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  1. As far as attaching lights to roof soffits are concerned, see this thread for some more info:
  2. In the future, I would also encourage people to review this tech article: Turning off auto rebuild framing is a ways down the list, but it is there.
  3. If the warning is indicating that you have a wall that is set to an unusual angle, you will typically see another indicator attached to your cursor. You can actually turn the cursor indicators off but I would strongly recommend against this. Also, you should be able to hover over the icon or click on it to get more information about what the warning means. Regarding your plan file being too big to upload, the first thing to try is to save the file in a compressed archive folder (zip it) so that it is much smaller. If that is still too big to upload, then I would recommend removing things from the plan, that don't affect the problem area, until it is small enough to zip up and upload. One easy way to do this is to use the Delete Objects tool that lets you remove whole groups of objects quickly. And, as always, if all else fails, then you should contact our technical support team during their normal business hours.
  4. It helps to post a picture of what you are seeing. It also helps to add the program version to you signature because some things won't be the same in all versions. If your soffit is against the ceiling but it is not bumped up against a wall, deleting it will not automatically fill the hole the way it should. All you need to do is rebuild floors/ceilings (F12) to fix this. Lot's of other things will automatically rebuild your floors and ceilings so this problem is pretty well hidden. Regardless, when you run into problems like this, feel free to report them to our tech support team.
  5. This should not be necessary. If you ever find a case where you can't control the display correctly with the draw order tools, then please report this to our technical support team. Please include a plan that demonstrates the problem along with a picture of what you are seeing and a detailed description of what you are trying to do.
  6. Please see if this training video helps: If you are still having problems, then you might want to post the plan so that people can try and figure out what is going on. Here is a post with some tips on how to get good answers when you post: If all else fails, then you may want to contact tech support. Please note that this forum is not part of tech support. This forum is setup for users to help each other on a strictly volunteer basis.
  7. The ability to display multiple floors or other plans as a reference is only available in Premier. See picture below from the product differences. For the full list of product differences see this page: If you have more questions, feel free to contact our sales/customer service team:
  8. Recently, we have been getting a number of reports of "device removed" error messages specifically having to do with Windows 11 and NVIDIA 3000 series video cards. Unfortunately, we have been having trouble reliably duplicating these errors in house. Just yesterday one of our developers was able to duplicate this problem for awhile but then it mysteriously stopped happening and we don't know why yet. At this point, we are still not sure if the problem is a Chief problem or a device driver problem. It could also be the result of some 3rd party software that is interfering with how Chief interacts with the video card. You might be able to help us by providing us with more detailed information. If you are experiencing these problems, then please contact our technical support team during our normal business hours. You will need to provide them with some specific information about your system so that we can try determine what the common denominator is for the people that are experiencing this. If the problem has started or stopped happening after making any changes to your system, then let us know this as well. You can contact technical support here: We apologize for any inconvenience that this is causing. Please be assured that resolving these problems is our top priority.
  9. Dermot


    See if this tech article helps:
  10. This sounds like a problem with your video card or it's drivers. Please see if this tech article helps: If all else fails, then please contact our technical support department during our normal business hours:
  11. Depending on the size of the components, "Auto Adjust Lites for Component Size" may do what you want. If not, then custom muntins is the way to go.
  12. I think the original poster's problem had to do with library filters. If you are not using any filters, then the folders should all show in the browser. This could also be the result of changing the folder used to store the library files. Check your preferences to see where the library files are stored and make sure that you actually have a Core Libraries folder and that it has a bunch of .calib files in it. If not, then maybe they were moved or maybe they somehow got corrupted. In either case, you should be able to download them again. You might also want to see if this tech article helps: There are also a number of other tech articles related to libraries that can be found here: If all else fails, you may wan to contact technical support during their normal business hours (they will not be in until Monday because they are closed for Thanksgiving).
  13. Glad we could be of help. There are usually several different ways to achieve the same goal but some of them may work better than others in certain situations. " plinth block...there's a check box in the dialog box but no way to apply them and they don't seem to work through "room" mode..." Just an FYI, if you specify that a door is using plinth blocks, this will only affect the components/material list information and will not generate anything as part of the 3D model. Not sure what you mean by "room mode" though. Regardless, if you find things that you would like the program to do differently, like build a real plinth block to show in your camera views, you should always submit a feature request for it. The more people that ask for things, the higher up the priority list they will move. Never assume that when something is mentioned on the Q&A forum that Chief Architect will be aware of it. Employees will only look at the forums when they have extra time so it can be pretty sporadic. You can submit feature requests on the suggestions forum here:
  14. Did you try the tech article? Did it help? You can always try putting the plan file in a compressed folder which should make it small enough to post.
  15. By "post the plan", I think he means post the actual .plan file, not a picture of the floor plan. You might want to check out this tech support article first though: