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  1. Did you edit the dimension default in the Saved Plan View you are using to reflect the new dimension defaults? Seems obvious but sometimes gets overlooked.
  2. Not till it was built, and then the homeowner would give you a call and ask for your credit card number!
  3. @renosudYou may have them too close to the door. Un-mull them, move the sidelights away and then move them back, just touching the door, and mull them again. I think they are too close to allow the framing to build like you want it. Attach the plan and someone will probably know in less than a minute.
  4. Thanks, Michael, for the 2nd place to look. Your instructions took me to the screen that looks like Ed's and not just a different pick like Rob shows. I found the one Rob did, but wasn't sure if it was the right one. My "Simply and personalize Windows" - Show animations in Windows - is ON. I will turn it off and see if it makes any difference.
  5. I looked, and couldn't find it either. I'm still having toolbar issues also.
  6. Go to Chief's website and look under Bonus Libraries; lots of items to download.
  7. Working on a plan now with the same problems. Line directions are reversed and I had to rework half of them to get it right. Did the same thing as the guys above suggested. Drew the problem lines outside the property line, reversed them, moved them back. This is when I miss the days the deed showed the survey data starting at a single point and moving around the perimeter. Even after correcting the line sections the survey wouldn't close properly; it missed by about 16" at the last 2-points.
  8. Very possible. That's a new card and drivers could be problematic.
  9. Looking at his machine specs, that machine should fly thru CA. That AMD 6900 XT video card is AMD's current flagship model and ranks 3rd behind a RTX 3090 in one website I looked at. Pretty impressive and about 2/3 the cost of a 3090.
  10. Welcome to the world of "how come?" in CA. Sometimes CA just grabs something it chooses to dimension to. This has been noted several times in prior posts. Does that make you feel any better being a "club member?" I love CA, but it has some quirks at times.
  11. I've had this happen in Windows just recently. Like Dermot said, it seems to just get "stuck" and will not return to the normal pointer. Even trying to cancel out of what I was doing did not change it. Hitting Esc or the spacebar would not restore it to normal. Last time it happened, I chased it all over the screen trying to find what "it" was wanting to do! Never did. If I moved the cursor up into the menu areas, it would change to the normal arrow "pick" cursor. As soon as I moved down into the drawing area it would revert to the "resize window" symbol. I think I closed CA down and restarted. Don't know what caused it; hope it doesn't happen again. Just to add additional info, I do use multiple windows on 2-monitors as my normal workflow; that may have something to do with it.
  12. Best to "call" Joe with this type of request so this thread will notify him. Just type the @ symbol and his user name; a list will come up and you can choose him. @Joe_Carrick
  13. Win 10's Snipping Tool is great for this.
  14. @Doug_NI've used something similar. They are in the DalTile\Mosaic\Mosaic Traditions catalog. Might get you close enough.
  15. Very nice of you David to do this for the OP.
  16. Your first screenshot shows you are in the "pattern" area. Changing the line color there will not change it in the "texture" area. The material itself must be changed in the texture section to show for standard/PBR type views.
  17. Thanks for the follow-up.
  18. Any prior history that would cause her to think that?
  19. Not sure I follow the question? They show fine in section and 3D. The mid-posts will have to be manual as you said.