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  1. BruceKC


    thanks everyone, it didn't occur to me that the library would be vast until yesterday, so that wouldn't be a good idea. I did open, modify and copy all the relevant casement sizes we use and labeled them for our use. It really wasn't a big deal, I appreciate all of the help you all have given me, and want to thank all of you. Stay warm, it's going to go to minus 12 degrees here tonight....yuck!
  2. BruceKC


    Well, I guess I WAS expecting all of the windows from the 100 series, otherwise, what is it good for? One casement window? Makes no's not Chief's fault, but that is hardly a library from Andersen.
  3. BruceKC


    Hi everyone. Question: I downloaded the Andersen 100 series windows into Chief, but it only brought one window of each type? That would mean I would have to insert their window, and then make all the changes to meet what I want. Am I doing something wrong? This doesn't make any sense to me.
  4. BruceKC

    temporary dimensions

    Does anyone know why all of a sudden, when I pick a wall, temporary dimensions pop up all over the place instead of just near the wall I picked? It's very disconcerting.
  5. BruceKC


    thanks everyone, I really appreciate all of your help. I think at this point, the plan has to go out to the client today and I'm going to move it over and redraw it in Autocad Architecture. There are just too many problems with the plan at this point to try and finish it in Chief and still get it to the client. I'll try another plan soon when I have more time to finish it. Thanks again, I really, truly appreciate your help and support. Stay safe everyone!
  6. BruceKC


    I have done that, and it works, but I don't understand why it's doing it. My "locate objects" is properly set, but the program continues to dimension to different places. Very confusing.
  7. BruceKC


  8. BruceKC


    OK, let me try that. When I export the picture or try to print to pdf, the handles go away.
  9. BruceKC

    millwork fill pattern

    Thanks everyone. Seems a bit strange that a column on the front porch would have no fill, but it's not a big deal I guess. thanks again!
  10. BruceKC


    Here it is.
  11. BruceKC


    Ok, I figured out what is happening, but I'm still terribly frustrated. It appears that the dimensioning is NOT going to the same spot (Wall dimension layer) every time and is instead going to something else, (God knows what!) When I set up the drawings, I made the "locate objects" set to "Wall dimension layer", but that keeps unchecking itself I think. What the am I doing wrong?
  12. BruceKC


    New to X12, and I like it very much. However, one of the issues I had with Chief in the past was the difficulty of dimensions and why they didn't always work correctly. I'm trying to do my first plan in X12, and am having a lot of problems, but the main one is STILL dimensions. All of the dimensions in this plan are correct and add up in the proper increments, except for the one outlined on the front porch. Can anyone explain to me how this is even possible??? Very frustrated here. Thanks for your help.
  13. BruceKC

    millwork fill pattern

    I have added a column on the front porch. Is there a way to make the column symbol have a fill pattern in plan view?
  14. BruceKC

    Segmented arrow lines

    Is there a way in X12 to have segmented arrow lines rather than one straight line all the time? I know I can break the line and then make it do what I want, but I really don't want to do that to every single note on the plans when I'm pointing to something. I've included what I want to do.
  15. BruceKC

    plotting problems

    Nope, I use Autocad Architecture, it's a 3D program as well, and I'm pretty sure the files are much larger.