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  1. Thanks for he help, but it doesn't seem to make much difference.
  2. I've attached the image. thanks everyone.
  3. I've placed an image on a large projector screen in my plan. the room is fairly dark, and I was hoping that the image placed on the projector screen would be bright as in real life, but it isn't. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
  4. Thanks so much, I've not seen that window, but now I see it. You are all so great at helping newbies!!!! Truly appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for the help. I did that and it now shows in Plan view, but I don't see any way to "check" each view. For now though, that helps a lot. Thanks.
  6. My layer set management icon is missing in X13, so I tried to add it. I did that, but disappears as soon as I close the customize toolbars window. What am I doing wrong?
  7. BruceKC


    How do I get Chief to use my video card first rather than my cpu? I thought I had it set up, but it doesn't appear to be that way and Chief is slowing down. Thanks.
  8. Does anyone do everything with Chief including the material lists and pricing for their clients? I realize the material list will only be as good as the plan is accurate in total completeness, and this has me a bit worried, but we are considering doing this for our clients. Obviously we would have to charge a lot more money to do everything, but we're just curious if there are people out there doing this? What are you charging? thanks in advance everyone.
  9. What happened to the "strip" fill pattern in X12?
  10. This is exactly what I wanted to do, and once you all helped, I was able to do this. Thanks all!!
  11. Thanks everyone! I think if I use the orthographic overview and then set the 3D view to Top, I get what I want and I can send that to a CAD detail and tweak it there if I need to. I'm sure I'm making this more difficult than it needs to be, but for now this works. Again, thanks to all of you, you are all life-savers for a newbie.
  12. Thanks Joey, I appreciate the help, but it just seems that there should be an easier way to do it. As you can see, the roof plan is complex, and I just want to simplify it and make it easy to read for the builder. the pdf I posted earlier shows what I want. Whatever happened to the icon that allowed us to look straight down on the top of the house?
  13. Below is the "roof plan view", but of course no one could build that as the roof planes are all overlapping etc. I remember years ago there was an icon which showed the view from directly overhead and you could just send that to a CAD to detail view. I'm sure I'm making this very difficult, but it is confusing. Thanks for everyone's help.
  14. Is there a way to look straight down on the house and send that to a cad detail? Seems to be an easy way, but I don't see how I can do that.