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  1. robdyck

    Hand Rail at top of Stair

    @ChiefuserMathews It does look like a hand rail bracket mounted near the top of the concrete wall might be a bit far from the upper end of the hand rail. The last thing you'd want is an installer fretting about that, then mounting it too close to the top and blowing the concrete out. That was the reason that, in an earlier post, I mentioned aligning the inside of the concrete wall with the exterior of the deck framing (although I wasn't overly specific)
  2. robdyck

    Side of dormer is showing only a partial wall

  3. robdyck

    Side of dormer is showing only a partial wall

    Problem #1: the roofs aren't connected at the top. Problem #2: this wall isn't long enough. Problem #3: this wall doesn't align with the floor below Problem #4: the hole in the lower roof plane isn't the right size. Drag it up to the exterior of the wall. Problem #5: some walls aren't using the default top and bottom height. Recheck those. Clean up the other side to match. Notice the side wall is broken into 2 segments:
  4. robdyck

    arched soldier brick issue

    Hey Darren, glad you got it figured out. A few quick additional items will help with realism, although you may be ahead of me and have already done it. In elevation view draw a polyline 3/8" larger than your arched lintel course. You can replicate this for: material region to remove the brick polyline solid to be the mortar for the arched lintel.
  5. robdyck

    stair wall at grade

    Hey Wilson, to initiate a reply from another user of the forum, you need to either quote them or tag them. That will send out a notification. @ChiefuserMathews
  6. robdyck

    Daylight/Walkout Basement & Terrain

    Did you build the terrain on the main floor? That's where it belongs. I bet you built it on floor 0 so you'll need to follow Dermot's advice below.
  7. Or the deck....or both.
  8. robdyck

    Hand Rail at top of Stair

    You've got to click the handrail molding.
  9. robdyck

    arched soldier brick issue

    Your point is in the wrong spot. It needs to be the center of your arch so the solider course is concentric.
  10. robdyck

    Seating Schedule with Totals, Possible?

    What I mean is that by using a schedule with the custom field for seating, the data will at least be correct and live. The resulting schedule can be copied into a spreadsheet for totals and any other editing.
  11. robdyck

    Seating Schedule with Totals, Possible?

    From Help: Display Options - • Uncheck Display Column Headings to hide the selected schedule’s Heading row. When this is checked, each column has a heading at the top. • Uncheck Display Totals Row to suppress the bottom row stating the total area for all objects in the selected schedule. Only available in schedules set to include Door, Window, or Room categories, and only when one or more “Area” columns are included.
  12. robdyck

    Seating Schedule with Totals, Possible?

    You either buy a macro or use the schedule to get your totals and add that info manually. Obviously adding the seating field to the tables will at least take care of getting the right totals as you make changes.
  13. robdyck

    Seating Schedule with Totals, Possible?

    Seeing as you are using symbols, all you need to do is create a custom field in the OIP. Then, you'll be able to add that field to the schedule. EDIT: I believe you'll need a macro to get the totals automatically.
  14. robdyck

    Soundbar library?

    I'm taking this before @DzinEye gets to it. You're welcome!
  15. robdyck

    Room colors