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  1. Hence the need for the perspective overview camera (to go back to the OP)
  2. Thanks Glenn...I'm trying to get rid of the tilt from a 'top view'. I would love for it to look like the ortho top view with straight down walls. This tilt works fine for a smaller house, but on a big house, these wall angles don't work well. Sample of what I currently get attached. Suggestions?
  3. For everyday designing, I only use orthographic and not perspective. However, orthographic does not have 'Clay' or 'PBRT' rendering options while perspective does have those rendering options available. So I need the perspectives for straight down floor plan views to use those rendering styles. If the orthographic cameras added those rendering styles, then I would not need the fact I would prefer the orthographic views so the walls are straight vs tilted. Let me know if I'm missing a way to use those rendering styles in orthographic cameras and I'll concede. Until then, I need/use the perspective cameras.
  4. Within the windows specifications, go to the 'Shape' tab and make adjustments to get what you need.
  5. Depending on all you want to bring in and how old a plan is, I import the following: >Saved Plan Views >Default Settings (check overwrite and replace) >Layer Sets (select all and replace) >Wall Definitions (if any new wall definitions needed) (a few other steps I do with really, really, really old plans) That should get you pretty close and will just need to make some adjustments as you go...but much faster than starting over.
  6. Thanks...that may be faster than controlling each room polyline, and I had a similar thought...but as you can see there are quite a few of, while it is a good option, I was hoping to avoid...guess I'm lazy, haha. I like to call it efficient. Sounds like a feature request. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you for your suggestions and efforts...much appreciated. So in short, Chief can't fill the openings the way I want it to with 'room fills'. I was really hoping to avoid all of the polylines as I believe the room fill is much faster (multiple select, match properties, no editing etc), but as you all mentioned, less control where the polylines have complete control. Attached is what the entire plan looks like with Room Fills...but as you can see, the doorways are some places that's fine, but would prefer the fill....I'll play around with it some more to see if it's worth the effort. Thanks again.
  8. See attached plan and screen shot. I need to get the 'room fill' to go through doors and doorways. Is there a way to accomplish this?
  9. Reminder, per the reply from Chief, this is an issue with 'fonts that aren't default to Windows'. So, if default to windows, there should be no issues. If not default, then spacing issues 'may' occur. I would 'assume' that each non-windows font would behave differently.
  10. Response from Chief...I realize each our issues may be slightly different, but perhaps this helps someone:
  11. Ugh, ok, thanks for the update. This one really baffles could this leave beta. If I were beta testing (used to beta years ago), it would be my first first bug report, and I'm sure it was submitted. I'll submit to tech support so I can get an official response and update. I'll report back. Thanks again.
  12. Does Chief plan to fix this? I've been waiting to upgrade for this very issue. Based on this thread, I assumed it was fixed. So I upgraded and bam, spacing issues all over the place on our notes page. I am not using Chief Blueprint font. I stopped that a while ago since they kept changing it and got tired of redoing my notes page. Using a steady font made upgrades smooth. Now they are messing with the spacing of all fonts. My screen scale is at 100%. Trying the margins to zero changed it very slightly, but still way off. What a PITA. Not going to upgrade all my machines until this is fixed or a solution provided without me having to redo all my notes...especially if this is going to happen every upgrade.
  13. Anyone who submitted a bug have an update on this? I've been waiting to upgrade for this very issue. Based on Chief updates and change logs, I assumed it was fixed. So I upgraded and bam, spacing issues all over the place on our notes page. I am not using Chief Blueprint font. My screen scale is at 100%. Not going to upgrade all my machines until this is fixed or a solution provided without me having to redo all my notes. So, not fixed yet.
  14. To second what Dermot is saying...I have many, many, many Chief 9.54 files, and I still use them regularly in the latest Chief software. As Dermot mentioned, the file will first need to be opened by version X8 and saved, then it will open in any software version after X8. I have kept version X8 installed for this reason, but the viewer will work as well, as outlined by Dermot. While I don't like the two step process, it's better than losing the support completely. Your driver issue is a completely different issue and I highly doubt you will get that to work. Many of us have done that dance over the years without success. Occasionally someone will get it to work, but it's just a matter of time that it will be so outdated that it will lose all functionality and we will need to bring plans forward to the latest...and why not use the latest, most productive software? In summary: the best answer is to use the latest software and bring the files forward. If you need help with this, I or many on this forum would be happy to help you convert a file to X8 or later. Hope that helps.
  15. Found a bug: when in elevations and toggle color off, the color doesn't turn off until I move/zoom the view. and vice versa when turning color back on. Not a major issue, but I print elevations in monochrome, so need to make some extra clicks to get there.
  16. Quick follow up on this: I appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions. Your time is much appreciated. It appears that update has fixed the thick wall connection issues. I appreciate Chief Architect taking care of this. While I wish it didn't take a year, multiple reports/requests to tech support and this thread, I am still grateful it appears to be resolved. Thank you again!
  17. Still no fix for this in the latest update. That lack of Chief's support is extremely disappointing. If I could give Chief's support a ranking, it would get 1 star. I just looked at the 12 tickets I have done over the last 20+ years, and all but one item had an answer something like: I'll pass that on, or sorry for your frustration, but we are unable to fix it, or here is a workaround you can try, that didn't help, etc. Maybe I'm asking too much? Not sure why I'm paying for SSA...sheesh....certainly no Assurance ... aka Priority Tech Support (maybe that just means speed and not service?) (ok, done venting - for now)
  18. Thanks for the report @MoeGia appreciate you submitting a plan so they are seeing the issue from more than just me.
  19. @Renerabbitt was the issue with walls that have the typical wall layers? Or are they non-layer walls like I use in the examples? Trying to narrow it down.
  20. @glennw thanks! I hadn't tried the partition wall on the walls sticking through, I'll give that a go, appreciate you looking at it and giving your feedback. On the shower walls, I forgot that was still in the file, I also discovered, similar to your suggestion, that this can be fixed by making the upper glass wall NOT a partition wall as well. Thanks again for the tip.
  21. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I'll try creating new walls and report back. They are very likely walls that have perpetuated over previous versions, so definitely worth trying that out. Some of these issues don't happen right away. They usually appear during the design process, seems to especially happen when cabinets start getting added to the plans, but can't recreate or verify that. But again, this worked just fine all the way until mid-X12, and then after an update started messing up (I have given Chief the exact update that caused it). So this is a Chief created issue for sure, but if I can find a solution, that would be great since Chief doesn't seem willing to fix this or help me with it.
  22. My mistake Robert, I should have clarified that I chatted with Gordon Ray offline and he uses the exact same method, so the plan I posted represents their situation as well. Hope that clarifies. Curious if you have any input or suggestion on the plan I posted for investigation?
  23. @robdyck Please see original post...a plan demonstrating the issue was posted. Also, while I realize chief prefers layers, I've been doing it without layers since Chief 8...been working fine for over 20 years until an X12, mid-cycle update broke it.
  24. @solver really appreciate you taking the time to look at perfectly demonstrate how much effort it takes to correct these problems. I intentionally left the walls broken so everyone could see the issue. I go and fix them exactly as you do, but throughout the design process they just break again. Room definitions are lost, time is taken to fix over and over and plans sometimes go out with wrong definitions...unprofessional. I need them to stay connected! I actually sent this plan into chief over a year ago and they acknowledged the problem and tell me it is on there list to get it taken care of. In hopes that X13 would be the fix, it wasn't. I sent it in again and got the same answer. On our list. It's especially frustrating when it worked before, and has always worked since I've been using the software (Chief 8) and there update broke it and they won't fix it. I've been a long time use of Chief, former beta tester and rarely use support, and this is a big reason why I don't. No purpose in using support if they won't support us. Doesn't seem like it would be hard to fix something they broke?? Again, thanks for sharing the video so others can see it without needing to open the file.