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  1. It especially embarrassing when many other diy design apps have better basic 3d representation. I got sent a 'plan' from a prospective client with 3d views that was far far better than Chief's 3d viewer. Even the Houzz 3d app has a better basic presentation. Screwing around with raytracing on every job (for free) is not the answer!!
  2. Huh? With something other than material regions?
  3. If I'm not mistaken, that's not a feature. That model will have been "manipulated" by pulling the roof plane away from it's proper edge. Then, additional roof planes will have been modeled to the left to show as the underlayment and the seathing.
  4. I agree with you. And if I'm not mistaken this issue still exists when using an elevation view that utilizes a rendering style with line drawing displayed. Below are 2 comparisons showing the on-screen and a pdf. Watercolor technique with line drawing weight of 5. I had to guess and check my way to a decent pdf. PDF: On Screen:
  5. Some sample images with a very light weight; from Beta (before it worked correctly?!) I really liked the light weight. And as Rene pointed out, it makes a mess out of 3d plants.
  6. From Help: Mitre Ends of Angle Walls Specify how wall corners that are not right angles are framed. 90° corners are not affected by these settings. Select Mitre Plate Ends to mitre the ends of the top and bottom plates. If unchecked, top and bottom plates will be butted together. Select Rotate End Studs to rotate the studs closest to mitre ends to the angle of the mitre. If unchecked, studs will remain perpendicular to the angle of the walls. Select Horizontal Frame Thru to frame through the horizontal walls in plan view, butting vertical walls against them. If unchecked, walls that are vertical in plan view will frame through.
  7. None of my angle walls are showing mitered corners. I thought I'd check to see if it's working correctly for others before I send this to Tech Support.
  8. You'll need to set a shallow frame depth (try 2-3" or so) in order to be able to recess the windows that much. And that refers to recessing the frame. Chief won't allow the sash to be inset more than 12".
  9. That sounds like you just volunteered me without asking!
  10. Try checking 'through wall' at start and end.
  11. Build foundation will follow the default settings including the defaults for the garage room type. You should be able to specify a monolithic foundation for the garage in the garage room dbx and the foundation should build accordingly. It does for me. I often use 2 different foundation types quite often but for attached garages. I never build a detached garage in the same plan file as the house.
  12. Here's some images I produced. I made a copy of the plan file, 1 for X12 and 1 for X13. In X13, the only change I made to the saved cameras was to turn off refraction and cap live samples. FWIW, I don't think it's reasonable to expect the same results with PBR in X13 as the rendering engine is different and it is designed to work with refraction. IOW, it ain't the same, so how can it be the same? Here's my results. X12 X13 X12 X13