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  1. Dermot

    Applied Molding on 45 degree tray ceilng

    "...convert to a symbol and then rotate to match ceiling slope" Or make it flush mounted to the ceiling. You might notice how the ceiling registers will automatically rotate to sit on the sloped part of a tray ceiling.
  2. Dermot

    Furniture Kicks

    As far as I can tell, you can already do what you want just using the cabinet tools. See attached plan and picture. "I use latest version CA" I was tempted to post an X12 plan but since I didn't really believe you I posted an X11 plan instead. "Would be great if Chief could add an extra function - like I mentioned - under "Toe Kick", they could do a moulding option (similar to the crown option)....would save a lot of time." I'm not sure what you are asking for since you can already add horizontal moldings to any part of the cabinet. In my attached plan, I set the toe kick depth to 0 and put a base molding at the bottom. "Hope Chief is reading this" Don't count on this. This is a user forum and we don't have time to read every post. If you want to make sure a feature request will get logged into our internal database, you need to post it on the Suggestions forum. If you want to let us know about a program problem, you need to contact our technical support team and report it to us. Any comments in other posts are not guaranteed to be seen. furniture kick.plan
  3. Dermot

    Roof auto generated a bunch of useless walls

    I believe that the program will only generate walls that it needs (at least in X12 it does but maybe you will see some differences in X7). When I was looking at your model in a camera view, there were a lot of places that there would have been gaps between the roof planes and your walls had the program not generated automatic walls. As far as the program generating walls that you don't want, I would make sure that the design is correct before I would spend time trying to get rid of them. It does not look like all of your second floor walls are properly supported. Assuming that you are going to align the walls between the floors, you will probably see a lot fewer automatic walls generated.
  4. Dermot

    Roof auto generated a bunch of useless walls

    When you build an automatic roof, the program will generate attic walls to fill in the gaps between the walls you have drawn and the roof surfaces. When you delete the roof planes, the program will usually remove these automatically generated walls for you. If you edit these automatic walls, then the program will convert them to manual walls and will not remove them for you. My guess is that you did something to these walls which converted them into manual ones so that now you will need to remove them yourself.
  5. Dermot

    X12 Beta - Some DBX Entries Aren't Retained ???

    You should not need to hit tab before hitting OK.
  6. Dermot

    Missing Save active camera in X12

    The Save Active Camera tool has been replaced by the Save Active View tool. There is also a Save Active View As tool. These tools also replace the Save Plan View and Save Plan View As tools. The Edit Active Camera tool has been replaced by the Edit Active View tool. These new tools will appear in the main Tools menu under Active View. They will work for camera views and plan views so that you don't need different tools for different views anymore. They will still bring up different dialog boxes depending on the type of view you are working in.
  7. Dermot

    X12 Beta - Some DBX Entries Aren't Retained ???

    Please be sure to always report any problems like this directly to our tech support team. Don't just discuss these things on the forums or we may never hear about them. And just as an FYI, hitting tab to update a control and change focus to the next one is standard Windows behavior and has been that way since as long as I can remember. We generally don't try to document standard Windows behaviors since this would make the manuals much longer.
  8. Dermot

    Fixture Components in Cabinets to Fixture Schedule

    I don't have access to X12 at the moment but you may be able to get the results you want by either using the tab key to select the actual sink (instead of the sink base) or by just placing the sink as a free standing item and then dragging it over the cabinet.
  9. Dermot

    Perspective Crop tool still works in X12...

    The perspective crop mode was removed from prior versions of the X12 beta but was put back in right before the public beta was released. Unfortunately, the documentation was not updated at the last minute to reflect these changes. We apologize for any confusion that this may cause.
  10. Dermot

    Changing the direction of flooring

    "3D uses the Texture settings." It all depends on your rendering technique. Some of the rendering techniques (like vector views) will display patterns and edge lines and others (like standard or PBR) will show the textures.
  11. Dermot

    X12 Layer Sets

    There are also a number of good training videos and articles about layer sets (most of these have not been updated for X12 yet though):
  12. Dermot

    X12 Layer Sets

    There are a number of different ways to change your active layer set for the current view in X12: - If you are using the Active Layer Display Options (ALDO), you can show the layer set combo box. It should be there by default in X12. - You can use the Edit Active View tool to change your current layer set along with any of the other default settings your view is currently using. - You can add the Layer Set combo box to your toolbars using the customize toolbars.
  13. Dermot

    Copy and Paste in Place X12

    Please see this post with some more info about copy and paste in place:
  14. Maybe you are thinking of note schedules?
  15. Dermot

    Kitchen Drawer Fronts

    You may find this help article has some additional info. Door and drawer fronts are basically handled the same way.