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  1. Looks like Joe is the closest and like I'm the second closest! I guess that makes me semi-local!
  2. robdyck

    Reference As-Built File Bloat

    Furniture is a tough one. I like to show it on early versions to help with space planning but it does slow things down. I'm going to try the reference file approach for furniture as well.
  3. robdyck

    Flush Eaves not working

    Ha! Acer Aspire is my computer spec, not my name! That's funny but I'll update my signature to avoid that again! I just use p-solids to manually make an eave. Usually a solid drawn in plan view for the soffit, and a solid drawn in elevation view for the end.
  4. I'm working on a renovation project and using a reference display to the as-built caused a file size increase of about 370 MB. The only reference to the as built was in my reno plan's saved plan view of my working layer set. Once the as-built reference was removed, the file speed behaves as expected. The simple plan had slowed down to a crawl. Has anyone else experienced something as extreme as this? As-built plan = 6,704 kb reno plan with reference = 391,000 kb reno plan WITHOUT reference = 28,622 kb
  5. robdyck

    Tempered glass behind toilet

    Is there something other than R308.4.5 that the inspector has referenced? And, is the inspector the same person who does the plan review and issued the permit? Does your permit come with any notes from the plan review that mentions this issue? In such cases where a site inspector has made a questionable judgement I usually ask for a written interpretation of the code as it pertains to this issue from the building department. This process gets the department to review / debate it internally and provides clear, written guidance going forward. Remind them that such interpretations should be written and posted by the department to be publicly available for all future applicants. If they decide the inspector has overreached, it provides the building department with an approach to ensure consistent interpretation to all reviewers and inspectors in their department. I've found often enough that just asking them to do some additional work is enough to get them to re-evaluate such decisions.
  6. robdyck

    Ceiling surface problem

    Is the hole for a stairwell? If so, use a room (Open Below) instead of a hole.
  7. robdyck

    Scaling already created leader/text and annotations

    Just select all of them by layer using the 'Match Properties', and use the 'transform replicate' tool to double the size. A nother simple way would be be to use the 'All Off' layer set, then turn on your text, then marquee select all, and use the 'transform replicate' tool to double the size. You could make a copy of them at the same time, and place them on a separate layer for 1/8" scale text.
  8. robdyck

    Has anyone created a Nana sliding wall?

    I've created several different models for various projects. My only suggestion here is to ensure the client can afford it before you go overboard on the design. Richard's suggestion is the perfect way to start. Just draw some 2x4 walls to create the pocket they'd slide into.
  9. Move the screen door up 1/16" in the z-axis.
  10. robdyck

    Reversing CAD block

    You mean an architectural block, right? Just reverse it using the 'reflect about object' tool or the 'transform / replicate' tool.
  11. robdyck

    Framing view Walk Through Camera?

    Yup. Just use the your 3D Framing layer set.
  12. robdyck

    Text Fill Shortcut

    You can use the fill style eyedropper for Text, but not for Rich Text (I'd love to know why).
  13. robdyck

    How to Create an Open Inside Corner Wall Cab w/o Stiles?

    If I convert my corner cabinet to a symbol, then delete that leftover edgebanding, then convert to a symbol again, it works. Of course it's a fixture not a cabinet!
  14. robdyck

    How to Create an Open Inside Corner Wall Cab w/o Stiles?

    I've struggled with this for years as well. This is the closest I've come...not close enough. There's still a ribbon of material in the corner.
  15. robdyck

    terrain perimeter

    Make your own hole using a terrain feature. You'll also need to un check "Hide Terrain..." in the Terrain Spec. dbx.