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  1. It sounds like what you're describing is that your broken walls are merging back together when you edit them which is causing you to lose your custom height edits. One way to prevent this is to change one or more settings in the walls so they won't automatically merge. For example, just changing the layer of one of them will prevent it from merging with another. Lot's of other issues though. Your outer walls are not forming any rooms because, as Doug has pointed out, they are not fully connected. This is not really wrong but it will prevent the program from generatin
  2. Or, you could try group selecting them and entering the info instead.
  3. As far as I can tell, the built in macros work just fine. Probably best to talk with Joe about this.
  4. So far, I believe Maureen is the only one who has contacted our technical support. We have identified Maureen's issue but I don't think it is actually related to what the other people have described. At this time, we still don't have enough information to identify and correct this problem. If you are currently using X13 and experiencing this problem, then please contact our technical support team during our normal business hours so that we can look into this further.
  5. Information about our certification program can be found here: For other questions, you might want to contact our training department at or 208-292-3400.
  6. Rooms can be temporarily kept in memory. You can see this by just drawing a 4 wall box and setting the room name to something unique. If you delete one of the walls the room label will disappear. If you redraw the wall, the room label will magically come back. There are certain operations in the program that can clear out these temporary rooms. One way to be sure that these temporary rooms have been removed is to just close and reopen the plan.
  7. Why not just open the Edit Page Information dialog and type in the labels you want? You don't really need to use the magic "#" in the label, or any blank pages, or anything else. It's just a simple text label and you can type in whatever you want to display.
  8. It's a bug. It should be marked as an exterior window but for some reason the program thinks it's an interior window. Windows and doors work a little bit differently in X13 than they did in prior versions. In X12 and prior, a window was only considered an interior window if it was a pass-thru otherwise it was always considered an exterior window. This was very different than doors which were considered interior or exterior based only on the room types on both sides. In X13, windows and doors are now treated the same. Whether it is an exterior or interior window or d
  9. Works for me in X12 or X13. If you want more help, you need to either provide more information or contact technical support.
  10. As long as your computer meets our minimum system requirements, you should not need a new computer or graphics card to run X13. Please see this other post I made that has some more detailed information: Regarding the missing lines for cabinet hardware, I believe that this is the result of a bug in X13. Upgrading your computer is very unlikely to have any affect on this. We are currently working on a fix for this and hope to have it available in the next update. For now, if you turn off color and then find you have some missing lines, they should come back if you use t
  11. There seems to be some confusion about whether or not you need to upgrade your computer and/or video card to run X13. The short answer is that most people probably don't. Does your computer system meet our minimum system requirements? Some people may not be able to run X13 on an older computer or one using an older graphics card even though it could run X12 perfectly fine. X13 has an entirely new rendering engine that was written from scratch that has different system requirements than X12 did. So the first thing to do is determine whether or not your system meets ou
  12. First, and let me try to make this perfectly clear, you (as in Lauren) should not need to upgrade your computer or video card to use X13. Some people may not be able to run X13 on an older computer or one using an older graphics card even though it could run X12 perfectly fine. X13 has an entirely new rendering engine that was written from scratch that has different system requirements than X12 did. For more information about the new system requirements, please see this web page: In addition, some people may nee
  13. Even though the combo box says "0 (Not Emissive)" the actual value is 0.2 or 0.1 as you can see in the images above. The program will automatically match .2 to "not emissive" since it is pretty close. Apparently, even very small values like this can have a big effect in the mobile viewer. We will see if we can improve these issues in the future but for now you should try setting the actual value to 0.
  14. It appears that you have some materials (walls, casing, fascia, and maybe others) that have been made emissive which is causing them to appear way too bright in the viewer. I'm not sure why you did this but you may want to turn the emissivity off. We are not aware of any differences between X12 and X13 with regards to the mobile viewer. If you do find any problems, then please feel free to report them to our tech support team:
  15. As far as I know, no one has actually reported this problem to our technical support team. We need more information before we can look into this further. Please remember that this forum is not part of technical support. You can find more information about reporting problems here: