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  1. Just as an FYI, I believe the rule is that the program will import the layer set as long as there is not already one using the same name in the plan. It will also import all of the other annotation defaults (such as dimensions, text, etc.) as long as they are not in the plan either.
  2. Dermot


    As far as I know, the only difference between the ruby console in X9 versus X12 is the background color used for the output window. As far as I know, the only way to clear the contents from the output window is to exit the program and restart it. Might be nice if there was, but that would be a feature request and I don't think anyone has ever asked for this.
  3. Dermot


    The output window has a darker background because it is not an area you can type in. You can input commands in the line below the console. The help button does a pretty good job of explaining this (but you may note that it is still using the old white background).
  4. The key to what you are trying to do is to learn how to use "Saved Plan Views" and "Default Sets". There are a number of videos that explain how these tools work. You may want to watch the following video series again: If you still have questions after rewatching these videos, then you may want to ask some more specific questions. I have found that the posts that get the most useful responses are the ones that have more details and less attitude. If all
  5. Just as an FYI... Actual scaled line weights (and accurate line styles) will only display accurately on the screen when you either turn on Line Weights or Print Preview. There are buttons for these on the right hand of your screen if you are using the default toolbars. The reason that most people have these turned off is because they can get in the way when you are trying to work in a plan. Also, if you want the line weights to look correct on the screen, you need to check settings in the Drawing Sheet Setup for the view you are working in. You can find some more inf
  6. Assuming that this happens in all plans, and not just one particular plan, than this is most likely a system problem. There is no one size fits all solution to these kinds of problems. Most often they are caused by video card or driver issues but many other system related problems can cause this as well. Please see this tech article for more information: If you need additional help, you should contact technical support du
  7. I apologize if any of the information I have provided was not helpful.
  8. Still sounds like a video card problem to me. You might want to check out this tech article: If all else fails, then you might want to contact tech support during normal business hours.
  9. HD Pro 2021 has no print size limitation. Prior versions did.
  10. Did you choose "Use Edge Line Defaults" in the Send to Layout dialog? If so, then you told the program to use the edge line defaults for the layout box instead of using the layer settings for the camera view. If this is not what you did, then you probably need to post a plan and some pictures.
  11. 99% of the time this is because these cabinets are listed in two different schedules. To figure out which schedules, just open your Project Browser and look in the Schedules section (not the CAD Details section). You can delete your schedules one at a time to see which ones are generating the callout labels. If this does not solve your problem, then you may want to either post your plan or contact tech support.
  12. X13 is currently in beta test. We should be starting the public beta in the near future. I won't give you any actual release dates because there are still too many unknowns at this point. We will only release it when we feel it is really ready. Yes, X13 is late this year. This was not intentional but I won't try to explain all of the reasons why because they will just sound like excuses to some people. Some of them were entirely our fault but others were things we had absolutely no control over. Covid related issues were definitely a factor. Some of them were very obvious l
  13. This is just an FYI for those that are interested... Sometimes when you have terrain generating inside the building it is because your walls are not properly connected or one or more of them is marked as No Room Definition. Fixing these problems will often correct the problem with the terrain. The program is not always going to be able to handle every possible situation and might not cut the terrain hole exactly the way you want it to. In these situations creating your own manual terrain hole is usually the easiest way to solve the problem. If you select the terrain
  14. This pdf will give you some more info about the differences between Chief Premier and HD Pro: You might also want to download the trial version for HD Pro and try it out for yourself. Since you haven't used Chief since version 9.5, you may even want to download the trial version of Premier to compare it with. Typically you can get a $500 discount when you upgrade from HD Pro to Premier which makes it relatively low risk to buy HD Pro first and then upgrade to Premier later
  15. Dermot


    Here is a tech article about associating files with a particular version of the program: Also, regarding upgrading to X12, please note that if your SSA is current that you should be able to get X12 without having to pay the upgrade price. If you let your SSA lapse, then you would have to pay the upgrade price but that it is currently on sale. If you do renew your SSA at this time, you should also be able to get X1