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  1. Mark, I got it to work except the hatch pattern in the center isn't displaying and I've tried everything I can think of to make it show, I've brought parts to the front, and the other parts sent to the back, but it doesn't help. Any idea what I've done wrong. Enclosed a picture showing what I ended up with (on the left) and what the edited cad block shows before it's saved and what I want it to look like. COLUMNS.pdf
  2. Mark, thanks so much! worked like a charm. I appreciate your help.
  3. Are there other users in the Kansas City area?
  4. Using the Chief library columns, is there a way to define the plan view with a fill pattern? Don's see a way other than creating a 2D box with a till pattern and placing it over the top.
  5. Hi all, thanks for you help. One of my clients insists on using a specific engineer and they only accept dwg files. Much of my information is on the layout sheets and not on the actual plans themselves, hence I need to export the layout sheet into a dwg. However, when I'm doing that, when I open the dwg file in autocad, the original layout sheet which is 24"x24", the dwg file is about the size of a postage stamp. I talked to support and they didn't know why that would happen, so here I am again, sorry. I've looked at youtube, training videos etc., and I can't find an answer.
  6. Michael, I realize that I can only do one page at a time, and I'm ok with that. On my layout sheets, I have my company logo, and on the first page I have the 3D view of the front of the house (currently in .png format). The company logo is also a .png file and the other "picture" is a pdf. None of those are being exported. Thanks for your help.
  7. Actually yes. When I export the layout file to dwg, not all of the information is exported.
  8. I've looked everywhere and don't see a reliable way to export my layout files to a dwg format. Exporting plan files is not too difficult, but if we're sending these to an engineer, much of the information is on the layout sets and would be lost. Is there a way to do this that I can't find?
  9. BruceKC


    Anyone have major issues with x14? We want to update but I'm a bit reticent to do so. Does everyone think it's safe to do so?
  10. Hi Adam. No, I have 1-3/4" Colorado Stone (model stone) and so no ledge is necessary. I also have the pony wall above set so that the foundation aligns with the main stud layer and not the model stone. I'm a bit confused.
  11. I have a pony wall on two sides of the front porch, and the foundation has strange gaps in it (pics attached). I'm baffled.
  12. So, we bought a Valve Index headset, upgraded the video card Nvidia 3080rtx, and the VR is much improved over Oculus, but still not good enough to show to my clients....Not sure what else I can do to improve...maybe a Pimax?
  13. Thank you everyone! I reset my preferences and everything is now working. I have no idea what happened, but I really appreciate everyone's time and help as always. Have a great week my friends!
  14. A better picture with my crosshairs out of the way.