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    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    One caveat using ACME's tool - the files can get quite large if you make a large array or rows and columns; many of mine are 8-10mb or so, but they don't show "banding" or the terrible repeat problem many textures create.
  2. Ridge_Runner

    Custom Material Generation with Substance Player

    Check out the link to ACME's tool above. I use it quite a bit. It makes very good seamless textures and allows you to choose the mortar color, brick color, number of brick rows and columns, type of bond (running, stacked, 1/3, etc.) I use it for soldier courses also. Arched brick? doesn't work since it doesn't have that option. Arched brick would be on my list at the very top!
  3. Ridge_Runner

    Plan Materials

    I still get multiples on a regular basis. Don't know why, but is sure is annoying!
  4. I followed Ryan's link above and the clicked on this guy. Followed his method and mine is working fine so far. It is not difficult to change but you have to watch the video and follow the steps. [edit] I was using Mick's method above before that.
  5. Ridge_Runner

    anyone use dark screen with white lines?

    Same here.
  6. Ridge_Runner

    anyone use dark screen with white lines?

    @joey_martin I believe Joey does; maybe he will chime in as his plansets look great.
  7. Ridge_Runner

    Pour Garage Slab Through Doorways

    I'm OCD myself! Mixed bag, though. I tend to overthink things and waste too much time over silly details the framers could care less about.
  8. Ridge_Runner

    Pour Garage Slab Through Doorways

    I probably read this 4-years ago, but my tired brain now remembers things from 40-years ago easier than 4!
  9. Ridge_Runner


    True. But you can edit many of the generated lines in those views, especially those that just don't follow the "edge/pattern" categories or the extraneous lines CA adds that I just don't want to see - there always seems to be some that have to be changed or deleted. That's why I don't do any editing of the linework in those views until I am ready to finish the plan set. If you get your view edited the way you want, and then have to come back and update the view, all editing is lost, unfortunately, and has to be done again. CA is much better in this area, though, than in years prior; not as bad as it sounds.
  10. Ridge_Runner


    Plot lines also.
  11. Ridge_Runner

    Quick Question for Section Views and Elevation Views

    Unless someone has found a way that I don't know about, it can, but the offsets are tied to the material definition and not on a per wall basis; meaning it can be adjusted for one wall in one view, but will probably not be right in other elevations and sections. You would have to copy the material and rename it for every wall you want to adjust it in - pain in the butt.
  12. Ridge_Runner

    Pour Garage Slab Through Doorways

    Honestly, I have looked at regular exterior doorways in camera views for years and noticed the finished floor always showing, but never thought of changing the garage floor to having a finished concrete floor like Robert suggests! Another day and I have learned something! Being an old dog, that's something to celebrate.
  13. Ridge_Runner

    Import Material - Brick HELP

    Try ACME Brick's free Masonry Designer software https://brick.com/masonry-designer . Easy to use and makes excellent texture files. Can adjust mortar color also which is a big plus.
  14. Ridge_Runner

    How to raise deck of wall cabinets?

    @MarkMc 1 1/2" ???
  15. Ridge_Runner

    narrow to wider stairs?

    Neither do I, but "somebody, somewhere" will try it. The internet is full of those "I can't believe they did that!"
  16. Ridge_Runner

    narrow to wider stairs?

    Yours are. Your landing, as drawn, is the same width where the stair sections touch it. What doesn't work is where the landing is "narrower" than the stair section that it connects to.
  17. Ridge_Runner

    Realistic Rendering Software after Chief

    Bingol! We have a winner! (Michael too, maybe) Since I did find the little guy (you'll just have to take my word for it ) I'll take the free cup of Joe. Where is the front desk so I can claim my prize? At the front, or in the back, or where?
  18. Ridge_Runner

    Realistic Rendering Software after Chief

    That figures! I bet there isn't even room service!
  19. Ridge_Runner

    Realistic Rendering Software after Chief

    I think I found him, but will wait for "the great reveal" to see if I am right. What can I do with my "points?"
  20. Ridge_Runner

    Global Defaults, Inter-project

    Change all of the defaults you wish to change in a template plan and then save it under a recognizable name. Open that template plan and save under your new project file name. Create various template plans using this method with all the different default materials you want.
  21. Ridge_Runner

    Schedule Management?

    I do what Kyle mentions. I do zoom in to the portion I want to send and just send the current screen to layout so I don't have to crop too much.
  22. Ridge_Runner

    3D Molding Line in 3 Axes

    Draw all three lines in plan view and convert to 3D polyline. Take a cross section toward the one you want vertical. Select the open end that needs to go vertical and move it until it is vertical. You will have to adjust to the correct height and check your horizontal lines also to make sure they are where you want them to be. 3D polylines are just finicky!
  23. Ridge_Runner

    Dimensions not working in CAD Detail

    Surely something changed. Any idea what? With that said, CA sometimes has a mind of its own and things change for whatever reason...personal experience. Not always DOE (dumb operator error).
  24. Ridge_Runner

    sending a single object to layout

    If there are cabinets on each side wall by the island, just adjust the layout view side borders so they don't show.