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  1. Separate plan files....I few reasons come to mind off the top of my head: revisions for each building and the design process with the customer municipalities typically require separate submittals, so easier to create those with separate files roof creation: might need slightly different styles or roofs for each structure...and auto vs manual roofs, etc site plan: can move them easier on the site independently if want to experiment with locations terrain ...other reasons i'm not thinking of
  2. Same here...maybe an extension causing the issue??
  3. Number Style...bottom left hand corner of the screen shot you sent.
  4. Not 'way off' zero...I always start centered on it, but naturally during the design process, it will get offset from it some what. So, if centered on zero, then reverse plan works great, but I'm never perfectly centered on it, but typically within 5-20'. As far as terrain, my properties are flat and rectangular, so no issues with adjustments there, but reverse plan makes it off centered as it doesn't rotate with reverse plan, but adjusts perfectly with 'edit area'. Thanks for exploring the options with me, I wanted to see if I missed a change with an upgrade....seems to be working the same it always has. Perhaps a feature upgrade would be to have 'reverse plan' prompt how to reverse it...on zero or on models center. Thanks again for the feedback.
  5. @rgardner thanks for the feedback...I just tried the 'reverse plan' tool in X15 in the .plan file and it still mirrors offset and doesn't reverse terrain, camera offsets, etc. When using 'edit area' and setting the reflect point at dead center of the project, none of those issues come up. ...let me know what I'm missing. I'm all for using the best tool available.
  6. Lot's of discussion on this topic, searching this form is a great resource (see link at end of post). I recommend the 'Edit Area all Floors' technique discussed in some of these threads so the elevations stay in place...the reverse plan tool is the easiest and quickest, but reverses about 0,0 which makes the cameras offset, etc."reverse plan"&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy
  7. Dropbox has started a 'backup' service, still in beta. I tried it out, but it's got a ways to go. Would be nice to have both syncing and backup. I wish they supported symbolic links. Once the backup service is matured, that will fix it and would be my preferred choice. I'm trying out Google Drive since it offers both (backup and sync) far so good, but I don't use it for Chief library sharing. (naturally, when Chief supports sharing, none of this should matter..?). I also have OneDrive, but it keeps having conflicts and want more reliability....but I keep it around since it's included with 365. Not intended to hijack the OP's thread, hoping to add meaningful info based on my experience...welcome others feedback and suggestions...maybe a new thread needed on backup services..?
  8. As often as this comes up now and the world moving to the cloud, so it will only come up more, this needs to be a priority update for Chief in X16!!
  9. @TateMcC, you're subject/title implies they can't open DWG but your text body implies it could be other formats?? Assuming they can't open DWG, my best guess is that they have an older version of CAD that can't open the version you are saving...perhaps save it as an earlier version when exporting it...such as 2010-2012? You can ask what they are opening the DWG with and what version/year it is? You can try opening it in AutoCADs free viewer/converter 'DWG trueview' to see if it opens, etc. Just a guess based on the information provided.
  10. If not wanting to edit roof planes manually, you can do it by "Make Roof Baseline Polylines" and editing the produced lines and definitions.
  11. I deal with lots of 9.5 legacy files and haven't seen this issue, but I admit I typically create a new layout anyway (due to new codes, notes logos, etc), so I may not have experienced simply due to not fully testing the converted layout file. I'd be happy to test it out on my end if you want to send it to me directly.
  12. "Rotate entire polyline" select the object you want to rotate double click the 'make parallel' tool select 'rotate entire polyline' in dbx that pops up parallel to the selected line Be aware that you are now in that parallel mode, so you will need to change it back when you need the same way.
  13. I was going to recommend the same thing as Rene @Renerabbitt (I think it's Rene, no name in signature), but it looks like you are wanting it done with 'auto' roofs. If so, I 'assume' you have the patio wall set up to have an 'upper pitch' to match the main span.... In that case, in that same upper pitch settings, change the 'in from baseline' distance to get them to align. You may need to provide more information or a plan if we aren't getting you were you need to get. Hope that helps.
  14. Great, read the last paragraph of my previous post for how to get the elevations.
  15. Where you able to export the file and have it show up? Did the floor plan show up for you in the file I sent? (The file I attached was only one level of the floor plan, no elevations, which is done separately). I want to make sure your first issue was solved and that you were able to reproduce it on your own as that will help you with the next step. Once you are able to export the floor plan(s) you want, then do the same things for each elevation or additional floor level you want to at a time. For example, for the front elevation, get the camera view of it that you want and export it the same way. Then repeat for each view/plan you need. So you will end up with multiple cad files.
  16. Works for me perfectly. What software are you opening it in? Are you using 'zoom extents' (zooming in) to see it once you open it? I open the attached in Autodesk DWG TrueView and then zoom extents and it is there. It won't show up on the screen initially, but will once you 'zoom extents' to get it on the screen. 92613661_23-159XXX.dwg
  17. It's there, it's just really small because your left camera is waaaay far away. Turn the camera layer off (or move the left camera closer to the model) then export and zoom extents in the importing cad software and you should be good to go.
  18. Have you contacted tech support? Given your circumstances, that seems like the most productive course of action.
  19. No, we can not set the max single door width. Sounds like a feature request.
  20. Edit>Default Settings>Doors>Interior and/or Exterior Doors>Options> select 'Single Door Only' (vs Calculate from Width)
  21. Good point. However, the labels can be off by default and just turn on the ones you want and adjust placement....seems pretty simple, no? Agreed, there may be times that a more complex roof will either need adjustments or go back to the static block. But again, the big advantage is if/when we modify the design and change the pitches later (after final drawings) and they automatically update and we don't have to worry about forgetting to change the static block that is now incorrect. I think the auto update vs the static nature of the blocks is my big motivator for a feature like this vs the time saved in the initial annotation. Anything I can do to eliminate errors is a big feature in my book. However, like all features...if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to use it, but they shouldn't keep a feature from being developed because someone doesn't want it or like the way it is implemented. But yes, certainly needs to be done right vs half baked.
  22. While pulling from library and templates is not too difficult or time consuming, a huge advantage to having these automated, besides the speed, is to eliminate errors. Such as when the pitch is changed after the markers have been placed...if one of the markers doesn't get replaced to the new pitch then field problems exist...automation would eliminate this potential error.
  23. How nice it would be to have automatic labels for the pitch marks ... yes please!