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  1. You can easily do this by drawing the CAD shape of the rib in section view, making sure it is a "closed" polyline. Then convert that to a polyline solid with the depth you need. It can be multi-copied, mirrored, etc. I do this all of the time for pole barns as well as metal buildings using free-span bents. You could probably do it with a 3D molding polyline but those are much more "finicky" to work with, especially if you have to edit them.
  2. This little guy gets some in trouble. Obvious, I'm sure, but you might check.
  3. Is this post legit? Or am I the only one that thinks it may be spam? Hope I'm wrong as we seem to get more and more spam lately.
  4. @HayleyMHayley, you may want to redact your serial number from your attached pic. Just a FYI. Most of us, if not all, are honest, but you never know who is lurking.
  5. "Real" 3D people "may" slow your system down if they are high polygon count. Check the count on whatever you find. That's why "images" work OK.
  6. Change the color of the layer for that object in that view's layerset (assuming the object has "color by layer" checked).
  7. I do this often, but I never understood why the snap would work for the line but not for the dimension. Frustrating for sure.
  8. Or, what I do when I have the headroom in the garage, I lower the wall plates (usually the 16") and keep the baseline the same; keeps the fascia heights the same for the house. I sometimes will lower the plates 17.5" and spec the wall top plate to extend over the tops of the I-joists (what I use the most). I think that ties together the walls to the main house and the garage better, but not a deal breaker.
  9. Looking at your picture, that floor platform will have to go all the way out to the lower stud wall plates. You can see the corners sticking thru your roof line. Bonus room spaces over garages usually have to have the rafters framed on top of the 2nd floor floor platform. Yours does not; that creates what you are seeing - the 2nd floor platform.
  10. You need to turn off "Sun Follows Camera" to adjust the shadows differently in each view.
  11. When in the elevation or section view, go to the Adjust Sunlight icon and play with the sun direction and angle. You can "fine tune" so that shadow might not be so large but still looks good.
  12. I agree totally. I tried several PDF print drivers; finally settled on Bullzip. The problem with most, other than CA's, is the "tiling" they use for the final image. That leaves light and dark tiles in the final output, which I don't like at all. CA doesn't do it that way, apparently, and their output is clean. But, I live in a rural area and my internet connection is very slow. The large PDF's become a real problem real quick having to share them with the rest of the world.
  13. For me, it creates a much larger PDF file. We've discussed this dead horse several times in the past.
  14. I do this so often I have created a layer for them to go on. I also have them already in my template file for new plans; adjust as needed. I like "clean" sections and elevations, but it does take some work to get there. But, to CA's credit, it is not as much as it used to be - for that I am grateful. Being OCD is not always a blessing.
  15. Maybe that's a "feature" so you can distinguish the roof planes?.............NOT! Sorry, just needed a little break from reality.
  16. Don't know if you are using Saved Plan Views or not, but they will save you a ton of time for these types of situations. Set up a new Saved Plan View, make all of the layerset changes you want (I usually copy another layerset first that is the closest to what I want) and that will be available from now on with a click of the mouse. I have them set up in my various template plans so they are available for all new plans.
  17. I still have this problem in X12 at times. Never consistent, but occasionally it fails, mostly on CA's own cross section lines as well as grabbing something near, say, Jupiter!
  18. Or upload the file to the "cloud" and just post a link to the file.
  19. I would bet multiple roof planes, cut and shaped, with different structure materials.
  20. This is the one that has gotten me in trouble in the past. I have learned to watch that setting carefully before I change 2x4 walls to 2x6 (along with the wall main layer side).
  21. Exactly! I use it so much I have it added to a custom toolbar, along with several commonly used tools.