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  1. Is there a video anywhere showing us how to use the andersen window downloads? I've looked everywhere including youtube, but find nothing.
  2. Hi Robert, thanks for the information. We downloaded the Andersen window catalogs, and we're not averse to using their nomenclature instead of doing it the way we've done it for decades, but you only get one window of each type. I know there's a way to insert a window and modify it so that Andersen knows which window it is, because others have told me they've done it. I'm just not sure how to do it without looking at their catalog and inputting the exact dimensions to get the window we want.
  3. In our area of the country, window sizes are called out by "glass size", I'm not sure if this is common everywhere. Therefore a 2460 casement would mean glass size is 24" wide by 60" tall. Is there a way to get Chief to use glass sizes rather than frame sizes? I understand I can add the frame size in and then manually change the labels on each window, but that seems like a lot of work. Anyone know if this can be done?
  4. Thanks everyone for your help. I think I can now figure out how to do what I want more efficiently, you are all wonderful. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks everyone. I guess what I'm really asking is, is there a layer control that would allow me to change (for example), all foundation walls in elevation view to dashed lines with 18 line weight, roof ridges to heavy lineweight etc. rather than going in and using the "edit layout lines tool" and changing each line separately. In other words I don't see a way to change things other than manually or setting the edge lines and pattern lines before sending. I hope this makes sense? I've included an elevation which shows what I want to do.
  6. When we send an elevation to layout, (using vector mode, color off), is there a way to control line styles and weights etc. or are our only choices pattern and edge line ?
  7. Is there a way to get the doorways to automatically add "c.o." to the end of the automatically generated size label? Not critical, but I've always had my notes say something like "3068 c.o.", and if it's possible to get Chief to do that automatically rather than going back in to every doorway and doing it myself, that would be nice.
  8. Mick, I'm using technical view. I'll check on the update. Thanks.
  9. I have an evga 2070 graphics card with 8gb of memory, AMD Ryzen 7, 8 core processor and 16gb of ram. When I'm trying to do a roof plan with a perspective full overview on the split screen, the whole computer is unbelievably slow....GPU is running near 97% most of the time. Is there a trick to this? I think my computer far exceeds chief's recommendations. Need help if anyone has an answer. Thanks!!!
  10. Thanks, let me try that! I'll keep you posted.
  11. Since X13 upgrade, when I'm on the foundation plan and i turn on reference display to see the floor above, the foundation walls either totally or partially hide the walls above. I'm pretty sure I didn't change anything, so I'm not sure how to fix that so the all display as they did before?
  12. Does anyone know if there are training videos about using X13 and Virtual Reality headsets? We got it to work with our Oculus headsets, and X13 is vastly improved over X12, but it is still fairly grainy and jittery compared to VR games etc. We both have excellent video cards, so that isn't the problem. We would like to offer VR to our clients, but this is still seems a bit too primitive to allow them to use it.
  13. Thanks everyone, I found and added the Open Layout icon to my toolbar, and now I know the hotkey as well for my keyboard. You're all so great at helping, I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate it.
  14. Is there a keyboard shortcut for "open layout" or an icon I can add? Seems strange that I don't see one.
  15. Ah, I think this is what I did. thanks so much everyone.