to get my framing close as possible to what I deem is standard practice for Carpenters in my area. If I have a Builder client breathing down my neck to give him the timber framing quantity so he can put in his price I would hold him up and he may miss the job. Besides I am not well enough to work overtime as a slave and not get paid for CA testing. Every person who uses CA has the right like you to choose how they use it and what extra time it takes to do their job. If you are good at using the program to produce framing, then get a job with CA producing Videos for us to save time. Thanks and I respect that you are a proficient user. I like CA to produce an unframed close to perfect model first then have it produce the framing close to what I want then edit the framing manually. Then manipulate the model so the cross section is as close as possible to perfect. Thanks mate all the best.
  7. Looks like Ceiling Plane tool is best used to define the dropped Ceiling Height ? When it comes to framing it out, it is a different ball game to get the right joist direction and build type. I was thinking that you should get double floor joists over a top plate external wall with a platform floor frame ? The programming logic needs to be more simple and straight forward when it comes to dbx settings and this is how CA becomes confusing. You guys here understand timber framing like most of us do. Most Architects tend to think spatially without the framing in mind. Maybe if we could separate the dbx to have a tab, that just shows the spaces of the rooms and separate tab for controling the structure and framing spaces and how it builds including joist direction etc.? I would rather manually edit the framing than mess with the dbx setting to get framing to build right every time for every method under the sun.
  8. mthd97


    There you have it, I am hoping for an SSA renewal discount as our dollar has been quite low for a nuber of years now. 72 cents so if SSA $495.00 US we have to pay around the $700.00 AU mark.
  9. mthd97


    I think X9 sneak peek information shows that more important things have been added to make our 3d modeling easier. I like the niche tool, cupboard counter top overhangs to all sides, cupboard doors and draws shown open. The short room ceiling etc are all good for the product for interior design. When you look at the categories CA caters for, everyone gets a specific improvement they need. For structure the sill plate set down is good too. I could go on but waiting on XX and future versions we all have to wiegh up the resources we spend on CAD product's too see if we are investing wisely. There are a few things I like about Revit a some things I don't like about it. In the end we all have limited time to make an analysis of the software we will choose and we can't know all the positives and negatives before we buy and try it out.
  10. mthd97


    Hey Jonnoxx you are entitled to your opinions and I would like you just specify the problems with Chief Architect you are having. There are legitimate things that can be fixed in CA we just have to be more patient till they get addressed. In the meantime don't get upset with us Aussies as we are notorious for making fun of each other, it is actually a compliment but it can get out of hand if not correctly understood. Take care all the best with whatever CAD software you choose.
  11. ShaneK, I started working for Contractor's like you but I was paid by them to do the design concept, design development, construction drawings and documentation. This worked well for me. Edit: I trusted these employers as they dealt fairly with me and I with them but they are getting harder to find these days.
  12. mthd97


    I was thinking of the slang word for it in the Sea Shanty songs ? Funny stuff anyway we are only kidding.
  13. I was in a very similar situation to you before going out on my own. I would not recommend you do this as there are many sharks in the water who will try to use you for free design work. Never ever work for free. Get paid in advace with a deposit to cover all the work for your design concepts and design development. Outline the costs clearly as you progress thru the job. All the best if you take the plunge.
  14. mthd97


    Blind Trust ? Or seeing specific requests applied ? 1) Curved Roofs 2) Mono Slab types 3) Subscription (SSA) 4) Ridge Capping 5) Room Devider line 6) Niche tool 7) Stair tool Improvements What else have others seen ? What do they call the punishment of throwing someone overboard and dragging them over the barnacles under the ship ?