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  1. snoopy1963

    backdrop image

    Hey thanks! Yeah I'm die hard Saints all the way. But had to root for Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl because I like Tom Brady. Him and Brees are good friends and family oriented and do a lot for their communities. My brother and sister live in Tampa so a good excuse to root for the Bucs.
  2. snoopy1963

    backdrop image

    I'm new to X12 since Dec 2020. Been on X6 for about 6 years. It's a little different so it's taking me a bit to get used to where commands are on X12. I changed the backdrop in the 3D view defaults which was gray and added my sky backdrop and it worked. The longer I dive into X12 the more amazed I am at how many new features it has. I'm increasing my RAM to 128 to get it perform better. But X12 is pretty awesome and powerful. I work in Revit and Softplan as well but Chief tops both. It's a great software. Did these in X12. I could not have done these in X6 or Revit. I think the upgrade was a good investment. It was well worth it.
  3. snoopy1963

    backdrop image

    Sun setting was set to grey. Thanks for the tip!
  4. snoopy1963

    backdrop image

    My backdrop sky comes out gray when I render. How can I make it blue. Any suggestions why this is happening would help. Thanks. Running CA12.
  5. Greetings, I'd like to develop a relationship with an experienced CA architectural draftsman/graduate architect who is familiar with building methods in Texas and Louisiana. I'm an architect and may soon need remote assistance on CA to produce basic construction/permit ready construction drawings for small commercial and residential projects in the Houston and New Orleans region. I can pay $35 per hour for taking residential design development plans and elevations to construction drawings for permits up to 40-60 hours per project depending on the complexity (it takes me 24 hours average to produce a set of standard permit plans) and since I'm taking more of a management role in my firm I like to have some production back up to free up my time to pursue more work. Fees to be paid when client pays basis, larger projects may be divided into periodic payments or billing cycles. I will do a mark up at the end and you correct and send back completed. I will get foundation and structural and base schematic plans done, you do the rest, and I stamp the plans. I have a template layout made for residential plans. Must be CA 6 and above proficient. Knowledge of Autocad and Revit is helpful as well but not absolutely necessary but would a big plus. Please email me with your experience, some samples of your work in PDF format, at least 1 or 2 references, and hourly rates at Once I narrow in on someone we'll do a video conference to chat about your experience. Thanks, Roland Arriaga Architect
  6. Whenever I send an elevation to the layout, the siding shows through material in front of it. In my case the siding shows through the window trim, corner trim, & water table trim board. See attached image. I've tried numerous ways to trouble shoot the problem but can't find a solution. This only happens on the side elevations. Front and rear elevations are okay. Need help if you have encountered a similar situation. Thanks, Roland Archi-Dinamica Architects, LLC New Orleans
  7. snoopy1963

    Need to have a 3d Object created

    You can model it in SketchUp then import it into Chief. I do most of my custom blocks and symbols that way and it works. Perhaps other Chief users have a different way of doing it.
  8. snoopy1963

    Plan Title Block - X10

    can't get it to import to X6.
  9. snoopy1963

    Chief Architect help needed.

    I am architect in New Orleans looking for a residential design/drafting professional to prepare plans on Chief Architect X6 or later for new homes, residential remodels and additions. I will do the base plan, set up elevations, and set the appropriate ceiling heights and crawl space dimensions. Here in NOLA we build houses elevated on CMU piers above the BFE. From my base plans you will develop a complete set of construction plans for bidding and permitting in a 130 mph wind zone. I will do a redline check at 50% and at 90-100% intervals and give it back to you for final draft. You must be familiar with IRC 2015, construction, framing, and detailing of wood framed houses. I need experienced help. Preferably someone who can cut through the chase and without too much supervision run with the production of working drawings from my design development plans. I also need to know how much you charge for your services. Any professional(s) interest in helping us out with Chief drafting & design, please call Roland at 504-486-8616 or email me at Thanks, Roland A. Arriaga, AIA, Architect 504-486-8616 office 8:30-5:30
  10. Expanding client base. We have done residential and light commercial work in Florida. Licensed Architect in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and very familiar with the Florida Building Code and municipalities there. Main office in N.O., La but can work out of Pensacola, Tampa, and Orlando area in virtual setups. Set up to do Revit, Chief Architect (all versions), AutoCAD, 3-D renderings, etc. 35 years exp. in architecture, engineering, and construction.We offer competitive rates. Call 504-486-8616 or email Roland Arriaga at Want to meet in Florida? No problem we fly in in the morning and meet with you at local office suite or job site and fly back home in the evening. We're also expanding client base in South Texas soon.
  11. snoopy1963

    People Images - 1St Batch

    Hey Joe, You saved the day and saved my life from a picky client. These images are great! Anything I can do in return just holler. Thanks for sharing!!! Roland A. Arriaga, AIA, Architect Archi-Dinamica Architects, LLC Arriaga Design-Build Group, LLC New Orleans, La. Chief Premier X6, Revit, AutoCad Architecture