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  1. Rosco2017

    Fill in siding above porch beam

    Go up a floor and drag your attic walls above the porch walls. Closed them right in for me. Sandra Davis Residence.plan
  2. Rosco2017

    dual dimensioning

    Educate yourself a little bit. I know this isn't your first time on this forum. So I know you've seen the numerous times they've posted about how to ask good questions to get good answers. Read into this a little bit. If they ask you to clarify something, don't have an attitude. Show a little respect. I've been using Chief for YEARS. I wouldn't be where I was today without some of these guys. I can't begin to tell you the amount of times some of these guys got my as* out of a predicament. Maybe apologize to the forum and learn from some of the best. Because some of the best are the ones you're fighting with...
  3. Rosco2017

    dual dimensioning

    Where the hel* did you gather that conclusion from? There have been numerous times where I've searched for something on this forum I was having an issue with and quite a few of those times it was ERIC's response that helped me figure out what I needed. The guys chiming in here are the guys that help other out on the forum the most. Why bicker with them? I guess you should just memorize Chief's support number because quite a few of these guys are probably going to overlook your posts in the future... Good Luck!
  4. Rosco2017

    Central Indiana Users' Group

    There are at least 3 users I know of around Fort Wayne. I have never seen them on the forums though. I've always wanted to attend one of these user groups but I always tend to be too busy.
  5. Rosco2017

    The font you like, and all caps or not, and why

    I've been in love with the "Frank the Architect" Font for about a year now. Before that I used Graphite Light. Never cared for Chief Blueprint. When I was using Chief Blueprint I was told once by a builder that my fonts made my prints look "unprofessional" so I switched to Graphite Light. That builder turned out to be an a$$ anyway so why I let that get to me I'll never know. Lol. I understand if you're using bubble letters or something else cartoonish how that could make a print look "unprofessional", but not CB?!
  6. Rosco2017

    PBR VS Raytracing

    Hey, I'll take that bottle of wine when your done with it. Great looking project!
  7. Rosco2017

    Missing User Catalog

    Hey Mick. Thanks for replying. I tried to call priority support and was met with a message saying they were ALL in a meeting. LOL. I will try back later. In the meantime I just have to press forward. I currently have 8 clients on my desk right now and have no time to really dig deep until late this evening. I did go into my preferences and noticed that the user library was greyed out as well as the browse button... That was a tad confusing... see pic attached. I will try to dive into this this evening. Thanks again for the reply. Have a good day.
  8. Rosco2017

    Missing User Catalog

    Strangest thing happened today. I opened Chief on my laptop and my User Catalog had nothing in it. Closed and restarted Chief and still nothing. Anyone ever come across this? I spent hours creating that library. I usually back things up every few months and that was on my to do list, but I've been swamped with a renovation, work, family, and a new rescue pup. Any thoughts?
  9. Rosco2017

    iMac Pro Computer

    Steve, I was actually going to send you an email regarding this. I've noticed that you use a mac in your videos. Currently I switch between my laptop and desktop to work on projects. Sometimes I'd rather sit on the patio with a glass of wine, rather than sit at my desk all day. Do you think there would be issues working on a plan on a mac desktop and them switching to a windows laptop?
  10. Rosco2017

    iMac Pro Computer

    @Chris50 I don't want to beat a dead horse, but did you ever buy the iMac Pro? I was considering replacing my main desktop work station from PC to Mac. The 5k price tag is a little rough, but I don't mind as long as it can handle Chief.
  11. Rosco2017

    Screen Door and Screen for Deck

    You could ask him... @SNestor?
  12. Rosco2017

    Screen Door and Screen for Deck

    Give these 4 videos a peek. These are by a really great user named Steve. Pretty Helpful.
  13. Rosco2017

    Barn Door Symbol

    Reach out to @Alaskan_Son. He's amazing! He's helped me out of quite a few binds. Great guy!
  14. Rosco2017

    Add Gable Section to High Shed Roof

    You got that by looking at the front elevation pic? Impressive. I don't think he understood when he was asked to post his plan. He shared the layout in a pdf format. Not the plan file.
  15. Rosco2017

    Stairwell Questions

    Are you using X11 or another title?