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    Camera Focal Length?

    "The focal length of the lens is the distance between the lens and the image sensor [film in the old days] when the subject is in focus, usually stated in millimeters (e.g., 28 mm, 50 mm, or 100 mm). In the case of zoom lenses, both the minimum and maximum focal lengths are stated, for example 18–55 mm." Like Mark says, the "focal length" changes the field of view - think telephoto vs. wide angle lens. 50mm is approx. what the eye naturally sees.
  2. Ridge_Runner

    Wall Cladding disappears in preview

    You have't been breaking "quarantine" have you?
  3. Ridge_Runner

    Beginner questions

    Well worth the $100 lifetime membership fee if you choose to join. Lots of free stuff there but much more for a one-time fee. One or two custom symbols will pay for the fee. Did I say Lifetime?
  4. Ridge_Runner

    Monitor question

    I was concerned about this also. But the 4K monitors are excellent. I also have a LG 32" true monitor. The TCL 4K is far superior to it in clarity and I am running both at 3840x2160.
  5. Ridge_Runner

    Monitor question

    TCL 43" 4K model #43S517 (from Walmart). I have two and they work great. Tried a Hisense from Walmart but it only lasted 2-weeks and died...would not turn on.. took it back.
  6. Ridge_Runner

    Occasional Symbol Selection Issue

    This same thing happens to me also, Larry. Like you, I can't reproduce it and don't know what causes it. When it happens it usually won't allow me to select certain objects but will select objects, like roof planes, that are on an "off" layer. Strange, but happens. I have been closing and restarting also but will try Robert's "fix" next time.
  7. Ridge_Runner

    Trusses displaying in wrong place

    Sorry, Graeme, to laugh while you are in a dilemma. But laughter is a good medicine for the soul.
  8. Ridge_Runner

    All thread connection detail

    Wasn't sure what system he might be using. Just figured he might find some "parts" from Simpson that would help with the detailing.
  9. Ridge_Runner

    Trusses displaying in wrong place

    Michael, I almost fell out my chair laughing! Thank you - I needed a good laugh today! +1
  10. Ridge_Runner

    Trusses displaying in wrong place

    That's the problem; your client showed up for a final meeting!
  11. Ridge_Runner

    All thread connection detail

    Download the Simpson catalog. They have several 2D and 3D symbols available.
  12. Thanks, MarkMc also.
  13. Thanks, Mark. I wish you had done this 2-weeks ago. I just finished the project with the master bath I was working on using this style cabinet. I just "faked it" and moved on. Thanks for sharing this one; maybe I can use it on the next as Pinterest must have highlighted this particular cabinet door style recently!
  14. Ridge_Runner

    Fishy emails looking for architectural services

    I've gotten these a couple of times. Just ignored them and they go away.
  15. Ridge_Runner

    reference floor layer set x12

    This is the way I would change it. If you are not up on "saved plan views" check out the help file - they are key to my workflow and make changing the reference set (or using multiple reference sets) as well as modifying the line colors, style, etc. for each very easy to do.
  16. Ridge_Runner

    kitchen - corner upper shelf issue

    But your subject title and your question leads off by "suggesting," at least to me, that you would want the shelf to create a corner shelf. I'm confused...happens a lot.
  17. Ridge_Runner

    Wall connection mess

    Good one!
  18. Ridge_Runner

    How to create a rectangle pillar

    Also easier in many cases to add the moldings, if wanted, for the top and bottom trim when using a cabinet.
  19. Ridge_Runner

    Multistory in frame structure

    Nice representation, Mark - especially since it has only been a few hours since the OP posted his pic. I give you a point.
  20. Ridge_Runner

    Small Wall Offset issues - again

    We have so many now that I don't know what many of them mean, especially from those with I-phones. Wouldn't it be nice if we had technology that allowed us to actually "talk" to each other? Oh wait, we do - don't we?
  21. Ridge_Runner

    Small Wall Offset issues - again

    I know; so was mine.
  22. Ridge_Runner

    Small Wall Offset issues - again

    And not give the client what they want?
  23. Ridge_Runner

    Shed design and T111 siding need some help

    Same here. I think some framers are "taught" that in Framing 101. Disclaimer: those of you on here who are good framers please don't take offense; not all are good framers.
  24. Ridge_Runner

    Missing Ceiling on Main Floor

    Looking good. Nice home. I really like the aqua retro frig. Is this a new home or a remodel? Just curious.
  25. Ridge_Runner

    X12 change/remove backdrops?

    Once you get familiar with the change it is a good thing, IMHO.